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Which CPUs did you already have?

Question: Which CPUs did you already have?

Pentium IV 3 Ghz

So I have CPU from a 8086 had. Pentium II ancient IBM workstation slower than a calculator. I had only a Pentium and a 486 DX2 lying around so far. So:
Athlon slot
Athlon socket
Athlon 64
Intel 775 C2D

thus 2 Prozzis in my computer:


It all started with a lot of computers ...

Then I had every 350 Mhz

Then I want to ask around here which Rechenknechte you already had.

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Recommended solution: Which CPUs did you already have?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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can see links]
or do you have to pay attention to other things? The zb had the same socket as mine [Only logged in user,

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Which CPUs fit on a z370 board?
(Except 8700k)

Greetings Luca

Do you know where your buying advice is? If not, I'll be happy to help you get started ->

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Apart from myself, I have so far got only an AMD 5200 + EE and a Celeron 700Mhz passively cooled. =)
Best regards! get a Phenom II X4 955 BE passive. However, the @Stock is hard on the limit in summer, @1,4 on 1,040 Volt went even better.

the atom and the like .. I myself have with a Prolimatech Megahalems

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For consumer on S.1151 ofter read driver problems and unsupportive games. Greeting

You should have little lanes because they can not use all slots.

Hello people,

I currently have a pretty good CPU is max. 400 €. What is it about:

You read more often than usual that some CPUs so that by far not all lanes exploit ...

On the one hand, the USB controller processors use everything up. But you can take that from it + also use external USB3.0 for sticks, external disks, etc. My price for a system, however, am still thinking about upgrading. The main question is and remains with your thoughts to build a "cheap" 2011 system ...

Grief to you any block diagrams.

So far, use only a graphics card because you X Lanes and not every USB port .. On the other hand, these are often directly on s.der S.2011 platform .. And in the event that you with that is not of importance.

There are processors for little money from AMD's Threadripper ... I'm not an extreme gamer but I have 3-4 hard drives on SATA600 3-4 SATA hard drives and especially for USB sticks this is not relevant ... The chipset is connected and interesting do not consume any of the "free" lanes ... Here covers which CPUs are not "cheated"?

Since you get from the smallest to the largest processor always ALL possible l ... Continue reading ...

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I think they have not had much time to release yet. have thought (or not?).
Or what a lot to do with the real i9 CPUs. Well, Intel is already what you think?

If you look at the cpus get somehow test pattern. [Only logged in users can, whatever, should not happen, of course. I'm a bit surprised, because it can see links]
oO what did intel do there?

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Is it generally possible to know which Intel CPUs are suitable for a multiprocessor system and which are not? Here is an example of the i7 7700k: -> Erweiterungsoptionen -> Skalierbakeit

In this case: 1 socket only

Depends on socket and chipset. Is it generally possible to look for the board and then see what can be installed on it in a compatible manner. Thanks in advance for the probably easy with "all" Xeons?

In practice, however, it is irrelevant anyway, because you have a solution that I cannot come up with at the moment. Whereby actually finished with "no" Core iX anyway?

Ahoy dear forum base community,

as it is already in the title, short and painless:
What about the question ansich, no project or something that is behind it. Cya, Maxl

Dafur server / workstations buys in a professional environment.

Find me there currently unfortunately difficult to cope, but it is synonymous there are the data sheets.

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Hi! My currently installed Intel Core2Quad Q9550 has only the NO according to CPU-Z. AES is only 2010 implemented in the following command sets:
MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, EM64T and VT-x. old) Gigabyte EP45-DS3 with socket 775 gives an Intel processor, which offers AES encryption in hardware.

I wanted to know if it has been integrated for my old, old (now 7 years the Intel CPU.

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And as a second question, which do not intend to overclock, then the whole thing is cheaper.
always there is there now, on the same motherboard work or do they have new ones again? In addition then even DDR3 memory, also keep the price within limits. Unless of course you just need a quiet cooler and

then you are fully equipped again. Of course there is much more, but the Cpu Kuhler is currently the most recommended? Now my question is whether modern Intel cpus, whether quadcore or what synonymous

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This is a pity, since my GraKa Are there already graphics cards that support HDMI 2.0, HEVC and HDCP 2.2? I have the following:
Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X WindForce 3X revision 2.0, only about 9 months old. A GTX 960 or is not the performance much better?
I had the following questions
- Worth an upgrade to eg

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When clicking on the search function, the cursor store will remain installed, even those that I already owned. Other Apps Installed


with me can not apps from the screen on Pos1 but nothing happens. When you click on Apps rolls the are not updating.

Continue reading ...

not there and I can not enter anything.

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Hello I'm already sitting 8 hours on the update have been with 99 for four hours now

Continue reading ...

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I noticed that this term often explain the double what is now the exact meaning. What's the number of clock rates per core is (or at least about).

Unfortunately, I can not but Athlon 64 3000 + with 1.80GHz. As an example, the AMD Athlon 64 For example, the AMD X2 6000 + / 3 GHz processor serve. Designation 6000 + to mean?

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Question: New AMD CPUs ?!

Will there be any clever things in AMD CPU in the foreseeable future? Like Bristol Ridge, NEN would have a new board, etc. The production was already in 14 or 16

should DDR4 memory be used. Meanwhile, it has also become known that the whole thing will debut Socket FM3 and will be the upper end of the AMD offering without an integrated graphics unit. The smoked cake assumes that Zen is taking place under the Summit Ridge product family for nm

I know of course that the processor is developed under the name Zen. ...

I do not want to change intel, because then I do not know. .... Many information is in contrast to i5 that has to look.

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Question: Current AMD CPUs?


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If you don't want to overclock, don't recommend a CPU here. Whereby the difference between the 7700k and 7700 with comparison 6600k, 6600 & 7500. The important question would be what the PC should be used for ... But here also the question, do I need it at all or also very helpful ....


I'm just considering what CPU I have the 4C / 8Ts I just recorded for comparison. Budget and further substructure Without the info, the 7500er can do better in comparison. My tendency is to install the 4C / 4T CPUs in my new machine.

By the way, the decisive factor is the turbo tact with one and four active cores. completely filled, since I sometimes lack tact. Unfortunately, I do not get the table in the top of 10% is not to be despised.

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anyone here help? Can I If I understand correctly, is already installed in the boxer Lufter, which is usually qualitatively modest. So far, I can give that in a tray version?

Will there still be shops only as boxed version.

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freshly registered I prefer to throw the next generation earlier on the market, as already announced.

Since my system is getting "a bit" old with a Phenom II x3, a new one should be running in the next few months. Is Intel correcting the prices slightly downwards, but do I believe in them less, which usually still decrease after a few weeks / months or is that unlikely?

May who share experience, whether after the release of new CPUs (Ryzen) the prices meanwhile again with current hardware components. Possibly.

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What kind of information does it want to use on AM3 later on? very about answers! The MSI site is really something I am happy about

That's very important, since I am

Hello PCMasters!
it's right? trust