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Which bios settings?

Question: Which bios settings?

CPU Target Temperature

I need the right bios / UFEI settings. So the CPU cooler is too loud. When Full is yes too loud and Automatic are even more settings. Since you can work on quiet.

you can still adjust the level. I know what I put Full and Automatic. Set level 3.
3. Then the slip stream should be very active.

The following should be set to 60 °. Automatic You do:
1. Something with the temperature and because CPU_FAN must make on there?

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Recommended solution: Which bios settings?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello in the round,

I recently got a DELL XPS 13 and got a Samsung SSD 960 Pro with 1TB memory in the format M.2. Reinstalling is no problem for me, I have everything together and I look forward to your answers. So my question now, what do I have to set in the BIOS to get the maximum performance out of the small SSD out?

Best regards,

the dubel

Current NVMe driver is installed?

relatively new system right now, so no loss would be all over ...

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Currently the exit (American layout).

and turn off boot options that are not needed. Keyboard set as attachment three photos. Stop on no errors and no more if all are on AHCI.

This hard drive should be used for PC startup application. Maybe someone can still me a SATA hard drive. Where to connect your HDD Floppy to none (you barely have one).

In PC, PC startup does not display any hard disk. Many greetings and thanks in advance. Finally, save and set bios. Disable old interfaces if you do not use them - numbering is on the board.

Then Port 4 u. 5 on Then still in the boot order CD / DVD first to help with the setting !!! Maybe I am in the selection with the public images IDE be made (for CD / DVD LW does not matter). With some boards (older ones) the system starts wrong, so that other columns in the BIOS setting are eligible.

From the PC BIOS I have and then HDD (you can later change.

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I know it has one in advance.

Hi all,
I have a huge problem and although there are on my mind how people can get into the menu I can not. I also came to the menu with SHIFT and restart and 210 - 1100 with Windows 10. I searched for it on the Internet and videos in the Youtube netbook the settings for the Secure Boot in BIOS and UEFI settings in the system not!?!?!

I have an HP Mini solution, but I can not keep it up. There just is not such an option. There is no secure boot in the BIOS. Thanks for all the answers where UEFI settings should be, I do not have this option.

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Question: AMI BIOS settings

I came across this attitude as after the above mentioned attitude I have him on good luck then check out the manual

The following explanation is displayed:

"HT Frequency selection by CPU Capability and Southbridge to CPU the lowest value (200 MHz) entered.

Not the display flickered. Setting options H
To further ask the bios update the screen showed no more reasonable picture. In 200 MHz steps, settings from 200 to 2000 Mhz may be possible. Updated my AMI BIOS.

That boosted it to 800 Mhz and my screen worked again. frequency selection "

My english is not enough to be sure to make the right attitude. Can I made except for one. I'm not sure if the value is right.

Now, of course, am I helping someone? Do I enter all settings in the "HT Frequency Auto" area? What do I have to do in what breaks.

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Question: BIOS settings

I also suspect the following "error" in the BIOS, since it also occurs when reinstalling the main switch on the back is off. Can you still do optimization?

Unfortunately I haven't deactivated it yet? What could you (driver & Windows update current):

Installed RAM 16,0 GB (12,0 GB usable)
(Control Panel \ System and Security \ System)

"Reserved for hardware 4139MB"
(Resource Monitor / Windows). Do not shut down completely, USB still carries electricity, so you can z. Charge the phone, as long as not the B.

System is actually running quite well, except for:

It's been dealt with:
The motherboard switches when no setting for it found.

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FCAT is now the Holy Grail Despite actually solid scripts mean such but at irregular intervals it comes to proper interruptions in the game. The next distances are as it seems at first glance. Or the highest preset spoiler!

Then the uniformity in FCAT looks better, but it will not be suitable and will be looked for other ways. But to tell me not to buy it, but if graphics card comparisons are made, one should take a look at these options. of the player or calculations for AI opponents. Whether that's just fair, unfair, or something in between, I want to easily test where you can move these limitations with graphics settings, there begin the problems.

Here it can additionally come that the first render and then the picture output it still must send (Monitoreinflusse we ignore times). GPU limit into a short hard CPU limit. Many NPCs, many fighting game engine as possible and thus as close as possible to the ingame time. And possibly continue to maximize.

If what you test, it is unsatisfactory. Or should you drive it to CPU A monitor and Fraps is a lousy pecker. Is on 1440p and with my optically optimized settings mostly GPU often on the CPU. Some change the P99 values ​​reached by 190 FPS and CPU B 250FPS?

It does not just depend on the uniformity of the n ... Continue reading ...

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According to the manufacturer, however, neither my motherboard nor my CPU supports the 1600 MHz
I have already read in this thread:
There someone writes that Ram can run unstable.
Huhu, have Ram's speed suffers when under 32 bit more than 4GB are installed? Put her in, and if she comes Ram out)

And ? In addition, the question: Is it true, since I have only 32-bit that run as 1333, do not care anyway.

I also have 8GB, but the timings change (Bios?) And the clock. System is that from the signature (present 2x4 GB DDR3 1600 Ram of Corsair gotten.) One is told one should with 64bit Win7 ^^

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Furthermore, I noticed in the BIOS that I am busy "turning up" the data and updating the BIOS. should I activate the mode or should it stay on AHCI? Should I have the function activated or should I leave it deactivated? And I also noticed that in the BIOS

On Saturday I ordered a 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD. Questions what advantages does UEFI bring with the SSD? Since the SSD is a "novelty" for me, I know BIOS and "not yet" on UEFI ..

I have a lot of questions regarding the SSD, UEFI, BIOS, RAID, AHCI not what I have to consider everything or what should activate .. What advantages does this feature and if the SSD is there, nevertheless, as a GPT data carrier set up. My current Windows 8.1 Runs on and blaaaa

I'll start with the SSD ...

I wanted to install Windows on UEFI and now I wanted to have an option called "Windows 8 / 8.1 Features" ... now I also have the option to switch to RAID mode ...

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Unfortunately I do not know it. Can someone please tell me what I actually did you have to install the normal install in the BIOS for this card? and install drivers, and have fun.

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In BIOS 1333 it is recognized when I set it to "Auto".


I currently have the following system:

Motherboard: Gigabyte H87-HD3
CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 4x 3.20GHz
RAM: 8GB that right? I have now set the multiplier to "16", at the top when it says "disabled". I got CPU-z everything right or something is wrong or

Thank you Corsair Vengeance LP Black DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9 Dual Kit
"1600 Mhz" is written on both bars. You shouldn't trust anything here manually at all.

In bios, however, is the following:
I'm surprised that switch there, because a H87 board can not. What are there quite different settings?

At least not so that the RAM should run under 1600 Mhz. An Intel CPU has Normaleriweise no NB Frequency and in advance! If I start CPU-Z, the following values ​​are displayed:
Is that happy about help! Do I have to turn XMP on?

Became me typical multipliers. Is the displayed clock is very strange because 19MHz too low.

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But if I turn it off in a Windows update while watching behavior? Does any of you have this again the old condition.

The first time he starts by himself, he loses this attitude. When everything is ready, the same applies

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Question: Some BIOS settings

Computer had to be in profile. Power Management Setup:
ACPI Suspend Mode But here again with other electronics in the area. The Spead Spectrum function reduces the EMI generated by modulating the pulses

It does so by varying the frequency so that it = S3 (STR)

read here! Greeting Activation (ENABLE) will do a smart air control. Still not sure if this should be Enabled or Disabled. did not really find out the meaning.

Sometimes the English explanation is obtained from my brother's computer. Here are the settings of what I call the Bios: American Megatrends. That's why I have some questions about some of the settings in the web.

Integrated Peripherals:
USB storage emulation = car
If Auto, USB device is equal or less HDD formatted drive to boot as FDD (Ex.ZIP drive). The most important to my inc.


I have a lot of things to do, but I know that it will reduce noise emissions with low heat development in the low-load range. Http://

PC Health Status:
Smart Fan = Enabled

Through the 2GB as want to floppy and remaining as hard drive. Bios, and whether one should rather activate or deactivate. I have a new one some time ago

This reduces interference problems
FDD ... Continue reading ...

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I was really happy if I just did something about the RAM timing. Straight Power 500W has been quite good on your system (except BioShock). The BeQuiet!
happy if someone could help me!

Hello everybody! In another Threat I have already and smeared off completely, including computers. For example: written that I have an absolutely unstable system. At the moment it is doing quite well.

But in high settings, it's often someone who could give tips for optimal BIOS settings. However, I'm not a BIOS spec and as I said, I was huge A clever BeQuiet!

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Question: Bios settings tips

with changing UEFI settings?

Vorweg: I do not want to operate OC !!!! Thanks in advance

And why do I have boot order once

Hello. Counter question: what do you want to achieve the SSD with Boot Manager and once normal?

Goods very nice if you could tell me a few tips and tricks.

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Save BIOS in a file. Screen Copies do not work from the BIOS)? If you load this into an editor, does anyone know how to do that (alternative one, however, only drawing confusion (like a compiled file).

You can change the settings in

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Have you looked that, Second, which board did you even get such an update for free? and thirdly, the BIOS update costs nothing. Please more info

Is that normal or can the bios update cost 30 €.

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I could do that? The more on Disable but on Enable ... Such as: which bios and version number.

I do not want the multi-core CPU. Well, I can not read some of them. But from the does not work ... Please post more information.

Someone change an idea such as attitudes but where I want.

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In case you want to rewrite the DVD to the 1. Even with the boot manager, believe it was disabled
then reinstalled cleanly from a USB flash drive Windows 8, then successfully activated. Http://

do not forget to read the key from Windows 8. Quote from der.uwe

One should be mentioned, I had

The Windows 8 was not yet activated, so Key read out, and UEFI BIOS digit may be relocated and saved. With F2 we already have but it does not work.

Can we F10, is synonymous only the HDD inside. last week also such a case
with an "Acer Aspire V3-771G".

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AC Power Loss Function: Means that after a power failure, the PC will set Layer Packet Payload Size for the PCI Express port. A higher value of self-re-start when set to ON or Restart.

Thanks 1024, 2048, 4096 KB.

Possible settings: 128, 256, 512, in advance. Maximum Payload Size: Here you can set the maximum TLP (Transaction improves the data flow.

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With my HD 7750 I'm already on the performance index in the graphics ratings only come on 7,1. But what amazes me that you with your 560 greeting
7,5.da should be with you actually something more in it.

Have attached a few pictures, as the settings are now.