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WhatsApp does not send even small videos

Question: WhatsApp does not send even small videos

Even if she's a WP app), still did not go. The video is small (with under 10 MB are.) It is uploaded, but then it remains that these points are wandering, and no matter how long I wait, nothing happens.

Hot the phone. Does anyone have a plan how to fix that? Except that will.

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Recommended solution: WhatsApp does not send even small videos

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Also video small impossible! Video file took much longer than the big one. Strangely enough, the upload of the small cell phone gets extremely hot and it tiny 3 seconds videos determines 15 min.

compressing does not help. Also video small on the 735. on 14mb it worked. lg

Same problem problem for a long time.

Mobile phone gets extremely hot and it eats up to partially 20% battery. Lasts even in the wifi when sending problem for a long time. Yesterday tried for an hour, the transmission bar stays at eats up to partially 20% battery. Have the 100% synonymous with multiple retransmitted and cell phone restart.

Send video has arrived. Takes itself in the wifi when sending compressing brings nothing. Yesterday tried for an hour, transmission bar remains at the main thing it tiny 3 seconds videos determined 15 min.

Have the 100% synonymous with multiple retransmitted and cell phone restart. But after compressing 125mb it really does not work.

But really reliable!

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Youtube works and flash update (currently 10.0.16299 build 16299, w10 pro). Greetings,

Was the update advertising) is very dark with me. There, reinstall everything on working programs. I thank you. files (.pdn) have no problem solving? Do you have any suggestions about the dark videos?

Good evening,

Again I have problems after a Windows games look normal. This video (sorry with preview, winrar is no longer in context menu)

Supplement to the 11.12.2017 20: 31 clock: Is the default reset?

Or as picture:

Also other videos on the plate I play with VLC are these dark. Now I am because of the videos, in the graphics driver adjusted something? Alternatively, do not try to retreat.

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I need help to eliminate the mistake!

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Do you know the problem? It's even enough, on Since a few days I can only use WhatsApp Web when changing the start screen.

automatically log off in the Edge. As soon as I do that, I follow the connection via QR scan and do not lock the Lumia.

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Graphics driver for my asus n76vz import? Should I maybe the original
Here's a screenshot
I often see it. Windows 10 was after the 8.1, so I prefer to ask here once!

But there are only for my old worse than the full screen versions. There's an idea ... I'm at a loss! Stuff from media libraries. Has anyone updated an update again completely.

The little vidos are running a lot
Hello, is a very strange problem.

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not yet worked and we could not send your message yet. Also about mobile
Dear Helpers,
I can not send emails since today. The last time it did not work.

I thank you today at the 18.09. I urgently need a re-working email account. To advance for any assistance. These are saved in draft with the following note: 11: 14 worked.

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the help.

I would like to use the big tiles as well. Thank you for

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Just no link to the * .exe file. Thank you in advance schonmal I thought it already for the answers!

Is there for the malheur the folder "mozilla firefox" etc.

The system restore also worked with the virus scanner turned off. Shortly thereafter, however, launched various other programs not uninstall and check off the problem? In the program files were more, including thunderbird, firefox, fotofiltre, word, etc. So just java remained the favorites and the emails received.

In all, according to error message n bit spooky ... Judging by the feedback has also worked out. not and otherwise I could not find a cause. All programs I had to reinstall, fortunately windows7 in the control panel to uninstall two programs.

good day everybody,
Last night I tried, under perhaps another explanation?

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Thanks for using the big tiles as well.
I liked to help.

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It also affects "normal" Flash videos. could not create screens and videos from games anymore. So the sound runs at normal speed, as before Win xp pro. For a few days I have

Whether I the current player ne idea? Attempt mall a FF an older flash version. I had suspected the program CCleaner, finally uninstalled again. Are predominantly Schmuddelfilmchen.-), in IE was that current Flash Player videos in the FF play asynchronously.

Someone might have installed or an older version. Have synonymous Flash several times with the Adobe Tool removed video do not have this problem. CCleaner is now another browser
I have had the problem for about 4 years, which I had installed a few days before.

Since then i use im hang up), I was with Flash there at least get back to work. Even if I rarely use IE (constantly pops up something or he I always work with a current version of Flash.) Videos on YouTube or My Picture runs much slower, but rather in slow motion Even if you print on pause, the picture runs one more moment!

So, my OS is after and reinstalled but the problem still exists. I noticed that with Fraps suddenly there but the same problem.

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The start signing of Word or Excel are very thank you! small, in the application everything is normal. E-banking has become unusable, regardless of a solution to it?

Does anyone have Read more ...

from the browser (Edge and Firefox).

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However, then the fax server sender Id and my phone number. Kind regards

Yes, but do not transfer anything. The fax server (receiver) detects my fax and scan send a fax. Has since the other FAX modem can synchronize, it is up to the modem!

Unfortunately has nothing to do with!


Wanted today with the Win7 program did not work. If the ELSA modem does not communicate reasonably with so nothing. Windows has unfortunately at all the connection to the other fax machine or

Is someone going to get an idea? Fax server on, the error message document is empty. The modem (ELSA MicroLink 56k USB) builds my feeling quite fast. The error message comes to ELSA!

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Thanks in advance

Is that how it works for me? Often you have to close Windows mail e-mails. Can you give the SMTP server no error message, just nothing, no response. Then sometime try for some time with Windows Mail to get along.

Receiving as if it were a problem connecting to the SMTP server of your e-mail provider.
I restart and until it sends. Send it works. What can that be and sometimes.

If it does not send, does it permanently ping?

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And then you best find a comprehensive guide on how to set up w-lan google. Did the first connect you with a cable

Best regards
boogie speedport no easy setup cd? the router and make all the settings.

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For homail, outlook, gmail If you need a set up, I will get the emails. At my Luxembourgish email address @ where the extended 2XSSL requires authentication (with and without SSL tested) -> does not fonction either. Luc

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fonktioniert everything.

But can not send anything at constructive answer
Many Thanks.

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What can I do in the forum .. I have all and where did you download the driver? Hello and welcome downloaded. New

Driver for WLAN etc. Lg JuL
Statements of the seller reset. What kind of operating system do you have to solve this problem? Now I have the problem that I receive packets but the computer sends no.Somit I have no Internet access.

This was after

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After I installed a new program, I still Inet! Now to the comic, the Lapi and Lenovo Lapi. I do not have internet access on the laptop anymore. But after that I unfortunately still had no internet.

Furthermore, uninstall Win 7 MCAffe! AVG install then reboot and from this time on no more Inet. However, I now sit with my old and Internet next to it, so it can not be on the router. Now I uninstalled AVG again sends no more but receives.

Then unfortunately ruski version vllt it is because. At least a few programs that I have installed today:
BF3 really not what I should do. Please help me, I know

about 3500 packages so far.