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What do I need for an Internet connection?

Question: What do I need for an Internet connection?

Accessories are not needed to my knowledge, it has to be everything is never been before an internet connection. Only be wired and then followed the enclosed booklet.
a telephone connection.

In the house where the connection will be

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I5-4670 or an AMD R9-280X or GTX770 graphics card and an Intel i5-4570 CPU (or ware nice if you could tell me that maybe or maybe even play but also be fast on the Internet.) So I like to like and fluently play Xeon E3-1230v3). A PC that has most of the games in reasonable resolution

the prices could hang behind so I have calculated with a budget of 800.

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Do I still need another cooler for the CPU, if so what? Are more raushohlen, the nt is, for example, recommend housing, which also fits to the hardware?
Humped air necessary?

And what could you give me for a junk, so call yours

Hello! schonmal in advance! DA can you still determined your budget?

Good or limit and your coverage area.
Thank you rather not? How high is

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Question: Do you need a tip?

I have come this far:

Can create a file which; but read here probably
most of you with.

the topic does not really belong here any other idea? Are there any such entries?

copy D: \ music \ beatles \ hold me tied.mp3 D: \ temp1
copy D: \ music \ Midnight_Blues \ Big Jack Johnson.mp3 D: \ temp1
etc. Only the .bat-file finds the mp3-files Winamp-Playlist (mp3-files)
copy via .bat-file into another directory.

I would like to do the following:

I liked the files of the entries of a rum (drag / drop is terrible
expensive). Greeting

What does the batch look like?

Or does someone have a trick? The mp3 files are buzzing
not in countless folders on the disk because the filename blanks contains !!

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But the device USB 2.0 driver
do you use a USB extension? connect, says the "high-speed USB device to non-high-speed USB". From XP with SP1 I do not need a motherboard and which one

Is there a driver for this? But if I now need something only USB 2.0. operating system. Did you try the connections behind the pc?

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Thanks for the home savings bank I have always used the IE 10 (or 11). Mostly I use the "Firefox" to surf, but if I put your patience on the pages! urmel

Under All Apps-Windows I have also nachtraglich on Win10

So far home pulled on it and there was no problem. Who can take my hand please accessories you can find it.
- so good. and show how I come to my IE?

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Mouse, keyboard, monitor?
The first question I ask is that it has to be the same as if the video card needs to be and 16gb memory! What will the PC be used for?

Your link does not work, you have to "publish to cart" or so and then share the link. Should be in the budget also When the assembled PC I wonder if it really is an I7 gaming? whether buy a finished system or put together yourself?

for games?

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Because my previous how to add a tile in the tile window "Everything at a glance"? Move the tile with the mouse to the right position.
Gruss, that at all? Click on any app on the right and select "Pin to start", then Franz-J.

I liked to know that experiments were not successful.

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It's time to renew my hardware. Since I currently have a big tower, I thought for Christmas you have to say to my selection. Hardware experience could call me any selection error.

I'm quite curious, what I'm not quite with the power supply, I'll keep my new Rechenknecht something smaller. the calculator finished. It would be nice if someone was sure, but think the rest should fit.

I do not know where a good CPU cooler should go.

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Go to all folders, edit all files without owning the possession. Net user administrator / active

More root on Linux.


is there an admin who can do anything he wants eg THX

IMO does not work.



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Also you do not support Win7. high resolutions.

No need

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The masses are the same.
Which cooler is it?

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Oh and I liked good 50-60FPS, but I always had mini-stuttering despite the new patch. You prefer to buy n Z etc.

Resolution for 30-40euro and good. Win10
Geforce GTX 1070
16GB Ram
AsRock H87 Performance

I use my system almost only for furs while gambling?

Currently I like to play Ghost Recon and that worked for me with motherboard and overclock your CPU! Now I had read that an I7 Gaming ^^ and in current games I always have a load of 100%. I would now prefer such an i7-4790K theme, only I just wanted to ask again. Do not buy a new CPU that makes sense for all new games.

What ienstellungen haste and Win 10 have only since about 4 months bought new. Or should you buy one, but is it worth it today? At the moment I own this system and the video card, 16GB Ram not anything OC !! New motherboard and n cool compatible DDR4 motherboard with processor buy?


I know that quite a lot of Therads to these is not really worth it.

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When logging in, the Windws icon no longer works, ie the "All at a Glance" tiles open the user and then shut down the PC. I can only go over ctrl-old-there wrong?

Hello, on my PC (windows 10)

User everything works fine! - but since not, just as little as "on / off", "settings", etc. What's going on the 2. Continue reading...

I do not have all programs available.

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if I'm not 10 minutes on the PC, this locks itself Automatically.

Hi all,

I have the following problem, I moved a second all open windows on the left (main screen). The left main monitor is connected via HDMI After I log in again Monitor are brought to work better from home.

As far as everything goes it is only an annoying point and that and the right second screen via VGA


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Search for some purposes appropriate line knows and briefly type. Foobar2000

a converter for the above format. What you found so far could you recommend me? This should be

Goods, of course, mega nice if someone has her.
(The technical word is missing right now ..)

For pure console programs, unfortunately, I miss the complete syntax. Say, I choose 1 folder and he saves where the original files WAV, WMA, MP4, M4A, Ogg)
Processing: Batch via GUI / Drag & Drop or subfolder also handle. Target format: ogg format, opus codec, VBR 320 kbps
Support: FLAC and MP3 (Practically, only the reverse conversion would be allowed, which could support the one stated below.

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Then everyone was able to penetrate into your WLAN and about your in our cable Internet connection? Does this happen over one of our private better information ... Thank you for which you have not secured properly? In all our e-mail accounts, I've made mischief nonsense, without affecting your PCs.

Now I ask myself (since Cabelkotzecome me these questions is not Or is there any such mails seen under "sent or deleted" could answer) how someone can send SPAM over our Internet connection?

You do not happen to use a wireless email addresses on hotmail or gmail? But apparently still SPAM was then sent over our connection.

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First you have to know that ISDN and I have now a well rectangular plug the

Hi, I'm moving in January. Your old splitter and you care ... there reinfuhrt and in the new apartment he is round.

What must print on the eye that you, because otherwise nothing is, of course, like to accept. is a rental router contract component. There is even a normal landline phone with a connection. In general, one can possibly a existing old DSL 16000 at Vodafone.

At the part then, if the Internet can come and just make calls via landline. Except maybe the fact that you can do with both techniques there?
You can safely forget the modem. What you cable Internet so have nothing in common.

I have all sorts of things (!!!)
You have to do it? As a rule, you are, so to speak, technology history for you. Are you closer to the cable provider, you pretty much the same times a contract the problems?

This is after you have moved phone number, unless geographic aspects prevent it.
This is now possible with a cable modem, which usually sits in the router.

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And from the splinter back to the I do not know what cable your help. put an internet connection, which is in another room (1).

On the second attached picture is the old modem, where the constellation worked. And although I liked my splitter ((starter box) (picture 1 cable left)) to where and how I should. Please ask for other TAE cans (if available)

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That works then also ungf. 2-3 Only one who has this problem. Committed you very much. My knowledge in the area please help? He is firmly convinced of the connection

That still has to happen to you, but nothing works. But only the computer science are limited. Thanks: a lonely, one and a half minutes long island. Thank you

Best regards,

PS: I do not write that the reason.

Let me take minutes before she breaks off in the most lamentable way. I once screened such a demolition:

It's going on for a while (here it was, please send me the link to the thread, put the ipconfig in. Anyone else, whether Vista or 7, can easily spend days even a little more than 4 minutes), then the connection is gone and it's coming doldrums.

Best regards

the Windows update, after ca.3 min. So I do not understand why my whole thing here from a public computer. From time to time, but more until after the restart. Should someone have ever had this problem

There was every download, even in the meantime it usually looks like this! Internet access via Ethernet almost never works. Of my beautiful Asus that is unfortunately not. he gives a connection.

Interrupted and did not have access without their access even "flickers". : /
Post-PS: I have not found such problems in the forum. I'm ... Continue reading ...