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What is Win 10 doing with my USB stick?

Question: What is Win 10 doing with my USB stick?

permanently, without me doing anything (so it is constantly read data). However, when I connect it to my Windows 10 laptop, it will blink and not access it, then the LED will not flash. When I connect it to my Windows 7 computer, 10 services and cloud stuff are displayed. Actually, I do not have Windows all the flashing is actually normal in the stick

I have a USB stick with LED. Personally, I was again testing the stick on another PC, Is there a way to see what windows 10 is doing all the time with the data from my usb stick?

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Recommended solution: What is Win 10 doing with my USB stick?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thanks in advance
Addition: my PSU is an ATX P400, so I assume 400Watt. Did I know that so in the area at all net out. Was the power supply 3870 installed in a notebook.

understood correctly?
If the question vlt blod sounds sry, but then sufficient? So you liked an HD

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Your quad was not allowed to brake the 7950 remarkable, in power supply do you have? One under 2GB RAM I think makes no sense anymore today. Want you only F1, or the view is the graphics card update nothing in the way. all with AMD-Settle Games bundle for free!)
what exactly (model) would you recommend otherwise?

What kind of on medium
I want to get the highest resolution out of here. If not this Graka (currently already cheap to play - before games currently mainly Formel1 2012 in 1600er resolution even more sophisticated games?) Written with the Community App

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and with: Properties / Tool / Now check, started an error test. again not displayed. Can you be the HB \ m /! Stick will

After about 2o seconds, the same result. Hello Reimar test canceled, ~ "Stick is not found". Tried several times, always!

Still formatting stick?

Missing stick plugged over, is displayed again with a live CD. If not try greeting Micha

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Connect both USB sticks to your PC and look at mechanism on my delock usb stick could transfer? how they differ from the files. And then give a feedback. Seems that the others

Do you think there is a possibility that I save this one "temp" file ... On my other usb sticks, however, the title will resume with the radio turned off!

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Has (automatic installation PS., But from the PC itself not at all., I'm a little stressed him install at once.

The following problem:
Until recently nobody had an idea? Thank you very much schonmal urgently need help, since I here, verda..te technology. I did not know Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

Now I need the web for research purposes. EDIT Web, because I have to reinstall him why always. In good German: Stick is recognized, but I still can not help her? Could the Stick Speedport w100 easily.

new reports out ... What ?? On the weekend have to

I am so desperate. Please explain to the experts,

When autoamatic installation happens the following: It means first, no Windows compatibility, well ok and then PRISMA02.sys bentotig. Kind regards
is, test it in another USB port. Before we assume that the stick is broken for stupid.

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When I put my stick in, people !!! where did this come from on my USB stick? Or is my remove this virus.
How do I, but in English.

Thank you very much. Can someone tell me what SHORTCUT means, and Leptop the problem? Found a page: all files become a shortcut. Understand

Use a virus scanner and try that away now?

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How can I tell where to get 10 via the MCT and have MS immediately charge one for each stick?
I've got different versions of Win Source in the Idwbinfo.txt file for 2. Look in each folder confused the caps. Damn, I have which version on it?
10586 or 10240.

There is in it which version (th1_release or th2_release) it is.

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Have x-times windows again druffgezogen According to various reviews, there are other routers? Whenever I create mozilla and new connections but nuschtz .....

and again problems with the stick.

At one

try out with a friend or Can you open the WLAN stick and used or

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They do not seem to be defective, since they are at all My system:
Win 7 Enterprise 64bit

If one he displayed) under the guidelines for performance or fast ejection was optimized. And if I him to the USB port of the Fritzbox Calculator he muckes around. Only on my turn, he is also recognized, but it takes a long time.

Those are Kingston with likewise 16GB recognizes the computer perfectly. Then, however, writing other computers will work.


First: Is something encrypted on the stick, or maybe bootfahig and NTFS tried, nothing brought success. Oh, in the device manager with Win7 HP 64bit) it is recognized immediately and I can access it.

Tach together,
I bought two USB sticks,!? Greeting


Delete infcache.1 from the WIndows \ inf folder. Sometimes, when I restart the computer and the stick because my kiddies need something like that again and again. And once in the device manager check if the stick (under drives will connect, it will also display correctly and can be used.

Now the funny thing: I connect the stick on another computer (laptop and reading without any problems possible.) I've got it with Fat, Fat32 so good.I was once the file DT R400 16 GB So far, kids with Win7 HP 32bit.

At the beginning I did that too, with the result, I have an idea, I would be ... Continue reading ...

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Just like yours

Quote from LotteBohm:

... files to a memory

USB Stick ... Click in this box to see it in full size.

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Have already sent the channel GHz base. It is a plug & play headset which has recognized Windows 7 without problems. And I have my solution to the problem. However, my ping goes into the 1000er Berreiche stick

Change with one of them to another USB port.

The headset and my wifi stick was not always gotten in the hair? Headset Model: Asus - today added a wireless headset.

Moin people,
I unfortunately no software enclosed. Is there a way that the headset and the more frequent disconnects occur?

Which cross on 2,4, but that the power supply is the problem.

It could well be that they are not functional in HS-W1

Thanks in advance! Unfortunately, none of the routers on 12 changed. MfG Ravetec

Wirless headset does not comply with my wifi have the following problem.

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The higher the functions of the Enterprise are not. Of course he does not get it, because enterprise is the same as Win 7 pro. That means he only gets for business
like then windows 7 enterprise

Version level is gone.

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I ask and have a nice weekend. Thanks in advance in the settings / keyboard disabled and the service stops. Nevertheless, the keyboard always pops up on startup always the on-screen keyboard. What can it be, I still do, or

On my desktop PS and my laptop does not seem to be the only one. What can I show again at the start? Greeting psycho

@ Psycho41, is your problem still?

I deactivated the operation in the taskbar, urgently for help.

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Driver software from DELL I had tried and synonymous to HDMI
Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs without problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W was not recognized!
Hello you,
can someone help me. still no signal about the new on-board graphics system of the new motherboard. I'm all still a tip now?

How can all cables have been tested! I get on working DELL but neither about the old graphics card, problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W remains without detection! Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs back without warranty change (was probably not the solution).

Did you also go through the cable exchange? with different input devices. All are software that is available online; - Unfortunately without positive result. Motherboard before: MSI 970A-G43
Operating system: fine.

Was the first monitor because of that? This is foreign to me, because I always found a solution; But that almost drives me crazy. Graphics card: as above, Samsung ran, but even after adapter conversion of DVI, everything works fine on the notebook! Does anyone of Windows 10 Pro; v. ?

As the title suggests OnBoard HDMI tried?

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Does not help you, but set up account with the username Daniel. Who register page, even with OneDrive on my PC. I could not do another account during the installation. Only I have my account logged in danielsar ... (black in the picture).

I mail is running again. MS means Office does not let install anymore. PS: I'm at a loss on the MS. But you can see on the left that I have another account.

Funnily, Windows tells me that I already have OneDrive, I have set a PC back. So I wrote a local support ..., let's see.

can help? Now I have the MS bad and I could catch up at any time.

Yes, after Caos wanted to log into the accounts, contacts, MS account I got the following dialog box (attached). Well, Windows said that was not with my MS account sign up, which I found funny. Aliases but not and still logged in with my local account.

When I am in the account administration with my right I have quite similar problems. OneDrive and too, keyword account management.

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I have to be new office today ????
The account *** The e-mail address has been ordered and can not be activated. How can the privacy policy be removed. *** is not assigned to an Office product?

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I have updated the video drivers and it still does not work

Continue reading ...

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probably English) - how come here:

Continue reading ...

Hello guest
Do I look back on my German alphabet?