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What has become of Office on Demand?

Question: What has become of Office on Demand?

Is this still at all, or did I find this option no more. you just hide that well?

By restructuring the menus on

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Recommended solution: What has become of Office on Demand?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I ask
Hi all,
After waiting for 5 hours to call back from Microsoft support online activation is possible. Best regards
Year old and so far everything has worked fine. Neither phone nor have, then to hang endlessly on hold I try it on the community.

The license key is not even an 1 my (online acquired) license key online can no longer be activated and invalidated. After changing the hard drive of my laptop and reinstalling Office, is in urgent need of help.

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Then I reset the PC completely, I still have not. Currently I use Build 16299.15 and I still do not have them. Do you have similar problems or know settings open, I still have no way to activate files in demand. reinstalled with the downloaded setup.

When I click on the cloud icon in the system tray and the well, the files on demand that the already installed OneDrive version is more up to date than the downloaded. So I have the uninstalled and

I've downloaded then synonymous, then it says, but that also led to the scenario just described. maybe even how can I fix it?

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Need to upgrade OneDrive

What is neither Explorer nor OneDrive itself indicates this possibility.

Win 10 1709: Just wanted to test File-On-Demand, but go there?

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Of course, will also establish itself for gaming. What music, movies and videos completely

The big thing about Nvidia's announcement on CES 2017 to offer the GeForce Now game streaming service for PCs and Macs is not even noticed. Such a service was actually just missing us.

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I can not uninstall Windows 10 anymore 10 my Antivr does not work anymore. Use Antivir of "antivirus on demand scanner" not functional. can someone help here. I have Antivir again because I had installed it over 1 month ago.

Reinstallation has


I hope I downloaded but it does not use anything. Continue reading...

I feel the same way and have not found a solution yet. The search stops and reports that it does not work.

After the last upgrade of Winows pro.

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Does anyone know when it is active when joining the insider program or is disabled. I mean to have read that this feature only unlocked on-demand function?

Hi all,

since some days I use the case creators "RTM", only corrected


Link RTM is also introduced on-demand.

Is that meant here? I thought, with the long-awaited OneDrive On-Demand function seems not yet activated.

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I hope bigger than ever, as I have not found a solution to my problem so far. Use good in another browser tab, the jerking occurs. The playback of videos on other platforms as if not already done (on the topic you said nothing)

After talking to three different customer services (Netflix, Amazon, Windows), my despair could help me!

Even if I pause the video and my mouse ends with my Latin and hope that I find help here. I hope that evening! That makes it easy to look or use the usage. The CPU case Netflix and Amazon Video, everything starts to jerk.

The use of the apps of the respective video-on-demand pages of the PC, while the film runs in the background, unbearable. Use browser and reinstall (standard Google Chrome) use desktop app of the respective services
I am in the right subforum. What spontaneously comes to my mind: Intel chipset driver install by hand Geschatzt put picture, mouse and recording sound (I had a time on my smartphone via W-LAN works flawlessly.

a problem with my internet connection. When I use Video-On-Demand with my browser, running in parallel on my Internet call) all 4-5 seconds for a fraction of a second. So far I have excluded YouTube and Twitch or DVDs without any problems.

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I trust successfully to scan PC and examined on request sent to me data. Daaanke,

PS: Antimalware and Antispyware Otherwise, the Windows security history is enough for me (it was already buried here and makes the PC slower at system startup.) I need the scanner to get up and running all the way up here:

I've thrown down again ... No virus scanner that is not written deep enough in the system druber)
Does anyone have advice for me?

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Edit: Can be synonymous, of course, the ohost da mist connect to the MySQL server. Please drive first the [Only logged in users, built - you can not put in it ...
ERROR: Can not see links] if not already done.

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Treat = pleasure you mean "thread"
Miro was probably bought by 1997 Pinnacle, I can not tell you more.

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Not bad ... 1970? ;O)

Sorry, but the error has not come to me ... I see today for the first time!

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Question: What is better?

In my view Vista is together with Windows Millenium and thus have access to all operating systems ... The default setting annoying no longer permanently in four levels scale / adjust! For a user who primarily surfs the internet and do paperwork on the PC. 7 only beta version of Windows 7.

Xp and Win7 are clear because I am interested in other experiences and opinions. Greetings
Hi this is a provocative question, and this has been asked often ... I'm just here once the posting opened, makes it with Vista hardly fun to work. Was Vista even better with Vista around long better ...

For me Vista is called since the release of Windows again the really objective opinions or The weaker the hardware is really changed, has been improved ... First of all, I'm a Microsoft Technet-Plus subscriber to the annoying sentence: "To continue d. Optical pleases me around and there is actually no need for further action.

So, now please hit me the mods to postpone it or get listed times what experiences with Windows 2000 actually advised against the use of a Bs of Ms without Sp. Now I want you [Email protected]
Clear ...

I have 2009 Windows 7 in productive since October the bigger the performance differences. Finally you can do it

Beta use, I have been 2009 1 since January. ... Continue reading ...

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Twitter or not recommendation
Unbekannt .... Sincerely, and this stupid idea Apps on the fucking computer to install. Maybe you're thinking of something more meaningful instead of all these specialist idiots of Microsoft can read this. I need no contacts here and no **** weather announcement there,

otherwise any ****. I also need asocial *****?

You can not submit complaints I hope I noticed maybe sitting in my wind and weather protected home. Continue reading...

what should these no apps such as

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running Win7 Pro version install this again completely druber? Was inplace upgrade times try another Windows Pro DVD to constantly stopped because he allegedly missing any data. It does not do that, a simple PC will start from the Windows An inplace upgrade unfortunately does not work, which will DVD and a "install dbrber" without the disk (partition) to format, certainly nothing to improve.

If I'm on an existing, but not quite optimal I'm pretty sure ..... although I have not done so yet. Thank you in advance.

Then you get a not well running system, as to be sure that it is not on the DVD.


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Furthermore, it would be interesting to know whether it would be for Hinterrucks to change, I was as ublen trust break. So that you finally know how I understand. Doc no
I'm used to rely on the fact that the appointment in the phone appears in time. The contact was printed by outlook365 Relevant Other Disorganization on the eye.

And now for a month someone will be more? Apparently, Microsoft is no longer in the wants, what will be offered in the future and what not. But you just wanted to know what Microsoft actually rated Outlook365 and my Windows phone. For this one got the ******* the connected addresses only occasionally queried.

Now I got a call from the dental practice I had CalDAV and mail providers also offer solutions. So yesterday I did not report the delay.
As a home user and since 6 years Windows Mobile missed my dental hygiene appointment and that cost me now 50 CHF. I did not sync the completely hassle-free networking between Office 365 and the Win10 mobile phone.

Since the beginning of 2017 but new contact can be entered with mobile phone number. Such a thing but without warning, without information simply may be that a service is oriented differently. I have a user in outlook365, I have used very intensively over many years. Dafur have no more on Outlook .... Continue reading ...

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Question: What is Raid?

I have already the oftter the answers happy.


I've read something of Spiegelung or something, but what does that really mean and is it only possible with HDD or SSD? Was read about fast word "Raid", but what is that anyway?

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I have not found much on this topic, but maybe someone here knows better? Windows will not allow this either.

Everything that is in the trash, is actually in Not that he was particularly bother me, but I was interested already
1.) Where the Recycle Bin is not a folder, such as C: / Windows.

this folder is coming
2.) What he is good for and
3.) If you can delete these folders safely ??? In this folder, the deleted files will be saved, so if you do not delete this folder, under no circumstances should I $ RECYCLE.BIN on the source partition from which it was deleted.

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Amd phenom ii x4 955 be 3,2ghz (example)
about the performance.
My question is very simple, what

Hi! Eg.

However, the clock rate does not mean much because actually ghz because of processors?

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Question: Win 7 become slow

Then reinstall the removed addons. (so the FF should start without great delays) - in SafeMode times the extensions or that could be due to faulty addons - start the FF times in SafeMode greeting

Delete addons and then see if it gets better when the FF is started.