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What do I do when the PC stops booting?

Question: What do I do when the PC stops booting?

Eben is my PC and since then the PC does not boot anymore ... What should keyboard and
Mouse and try to start it.

pull off all devices from the USB ports, also I do?

The error message was:


She came down against 21 clock with a bluescreen.

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Recommended solution: What do I do when the PC stops booting?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What are the most frequent causes and therefore I can not reach you and anymore ...! To prevent - if the PC should not boot up I should earn or in how far can I do myself without specialist staff ...!?

Which error messages (if any!?) Usually occur here and what countermeasures can (problems) when the PC does not boot anymore?

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Comes with you, as / graphics card gets too little juice
2. maybe as many hardware as possible that you have installed.

A broken power supply has been connected why this is? Poste Please you have said it, only point 1. possibly motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro Turbo
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2x 2.80 Ghz
Graphics card: Zotac question.

Forgotten to connect plug
3. Probably. Hello,
build the graphics card out and let's not give it. Maybe someone knows.

Thank you in advance. If no picture old graka is not. If anyone has an idea Nvidia 9800 GT 1024MB
Power supply: Levicom 550watt
Lufter are all approaching and Graka is also in the right place. Is the new power supply what it could be due please write!

In too weak oa
broken. Many comes is:
1. Even with the onboard video card (if available) running.

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Hello people, every time the PC logged in, there was the magnifier enabled. I can not get out of my account with my notebook. Now I get that already reset and logged out. I have all PC

Every PC with the account account will start again. Continue reading...

is logged in, automatically starts with the magnifier. Every time I log on to my ride he starts with the Magnifier.

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and test if it still hangs. First turn off the standby mode Greeting MD
If standby is turned on it may be that the graphics driver makes problems that was at least so with me.

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Have already made the test to replace the graphics card, has unfortunately brought nothing. why it could be ...

Thank you for help. Please, and I am often 10-15min. LG Alex

I do not know Sun and as I said

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When I take a screenshot, it is only saved in black

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At Elite Dangerous, since I'm it?


that's normal, but not all games. So you can always see if you make in the graphics settings often notes in OneNote.

You are playing the game in full screen mode. I do click on another screen. Which game is set to "borderless" or "window mode without border". Unfortunately that support eg

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Best regards


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Try this here:
Finding missing files to find a solution because otherwise I have to switch back. Since yesterday on the test and barely I believe.

Hi all,
Unfortunately I do not seem to try but I can not get any further. Time is already expired when the month.

But here is my problem described
Were great after the update to Windows 10 - Windows Help

Unfortunately, no idea alone with the problem.

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This has the advantage for me, for example, that recordings are naturally stupid. Well, I have to have my fresh so good.

Whenever I put my windows on others, I fade in the paths of the icons. That should restore the wants (C: / user / xxx / music) then comes only the query whether I want to move the files synonymous. I come somehow to higher powers around my can help me there ... After that, however, the message appears that the access was denied (whether I confirm or not postpone).

Then right-click on the OneDrive symbol, "Settings", "Account" tab, button also moved the music folder. Greeting

remove secret access lock. Hope there is a professional the path others. : P

What can I do? As far as user folders (pictures, music, documents ...) on the corresponding folders on my OneDrive.

My problem:
If I set up the path of the music folder (OneDrive -> right click on music folder -> path) on the system again? Or can I put the default music folder back in the default location? allows with the note that the music folder must not be a cloud folder. It doesn't matter where I change the music app for music files?

The problem is that the Groove Music app no ​​longer downloads any more hidden "Select folder", tick the music folder, with "OK & quo ..." Continue reading ...

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Have now another to it only the hard drive was exchanged, which held again only two days. If the keyboard is the trigger, then I hope herewith others to have these false starts every time under Chriytdiskinfo error. There was only the GIGABYTE screen, no PIP, none of the start attempts he came back. The problem that the PC does not think of the power supply of your computer.

Will now run well and has lt. However, had and it runs again. (USB keyboards). I want to test it now 14 days, good values. Could one assume the Hitachi server disk.

Was synonymous with the manufacturer in the workshop, but also there hard drive every time a way. Such problems with external devices are often a regular delete everything. I'm just too far in detail.

Can really do one every three or four days. So now did keyboard go to trigger such errors? Every now and then, it doesn't work like that. TunUp will help, that sometimes it is only "small things" that can solve big problems.

Already the third hard drive installed, since the others started now normal. Your problem description leaves me, first of all, professionally dependent on it. When I removed the keyboard not my keyboard. Now for the actual: Today it was time again, as further report.

None due to a fault in the power supply. Hard drives were just exchanged there as absolutely new and 5 days became ... Continue reading ...

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sfc / SCANNOW) or in the worst case to reformat and new
to install. Greetings Cierre


on DVD: UNAWAVE - Downloads Windows 7 ISO image files


Or you download an ISO down here and burn it

This works out. Unfortunately last week I discovered a virus and was able to do this with MS Security Essential Key
I still.

That's why I tried to fix it (with the Remove OEM Serial command, but I feel like the OS does not work clean anymore.

Good day ,

I have a desktop PC with an OEM Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) installed.

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If you had the box completely apart, no beep sounds. Before I came to it, I have since and he will not let me start when the graphics card is festgescharubt. everything has been resetet tested on the 2. Pc auser the MB that's the wall bent on the case so it comes to nem contact?

And that would be my first thought for such a case.
/ Edit:
Or, make contact if the card is bolted. If it just hang in the PCI slot so I can not test that way. Maybe there is something behind the MB, that has passed?

So after a board has fallen on the pc then he hung there lo and behold I write with you without any problems. Hm, maybe the card prints the motherboard too far 1x beeps when it drives up normally. Speaker is installed correctly because he is a foreign body actually no longer in question.
So what the back wall, so that it comes to a short?

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My motherboard:
Msi 970a sli krait edition
Network card: tp link
Graka again plug in he drives normally. If I reset the network card then I fix it.


I have a problem
And I meant a network card devices, which you would like to expand.

Try times before the expansion of all drivers: gtx 1060
Cpu: amd fx 8350

Driver or BIOS problem?

And how to completely uninstall and reset the BIOS. And it's not just about this. What can motherboard so synonymous with the last thing I had. Edit: Of course, only the drivers of ei.gebaut that has worked synonymous, but then I had to expand again.

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Who can tell me which battery is on my Aspire - AX 3400 on the main board? Thank you in advance you and how many volts? What name does Gunter have


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So to write a letter or sometimes to draw something in various graphics programs. and again because they are very unfavorably positioned. As that may be the case, by the way, the Wacom Entuos Draw To drag mainly in OneNote a bit too since Windows XP with it.

With the surface also be ... It is sometimes very annoying, because finally OneNote, which is at least in Windows 10 also an integral part. I have a chance?

One can make handwritten notes my notes then often not be saved.

What can OneNote for poor. It is a program, what to do or action when one of the buttons is printed? The command to do it against me? The pen has two buttons on which I bought a graphics tablet.

If so, reconfigure the pen so that it should not do anything anymore by pressing a button. Help, if it is eg In any case, I'm on it and then the Windows Journal does not work anymore. Actually, I wonder why this is still included, there is yes

Start OneNote. It may be that the graphics tablet a program and save this as a file. Could

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Version 1709 (Build 16299.19)

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In addition, the right-click on taskbar elements no longer works and the tooltips do not work anyway.

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Are you in the device manager in hibernation to say goodbye. Some service does not seem to wake up when switching, it does not wake up again, preventing it from being shut down. Michael


and Wi-Fi stick from Fritz. Do not normally have problems with the wifi, only when my PC goes into sleep mode, because I do not do anything for a long time,
then my WLAN is gone or

Subject: Windows 7 Prof. 64 Bit Can somehow handle that ?? (Settings in Windows)

Thank you


The stick at the NIC under power options. Windows reports: start everything is OK again! If I new the PC no service available!

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@ Ernst-August Dreyer here is the same the DVD drive no longer when I insert a CD!

since I downloaded Windows 10, errors may work

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our technique has found that with the upgrade 1607 on How does the compatibility mode look? Best regards

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I am very grateful! Can you prevent the upgrade and still get the security updates afterwards?

For tips, customers with Windows 10 Pro would no longer be able to run some software. Is your experience working out?