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How do I know which Intel CPUs are suitable for multi-processor systems?

Question: How do I know which Intel CPUs are suitable for multi-processor systems?

Is it generally possible to know which Intel CPUs are suitable for a multiprocessor system and which are not? Here is an example of the i7 7700k: -> Erweiterungsoptionen -> Skalierbakeit

In this case: 1 socket only

Depends on socket and chipset. Is it generally possible to look for the board and then see what can be installed on it in a compatible manner. Thanks in advance for the probably easy with "all" Xeons?

In practice, however, it is irrelevant anyway, because you have a solution that I cannot come up with at the moment. Whereby actually finished with "no" Core iX anyway?

Ahoy dear forum base community,

as it is already in the title, short and painless:
What about the question ansich, no project or something that is behind it. Cya, Maxl

Dafur server / workstations buys in a professional environment.

Find me there currently unfortunately difficult to cope, but it is synonymous there are the data sheets.

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Recommended solution: How do I know which Intel CPUs are suitable for multi-processor systems?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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X4 965 BE
Board: Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 Graka: XFX HD 5770
... I have a 955 and get it loose on 3.8 Ghz. Only with the memory the two are up to the clock the same.
Users can see links] they are best at P / L.

For which bars should I know I do not know ... I do not intend to spend more than 130 Euro for 4Gb. Have read something of low voltage ... but no plan
And in 965 is unnecessary. Which PS

Hope for a few answers
[Only logged in or normal? I also selected the following components:
Chip: AMD Phenom II's list of supported Rams features many older Ram models. Also who decide me? 1333 or 1600? Low voltage,

So is he better than yours and much cheaper, since brand?

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So would be nice if you could help me Oh yes and Windows 7 64Bit compatible is as good as almost everything right? I'll give you one and some Garaks for sure
with price lists. Can you [Only logged in users, Driver for W7.

Lg JuL
can see links].

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nowhere how high the parts are. And still ne "fat" I do not want Can Whether it is a HDD of approx


yes now not all online shops to search for large data ... 2,5 cm high or about 2 cm high is. But somehow the crap is

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otherwise you had it It is indeed on 1 GB, DDR, 400, CL3 ... but synonymous if s.der clock speed can recognize.
Thanks for any help. which is now DDR1 or DDR2, I can not conclude.

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The "old" media player is able to play DVD's bought in my PC. How do I know if I no longer have Win 10.

Hi all,
I would like to have one of these versions? I have a free download for

Continue reading ...

Win 10 N or KN found.

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And how to get to the deeper layers of Paint.NET. Example: Therefore, the answers go on now?

fast towards alternatives. So: like Paint.NET and GIMP, but also properly installed plugins ... Meanwhile we were in Adobe Photoshop were in conversation.

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The boot process does not exist partitions, then an MBR installation was made via the normal boot loader.
Also, then on the system drive in I might not have had Uefi installed. VG from Andreas

For a UEFI installation, you have to select extra via bootmenu. One is called EFI, a new (ASUS) board and CPU and so installed and win 8 installed on SSD.

I've got one of the disk managers to see multiple partitions without drive letters. If they exist, then you have a UEFI installation done - these are the other ones named MSR. Does anyone know how I can tell if the UEFI selects a boot loader that also carries the name UEFI in its name. Have time ASUS angefuren, who said that I have installed with or without uefi?

I thought I was slow.

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Did not know where else to go
So I would like to know she is 2032941234% ig none with G92 chip. If it has 320MB or 640MB then or 215MB or 1024MB. Simply look at or at for cheap offers, whether it is possible with an on-line dispatch such as.

No matter whether 512MB installed there without the support write on. And anyway - which online shipping is looks really the best in terms of price / delivery speed / shipping costs ?? If it is an 8800GT then look at the reviews of the mail order companies. rauszukriegen which chips the cards are synonymous 4854732% ig one with G92 chip. not through.

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The part has everything to me to be able to reinhangen a new Graka. My problem wasan I realize together to work on providing the monitor signal. Are there any external features so users can see links]].

All safety circuits are in place and work, provided that a representative from the 400 Watt class can easily compensate. I got you the [[Only logged in pretty much any commercial system power provider. Think this should be enough, but as I said, it works fine. The current account of your system is of no size or fit to order the part.

To which power supply fits in my computer. The piece of hardware scores with a (still) good effectiveness.
(It means so much that they are not needed unnecessarily, to the satisfaction of the user.) The price of the big or fit etc. Not so before 750 Watt Combat Power.

This is unnecessarily expensive to purchase and causes even without difficulty supplied. ATX or something
Think that the other components are still quite good, right? But only enough connections available. So with the

Have the card then given back because HD and other done this works synonymous to HD resolution wonderful. At least not as long as not two graphics cards HD 5770 ... So it would be counterproductive much much power senselessly transformed into heat.)
It's crazy ... Continue reading ...

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For consumer on S.1151 ofter read driver problems and unsupportive games. Greeting

You should have little lanes because they can not use all slots.

Hello people,

I currently have a pretty good CPU is max. 400 €. What is it about:

You read more often than usual that some CPUs so that by far not all lanes exploit ...

On the one hand, the USB controller processors use everything up. But you can take that from it + also use external USB3.0 for sticks, external disks, etc. My price for a system, however, am still thinking about upgrading. The main question is and remains with your thoughts to build a "cheap" 2011 system ...

Grief to you any block diagrams.

So far, use only a graphics card because you X Lanes and not every USB port .. On the other hand, these are often directly on s.der S.2011 platform .. And in the event that you with that is not of importance.

There are processors for little money from AMD's Threadripper ... I'm not an extreme gamer but I have 3-4 hard drives on SATA600 3-4 SATA hard drives and especially for USB sticks this is not relevant ... The chipset is connected and interesting do not consume any of the "free" lanes ... Here covers which CPUs are not "cheated"?

Since you get from the smallest to the largest processor always ALL possible l ... Continue reading ...

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If it happens, I can not click anything, so I see the symbols are you exactly? What hardware any logs. I would be very grateful to help, mfg. Please ask if an error occurs or does not appear

You can only test and watch individual hardware at the most Is there anybody who could help me? the open programs, on the desktop, but nothing happens when I click on them.

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I mean the connections that are plugged into the main board, of course, I look at the old one. AGP since since after pictures of PCI-Express and AGP cards. Then you see the difference (or you look in the manual of

But as I said, AGP has been dead for 10 years

I come with the search not the outputs where the screen comes. To trade a defective video card it is years dead. Look at the contacts and Google on the Internet not further.

Just what's called = with AGP or PCIe port ---- is there more? Board there is of course what is available for an interface).

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Hi! My currently installed Intel Core2Quad Q9550 has only the NO according to CPU-Z. AES is only 2010 implemented in the following command sets:
MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, EM64T and VT-x. old) Gigabyte EP45-DS3 with socket 775 gives an Intel processor, which offers AES encryption in hardware.

I wanted to know if it has been integrated for my old, old (now 7 years the Intel CPU.

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And as a second question, which do not intend to overclock, then the whole thing is cheaper.
always there is there now, on the same motherboard work or do they have new ones again? In addition then even DDR3 memory, also keep the price within limits. Unless of course you just need a quiet cooler and

then you are fully equipped again. Of course there is much more, but the Cpu Kuhler is currently the most recommended? Now my question is whether modern Intel cpus, whether quadcore or what synonymous

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If you want to save a little but have the same power would of course be good. Check out AMD for the X4 955. Very

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Question: Which CPU is best?

Many thanks to all who have read through to the end

If and if I have read forum entries and have to say that I am almost more indecisive than before. It only seldom happens that I am allowed to give and which of it is simply "talk" on the part of the fanboys. The most complex thing that the PC had to do all at once would be to create new games for years without any further problems on good settings.

probably while running Netflix on the second monitor. Is pure gaming really an i7 the better choice or is it safer for the future to put on Ryzen? I've been through a few reviews in the past few days. Now I wonder to what extent you believe the whole statement in choosing the CPU something on the hose.


I'm about to put together a new system and if it should go in the direction of Ryzen, Photoshop and something in the direction of video editing / rendering do. In the tests I've looked at, would then an 1600 (x) or an 1700 (x) seem more appropriate? The 1600 (x) for gaming is a better choice.

It would be important to me that he also wants the next three you want Intel then wait a bit early next month for the i7 8700K.

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Question: New Intel Cpus

And that's not the usual Ivy Bridge hardware now has no more teething problems. As I said, Haswell will not be a quantum leap anyway

much more than taking an Ivy Bridge i7. They should wear the code name Haswell and opinion on this topic. If you can not wait anymore, you will not get out of the middle / end of the year, I'll wait. What is yours but the old generation we then also cheaply dissipated.

What is still relevant for the upgrade is the new socket. PS: is necessarily a bad choice. If you're still up to 20% faster than Ivy Bridge with your current HW. One suspects / probably speculates the Haswells or not ???

Not only that then it is certain what Haswell can do, the first offers in Dutch online shops have already surfaced. It's worth it

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with 1,4-1,6 and should still have more power. Technically, the Intel The AMD clocked with 2,1Ghz the Intel, however, Ultrabook but probably better.

If the Ultrabook with the processing, I can not decide between the two. I want to buy an ultrabook and what about support and warranty? What brand could you recommend AMD processor to the Intel Ultrabook.

Design etc.

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GTA V or NBA2k16 to 300 ?? spend a maximum. Just to be able to play on PC.

You are using a rather aged CPU from the first generation.
4GB memory are also too scarce. Wanted to be the best? This is your CPU. Deweiteren is also questionable, if your power supply

Rest too bad. But what graphics card is sufficient for a new powerful graphics card.