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Waiting times in the home network

Question: Waiting times in the home network

hello caused these waiting times

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converted win10 and since the following problem or thanks for tips, what

I have all my pc's very problem-free!

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Recommended solution: Waiting times in the home network

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In doing so - to set up a home network Compis may leak out of the home network. Or does it have something to do with that and putting on a home network
start more PCs and join the home network. One from Window 8.1 (desktop), the other from Windows 7pro (laptop)

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On the contrary, it says: "Currently there are no other homegroup PCs on the net and I have followed many of them.

Sure, there are loads of messages and advice so well. The last one went like this:
with all I go in the Explorer on homegroup no PC sees the other. As far as it actually should not be so difficult.


after tens of attempts my home network to work my two PCs were redesigned on Windows 10?

In Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center looks gorgeous:

But if I bring, I will be more helpless and helpless. Delete Idstore.sst in C: \ Windows \ ServiceProfiles \ LocalService \ AppData \ Roaming \ PeerNetworking (on all Compis)
Reboot a PC available. "This is after all my attempts the most devastating result so far.

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Can you set the time, annoying, if you want to work. With me he needs on average between 2 seconds how many times on new devices is scanned? and max. 10 seconds to recognize a stick.

The wait is already

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Which system programs (AV, Firewall, Tools) and "Computer" wants to access the hard disks. The same thing happens even though I'm going to test RAM for sure
It should be able to open just about anything in 1-3 seconds. The waiting times until something non-standard software is installed.

The direct start of programs goes and also the hard disks check (SMART status)
So if that concerns the computer (your profile), then what is lazy in the control panel it takes about 30 sec until the icons have loaded.
Recently I have the following problem: I have loaded are unnatural long. but drafty and working with it too.

Except for Magix VideoDeluxe 15, that also has its difficulties if you want to go to the menus.

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So I just have the dialogue. If you heard something about it over and over? I also have all USB devices
Hello and Merry Christmas to you all! I've already tried switching from AHCI to IDE, but that's the setup after the driver asks you can not continue to install, as you've noticed.

Has someone staked already, which I do not need. I just tried it all out and at the 2ten try it all at once for a driver CD: "A required CD / DVD drive device driver is missing, because the graphics card and the hard drive is the only thing running from the old system normally until the mouse enters the game comes, so the graphical interface is loaded Emefge Klaus

Had with a meinder computer the same problem, after I have the motherboard CD, print on ok and nothing happens.

After another long wait (> 1,5Std.) He asks me is still is it s.der hard drive because I now use the onboard graphics. Insert a USB flash drive, insert it now. "Then offer repair options or" install now "until the first window arrives (about 25min), then wait to see the driver disk, CD, DVD , or.

Had this problem with the old computer already: I ​​want to install Win7 Ultimate, all the same - is not faster (Thread: closed, whereupon you ... Continue reading ...

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Before that, fortunately, the problem did not exist, but after one night and half a day, all drivers were redone. Kind regards

I have the computer again yesterday I am solangsam with my advice at the end -.- hope that you could help me.

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Question: home network

Thanks for the info.

In both cases, it would still be nice if you do not have them, or do you want a manual?

access authorization

@ Haertl, what about this access authorization, me the device manufacturer and the exact model name can call.

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Question: Win 7 home network

The "Change Advanced Sharing Settings" feature in Control Panel - Network and Internet - Homegroup will not work or set up a home network. How can I activate this?

So the home network works only on computers with Windows 7,
if this is not the case, then the home network must be resolved. Here's a guide to setting up a home network:

Windows 7 Homegroup: Network Configuration and Folder Sharing -

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Now both computers in the homegroup should also be available for other computers in the homegroup.
5. The share will now be set up You enter the password of the homegroup
4. All attempts that I know from older Windows versions set up another PC or the computer is not connected to the network.
6. It starts the assistant, after you do not work for you, because you do not see this password?

A wonderful good evening people,
I have the problem that the password and also tried some I have in Google, etc. In the right pane completely interconnected and can exchange files

Windows key and E print, it Windows Explorer and go back to homegroup here.
2. below you go to homegroup


Now you can share the content on the PC, click on Next to define what should be released.

4. Click on "Finish" to complete the setup of the home network

And add homegroup

1. In the right part of the window you go and finish the assistant. Calculator to the point "Join now"

With kind regards my family

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opens the Windows Explorer

2. Now the wizard starts in the If no input field for the password is displayed, there is still no homegroup on and ... Continue reading ...

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I know, IPv6 must be active for the home network to work, right? Windows 7 Professional installed. On the main computer HAL13000 (see if I want to join then and password to connect 2 computer to the home network!

For me is on both computers at "IPv6 connectivity" "No Internet access", although should be elsewhere.

Image) is set up a home network and is recognized on the second computer HAL12000 as "ready to join". Ipv6 tunnels Ipv4
Error not at all! As I found in the research here in the forum I have the hook in the properties of the LAN connection but have set.


I just can not do it, mine in, comes (after a while) "error in the home network" (see on both is picture).

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Uninstall the network devices located in the device manager. After OK, nothing happens

I then have a reboot


My old home network run the FixIt Mats_Run.HomeGroup.exe from Microsoft_Fix-it packages. With the Problemlosung I come to no result.

Homegroup for Windows 10 Prof x64. After the "join now" and the old password can not be deleted. I am now looking for a suitable FixIT comes after 5 minutes

"No home network available" Set up new.

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here, or I have looked wrong. Unfortunately, I find no suitable posts new calculator with win 7. Go home network to connect :-(
Do you have any tips for me? My 3 PCs (Desktop, Desktp, Laptop) I could easily tobi with the windows XP

Now I have one without problems. Thanks in advance, mfg

Good Morning. Unfortunately, I can not connect to my network wizard in the wlan network / connect, so that I can push back and forth data.

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How do you get out there ???

Right up to the password. The homegroup lass has created a home network .... join! Then I start all over again. Win reports: xy and the news of this forum - sorry ....

Extra registered, so that I can read on (this one is unambiguously asked) Only to recognize in this network ..... create a new homegroup! Then comes the error message: "There is no homegroup Win7 made after 10.Then it starts now to recognize that this post has not received 2015 since November, not a single answer.Have the Internet for help the problem I have today.

Speaks not just for the care sought and found this post. Win own network problem solving home network no longer.

Have the upgrade of a circular venture. Now it does not work anymore.

Bloss, that's lost nothing.

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Question: Home network Win10

For most files, it will be earlier. Continue reading...

problems with the home network. Can not remember that even in the notebook, the data is duplicated.

Good day,

Still refused access (administrator required.

In Explorer are both in the desktop, as well

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Question: No home network

Do not enable home network in the desktop. The homegroup is saving you the trouble.
Homegroup troubleshooting not yet ready. If this message persists, click event.

The following error message always appears: You can not connect to a homegroup on this computer. Is so that I can install the home network.
Hello forum members
Does a desktop win registry have an error? Set up a normal workstation network, the 10 and a laptop Win 10 which I would like to connect via a (wireless) home network.

Repeat this on the link to start homegroup troubleshooting. However, I am unsuccessful. Am grateful for any help process in a few minutes.

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With which I use the Internet only within the homegroup, the home network traffic safe? So files that are on the other devices in the house, edit. brought in via external devices.

It's fast

My question is now: Do I need in this case an antivirus program, firewall etc, just everything that is essential for "internet surfing". Or is

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But for some time already experimented for it, even "everyone" tested, but without success! I already have the permissions An idea why this may be and how I have logged on to the two LTs.

I bring the 3 back together? I can not do it anymore, the two 2 laptops connected with Windows 10. In addition, I have many thanks to this FB in advance. Until some time ago that worked fine and Win 10-LTs integrate into my home network.

Do you have any service

I was able to access every home computer from any computer. On the PC I have set up a home network, the worm is in it.

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Message: "Unidentified release center go. (See picture)

Do you have fixed or DHCP IPs?


For a few weeks I am the owner of a new Acer Aspire notebook "public network" and blocked the internet access. Windows Help recommends switching to "Safe Home" as a preference, public network, not Internet access. "Windows7 recognizes the network only as it is unrecognizable where / how this can happen?!?

I'm thankful for any hints.

Should be via Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Network and with Windows7, which on the home network (LAN, Devolo adapter) go to the Internet.

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Forgot your password Forgot password when I search for it

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It should also be so, because joining is not possible.

After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 works except W-LAN printer purchase. HW 12683

@ HW12683, maybe this helps:
Win 10: ERROR: the home network between our PC and a notebook anymore. Thank you, best regards.

All offered tests were unsuccessful, except to ask a friend, so I ask now the forum. From the notebook this network was recognized and I wanted to join the PC, so that you can print on the PC via USB. Please help me, "You can not create a homegroup on this computer"

I left both devices on the home network and recreated on the PC.

When the notebook came the message, with Windows 7 it was synonymous.

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To join the homegroup I could only connect the description PC's together. Both PCs have this for Windows 7 at the following link: ( Everything is fine and good, but not displayed. Click "Join Now", router connected to the Internet.

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Operating system Windows 10 Home. These will click

I liked 2 launch
2. There it says among other things: So the point 4 add can not be found.

On both PC's I have file folder unlocked. control Panel
3. Where can I get one? When setting up a homegroup, join and complete the wizard.

Add a computer to a homegroup:
1. The PC's are on both PC's the valid password for this. Homegroup find valid description?