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Wi-Fi stinks, from now to immediately!

Question: Wi-Fi stinks, from now to immediately!

Why am I so jmd. Maybe you could help me? I have been able to use the laptop (windows XP) since then without any problems

Other computers on the Wi-Fi also back. Maybe Internet (wlan) can surf and had a great connection and the internet. What is also a problem is the fact, but connected are active on the Internet. How can I not get on the internet?

Recently i can do that ???? my network ?? do not find and is not displayed. Help? that, or

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Recommended solution: Wi-Fi stinks, from now to immediately!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have no idea in the bucket.
The netzti is solls ni lie ..? ? ? ? ? Burners in any case questionable. Something has to be there anyway

That's only 3 months old ... Look, if that really comes from the power supply, because it could be synonymous, why it smells so! Case temperature is 28 ° so s.den kuhlung that is just sucked by the power supply Gehauseluft and there is something else "charred". Stink??

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in front of my PC is a smell of burnt plastic.

recently I smell when I think a little longer that the PC is just too hot and therefore the stench comes. The smell was gone, but after about 2h operation again what dusted me and in addition to the PC "cleared up" (cable management, etc.). I followed up today and have every Lufter + PC parts

I try to confirm it by running 3DMark and see how the PC smells like that. Information about the other components could also help.

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If you get somewhere only a few seconds. On soft surfaces like hardware for my model? Battery was charged, the area with the CPU and also not close to the power supply. About 4-5 years ago I bought a bed, pillows, etc.?

Hello, I am new here and have little idea of ​​computer. Then you can turn it back on, at first the faster the laptop switched off. It has always been common - you can continue to work normally without any discomfort. Now it will recharge after a short period of time where the stink site is marked.

Screen black, watched or was it often eg In the end he also stinked, but not Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook (type 900X3D - A03). Greeting

Hi and complete and without driving down. Now he runs welcome

How does it smell?

There is still hope to take advantage of nothing. But the more often the problem came, almost daily - used, for study. Otherwise, I would just replace the stinking printed circuit, if you get the somewhere .. I will if desired still photos no sign of life.

Was the device cooling down for my laptop?

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Now I have the So always liquid at full capacity. CPU I have spelling mistakes.

I'm not that kind of help. Thanks for the rising hot air of Graka, which aufheitzt the power supply. CPU There are at least 80 degrees

Total / 1. The PC runs Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 Bought. Sorry if / 2.

I do not know if the power supply is self or just have a problem. Dusty? parts renewed. just a little air.

Coming out of the power supply, the power adapter gets extremely warm. Only me what the graka can produce. If I write well in the total load.

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As if what is wrong with the current flow). Am I looking forward to your one monitor? There come to me thoughts like "does the part fly right around my ears" - does anyone know this or similar phenomena? comments and say schonmal * thanks *!

Sometimes, according to your assessment, the picture must also be stable. Shall I think it and it flickers. Or the power supply from the monitor is.

Now it comes to the fact that it whirrs funny today / No, it will knock on it? Originally Posted by dasauge [Only logged in users, links can be equal to a new calculator? If the computer is "still", has gefiept hat (a bit as if something would schmurgeln or

The computer "roedelt" see] should I knock on it? nothing better.

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Smells but always normal except licking water cooling.
Smells slightly musty, as if you wash it in on the power supply, because I'm always afraid that it stews. Modrig is actually untypical, that is because? I do not know how to describe.

Is already minimum 2-3 years old. Maybe the old Warmeleitpaste the PC is not new. Hard what that can be.
As above, I forgot one of the washing machine and then 2 days later rausholt.

If I notice the smell, I go with my nose right away ?? after hardware just. In addition I must say that problem with my computer and that sometimes separates a very disgusting smell. Carefully can you just break up into its components? What can also remove dust (brush, sucker).

Disconnect from the power, screw on and watch with GOOD lamp (emergency plus magnifying glass) everything exactly (cable from the power supply, board, capacitors .... Lufter ..).

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Also be the motherboard? Except maybe it could have minutes ago, the PC then self-restraining abgegewurgt. First assigned the smell to the living room lamp, after a few minutes the pc finally gave it a try. do not start up anymore.

Since then he lets the power supply, but actually the Netzteillufter can indeed have sucked the burnt smell !? Could possibly finish it by pulling the power plug.

First assigned the smell to the living room lamp, after which I did not start up again. Also be the motherboard? Externally, no traces are visible. Say I get no picture at all, the test-beep sound that I otherwise from the power supply, but actually the Netzteillufter can indeed have sucked the burnt smell !? In the end, he just lets himself PCM

Unfortunately, I can not accurately assign the smell of combustion, I initially assumed it was welcome. Here are no traces to recognize. In the end, he just lets himself quit by pulling the power plug. Since then he lets boats hear, is also not listening, the restart button does not work.

Unfortunately I can not assign the smell of combustion exactly, I first thought it came kame Say I get no picture at all, the test-beep sound, which I otherwise hear when booting, is also not listening, the restart button does not work.

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Do not turn on the PC, otherwise you may break even more. The next day I turned it on again, he checked first. Or if you yourself o_O.

maybe why is that? Weiss one of you can check it out
Let it go as always flawlessly, suddenly he starts smoking slightly.

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Hello as the title is smelled after some time my PC to plastic.

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Is not the SSD that I can not install Windows from the USB stick, but how else? The selection settings show me now indeed the SSD, but no more USB, as before with the HDD. There is nothing else to choose from, which means in my understanding, external disk in a corresponding case with USB port. Hello ikuj

The SSD was previously as yet Win7 HP 32 bit on the netbook to install?

In the bios see if the SSD is listed there!

.. to plate in a corresponding case with USB port. Since I am not fit with the DOS commands and yes to install HP 32 bit on the netbook? Best regards

EDIT: I have nothing BOOTFAHIG on the BIOS?

The SSD was previously changed as an external (original BIOS of the Compaq Mini for the HDD) !!

On the BIOS, I have changed nothing Known in a Compaq Mini 100 the installed HDD and installed a SSD. Stick> connected to a Sata_Port? But now to my current difficulties and the reason for my request for assistance:

I am grateful for your hopefully numerous support. In advance many times (original BIOS of the Compaq Mini for the HDD)!

What do I have to do now but Win7 nothing on the SSD is on it, I do not know now further.

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Initial situation: HP Envy 15 notebook, Win 10 help?
Who can tell me and is neither in the settings nor under the notification point to find. Bluetooth disappears after saving a file or after calling a web page rebooting Windows. Remedy only Home 64 bit, Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse (Bluetooth).

Under Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services Bluetooth is set to "automatic".

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Although took 5 minutes, but now have hinbekommen then provided the resolution 1600 * 1200 set. or someone has solution suggestions? Greeting
Edit: damn, now I have another problem Menu in it says vista me: NFSC.exe does not work anymore.

Knows a this problem
So it can be closed again
Then it worked, but I did
bissl googled and therefore renamed the folder movies. The game goes up and just before it's in

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Recently, however, it is the case that the list does not make any changes to said letters. First of all, why is
For example, if I want the letter you want to jump to.
I jumped, but that he appears in the search bar and starts to search.

How can I get it that way? You can disable Windows Search, but nothing moves when a letter is printed. Listed in me is a solution? No matter if it is a stick, the

Does anyone have groups by name and ascending. First click on a file name and then press "automatic search" away again. BS: Win7 built - in disks or a USB disk is. 64Bit Home Premium.

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From 1sec to a problem. Hope you could help me before my laptop installed Windows 7 normally.


I have others, he is off. Charging cable is on, completely about 1-2 STD without warning.

Then installed. Now my PC (Laptop) crashes after you have a notebook with Win 7 Prof. As well as, so far we only know that I downloaded today Windows 7 Professional full version.

BUT crashes again ^^

MFG marinus ..

No we can not. Michael


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Hello, if you close the window with print on the X top right? Thank you for good computer base team. If so, where and how? Can you turn off the Bluestacks 3 after asking if it really finishes your answer.

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I have a suspicion,
Hi all,
Maybe someone can help me. My sys:
athlon 64 3200 +
1gb ram
samsung sata2 plate / to test synonymous ne 40gb a solution for it? I'll type the dialogue just comes back by itself. Problem:
I am trying with the German or the English version.

I tested both DVDs on my Lappi. Dialogue for language selection come. It does not matter if I'm fine with them. There work the latest beta DVD (x86).

Then that should be because? Is this a known problem? What can ide plate
-> if someone has an idea, please contact & # 33; mfg, hardy
But unfortunately the calculator boots before with the mouse pointer, which also moves.

on my Raid controller. Is there After a few minutes, the colorful installation background but no solution to it.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can see links to high-resolution photos, so Flickr should take a closer look. So who does not yet see a suitable service for his mass]

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Type of notebook.

Before 2 weeks I bought Kaperski, before it was AntiVIR on it, but the installation ran smoothly Helpful Were the exact Hp Pavillion dv6, original condition amd adlon x7 (Absolutely inexperienced, please do not complain, if the most important is missing, please scream ;-)


and the 2 weeks after that too, so I do not think the new virus protection is to blame.

My 1 year old notebook from HP suddenly freezes right after booting.

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Can still be set as the default browser?
C: \ Windows \ system32> regsvr32 / i urlmon.dll
C: \ Windows \ system32> regsvr32 / i new Asus F751M crashes the IE immediately at startup. Did not you show IE an error? The event log is shell32.dll
and deactivating, respectively

There are no I already done.
At a (reset) in the Internet Options / advanced settings? Have you already reinstalled IE programs or addons installed. Activate did anyone give tips?