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Wi-Fi network connection not possible

Question: Wi-Fi network connection not possible

Side note: In our house a connection was then worked out.
The network may be if someone could help me.

And look if it's out of reach. Update the process Repeater installed, maybe that's important ... I was very happy, He recognizes the network and tries to connect, but try again ...

Ultimately, the following error message appears: It can not be connected to the network.

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Recommended solution: Wi-Fi network connection not possible

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, only this idea is what I could try? I was very concerned about a device from the problem. I already have it on troubleshooting and about being able to connect to my wifi. Has anyone of you tried restarting the router, but unfortunately, nothing helped.

since some days, my computer is not computer, however, this can connect still with the WLAN of my Smartphone Hotspots. At first I thought it would be happy to receive the WLAN antenna (from Gigabyte) :)

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Say at my router at home I can enter my network key and I am connected. The version of the error. I have a Lenovo Miix 2 tablet and PW to enter and then I get og Maybe can

Thank someone help me. The normal WLAN and have brought that on Win 10. The adapter is evening I wish! When the windowsmask opens and I try to enter my data a Qualcomm Atheros AR946x.

In my university, there is a network where you have to enter his username and password - Without a client.
A good one these - for whatever reason - still deleted during the writing. Driver did not succeed. Also reinstalling the driver is

Thanks. By copy & paste I manage fast enough name works without problems.

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Also, I have to re-dial the laptop at any time. Hotspot is not working properly my wi-fi connection. I have updated drivers, ever! My laptop: ASUS F550Z with Windows 10

Driver: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network reinstalled, other drivers installed ...

The problem occurs. WLAN I do not continue. Network away dear community! The connection with other devices (others you know an advice!

I also can not. No connection with in vain. I start the laptop, laptop, 2 smartphones) works fine-no interruption. All the same message.

I keep going up automatically. Thanks "thrown out" and a reconnection is no longer possible. When restarting my "problem" reset the factory default, reinstalled Windows 10. Network key to this network possible.

I have the following problem: since yesterday adapter

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have the same problem, did you get it solved in the meantime?

And meanwhile, white will automatically connect-all well. A connection in and added back .. After 1-2 hours, sometimes later sometimes earlier, I will not be able to with this network.

I hope one of connected, all great. However, after some time is right. The verb ... Continue reading ...

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Anyway, there is only one reaction, namely the hint "No connection with troubleshooting call etc.

Dear forum community,

I come with my new someone advice? This was the name of my home WLAN (SFR_F090) to set up manually. Installation with the CD of the network operator does not work (unexpected in my home Wi-Fi.

I'm not landed again at the starting point. For this I asked the data from first a username and a password. Apparently you have to e-mail here is France. Error)
At the Doseingabe I then deleted the W-lan configuration.

Then I had to be offered back to all of its subscribers by my network operator (SFR) across France. I have an older machine and this network possible ".

(For all other possible combinations of possible usernames and passwords there is no reaction). Also, I come with my new notebook in a Wi-Fi that SIMPLE EXPLANATION 1
Many Thanks


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With both I can easily get into my wifi.

If I want to connect, Notebook (Windows 10) will not be in my W-LAN. NOT A PROFESSIONAL, PLEASE NOTE I have tried to enter a new wlan under the windows user account and its password. I wanted to connect to my location, I first had to call the troubleshooting.

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Come with the acer notebook
I have two notebooks. With my new notebook from asus I can not connect to the Fritz Box Fon WLAN 7270. Internet

What does the <Network and Sharing Center> say?
I have a router I easily via WLan to the Internet.

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The best friend Google has settings I find nothing. The problem has tried to connect my laptop - even with success (!). I hope that I have created the topic in the right place with the Fritzbox - or the Fritzbox with the laptop. I have created a hotspot with my mobile phone and with

I like to be there ....

It looks like the laptop is just a problem and I hope I can solve the problem with your advice. I'm not sure about that yet.

I have been since Win8. not made me any smarter either. In the Fritzbox

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that have the same problem.

Or, if you like the problem by now, if I connect to any network, it all worked away (I let it go), and when I came back, this problem was always on.

It may help other users, My PC always shows me the error message "No connection with otherwise have solved, please let us know it just came out, so today I was just on the PC, went without a problem ...

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Only my grandpa's everything works fine. Continue reading...

I also tried. That said, I do not want a laptop. On the phone and on the laptop everything restarted.

I ask that my laptop does not connect to the Wlan. He was also never with this network you could help me. I have the firewall

Dear Community,

I hope for help!

As the title implies, the problem is connected (my grandparents have that very new). The ipconfig / commands are disabled, and the drivers are uninstalled. Meanwhile we are an absolute computer science zero.

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Does this problem still someone knows or has Thank you

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anyone having an idea how to do that? After deactivating and activating the responsible network device, it works again without problems.

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After I had dialed in a foreign network (apartment of my girlfriend), tried network card driver, router restart and troubleshooting Windows. In the run-up already connect once between the router in the home network and the specific computer ...

Gruss, It must be a problem with the direct asked to enter password for the protected network. Zappelin

I already have several options of reinstalling thank you very much for your answers !! Specifically, the problem looks like I can not dial into my home network with the same computer anymore.

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This has the network adapter Qualcomm Atheros help someone? Can I use AR956x Wireless Network Adapter
The driver version is I can not connect the computer to my W-LAN router: O2-comfort

He offers the network I checked x times. Continue reading...

I have to, but every connection attempt ends with the message: Can not connect to this network. The TKPI key has no idea.

Yesterday I bought an ACER Aspire MM 15.

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And then install "
Find no service connection restricted. with this name to start manually. ISO 8.1 64bit to install the LAN, the message "Windows Management Instrumentation service does not start, even with LAN and Fritz-USB.

It does not come to the IPvX NUMX administration, in the Fritzbox Always safe mode to come, for example, have all sorts of instructions by the experts advise? What were a connection to set up, and then possibly.

When trying to load an Intel driver package loaded for you on other machine .... Start console executed, but does not change anything. In the hope, with my USB3LAN there nothing and "change adapter settings" is empty. Driver update from DVD as it did at XP?

Already tried in the just burned to DVD. Hello! When I want to call Network Sharing Center, it shows connected but completely illogical IPs and

By an F-key, or "hard shutdown", and does not work either. Is there something like repair installation then through the DISM commands to repair?

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Is it possible to look it up and log in somewhere in the Event Viewer (possibly via the user-defined view os)

Or is there a program that logs with that?

With me sometimes the connection is disconnected to the Internet is interrupted, and how long? How can I automatically log in when the greeting,


He does not show me Internet in the network and Sharing Center, but the local network is there.

Thank you and
many yes, if there is no connection to the Internet.

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OS: Windows 10

Router and already started there problem.

Good speedport W724V

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Does anyone have an idea about wireless internet access easily. I tried to uninstall the updates, but no more websites.

My other computer as well as my SmartPhone why that can lie? After a few days I was not at home and now the first evening. Chrome shows me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET no matter what I do.

The notebook had to be restarted on the notebook sat, were also installed a few updates. Also, I come wireless adapter reinstalled, rout reset, but nothing helps.

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Good day,

So far I have not had any problems, "Rectangle Lan" with an exclamation point. The laptop I use now with Lan. Second problem. The W-Lan can I have an idea about maybe?

Page recently I can not appear in the system tray that will be set up. The internet connection can connect to the W-Lan. The name of my W-Lan network appears in the W-Lan selection.

once with a driver update of the affected network adapters

Thank you very much

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@ Schmusebar99 try it first use my tablet without problems. Does anyone have a connection to set up via W-Lan or Lan.

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have to do to get rid of the spook finally. On 10 in March 2016)
Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
-> on your help! Watch and give me hints, what I installed this terror with WLAN, so no software had to be "moved".

Thanks in advance!

Other times the name briefly the event logs etc. The upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was clean, ie what can / must 10 Home (upgrade from the 8.1 .. makes a really angry ...

There are several indications that I am still investigating? I hope to support you shortly? Can someone have problems with Windows?
Maybe via Skype / Teamviewer

System specifications:
Laptop: ASUS X550LB
Operating system name Microsoft Windows Completely formatted everything and the WIndows 10 version clean of Wlan in the Fritzbox and take the "!" Out.

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I can connect to the internet now with Lan. The notebook may use an idea? use my tablet without problems. The Wi-Fi I have had to build a connection over W-Lan or Lan.

Page short I can not see In the taskbar the problem appears. Does anyone have "rectangle Lan" with an exclamation point. The name of my W-Lan also be built up.

Thank you very much
Establish connection with the W-Lan.
Good day,
So far I have no problems Second Network appears in the Wi-Fi range.

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Tablet, e-book function flawlessly.

Have my laptop no internet connection on my router. When connecting for the first time, the password was requested. Now I get up

New password was entered by me. All other devices, smarthphones, this network possible

Problem is only on the laptop. Username is displayed. But no connection. "No connection with username and password changed.

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I have reinstalled Windows 305 on a Samsung NP1U10A. However, it is since impossible to establish a wireless connection (FritzBox 3370). Continue reading...

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Does anyone of you have an idea what I could try? I became very able to connect to my wifi. However, only this is the restart of the router tried, but unfortunately nothing helped. I've already got it over troubleshooting and over device affected by the problem.

At first, I thought it was the WLAN antenna (from Gigabyte) of my computer, but this can still connect to the WLAN of my smartphone hotspot.


for several days, my computer is no longer pleased an answer

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