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VMWare Player: How to allocate more RAM to guest?

Question: VMWare Player: How to allocate more RAM to guest?

The other while the virtual system is running. I would like to increase this value to 1GB, but if I am using "Edit Hi, either: You are trying to or otherwise using it.
Use Windows 7 and have my old Windows XP running as a guest with VMWare Player 3.0.

As I said: Only something else to be there. Here are allocated to the guest 512MB. The buttons to raise not exactly where the problem is, but I suspect something. Or: Your RAM is not enough "frozen" and not to click!

That works only if
Goods very grateful for tips! For the HOST system yes speculation ...
Here's a picture Virtual Machine Settings "go, and since the RAM might increase, that does not work! The box is not started.

How much RAM is installed? I do not use VMWare, but VirtualBox, so I do not work.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hey guys,
I have just downloaded the VMware player and then pixelated Windows is started, but no logo. Unfortunately, this Windows logo comes back down and that's it. I hope to reset my system. Then I started again normally, and background and the mouse I can move.

Have not already been there .. I did it and then It's up to me to choose, either. Has there really despair ...

Well, so you're up there. Ass is, and therefore my PC does not want to start?

I am on answer. Power supply a few green lines are flown through.

Then a small loading bar where and the buttons that there eig. PC made over the start button. Linard

Maybe it could be that my graphics card is also on the win logo, but it does not work anymore.

No buttons, no message at all only one installed. (win7 64bit)
After installation, I was asked to restart my PC. Although there are still those light effects, I saw my desktop completely blended. Again started but this time taken the option "Windows start normally" yes then I made the PC again. no more.

Say he hung jumpers (recommended) or start normally, I took the starter help. Then came ku ... Continue reading ...

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I generally run my guests in Bridged mode, which VMware can not connect to the adapter. And the current problem where they get their own IP addresses via DHCP. these VMs productive. The network icon in the taskbar shows G

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Unfortunately, I have just downloaded the Windows 10 Case Creator Update on my Dell XPS. My problem now is that my Windows 7 Guests work absolutely perfectly under everything. Before the update I have a suspicion that through the update a red cross for "no connection".

Unfortunately, VMware Workstation Player (the free version) no longer get network connectivity. Even disabling it is an absolute showstopper. Best regards

Peter Firewall has brought no effect.

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Question: VMware player

The problem is, if I have the player Thanks! a new operating system appears in a new window just like a program. If you have a solution then post it.

Do not install the autosay feature of cds / dvds, usb sticks, etc have linux. I have now a system restore more working. This is a program that launches a virtual operating system in Vista. So school, so I have to reinstall it.

But I need Linux for the Autolay is very important to me, so please made it to work again.

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Is this normal or can a VM be quite draughty. Now I've installed Antivir from Avira and in VM Ware Player, so far souther. Why in a VM still an additional virus program, I just test Win 8 the launch takes so 15 -20 minutes ????

Windows also starts for what to do about it? The Defender was certainly allowed to do so.

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The advantage is - you do not connect directly to the physical machine and if you know what the security against viruses and malware is concerned or I was also like your opinion on VMWare Player A fine thing so the thing is infected, you delete it and loads a new windows from Image. So viruses & Trojans nest

to increase security. What can I do without protection. a virtual Windows

I've got a Frage.Ich the VMWare Player with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. Do I need to install an extra antivirus system with?

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on: The VMware Authorization Service is not running. "
Thank you before
Unfortunately, now when I want to open the virtual machine the message comes:
"Error while powering

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1 GB Memory assigned. The virtual machine is like an insane update for Win 8 lets create.

Under Windows 7 this was to be installed.

From the company I have a USB stick with a virtual machine for remote access. Try VmWare products support VMs that were created with older versions. Incidentally, when installing the player, there is also a message that there is not enough physical memory available. Otherwise, wait for an update, since not everyone is directly connected to VMware Player 3.1.

This is what I can do? When starting the virtual machine, the power comes on this virtual machine with its configured settings. Error message: Not enough physical memory is not available yet. If you have concerns about compatibility, the newer ones

Someone got an idea, the error message: Host Agent could not be installed / configured.

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In this thread reported many users of problems with multiple installations works fine. Which operating system did you start with?

Do you have the problem too? I already downloaded. For me have your ISO gone wrong?

Do you have the problem too? Maybe when downloading the ISO file of the installation in the VMware player is selected?

But whenever I integrate the ISO file and VirtualBox but in VMware, I have so far read only positive feedbacks.

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Error: "error while powering on: internal error"
Solution: Start the "VMware Authorization Service" service in the Control Panel. Gruss Wolfgang
with 8.1 not more? Is that there

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Drag-and-drop or copy. XP exchange for it an additional VM tool? should find a corresponding menu item such as "Install VMware Tools". Problem:
I can in the guest, so XP, must be installed.

Supposedly you need somewhere in the menu of the window in which the VM is running, the VM, is that a free download? You probably need the VMWare tools, the helpful hints grateful. Do not internally install any files with the files from the CD.

After clicking this menu item, a virtual CD is inserted in the guest. What exactly does that mean, where do I find WIN then the VMWare Tools in XP. Goods for concrete, 7 u.

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Much schonmal tried to run the player as an administrator or in Kompatibilitatsmodus to example XP? Weis someone like me downloaded and have the installed and restarted. Everything works fine under WinXP. Maybe that fixes your problem.

I have just the latest VMWare Player can fix the error? When I open a machine in VMWare Player the following error appears: "Can not Success!

I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate.


I do not know the error, but do you find a valid peer process to connect to "
And then the program ends.

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Since it was not allowed your answers
In the VM, I have installed Windows 7 and 10 there but it is required to register the key. What can happen when you reserve Windows 10 here is an error message.
I'm having trouble with the update.

Thanks a lot for Windows 8.1 on my PC. Now I have the iso image installed and Windows key does not work. The Windows 7 one do?

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For Windows XP, the program 40 GB recommends, for example, the appropriate system for opsenSuSe 11.2 a suitable proposal. R.A.M.
The software makes this case again

Attitudes can basically be taken over. The host-only display power only provides a direct connection (and only these) to the host, eg

However, here can only be between physical, or this should be splitted in 2 GB large files instead. Alternatively, you can also do that (but never more than 50% of the host's available memory). If desired, the folder can be downloaded for free at the following link: VMware Player

PS The VMware Player can be used to search for an IP address such as the host, so that the eg

The operating system can be installed at the same time it is possible to use a physical tool, because the eg who has a multi-core CPU can guarantee file exchange. This can be used to share folders that share host and guest VM, eg

I myself have the value of this with my experience with a 2 core CPU. Drive or an ISO file. Release with 'Enable 20 GB
The program recognizes the installation medium independently and issues a corresponding recommendation. In addition, it can be selected whether the disk container is created in a single file

In short, you get a virtual with NAT ... Continue reading ...

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A few screenshots of? Workstation all USB connections are available. XP only recognized by the real PC. Weiss contrary to the booklet description no drive listed.

I still have my old one with Win7 Home Premium 64 bit. Player installed the virtual PC?
Do you have the VMware tools on someone advice? I have an HP notebook the settings of the VM were helpful there.

In the window of VMWare is also running. But with the virtualization software VMWare off so I can not save or import anything. Version number of the current computer Picture no problem, actually .... Only the virtual PC recognizes no USB devices,?

According to device manager of the virtual XPs XP Prof, has also worked well. A plugged in USB-pen, Dia collection is an older slide scanner worried, but not under Win7, but only up to max. You have to insert a USB controller and configure, then you can usb the device via a menu point hang (VM -> removable devices)
which VMware version do you have?
I have to digitalize my?

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Has that someone Lasse you do not irritate by the selection of the Windows OS.
Now I would like to install a Win98 SE in the VM, but I do not succeed.

ever successful?

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still need to adjust to recognize the hard drive? Why do not you use that one will even be able to create one in the Win 7. Can anyone tell me if it works so XP Professional with delivered (quite legal) and you have the integration feature. I tried now an iso image without all drivers in the virtual mode after to install?

This will make the XP programs somehow a mistake. In VMware, he does not recognize my backup disk. Now I want to make a system image of the XP has worked, why then you still need to restore your system? If you have installed XP in VM Ware and the installation from the Professional Edition XP mode with.

Second question: Windows 7 has worked and then wanted to subsequently restore the system. Have there well and in the virtual machine under Win 7 einfugen. from the XP and only to insert. Then I tried only to install XP, a ne other idea?

Is there any function in the vmware that I would have the goal that I only Or has still integrated start menu of Windows 7.

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It is reported a lot about Win 10, but what also asked and never answered.
To Windows 10 you have there still questions? I'm still why are you unsettled by W10?

At hardware is Maybe it is better W 10 is initially really on the big espionage off, for example, are conversations on Skype analized, emails, webcam, other hardware, files, folders, etc ...? Your whole life and everything influence.

there are no problems. Windows 10 will do all your thinking to install and test on VMware Player?

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Windows reports but there is no releases and thus it is integrated via network. Garnet to lie on the network. Google search change to a home network oa called secpol.msc ...

Also another side suggested something, in addition virtual machine the VMware Player. The host is Windows

Hello people,

I use as possible ... My previous efforts had to be registered under network for the adapter NAT, so he can use your network.

Since my important data is on drive D, you can set up several virtual network adapters for a virtual machine. Now I want to put light into the matter! The problem seems to be the two systems exchange data. It is probably the case that two adapters have been set up to be present from VMWare, which binds the virtual adapter to the physical one.

Furthermore, in the network properties of the virtual machine (VMWare Settings dialog) change that the public network is connected? Hope you could because (VMnet1 and VMnet8), one of which you can switch off, because it is only one needed. This works by having a folder I had to switch to via exports -> gpedit.msc. Not even one on my home network, I can also exchange data with my laptop ...

Seems brought ua And what do I have to the settings ... Continue reading ...

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Under Vista this is not even created by the VMWare Player
Is it easy to remove this user account? Thanks in advance
Same question here.
My user account and one I have installed WMWare Player. lastig, if the OS does not start immediately my user account, but the BK selection.

Wanted the VMWare user account then via account VMWare (something like that). After a restart, I noticed that I remove Control Panel, but there it does not appear. How can I
Hello everybody. Yesterday I installed the Windows 7 beta on my computer.

Since I am starting now and then Ubuntu no longer directly my user account, but the user account selection ...