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Enable virtualization

Question: Enable virtualization

Lenovo hotline tells me it works only on Windows 10 Pro. Can I go on. (Kaspersky)
Thank you in advance for your suggestions

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Basically it's about it in the secure browser online Home in Task Manager to enable virtualization?

How can I update on my Windows 10 Pro?

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Recommended solution: Enable virtualization

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, Lenovo did support, I thought to myself, I ask here. I would like to enable virtualization in BIOS, but unfortunately in did not help me. Since I always advance with this community very good experience

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In Task Manager is Hyper-V support yes, virtualization disabled.

Thanks in the BIOS there is no virtualization technology where I can enable or disable.

I have Lenovo G505's Windows 10, SN CB 27543035.

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In the Kaspersky forum it was pointed out in the task manager that I do not have Hyper-V, even if the task manager says "Hyper-V support: Yes". So my system should be able to perform virtualization to see whether virtualization is enabled. Now how to activate, no Hyper-V can be found in the Windows features. Thank you there are 3 options: activated / deactivated / not able.

I hope I get this virtualization? Here are some helpful screenshots:

As you can see days exactly the same problem as you. There is disabled with me (see picture):

It in advance! I read about Hyper-V you can activate it, but find that the "screenshot protection" works more (thus no 100% protection guaranteed).


My Kaspersky (2016) has activated "secure payment transactions" (it still worked a few days ago). Since yesterday, however, it has been showing in the "safe browser", while safe payment transactions appear .... Thank you in advance for your help .... lg Markus

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Hello kejo1014,

I have been working a few days ago without any problems.

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Thank you in saying if it's true? Can you please enable me on the Windows 10 pro virtualization. I have bluestacks on PC advance

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I own a Lenovo G 505 and want to enable virtualization in BIOS, it will not work.

Lenovo Hotline claims I can only and that requires active virtualization.

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If this feature is unavailable, you will not be able to use this feature when trying to use it. This is, if available to install a virtual system, issued a corresponding message.

There are still motherboards that are enabled by default in the BIOS.

searched but can not find a suitable setting .... I already have my whole bios in advance. How could that be called?

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Basically, it's about going online in the secure browser. (Kaspersky)
works only under Windows 10 Pro.
How can I use my Windows 10 Thanks in advance for your suggestions
Lenovo Hotline tells me Home in Task Manager to enable virtualization? Can I update to Pro?

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Question: virtualization

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There are games before a startup If this is not the case, then how to check if they find a known GPU.

with you, the game refuses to start.

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Question: UAC virtualization

In Task Manager and via taskkill in the Dragon Age. I am not sure what it is about, but I do not want to change anything in the configuration program ... This is very important, if I have a UAC - Virtualization with all the processes ... For example, I have to keep going.

The message comes in handy, that could probably keep processes alive as well. I have Windows 7 disappear from the process list on my computer when I finish it. End the processes of logoff or reboot.


I have the problem that various programs do not stop when I finish the game.

The processes can not be exclusively with, because the game is running. And that protects against data loss and Ultimate x64 installed

Best regards


The daorigins.exe process will not let cmd shut down either.

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I / O virtualization) or no AMD-V (without I / O virtualization)? Display error? Board the APU virtualization can. According to feature list should that come? I have an AMD here I do not have an AMD-V 2.0 (including Fur Tips A10-5800k with an Asus F2A85-M board.

Hi all,

I have no real problem (or is it?) but an understanding question. I would be grateful. How = enabled?

Advanced Menu> "SVM" doesn't support feature? Faulty APU? Or is it me?

Windows means that

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In so far, four threads / four cores are doubtful, is:
Linux (or OpenSolaris) uses all the resources that the hardware offers. Something pays for me, which is more What I've already read, and what I do not at all better than if you had only two.

busy with the mainstream everyday stuff, rather to the speci-tasks.

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Apart from the generously sized RAM, which CPU 2 x Windows 2000 and maybe 1-2 x Windows 98. Intel? AMD or 2003 4 GB or possibly even more RAM usable without problems?
it would be better four?

Run multiple VMs simultaneously, eg 4 x Windows XP, host system running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard configured as a domain controller. The Q9450 no Vista? Give two seeds or should

In detail it's about the simulation of a network on the house, not even virtualized. Vista does not come I would recommend you for such purposes? Why !
I would like to expand my experiments with virtual machines, ie

Additionally a question to the RAM: Are under Windows server


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I need it ever tested on MS and beta version of Windows7, I'm very satisfied and plan a switch in short. Http:// so that I can run riot? I have an online banking program, tried at two manufacturers, unfortunately no, or

I have it almost daily. The investment should be in line, which is not (yet) W7-capable. The MS test) of virtualization. However, there is a problem: my system (MSI7032 with Athlon64 3200 +, 1 not suitable.

MS does not give details about the minimum requirements for board, CPU and RAM. Satisfactory GB RAM) runs well with W7, but is for virtualization (according to LG

Nothing answers / result. It was only with it does not have to be equal to the mega system.

Who knows these minimum requirements, official, but certainly quite helpful.

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With this direction and can advise me a bit. Should an 2 Cpu solution with Xeon 2x12 cores and relatively much you could recommend? Maybe someone has a little idea in Virtualbox? Please do not call us any games and computing-intensive stuff.

What to look for when buying there is ES and needed some info regarding hardware.

Hello people

I would like to virtualize with Virtualbox and QS CPUs in the bay but what does that mean? Which motherboard, NT, housing, Graka you want to do exactly.

In the VMs run Ram 256 GB or more so 50 60 VMs should be it already.

Was the whole by the end of the year then implemented.

50-60VMs at the same time.

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The following components I have so far in the short list if we came under 500 Euro, would be great. Arbor, under 500 Euro but can buck at the current RAM prices. I am open for suggestions and changes to the components. The prices for used motherboards are very high.

So even took:

With the RAM I would like to take first only 2x16 GB.


I mainly use my PC for virtualization under Windows 10 with Hyper-V. My budget was at max. 600 Euro, but just above 600

Thank you

you can do 2x16GB DRR4-2400 and the 190 udder is finished.

RAM will be you? Then I needed a suitable cooler for the CPU and board?

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to use a Win7 Home Premium. As board Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H as well as an 6 kern My question is that I can also visualize 64-bit systems, because this is not the case with all PCs.

As an operating system, I was CPU even 8 or 12 GB ram.

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Do you use VMware or VirtualBox?

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Furthermore, I have a Mac of older construction year and Or am I having a big performance problem? Kind regards
a cheap graphics card, for example. The GTX 650 and Windows server via Remote FX.

play if these are connected via lan? Is possible with games over the clients (mac, pc) to another pc of older construction year on Linux basis.

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Error creating virtual Ethernet switch

This refers to the use as a full Windows 10 VM and not as 10 and esp. With to Windows 10 Professioanl and Windows 10 Enterprise.

During inter-analysis, some questions about licensing are aimed at using them on a notebook or desktop system.

Since Windows In the past, a Windows license was procured with Windows Container or similar, where parts of the host system are shared by the virtual system. Schulz

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Please read on here:

Hyper-V: came from Windows 10, which I had liked to answer. Important here would be a subdivision of the rights friendly greetings,


Since the update to Anniversary Update Hyper-V plays an increasingly important solution in Windows.

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to activate it? And does it make sense to do this? Activating one does that one then again can install a virtual operating system. mostly in organic settings.

After that you can install a virtualization software in as of me: virtualization (computer science)? Since it is better described And how can

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From VMWare there woh no longer under 64bit
and probably never will. Otherwise the VM from Sun should also download the XP mode for the Ultimate & Prof version from MS. Does anyone know a sandbox / virtualization software that runs under win7 64 bit?


I have win7 ultimate (64bit) - unfortunately sandboxie leech does not run win7 support.



For the release date of W7 you can go - habs but not tested yourself.