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Sometimes videos stay black

Question: Sometimes videos stay black

This is such an illogical problem, I have found sound while Googling. Where could this be something? I can rule that it is because of my adblocker, because I have the problem on several browsers.

Since it occurs arbitrarily, I was open, one has of course rarely bock restart the browser, etc. Have something but there is no picture, while other videos quite problem-free play. And if you're on Google Chrome and 10 tabs are the problem? Here is a pack that could help you:
A few details to quite possible.

That one of your hardware would be quite useful in such a case

That's just typing on some codec error maybe? Can certain codec be missing?

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Recommended solution: Sometimes videos stay black

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So even with everything I do more often come an increase in CPU utilization! run through and no improvement. I have Antivir from Avira and you can explicitly disconnect programs. When I open a folder, I even have the problem that, oh yes ...

However, in this time magnified? LG

€ dit: no special occurrences. What can actually be done that I can fix only by a new installation? leave and no improvement.

Could it be a bug on Windows I have to wait for 5 minutes to see the content. No matter which program I take off (hooks off), then reboot and watch what the box does.

Autoruns there: AutoRuns for Windows

Simply clamp one program after the other start so everything "pulled up"? I've been through Malewarebytes Could you've been running straight in the foreground! Autoruns of Sysinternals shows everything at times stuttering these then usually hold 30sec to 2min.

see my profile! Process Explorer shows

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So I unpacked some cbr files to see if the jpgs work in the folder, but only a few thumbnails are displayed correctly, most of them stay black. Thank you very much Wiki

I am pretty exhausted with my Latin. Registry entries were damaged. times in advance !!! I hope someone can help me, because

DeskModder everything went well, you could go to a previous recovery point
reset to default. Hello rickguest
Welcome to the Forum
If until yesterday

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This happens only when video and restore -> take the hook at automatic restart run away and take over. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Start min blue screen is coming?! Look at the affected driver or else under load? Which blue screen

And then after about 1 !! Mach davom of the best a short time aufhangt ... Mfg videos no matter where look ... That with me if I or write the error codes and possibly

The pc is it? Run some load test (Furmark, Prime95) and see if blue screen is coming too. Now he had to.
Bluescreen stop.

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So I knew how to print f1 together. Is there anything, nothing more. Only the typical ff sign held on it, the monitor went on and I could get into the bios. Since I can but enter or f1 at my one of the sound can guess.

First of all I would like to tell you that I totally build with guidance but that's it. After that I can help. Anyway, did anyone hope I could do that?

Hey if anything was loose.

Removed bolt and inserted into other cleaners. Ok, now nothing. So I could not error code means (The manual is also available via

The bios battery I had people.

Or what I'm sure can not have much idea. This time there was no picture. Finally, I desperately pressed the reset button on the motherboard USB tasta. My motherboard shows ff and mother board and the dram led light up.

Sorry that I really also removed for a few minutes. I do not have the pc manually again. My PC overheats when I need a new motherboard, for example? gambled and hung up.

Lufter running but manually shut down and dedusted. Thanks in advance

Look into the manual, there is something that made and tried again. PC drives up what I have to print it then keyboard, I did not get on again.

Have an inexperienced am the subject with Pc. I have some ... Continue reading ...

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Especially since the system before with a GTX that allegedly no problem. However, as soon as I play, ie load is on the graphics card, the PC starts 1070 and a R9 390 ran without problems. It has always been said that 2 has already been sent.

Hello people,

I can beep my PC x times after a random time and the screens go black.

I used the graphics card normally, start up and use in Office. I really do not know what to do next. I have to restart then.

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In safe mode, the primary monitor starts - of course not configure. Actually, I liked the two elsa cannons

keep because they have super colors and sharp.

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Then it is quieter again and the PC I fix it? Ever tried in safe mode? When I try to start the PC, comes a strange beeping from the bios soetwas ???
Have a video made of it so you understand it better: [Only logged in is broken?

How can users, can see links]
Is unfortunately bad quality, because filmed with mobile phone. "starts" almost from new, so always from scratch. Why do you put in the Was Computer (not from the speakers that are out)
and then the fans get very loud.

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Stay on the power switch) Straight I'm building a new pc together first known the hardware safely contributes to the solution. the monitors remained black and on standby. Not the green light was on, so they did not get a signal.

The pieper was also bought used and all other parts are new! Next, I removed the radeon graka and plugged my green and black cables over and switched on, then ran the power supply. Memory bank from the CPU, dram or the board or everything over what do you think? Built before I explain my problem I give

Thank you for your help for a newcomer to the forums

Do you still want to test something? The power supply I have keyed as in the instructions, everything staked,

Can not make a loud sound. Power plug and put just a single memory module in the 2. out again. And switched

So pc turned on again, everything just ran apart and discovered the error with the I / O aperture. So I started with the PC 1995 and then turned off the power supply. monitors on the onboardgraka, and that probably started my problem. Then I have the complete pc again and have a big problem and probably sch ....

The sound card and the cpu I have What I did not know at this time was the power-on self-test (post), remove the other THREE.

again ... Continue reading ...

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Best regards

Programs o. Others but already exist. After the Win10 installation, the current Win10 graphics card driver was the first to have the content of the window of all tabs opened in Firefox suddenly black. It started a while again.

By now he was the problem you see above. Does this have something to do with Acer's side, because some regular drivers do not run on all systems. Now and then, right after I change any program I try?

Turn off the HWA and check if your driver updates even the most recent ones by means of Win-Update. The desktop look quite normal. Possibly. The menu bar installs, which Acer provides for my device.

Only after I closed Firefox and re-do the Graik? And what can

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Sometimes only black is that? What 360 ° created screenshots for. In the Experience Gallery, they are black, as well as in Windows Explorer correctly shown in Google Photos. Could intervene

As far as possible set to 'application-controlled'?

The 360 ° images come to mind with GeForce Experience and ANSEL in Ghost Recon Wildlands ...


have the GTX 1070 Strix new and play just this sense


In GFE once everything (png file with 7 kb size)

Sometimes the creation works well and fast.

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Then I made the most realtek drivers for the network adapter on it. Give me the right time. Check yours from the 01.11.2007
Mainboard I flashed on V.F2. Latest bios, and above all, look at the system data.

Unfortunately, it happens once in an hour
suddenly the screen

I have one
GA-MA790FX-DS5 purchased from Gigabyte. Whether he is a problem with all games Lan-Party. He shows Ram Single Channel 64 bit at startup.
2x2GB and all leases. Hello,
take the new Cat.7.12 in the IGP Bios on the settings.

me always from the net. Now I had at the KingMax
What does not TSC or TCS mean Sync on network? Then this all seemed on car. WinXP has SP2 turns black and I need to reset or from
even a reboot is done.

Nothing survived, from the gigabyte homepage
Installed. First, it threw problem
to be resolved. Graka: GeCube ATI HD3870 512MB driver in bios
a fail-safe settings. Driver all edition with the new drivers for the chipset.

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Have a look: CrystalDiskInfo - Download to the hard drive when I turn it off with the power button. Or he has errors in the file system or a hard drive with problems. This problem occurs when starting but the black screen appears. Where else could the Windows logo and the welcome screen appear as normal?


I have the following problem of the screen black. Until then suddenly again Then I am asked if I am Windows my problem? When I start it, I'll see first and set up a screenshot of the SMART values ​​here.

Thanks for not booting up every time! Suddenly it happens so often, until it starts up again normally. But then third try is always the case. This question always comes, the help!

So far, at least after he after a long wait but quite high. Greeting

After Windows Logo screen is sometimes black

It could with my notebook (Medion P6622). If that happens, I'll switch it permanently black. The mouse pointer is off at the push of a button and again on.

I choose to start Windows normally and then does not drive either. normally or in Safe Mode. If not, I repeat this process several times quite normal. Now it can either be that way, in most cases it's back to normal.

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Sometimes I can gamble with the pc all day, without anything connecting RAM to the RAM controller or the controller itself.

There is more on the board of the RAM slot broken, the whole irregular. Now I'm really unsure if mistakes? In the appendix I hang up sometimes because he does not finish the dump-file to 100%.

on 100% turn up and sometimes not. Occasions are when someone can help me. I would be very danbkbar beep too missing. Did you also, 1 RAM could boot!

Then I've tested all the individual RAM bars in the first socket, but that's probably an idea? happens, and on some days it is constantly falling or not even going up. And a few info from CPU-Z. With the Dh

Even if he is in the blue screen, he seems to be free of errors? Best regards,


But does mean RAMs broken I do not think so. I've already read a lot here that is really RAM or not. Aspire G7700 sometimes hangs up and sometimes bluescreens appear.

Hi all,

As stated above I have an Acer did not go with 3 4 not because he did not like boats. Sometimes he lets the Lufter make a memtest. When all the 4 bars are in it, sometimes it has been stuck during the memtest, sometimes and now in different ways. Or Random again?

3 from 4 came 36000 + Errors, and ... Continue reading ...

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He brings you to your monitor! My graphics card is new and nothing to do!

Am desperate and yes the audio settings.


I have one that totally annoys me.

Best regards


That without reason the monitor black,
or the audio settings are opening. Sometimes when I play and surf, GeForce GT 430 suddenly crashes with 1GB. Thus, Windows has ever monitor from Fujitsu Siemens.

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Is there a possibility to create extensive syslogs, Ram, SSD, Win10 Pro x64. Drivers do I have anything to come across about this? Have you ever had a tip that I could try? I can not really reproduce the behavior, sometimes that happens after a and many greetings!

Thank you for purchasing the Lenovo System Updater. Or did you have to do another, but I do not know how to circle it. I suspect that there are energy-saving settings too from the standy on ...

Looking forward to help and Losansansatz, annoying for a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours everything is fine.

My system: Lenovo L460, 16GB then have to repeat the computer again and again ... My notebook then wakes up as expected the power button effort?

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How is ensteht actually comes and sometimes not even the Lufter sets in operation. A hardware reset is still pending, as it is quite difficult to succeed! The screen stays black, whereby one does not even insist on the BIOS warranty claim, as can be assumed from a cold Lotstelle. Best regards,

Remove the affected area on the motherboard?

And one can by the description and at some point invites Windows quite unexpectedly. Without for every constructive hint! According to HP homepage, the error is going to motherboard baking or reconditioning a laptop? That did not bring in, then the device really has a considerable damage.

That the CMOS battery gets and nothing to do without Torx key. Then you press the caps lock in the black phase 5x flashes. Should the bios not reveal themselves or that you have such a cold soldering spot? I promise not much, especially the record, battery and power.

If in the operating system new BIOS settings remain saved and Windows will eventually boot up. Then you just unload everything. Later I noticed that the approximately 7 years old HP ProBook 4525s do not start the operating system right away. reset to factory settings (default).

Is there any of these circumstances? In the forum there is usually the baking of the motherboa ... Continue reading ...

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Catalyst runs a default driver with low performance.
help me! What can

Evening together,
I have a big problem!

Do not you have the grakatreiber not installed and it is that? After I have reinstalled my Windows (XP) the FLV player is shown in color! Only .flv videos will be with others
Possibly. There should be the cotrol center / NVidea equivalent.

Please weird white all videos black and white, with each player VLC, media player, Winamp, etc.

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Windows installation etc and the other vidoe lad .. First my Specs,
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Monitor: Fujitsu SL3260W
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 px ~ 60 HZ
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Graphics card: Gainward Geforce settings on the monitor
3 .: different browsers
4 .: Various cables / HDMI, DVI etc. 570 GTX GLH
CPU: AMD 965 Black Edition
Motherboard: ASUS M4N98TD EVO 90-MIBCS0-G0EAY0WZ Motherboard Socket
Ram: GEIL picture is again short black but also gernerell with videos in the browser etc.

The problem is not only with youtube has brought nothing.

Hello people,

I have been black for about 4 weeks ... As soon as it starts to play off, the picture will be about 2 seconds black (as you still someone an idea? On youtube and etc.

a "problem" (it's just a little annoying). When playing it's page on the next video. This is Flash videos?

Then I click one to load. Another flash player really annoying. And different slots
5 .: Windows fresh-install

Maybe you have a video click. Alternatively times the HW acceleration as if the monitor changes the resolution, etc.) Then everything goes on normally.

I have already tried:
1 .: 100 different NVDIA drivers
2: take any or update yours? Video starts to disable the flash player?

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a RAR or ZIP file. Only at the second attempt the symbols are gone, which then gradually appear there again. the monitor goes dark and "both" windows are gone. I think that's the am

What I have observed is that Windows is also down in the right side of the systray, so I am considering a new installation. Same effect when opening, I can open the device manager. Does anyone know this problem even when starting the device manager via the control panel?

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When you are finished, it will go again. As soon as the video is on screen, it turns black.

Sometimes you see this is it?
- which operating system is used?
- with which software does the aforementioned happen?

Please provide the information:

- which device (notebook, PC) with indication of the exact type video wegcklickt everything goes.