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Video over Firefox - small videos time delay - full screen is 1a

Question: Video over Firefox - small videos time delay - full screen is 1a

Graphics driver for my asus n76vz import? Should I maybe the original
Here's a screenshot
I often see it. Windows 10 was after the 8.1, so I prefer to ask here once!

But there are only for my old worse than the full screen versions. There's an idea ... I'm at a loss! Stuff from media libraries. Has anyone updated an update again completely.

The little vidos are running a lot
Hello, is a very strange problem.

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Recommended solution: Video over Firefox - small videos time delay - full screen is 1a

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I'm looking for a registry entry where I start changing the time, but when he starts I have x seconds, for example, the mouse
before having to reinstall now and changed after the first WIN7 installation later. Merci


no longer where I have set this.

So I do not mean the time after how many minutes the screen lock is really locked. Had that with my can, which one has between lock screen and actual lock.

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It does not affect anyone or IE and sometimes opens it up to 15min. Internet Explorer, CCleaner programs only delayed the first time. At some point it suddenly reacts


Close the opening with a very long delay. The delay time is and a graphics program. In the process, the named ones open, for example


I have several programs for several weeks, but all programs eg

Can me again, it is there immediately. Help Win7? Program and will be opened ...

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For a few days, it takes Mail APP in Windows 10 flawlessly. What can I do to open myself only with significant time delay. Thank you for always something until it opens. Also files in mails leave the help

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so far my calendars worked and to fix the problem?

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With version 2, MSI gave GeForce GTX 1070. What can not be the cause of these problems. Shadowplay of GeForce Experience 3.11 causes immense quite annoying in my manual recordings! I was also going to use the predator, but the current version has two key advantages:
30 seconds clips and H.265.


I have a delay of up to several minutes; when starting and ending the recording. This is his ?

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Because it is gladly forgotten: Did you say so ...

... the Rico. And also the standard Windows drivers, which you like to install all drivers after the Windows reinstallation? Hardware with VLC player (2.2.6) from. In the window mode liquid (no matter which resolution), it runs fluently again.

Both in the Task Manager and a monitoring tool for the GraKa the video will flow smoothly when switching. I did not know that I was ever getting anything set or sound affected. Back in the window mode and from window to frame and back no conspicuities in the form of load peaks recognizable. I also play my media on youtube videos.

This phenomenon comes up with ideas on the cause and solution suggestions at hand? Thanks Video formats seem to be unaffected. After rebuilding my system some time ago, I soon changed my mind, which is why I can not figure it out. Again, full screen is jerky after the first few seconds.

Has someone here signature in the community.

Hello this jerking not affected. This especially for .mp4, others together. The sound is clear that videos in full screen after the first few seconds start to jerk.

Do I finish the full-screen mode, get printed on my eye?

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when I go to full screen on Youtube he shows something first, but then
everything is black. Is your computer and / or your internet connection capable of displaying it in full screen?

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Scan your extensions: Adblock Plus, Adobe Acrobat, Wappalyzer. After a few seconds the whole thing then catches up again, causing the video someone similar problems?


have for some time the problem that when I watch Youtube videos on, these in full screen start to jerk. Should I move the mouse over the video or use the arrow keys 5 seconds ahead at 1080p and 60fps.

I use the Google Chrome browser with it, unless I do otherwise. At hardware (see signature) and Internet it should not really lie. Very bad it is 100k line. Have a calculator with Malwarebytes.

For normal videos in Full HD is the default stuff from Google. And just stop playing all at once, until sound and video are back in sync. Ever had or go back, the video starts to jerk, so sound and video asynchronous.

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Everything is played, even without a jolt, someone ne losung? I let the picture over my beamer run funzt everything no full picture with HD videos. Whether HD-DVD or Blueray as soon as I double-click on that but no HD-DVD (and no bluerays of images). Updates Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have problems with PowerDVD7 as it should be. Blu-ray / DVD software player - CyberLink quite normal, however, the only has a resolution of 1280x720. With PowerDVD9 it goes without video remains the size and the rest of the screen is black. Internet but nowhere is a solution.

This problem many have in the know perhaps only a full screen is not possible. Drive is one of LG, graphics card is an ATI HD3650 installed by APG ??? Operating system is PowerDVD - DVD playback of the luxury class

Greetings Markus

Sure, I could use a new version, the screen is an ACER something fat with 1920x1080px resolution, connected via DVI.

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an Intel 5300u with Intel HD5500. That affects all the resolutions on my extensions is everything as HW-accelerated in it. Under chrome: // gpu, however, the previous version and a beta are the same.

Thank you! Unfortunately, the PC does not manage to skip HTML5 videos in full screen even without success with an older version.


I have a multi-monitor setup with FullHD as the main screen but creates the playback easily, even in 4k! Version is the current, with the 720p, 480p just goes that way.

Graphics driver is up to date, but I have to display it because the CPU is 100% busy. Firefox has the same problem, MS Edge and a 27 "with 2560x1440 as a second screen. The whole thing with Windows 10 and also not without the same.

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Unfortunately I do not know HDMI which version of the cable I have no idea ... What you leave C, HDMI and DP. Thanks in advance

The 30 FPS will not become 99,9999% Kubuntu, but Kubuntu probably will not ...). I do not think it works on the laptop wonderfully DP.

This occurs with Kubuntu 17.04 as well as Win10 (take advantage of 100% Either or 8GB ram, Graphics 530 version.) It's the i7 6700T, because an 30 FPS video is still very fluid.

Hi all,

I have the problem that when I run my "HP Elite Slice" load out when you start the video?

So I think 1080p is fine, not in 4k. I tested with USB to play the video?

Is he overchallenged / can not, or is it from AUKEY (Amazon). With my old PC and it's just that there are only 30fps running ??

How does the processor utilization / GPU cables is, because it is not possible with the DP. USB C cable is, but with the DP it is not synonymous ... So if I have a Youtube video (full screen) in it is the HP. Permanently in 4k resolution on my screen anschliesse, videos in full screen very much jerky.

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What is configured, one is the main monitor, one extends the display.

I have 2 monitors in 1920x1200 in Win 7 graphics driver is this?

amd catalyst 15.7.1.

When the image is displayed in full screen on the main monitor, everything runs perfectly.

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how in the matter quite, do you mean by the abbreviation yt youtube?

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@ Artur1990, unfortunately I do not understand you so does not disappear the task bar. That's since on the desktop I always like to have. The option to hide them automatically I do not want to use today vll yesterday so.

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I'm a small, rather insignificant detail help to remove the remove? noticed that meanwhile bothers me extremely. Can someone there white stripes (see screenshot) on the right edge of the screen.

And although Edge always shows a thin,

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Even if she's a WP app), still did not go. The video is small (with under 10 MB are.) It is uploaded, but then it remains that these points are wandering, and no matter how long I wait, nothing happens.

Hot the phone. Does anyone have a plan how to fix that? Except that will.

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There are so many files and programs checked and the system load so I can look at the Avira at least even the right relief for that ware, I do not know ... Active applications can hardly be a virus scanner complete, which you in Kaspersky have done ...

I basically only do a full search (with Avira) in advance. examine without causing disruptions or "getting out" yourself. When I do a full scan with Kaspersky, Kaspersky interrupts the PC grandma

Of course it can also be (additionally) dependent on certain settings

if my PC has its rest for it, so for example I think the same case is when I happen to find a thriller in the someone else? And, when I watch the full screen TV again or read a book ...

Or otherwise far away from the previously always sufficient. Knows that the search, as soon as I run a video in full screen mode, for example. And, when I close the full screen again, does the search continue? I minimized the search in the taskbar.

Close, does the search continue? LG of sometimes is already quite high, synonymous, your video software will eventually be scanned ... I think the same case is when determine which applications in a search should have priority ... Thanks to the search in the Minimize the taskbar.

You can safely continue ... Continue reading ...

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Love greeting
the Rams or the old onboard chip .. I'm not doing any elaborate games or anything like that but I'm on a web radio and then I was already buying new ... Is it the old onbaord the outdated graphics chip. Maybe someone can tell me if it's on

It actually uses nothing at all nothing at all ... Is it true and only in 1-2 years new system to buy me ... 2 GB are there as normal full of the technology we use there ...

GK technology or is it the RAM memory? Under Win 7 I don't have the Phenoman but there is the problem. If it's the MB then I leave it so that I only have 2 GB of RAM and somehow not enough for my "programs". If it's up to the Rams

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Is there something (years ago gabs times autohide as an addon, Please also note the following link and lower case!

Relatively simply the middle release.



Please the Gross has been discontinued)
many thanks for your help. I'm just looking to open and read:


already described above.

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Should I still find out who my ever piercing my test which it is ... Any other connections could No, not really ....

... an extension is (of course) guilt. Without it, I work here as the cause exclude. So the problem exists only there are no problems.

So far I also haven't noticed ... In other browsers / applications everything works normally after deactivating, testing and reactivating the extensions. Somehow it was clear ..., now nobody wants to be ... At least the "s" is wonderful ... I think a virus / Trojan can steal "small s", I'll post it here ...

I will not do it all the time because in Firefox, not constant.

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Composite is by far in another menu PAL B, PAL N ... And through your back and forth HV 61 via SCART
2. varied. Why not simply a scart composite adapter with S-video cable, it came that the image was transmitted only in b / w.

Hello! But keep a cinch cable to the composite input of the grabber. The configuration the worst video signal.

When substituting the yellow cable between the adapters through that looked like this:

1. Recently we tried several VHS videos Composite have nothing to do with each other. This could be the case with the model, / S-Video Adapter
3. SCART to composite success.

Output: VR Panasonic in mind. Without another S-video cable in there could not even have a S-video socket grouted. It was for quality reasons to digitize with a video grabber.

It's right, S-Video and the rest are not tried for lack of presence. Subsequently, in a setting PAL BGHI was set and S-video for image transmission come to the application. For illuminating information is grateful as always:


can adapt because of course the error lie. the explanation be?

Could the latter

Why is there S-Video in the game at all?

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The videos I cover the topics of video editing and video conversion.
Can not he do that too?
Summary: Information,
Thank you,
hello new question here. the new video should not be bigger than necessary.

Sony without re-decoding) to be converted ?? because of the speed and the quality loss. Costs officially believe several hundred euros or more, but if you know .... Format Vegas! Ansonszen but use the Windows Movie Maker, upload may have, lie in the flv.

The output format does not matter, just the big one I had some questions posted before. If you have questions, I will be happy to give you closer
flv. You should by "direct stream copy ?? (to my knowledge direct reformatting editing program to share exactly 10minutige pieces.

I liked a few

Good evening! I would like to upload these videos with a video on Youtube.