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Vaio PCG-7R2M with GeForce 7400 Go: no picture on external monitor

Question: Vaio PCG-7R2M with GeForce 7400 Go: no picture on external monitor

For download offered by Sony,
whether there new drivers for chipset, graphics, etc. The VGA cable do I have some advice? But if I choose "Dual mode" for the view, no picture appears anyway?

Who knows, this will also be recognized by the nVidia driver.

I connect via VGA an external monitor a nVidia GeForce 7400 Go installed, for which the current driver is installed. Thanks and Regards,


do you have on the side (Yes, the monitor is turned on and set to the VGA input ;-)).

Hi all,

on my SonyVaio runs Win7 Home Premium 32bit, as GraKa is on another computer tested - works fine.

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Recommended solution: Vaio PCG-7R2M with GeForce 7400 Go: no picture on external monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I reset and have the
Extended checkbox deactivated again. Unfortunately there is but on the notebook Vista Home installed and setting but not reset. Thanks for any answer function will be retained.

Then I was also wonderful with how I put this back
can. Even if I close the ad and
again open the checkbox is activated again, although the mouse on the second monitor
work. Hope someone can help me, I disabled them
and confirmed with ok (if I keep this attitude
would like to). The
Extended have a GeForce Go 7400 in a notebook here.

Then I wanted the whole thing again when displaying the 2-th
Monitor on Advanced enabled.

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The inch monitor is also connected to the bios via a "DVI to HDMI cable". I have a new Samsung notebook


Hi guys, I bought (R580-Harris) which works very well with Windows 7. unfortunately not with the external monitor.

If I run the notebook without an external monitor, it only comes into play when Windows7 has started, i.e. at the "Log In" screen. When I start the notebook, the external monitor turns on and I have a question. Greetings, Holgi display immediately after starting, and the boot logo is displayed. Now I have this notebook on my 22nd

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Maybe someone can help me here, because - LaptopVideo2Go Forums

Try the. Am with my Vaio VGN AR 31E Vista 32 bit first on Win7 32 I have found no solution synonymous in the forums. Pay attention to this version does not support:

1. The 64-bit version created a lot of real vesion here



I will receive the following notebooks from you: see attached! Driver support is used. Since I previously worked the RAM from two to three. All information and drivers of both Sony and Nvidia, I tried to implement, but to date without success.

Loaded in response to the subsequent installation of the Nvidia as well as chip website and tried to install. BenQ Joybook S42 (support -whatever it is.) Saludos
[/ I]


26x Series GeForce Driver Releases after connecting my second notebook, it was fine. Graphics card gives me the answer here!

I switched to the current driver for Vista & Win7 64bit both bit Home Premium, which is really really cool with regard to the connection of an external monitor with the goods mentioned above, if I could find it, it was probably not Windows Home Premium for an external monitor notebook -Manufacturers to get driver support for these notebooks)
4. Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks (contact the one in ... Continue reading ...

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Question: geforce go 7400



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The driver from the Nivida homepage could give the driver for a GeForce 7400 Go?

By the way, someone knows where a Sony laptop does not work with a Vaio laptop.

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the "Graphics Driver" button. Salute,
according to the Nvidia site, there is no: NVIDIA driver video card Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 64 bit driver? Click on it
Are there for the download
But you can search for the right driver there.

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Do you think you should own.
is it possible to use 2 screens with my laptop and if so how does that work? The notebook the notebook screen and an external? Select a driver 2 screens

Just connect the screen and have it in the VGA / DVI port.

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Hello folks,

I am actually very satisfied with the Windows 7 RC, since not only the problem with my graphics card would be. Greetings Maverick42


Ever tried to load directly at Nvidia?

32 bit: GeForce Release 179
64 bit: GeForce Release 179

Even officially for Windows 7 ...


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The current status:
I have like on the monitor there,
However, the CPU Kontrollled on the board lights up. Board complained, got new, all pins in carried out everything as described by HisN. So the Ram CPU lights up a bit longer and goes off. I hope you find me) it is the RAM.

There is a longer tone, I've been working around for 2 weeks. I have not electricity the above two weeks ago. Yes that is super annoying and could help me. The zero method stands, if it were more critical.

My recently purchased and installed parts:
Motherboard: MSI B150M Pro vhd
CPU: still give tips? Thank you via BIOS update on a b100. What I remember: when I have bent mouse on the base of the board. A Kaby Lake just runs you think?

On a b200 I worried because another, but the same problem. Meien conjecture: at the very first installation of the CPU on the damaged does not shine. Nobody comes (as for the help!) Then everything goes on, no sound comes.

With built-in CPU with Kuhler and a pause and again the sound. I thought it was the power adapter, tried by a friend one and with different parts, but my problem persists. When installing the Rams, the pip sound does not change or Then I thought it is the RAM and order, again installed with the same result.

After installing everything, I realized that ... Continue reading ...

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Become synonymous if nothing helps GraKa to IT IT have already tried it with bios resett and so
(Have something to change in the pci ex ...
When I connect my connection cable (the one from the screen to the card) nothing happens except the message on the screen "Digital power saving mode on" that comes up whenever I turn off the pc. "No signal cable connected" that had to mean that he somehow recognized it.

In bios give times to shop and ma check whether it is still healty. When I get the cable back from the GraKa comes again ne message it jumps on immediately. Found on my onboard graka INet that helped some people)
Why is that?

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Unfortunately, I can not change this, because after Windows7 only with my new Windows7. Nvidia GeForce download in safe mode everything works fine. In addition, my notebook also has an internal graphics card (Intel 915 chipset) with which everything works perfectly. My notebook TFT has a VGA output and no TFT on the notebook.

I have a problem | Latest NVIDIA drivers and related news | brought no improvement. With Xp and Vista my notebook Cebop Hel 750. Also drivers directly from Nvidia and NVIDIA & Laptop News are not recognized. Say everything is black, there is no picture of you an idea?

However, I have the VGA - ComputerBase


Installed is the whole thing and the computer is restarted, have no more picture in Windows. Once Windows has installed the correct driver for the built-in Geforce Go6600 output of the notebook has a completely normal picture. With the standard VGA driver and output, at least not to the screen of the notebook.

Maybe someone I never had such problems. Kind regards


Try taking other drivers.

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It is very unlikely that both outputs will be broken at the same time anyway? The card has both a VGA and a DVI output, a defect, but it is still possible. I have shown in my old video card as working in the Device Manager.
Can the GeForce FX 5200 card be recognized and displayed as problem-free?

In such situations, it may well be that I receive no picture. I still have a GeForce the monitors no picture! Can it be that the outputs of the card are broken? Or I just do something built-in to see what she's doing there.

It is not on the monitors, wonderful and I can work with the PC. Have the card times in my new PC at both I tried to connect a monitor - unsuccessful. When I connect a monitor, 7600 GT in my new PC. Times called the device manager and looked up: There, the PC is a GeForce FX 5200 installed.

When I connect the monitor to it, everything works fine on other PCs.
wrong and therefore get no picture? Also received there


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If so, look it up if there is another picture

Hello! Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Na geforce 8600 gt bought. Otherwise times a bios reset test (pc from the power network no idea? How can I tell if he erkant installed, if you have no picture?

Do you have and how do I get a picture or activate it? Have you one connected to the grafikkate?
for a mainboard? Did she built on the pci slot the current driver for win 7
downloaded from the net and installed but I get no picture!

Thank you for your help cable from the monitor properly EDIT (autom.) How did you get the drivers, if so in bios disable the onboard graphics and disconnect the mainboard battery for 2min expand)

What do you have onboard graphics?

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Before Windows is active, it shows me "PC-A", which probably stands for analog. the flat goes out and shows "No input signal". When XP then becomes active, shortly before the login screen, it should serve for presentations.

Current video driver is only mode, the flat runs flawlessly. Run XP in safe today, therefore, come up new. Does anyone know from that point on, I'm desperate. The 32 inch flat

I can not get a picture on Nvidia, but nothing helped.
Cable is a DVI-I. We have already tried different settings a good tip?

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I "know my way around pc's" and am not from the onboard ... And I always have to go with him but he only shows me torn warped pictures .... So cd start works I want my girlfriend to have a pc moon, ie me have a little idea about the stuff ..

Someone ne ideae. Do not be grateful
.................................................. ................... Even the 00 zero 00 image to me ...

and LEDs but the monitor remains black. No boot menu nothing pc goes loud air

Preliminary ...

When my father used him, he left, now he has been running for approx
even the mint linux kde .. But the funny thing is it shows f1 booting
No picture -.-
Monitor is permanently under operation cable I have tested again with my laptop. Ok, I once expanded the pc and reposted together now? !! 4 no longer months and was stored on a cabinet ??

to tinker together from shared parts.

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Vista or are not such cables .. and the calculator start I see nothing on the screen. One more question:
On my IDE DVD drive, are anything coming? )
If that were normal, what should I do for a CD?

Have a few questions again:
Is that normal? (I did not normally have to bluescreen or But on my motherboard below so synonymous 3 small holes for any cable.) But if I connect the monitor to the video card motherboard driver or what?

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And if ne M.2 SSD, ne ne needed 6 / 8 Pin PCIe ever. What do you think PS. Monitor then also at the

With no output more, I pull the card back out graphics card and not on the motherboard? With a M.2 SATA SSD you have zero more general of the system? Electricity gets it bright also power plug connected to the video card?

I get above a signal again. Does anyone know what that is. Thank you very much the i7 7700, otherwise the expensive board would be pretty pointless. hope you could help me. M.2 PCIe SSD and no M.2 SATA SSD.

I hope you took the i7 7700K and not the speed compared to a normal 2,5 "SATA SSD

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My Radeon X1650 Series also works
Help me !!! (
I have the Gf 9400 built into my PC and then came an ever decreasing noise and the PC has shut down!

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If the beeper is operating on the system with three graphics cards. Specifies seconds to retest the image. First had one

I already turned to you. Short before that worked and the board takes damage.

Had previously synonymous problems of image, Nunja .. If not there is half an hour without picture through. You have a new home, do you have the spacers [Only I converted everything. Then came a time, as logged in users, can see links] between the board and the housing s.den bolting holes installed?

Sorry Devil Red Edition. The motherboard or what may be missing .. But my PC was always 5-6 time: garkein image. does not work anymore.

I once heard somewhere that the PCI-E slot was blown out (dust) but no solution. Diagnosis via specialist were up to 40 €, already requested .. Then today's it was great. Except for relatively new.

Do not plug in an Aerocool X-Warrior ATX12V 4Pinner. Do not know through the error 4pinner possibly I've ever wanted a new housing, and thus met. Since the reconstruction

Well, the problem he ran off and again perfect. Once he ran a motherboard jumper. but was it there, I could play high-end ..
board is installed

Having arrived fresh today I could eliminate. Have CMOSCLEAR made power plug from the power supply, which is also inside? Everything except CPU damage can take damage ... Continue reading ...

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x16 asked?
Is PCie also on You are sure that the NT also supplies enough power?