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Remove user folder from desktop

Question: Remove user folder from desktop

How can I share this with everyone in the forum! So a big thank you Remove both icons from the desktop? On the desktop is

As far as I can see, these are not links, are they? my home folder and "This PC". Greeting

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Recommended solution: Remove user folder from desktop

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now times questions like I get back to the taskbar. a picture. It creates a copy, you can I have, but I do not know how that icon is dragged to the desktop. Wanted contains: Code: C: \ Documents and Settings \ XPMUser \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch

Here's time

Hello. Or you can move the file to the folder where the Quick Launch toolbar will delete its shortcuts then the shortcut on the desktop.

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I hope you have an idea like the same after a reboot? I look at the folder structure on the folder are identical. Greetings, Jan


If the "dir" command arrives, only a desktop folder is displayed. If I delete one, both of them disappear, I create the folder again, two are there again.

I can only have one desktop folder again. Both desktops also had the problem (they were all double) and after that it was OK again.


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All the way to the right of the time display is then available?
Does anyone have a little "Show Desktop" button. Since I already have it in the quick start bar, I would of course have it gone next to the clock. Do you take a screenshot of your desktop?

What options do you have an idea? What happens when you right-click on "Show desktop"?

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How can I get the feeling that this feature makes the boot process a bit older and quite slow. slowed down considerably - and she does not want to use them at all. My mother's laptop is out with her again?

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Windows will be restarted

the icons then disappear for a moment and are reloaded.

If I click on an icon to remove it via the context menu / delete comes
the message
1. Windows Explorer does not work anymore

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Thanks to this forum here, I have already found a solution for this. Unfortunately, I am also affected by the color distortion of the Windows Photo Gallery. However, since then, I have always been down to the right version and the version number of my Vista.

Registry is set to 0. I can remove it, maybe someone can help me. The entry "PaintDesktopVersion" in which I can solve this problem?

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Thank you!


Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover overflows and wastes space. And I really mean: Remove Windows - Windows 7 Forums


He is easy to remove - not disable.

does anyone know how to remove the Show Desktop button in the lower right corner of the taskbar?

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How can remove icons from the desktop? Continue reading...

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to remove or move to another folder? Did start recently, the graphical user interface of Windows but before I wanted to know, obs may not be even easier way NEN for this? How do I manage to change the desktop icon simple desktop icons
Hook off with trash
Have already found various ways with programs and the abandonment of the Reg files, version?

I'm so happy so far, but a small thorn remains the paperwork for me! Thank you
Desktop Gamer! Windows 7:
Right click on desktop
left on top of it. What to ban Windows from my desktop and pull me some little helpers.

Best regards

Hey people!

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Thanks to the new taskbar Barbatos:

Problem solved! Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case in W7 even in Windows 7, the ugly linkage arrows on Desktop. Does anyone know a functional solution that does not rename in AriochIsShortcut does not work anymore. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ lnkfile \ (REG_SZ) IsShortcut
Once you delete it or make problems?



look here:

UNAWAVE - Remove linkage arrows



I think many have always done and would like to explain it.Click in this box to see it in full size. Why that hangs together exactly I can not come here to problems. Quote of linkage arrows on the desktop no longer display. I had deleted the Reg entry to be as easy as in the other versions.

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a screeny of the watermark.

Since I do not find a proper driver for my graphics card, only a hacked, so have the same problem and can help me. Maybe someone here has what drivers, you can not be helped with your problem. So now I just have the problem
which is displayed by installing a watermark on my desktop.

Thanks already! So more details, maybe even because we do not know which graphics card you have, let alone hosting

How do I get the wake? ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video not stupid talk.

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But unfortunately went from the moment to reinstall each hard drive and then test a lot.
Windows is still enabled, 8.1 users offered the update Windows 10 Pro Technical Previer Evaluation Copy Build 9926. It immediately went to eliminate desktop entry somehow? Actually Everything ok, only after the next restart went out, then the desktop entry should be gone.

Take a look at this action selection window. Now the build version is shown permanently on the bottom right of the desktop, which annoys me. Googling I have now found a solution. VG

Hello again,
By connecting, then the system gets back in.

That's why I'm wondering. Nice to have someone test it. Maybe one should use the tool 2 x but in smaller format lower right. Windows 10 I have through this window immediately on again, although no mobile phone was connected.

Today I got Winows Restart 2 selection window with the same entry. I will now connect Windows 10 again on a separate screen to copy a picture to the PC. Not as usual top right, the watermark can be removed without problem. I thought if I downloaded the phone again and installed.

For daily work show the rollback entry in the boot manager uninstalled again. So I could solve my phone with the PC this problem. With the Too ... Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

Unfortunately, I also have this problem (did 10 get away from this ledge? Thanks, there's a search bar for the internet, how can I get it in advance, and I can see a music note, Youtube and a player there.

Good day,
I have the following problem: I have installed on the upper day and now something) was also happy about an answer

I had downloaded Chrome, but uninstalled again and this is the bar. There are the signs of Explorer, Facebook, the edge of my desktop a bar I get not removed.

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I can not get rid of the thing ... Or a screenshot here as a picture attachment I'm not in the trash !! If I go to delete, that will not work, someone will move me !!!

PLEASE helps to upload ware not bad either

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Remove Deskmodder

My os is windows 7


Remove Link Arrow in Windows 7?

How can I use the little arrows in the program linkages
on my desktop wiki


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My wife, son and daughter I have as family members on the PC Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 and do not continue. My son can with his account also on the (as a family member of mine as an administrator created) on my Windows 10 PC remove / delete? Tablet login, the synchronization to the PC does not work (z., In order not to fumble around, I would like to completely delete his account now on the PC daughter and I can log in with our accounts, the synchronization with the PC works perfectly.

Continue reading ...

I have the following question: How can I set up the account of my son and new on the PC, in the hope that now flawless synchronization to the tablet works. Background:

I use a Windows 10 desktop PC, a Windows 10 tablet and its mails can not be synchronized, the error code 0x80072efd appears. On the PC, something seems to be wrong with his account, P.

The contacts). Thank you for your created and created their own accounts, with which they can log on to the PC. Now I've got a Windows 10 tablet, on which my wife, my Windows Phone, all updates are up to date (28.12.2015) up to date. S: The posts I know about account based on / your constructive answers!


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Funny, because I put in the one point higher.

These are system files. Open the folder options and hide hidden and system files. Already the surface are permanently remove or hide? You can not delete it.

How can I have these buttons on folder options but nothing changed. In the image 2 you have to get rid of them.

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My laptop is the touch manager, but unfortunately also in vain. That would not be a problem if it
Other times the background picture and put it back.
still the start menu of Windows 7 oa then I tried it on the gmx website "frozen".

With a right-click, just the picture just can not be eliminated. Tell someone how I can not click on certain icons that have been dropped as links. Maybe the de-installation of Internet Explorer brings something?
Context menu opened for the entire desktop. The image of the frozen site hides more than half of the desktop, so gave.

I tried everything but that I could solve this problem?

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No, if honestly disturbs, then just edit this file (may ...... Weis who the way / setting / trick / etc. -pp., but how not to be renamed)
Can of course be called different because of dissolution! Just nerves ...

- I do not see if
Hello WB community ... thanks only ...

C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes \ CachedFi les \ CachedImage_1920_1080_POS4.jpg
So you can just copy a file with the right name into it, that's it text (Windows8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy Build 8250) gets down the right of the desktop ???? Just nerves programs are open
- do not look
- accept as free for testing

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because it means it does not exist !!!
Can not remove a symbol