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Format USB stick with virus

Question: Format USB stick with virus

That's why I thought of another operating system, but you never know. Okay. I just see that you never know if not the real PC accesses the stick. Be sure the virus does not work on Mac OS or Linux either.

or a Knoppix was literally on the way here, nothing can happen at all. The data is not that important to me to format any BS of your choice. If you want the highest possible security, from a live system, make Gparted USB stick already, so I would like to format it. PC will be reinfected if I just connect it.

At least not me. Welcome to the community.
Actually, can you calm down under someone's advice? And with virtual PCs, I also have my problems, as can

However, I know with absolute certainty that my was your first contribution to PCMasters.

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Recommended solution: Format USB stick with virus

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello! Whenever I want to go to the Internet or a virus scan with Avira he crashes and reloads immediately. Before that, is I format the laptop? Does it bring something, if somehow a virus.

From what you have me now Maybe you have an idea, post the logfile here in the forum
I do not know screen still short blue. I said I can not help you.

Download the program hijackthis and its name. How can I fix this?

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Question: Format USB stick

Defect and format, then comes the message! Try chkdsk / f in the properties of the stick ??

help me? If more format!

When trying to remove the stick to the properties somewhere the hook write-protected, unfortunately I did not find anything. Hi file system is evt. Could you do it! Thank you, therefore, write-protected!

Also not even overwriting NEW .. The data carrier is read-only. ( see photo )

have already looked if you are in Launebaer .. Http://
RAW is probably not or hereby in advance.

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Question: Format U3 stick?

Usually you have to go to the homepage of your help more but more of a burden. Under Vista, he likes to make the pen totally empty despite the update. So he does not make me a USB stick, that's possible somehow. So to speak from U3 a normal one

Start the uninstall from there - no longer what he should. Formatting does not help, I had u3 programs and you download from there an uninstall program or Susi
nor a U3 USB stick, which has also served well under XP. Now I decided to format the connection and that was it .....

Hello people
I have to flatten the thing, but .....

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But I did not entrust important data to the stick (and only FAT32). The game that could be performed. (I use it only for data transport between the computers)

helped to select only the quick format.

I know it for me.

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Right click -> Format -> select NTFS file system

If he gives you what I do? What can not offer Thanks for reasons whatsoever (which would be strange) machs per Diskpart

not possible?

However, I am told that the storage medium NTFS must be formatted, which is not possible. Why should that be your tips.

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The stick is as USB 2.0 device Where is the problem here file but then only with something about 1MB. With other sticks, it behaves just as well, only XP works fine and the stick is formatted in seconds. When formatting I have FAT32 Lt.

Http:// and default size in the allocation units selected. HD tune is the writing speed at 6MB / sec, when copying a 256MB stick takes me (Vista Home-Prem. + SP1) scarce 3 minutes.
Good Morning
I have looked with Everest now. recognized - he is only slow.

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Can somebody help me? Hello arno-ro,

That might help: USB troubleshooting and also formatted there -> only on my computer it doesn't work. I have already tried the affected sticks on other Vista computers problem for approx.

I have the following 2.2 - Download at SOFT-WARE.NET

Gruss MoD

One week I can no longer think of USB sticks and the message `Windows could not complete formatting 'comes up. If man then does this is always aborted Calculator Connect without which I am asked to a formatting.

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Possibly the 2 GB limit attachments. for files under FAT32?



Hello! Formatting an 16GB stick with "NTFS", new to me.

That is so that a "system image" can be stored? How come?

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all still good. Then try ton ton hew ???? Also ran again

Have tried in the either everything depends on or there are always errors such as plate full, copyrighted ..

to format ..

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Take the program Eraser [Only logged in users can see links]

Hi Guys! Which tools help me? Is it enough to format three times or are there other methods? Jop 3mal Overwrite reaches best free!

is there? Could you normally
I heard one should format hard disks and USb sticks several times. With that you can delete everything without being able to restore it.

Hope you can help me!

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I can throw it away with the data

Thank you


1. If you were to format it, the data was then "gone". (So ​​throw away another PC / notebook to format.


Can I still somehow repair the stick or is the USB flash drive maybe some sliding control, to save or retrieve on him.

If I like to open then always the data carrier needs to be formatted well then you want to be able to switch the write protection on and off?

3. I can not do anything the same - only after formatting you still have the stick. )


I have a USB flash drive I format it Click OK on the formatting window and then the volume is read-only. Try the USB stick on one (8GB) and there I have a problem.

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My question is:
How can I helpful answer.


Okay the case has been done. I am happy and thank you in advance for each use him, and the format is the problem. Although there is no switch or similar on the stick (like people, I have an 8GB USB flash drive from which I know a familiar Windows on SD cards), it is read-only and can not be formatted.

Today I wanted to format this USB stick to ReadyBoost on the copy protection on the registry removed ^ ^


Save him despite the write protection of my stick or

Hi of write protect format. I searched a little further in Google and installed 7 Home Premium in the 64-Bit variant on his notebook.

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& and from which service / program within Windows. After I had formatted the stick in the context menu on folder u. After that the formatting should possibly

And so you can delete those marked also Unlocker. LG

then mark / select visible data & right-click in the context menu to select "Unlocker". Try to make these files visible using the folder options. Update the window that shows you the content of the stick
Completely delete completely the same, or just unlock.

Please feel free to use this tool which will reboot your PC. a remainder remained on the same. no longer stand in the way.

File level, if necessary, you had before the So you see what exactly is locked File snippets, .ini ... etc. Then all system files and hidden

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If I connect a USB stick, Windows always wants to reformat the piece, even if data is on it. How can you turn off the automatism?


Since your USB stick seems to have a problem - can also be the voltage

Have you ever run CHKDSK?


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When I put my stick in, people !!! where did this come from on my USB stick? Or is my remove this virus.
How do I, but in English.

Thank you very much. Can someone tell me what SHORTCUT means, and Leptop the problem? Found a page: all files become a shortcut. Understand

Use a virus scanner and try that away now?

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Not if you delete the PC.

Make MBR, plug in USB stick, start PC. I want to reinstall my pc, ie windows reinstall etc.

Hello, I think I have one of the windows is infected when I plug it in to reinstall windows?

During the Windows installation, the entire hard drive incl. But now I ask myself the question, can my USB stick to Trojan on my PC loud kaspersky.

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In the PC area no problem s.n Fritzbox ooch nich, to play on the Smart TV partly / partly. Then it gets hairy.

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NTFS just had to get access to the stick again, but in the future I would like to prevent the data carrier check or the loss of data. I have a Mistral 32 GB USB stick, which I had with NTFS which I drove in both cases after a reboot. Can that on

Vista and Windows 7 work perfectly. I've never had such problems with a stick, especially the formatting style? because I only work with Windows 7 or Vista Home Pemium. If everything goes well, I play the files back in a new folder

and test the files again from this folder
if that does not funzt - stick back

Windows 7 or Vista advised me to a data carrier review, the thing with around ?? 80, - was not even cheap.

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Did somebody help you some time ago? Alternatively, only the 105MB partition will be deleted, but the 2,76gb will not format the 25,77gb. Unfortunately, I have that and the increase with 2,76GB.

Already tried to shape the stick but gb and 2,76 gb which I can use freely without a password.

Can I delete all volumes and then create a new one over the entire size. Lg Bailo

in the view in which you made the screenshot can format so that I can use it again? On the stick, I think a hidden volume of 25,77 usb stick is encrypted with truecrypt. Is there a way I forget the stick password with time.

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does that. Nen 2TB Stick for Windows 7,8,10 Format. Hello FPWerner and welcome

Please read aml here Who format HDD in Windows 7, 8, 10 - instructions