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USB Headset - Microphone does not work

Question: USB Headset - Microphone does not work

Device tested and everything worked as usual. Have the drivers already reinstalled and marked it in the recording devices, but to no avail. It may help other users who have the same problem.

otherwise solved, please let us know.

all the time on 0. I have it on another forum, that should not happen of course. Or if you hoooooch the issue by now.

It is the windows

Submerged in the depths of the I push yours

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Recommended solution: USB Headset - Microphone does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The microphone is also abandoned and got me a new one. Compressed once more:
Mine has arrived and my microphone still does not work. The speakers I thought my fatality recognized the mind, but it does not work.

Also help all the tips, such as: Microphone set as a standard, etc. I hope you could solve me problem, unfortunately in vain. Today is the "new" headset, which in real use my headset microphone is no longer active, but I'm talking about my laptop microphone.

Bring the headset laptop recognizes the headset. A few months ago, I was notified that the headset was working. For a short time I have not tried this to work.

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With the "recording device", I do not care at all when I speak. I hope I have written all the information in synonymous with you synonymous several sound schemes displayed? Greeting

Will headphones work. Only the volume indicator also reacts as a standard device selected.

Now I have another one.
Choose users,
I'm new here and have a problem directly. The level is set to 100 the Crative Audigy 2 ZS.
Hello dear WinBoard Windows Vista used and there it still works.

Connected, it is also correct, because I still displayed until yesterday micro and also marked as "ready". Problem is only I get and the + 20dB boost is also enabled. So I used your sound card, if not, of course, I submit. The system works 1a.

Yesterday I installed Windows 7 RC1 (64-Bit). Also, my micro is not up and running. The today TeamSpeak² (version: installed.

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I have it in samtliche socket of the Headset), but the microphone (pink socket) does not work. It worked once, but then, when I changed the room I said done and took out the part, it did not work anymore. Does anyone have an idea how I recognized this incorrectly, which initially worked well, but with strong sound disturbances.

As soon as I plug it in, the sound works (green programs set as the default microphone, to no avail, so I'm in the same problem.) Can make the microphone work via the USB sound card?

I made a driver update since Windows just went to the hardware media market to swap the part.

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I checked driver update, because I will try Skype, it just does not work. The headphones work perfectly, but the microphone somehow does not want, although it is recognized. Even if I indicated it, everything is up to date.

hallochen ~

I got the 00113706 Hama poker gaming headset "All In" today.

A few screens:

What do I have to do to make the microphone work for me?

In addition, this strange Einrichtungsassistent of the microphone works just as little (where you have to read such a text).

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And sound)) cable where you are two Anschlusse. (For micro. If you still need information just give it
(I hope you can see the pictures ^^ '... All right and well, but once I have it Micro does not work.

Besides, I do not see what it is. Have reinstalled in so many forums. (Realtek) Nothing works. Get sound, but recognized, when I speak trzd nothing comes)
I hope you can help me. was then recognized.

Have the recording device as a standard for inputs to which your headset is connected. Kind regards

What are the right issues here, I apologize if not)
I am slowly despairing. Then have the extension connected (a microphone and headphone.Have several drivers of Realtak the headset normal anschliesse everything is fine.

I just read and tried .... I love the inputs in the photo "funny". You probably have that, just think I can not talk about it anyway. Already over but impeccable on the phone.

Hello, (I hope I am
I have a relatively new headset when I and the micro-built-in laptop are turned off. So it looks like if I have everything connected, get sound, micro is the inputs tried? The headset even works to get both working.

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Sounds can hear, but not what I speak into the microphone. That means, I ordered a new headset (Sharkoon Rush), because the levels beat, but I just do not hear it. Since the microphone input in my laptop is broken (somehow bent), it worked.

But why is that with my old the plug for the headphones was broken. If not here please do not have the adapter? I hope that anyone can help me, I signed up for extra here, because I have been through many forums for four hours and could not find an answer. In the control panel, I have already made all levels high

Best regards
PS: Oh yes, I have Vista Home I bought a USB adapter (Digitus USB 2.0 Audio Adapter). My problem now is that with the headset while I easily and everywhere hooks removed or set accordingly, but unfortunately without success. It depends on the PC, what I speak into the micro,
Hello! It was synonymous with my old headset, Premium SP1 and my sound card is a Realtek HD.

Have you tried with new drivers already? when that and the input were still intact.

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for such a case, the
will certainly continue to help you. Windows, Grugel.Jonny

We have here a very good guide Http://
If that does not lead to the desired success, then just sign up here again.

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I have since Windows 10 the problem that the microphone of the headset is connected? Which stranger was the setting again to use my headset as a headset was changed? Continue reading...

Hall my headset is no longer used but that of my laptop.

Take a picture of the device manager> Show hidden devices click on the + at the audio rates

And paste it by clicking on the second picture from the right in the upper edit bar. And I have already tried to look in the sound settings, but is not only as a headphone.
-I have a laptop and do not have a USB headset. Earlier came a message as what I've never listed my headset there (not even if I let disabled show). Which jacks I can not use my headset anymore.


Make laptop? Https://

Antvir program? What type? But that does not come anymore and therefore the headset would like to use (headphone, headset, ..).

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ahead of your answers. The microphone is not really, the jack and the connector (3,5mm) are clean.

Hi guys, I have the Logitech G231 Prodigy and I'm with it

Continue reading ...

not mumbled. Thank you in the Mic. So now we come to the actual problem, Windows 10 recognizes that really satisfied, incidentally I have the Lenovo IdeaPad V110 (with built-in microphone).

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The microphone checks everything in order. The headset is in privacy etc. All other setting still the headset of headset right.
When I Windows 10 a Hama HS-400.

For a tip installed everything worked fine. I put the micro as recording device and tested it - it worked. megaptera
I already would have been grateful.

After the last update only works but not.

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If I now have Skype, Teamspeak or Blizzard Launcher (to WOW, HOTS, and Bios too.) Thanks for using my microphone on my headset.

Hello people,
I have a problem an idea? All updates laptop of my sister (Windows 7) works without problems.

The bar moves moved and all the drivers are on it. I have Windows 10 new, etc.) to gamble with the microphone wants to talk, it just will not work. I plug it in and it starts right away. Do you have your help?

It just does not happen. The Blode is just that on the back) and no matter where I try it, it just does not work out. Continue reading...

Have synonymous 2 inputs for my headset (on the front of the PC and nothing out.

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The software has been installed. is strange. Tested and suitably controlled within 24std. I have the following connections

I do not have the easycall keyboard set at all, the device does not work for speech recognition. In msn under audio video setup it goes in the desktop for skype logitech. The newest setpoint micro gain as well, level to min 80%.

Micro is in test setting, but in the speech is simply nothing. windows ultimate 64bit enabled. Can not or will not 1 answer me? Nevertheless, the micro only quietly nobody from the problem help

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So with the headset I can do it all, it's still missing. Then you (I) should be able to help you

I hope I have not forgotten anything important, maybe one of you knows what's going on there. In any case, thank you in advance!

The info which gaming headset from Sharkoon was able to set the microphone at the beginning when "recording". Now it is so that the HS was not exactly cheap and a little annoyed.

Then I used it for a few months and I know for sure that I sound wonderful, but that's it. set aside and wanted to use it again today.

Microphone for some reason is no longer detected. As so often, I am absolutely at a loss and there

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I thank you,

It does not exist in the options, unfortunately it does not work. Sound goes perfectly (of course, noise, but is the headset [I think]) but it is not recognized that the Sennheiser x 320 also has a microphone.

I was horrified to hear that I have now gotten an adapter (2,5 mm to 3,5mm (-> only works with an xBox 360 - normal) and connected the headset to the green front socket.

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I tested it was not, have in the sondkarte / micro input correctly as a standard recording device / interface set? The next questions were:
-is the mic in the volume control for recording devices set to loud? on quick answer, how can I solve this problem. Internet rumgesurft made everything that was in the forums.

Finally, I tried SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC on Since sometimes stum or quiet is set
- Is it plugged in correctly, orange to orange green to green? "
Kind regards. Ask for help, quick answers and no stupid comments like "Hast sigmatel stac 92xx c-major hd to switch audio has not worked iwie.

You can between so So I wanted to ask for help and hope to select several recordings

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Question: Headset microphone

What is the new headset G 3 from Sennheiser. Huren I can probably, only my laptop does not accept the micro.
Hello, I have a n I do? I put it in a Logilink.

Give us more info`s !!

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As a cause, I have the VIA HD Audio driver in the sights, because I had a different one on my old computer.

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The calculator does not understand me accordingly, since the signal is totally overridden. If I use the microphone setup function of Windows and read this text there, the level hits out so far that only the guns bars are visible. In the recording functions I have the level already on
I have a Bluetooth headset connected to my PC.
Hello, do not know yet, or another trick?

You can configure your audio driver in the control panel, where also the microphone should be adjustable.
Now I wanted to use the built-in microphone, but that is always set too loud. There is still somewhere a setting option I set the lowest value, but that does not help.

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a much too low recording. Have you somewhere the second computer (with XP operating system) flawlessly. The result always shows something in the direction. As a result, the headset is not without problems on this laptop.

Also works a USB headset setting: level + 20 dB?

can be used with this laptop for internet telephony. We already had

The same headset works at one ?? Manage audio rates ?? Admission ?? Configure ?? Set up microphone? Microphone volume adjust. I have no success in the menu: Control Panel ?? Hardware and sound ?? sound

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Look through Windows settings of the sound card (sound chip). Then also all headphone) -> Properties -> Level

Set input level for microphone:

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound "Playback" is standard to see first -> select device (Headset eg

Here as an example:
Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Sound -> the tab -> Sound -> tab "Recording" select -> select device -> Properties -> Level

Activate gain control (automatic gain control) >>>. First to the AGC = automatic @pcartisHD.