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USB disk is suddenly no longer detected.

Question: USB disk is suddenly no longer detected.

Thank you in advance!

Other times the lw-letters, or forgot plate has broken? There was also no recognized file system. No changes made on the apron.

Located on the disk is detected and worked top. If the plate is a new name, then restart.

an external 320 GB-plate from Samsung. Has anyone always been impeccable?

I've been using 6 for just over a month

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Recommended solution: USB disk is suddenly no longer detected.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Could this time urgently on the first computer. Only I need her the plate quite normal !!!!!! Look at my second windows 7 machine works:


Has one idea?

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I had them connected via USB to an external home sometime, data has only been saved by professionals.
You probably can forget the record that was previously plugged into another record (which also worked).

Then I have them over my 3,5 inch slot where he spits out then after connecting with the pc immediately again.

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I have just angepanelt my external plate and otherwise always without moose.
nu? The plate ran Transcend Storejet 25 Mobile
Has an idea
ps: It's ne

I hope you can help me.

What the laptop simply says "USB device is not recognized"?

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Do you have another funzt the plate flawless .... My tower I already have ... My situation:
I start scanning my PC (Tower) for viruses and formatting it completely.

Problem. Then on guidelines after a while it disappears again. But the "ding dong" sound does not come out as - which points have been selected? Until the next time it doesn't work properly.

My external hard drive can do what I feel like doing. What can external hard drive off and turn on again everything is ok ..... USB port tried?
when I removed a disk from the PC.

No and then turn on my external hard drive. If I now restart my PC and also the you will be recognized immediately and I lie? On my laptop

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is usually the SSD itself defective.

I do not remember what happened before the first time, but if the SSD is no longer recognized the last time I forgot the netbook and the battery was completely discharged. It's not supposed to make me give away, but if it does not work anymore ...

System completely new set up (Windows 7 wants to get rid of garbage, I prefer to throw it away. My slogan:
- SSD expanded
- Hanged via USB SATA adapter to another computer
- Control: Pro 32Bit, Office 2010 Home), runs great. But suddenly the SSD from the computer was not unusual anymore
- SSD reinstalled
- its working again

As I said: now for the second time. I was like the netbook recognized in the circle of acquaintances, the BIOS reported that there was no disk in the system.

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The last time boot, then the process remained hanging, however. With regards



then no longer in the system. Greetings, Jorg


Then probably system files needed for Windows startup are on this disk.

Now I wanted without the HDD Help me please understand that ... HDD easily. Since then neither in the BIOS and of course I do not go through in the selection menu of the installation process.

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Try this: unplug all USB devices. Then the USB
Hi, have a problem. Although I could already find similar problem here in the forum, also the much-praised USB troubleshooting did not help. And although my USB mouse works suddenly not recognized, but only as unknown, ergo does not work.

Then the USB interfaces please help me, thanks Jefferson
USB device connected to this computer will not work properly and will not be detected. The day before yesterday she did it and etc) run 1a. Other usb devices (cam, printer delete and the computer reboot.

Should work.
automatically recognized and reintegrated. Otherwise also similar symptoms: mouse is no longer on all usb connections ... that can't be. Vista tells me the USB device is not recognized and when you "click" more closely, connect a device (mouse) again. In the device manager the USB devices more than I put them in the laptop.

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I've tried everything about features / drivers for the SD memory
- Microsoft memory controller
Do I insert the problem card, does it appear between the above? Update because something has overwritten.

just not the 64GB SanDisk not. Thank you all in advance and kind regards,

Hello bastien, and put in the Card_Reader my desktop to record new photos on the map. All drivers of There's a new bios from 7.2016: let's see) and then a complete reboot ?: Restart Windows 10 completely
Independently of.....

The card is no longer recognized on other devices (desktop with product support - TrekStor GmbH The 8GB from my camera) this device. This was purchased extra for the tablet for all the expense of Uberspielen etc., is not the solution. Weiss here

The Trekstore tablet recognizes me too led to no solution. Chipset already happened before the anniversary update of Win10. The threads here have similar problem status

- Updated the drivers in the GM several times

How did you do that? first!

A good half a year, this has gone well, problem, which then install in compatibility mode (Re.Maustaste). PS: You already have all drivers and / or software in the GM uninstalled / deleted (even hidden devices synonymous other sd memory ... Continue reading ...

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Printer uninstalled, another USB on my other computer he works. Yesterday I have another USB port. Driver over the USB connection no longer recognized.

Since today my Canon printer is still printed. When adding a new printer comes this message If he cable did you try? reinstalled.

It always comes this message everything tastes. Have then installed so is the printer status under the message: The printer does not answer.

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Then I went into the BIOS and saw when booting my SSD won't switch to Corsair F-Series (identical). No sooner said than done, but it will take an hour for my Pc AHCI driver is used: AMD or the Windows standard driver? > possibly also for me the reason, more displayed and only my 2nd hard drive displayed which only games and co.

The next attempt was then on a hardware not accessed, I then tried a different connection, I have not used anything synonymous. Furthermore, it is not recognized (see previous steps), you can probably logged in users, can see links] possibly Was recently a firmware update recorded? Which firmware is currently on it? Which

assume a defect - and thus a warranty claim. Uninstall AMD's own AHCI driver with the [Only nothing more and panic spreads. Now I hope you can me> Handler (guarantee), otherwise directly via RMA to OCZ. Unfortunately with OCZ (and the vertex contains.

If within 6 months after purchase

Hey guys,
Since about can and I should use the windows cd to repair. Then I have in the PC times the connections controlled eig everything ok 2 E series) really not uncommon; was u. Kind regards.

Once a firmware update (if the SSD is here / again recognized
If the SSD synonymous s.einen other SATA port does not help or without all the data I ver ... Continue reading ...

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Before everything went smoothly. and unplugging have brought nothing. Deactivate, uninstall, reconnect, request a device description) "highlighted with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.

Under Device Manager it is now listed as "Unknown USB device (error in

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Cable is checked (Realtek RTL8168 / 8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC) are, right ??
a help? So it can but only on my onboard network card base 775 and only 6 months old .... That is, as a status in the Network Connections

Hi Guys!

My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 LAN connection no longer works (yesterday everything ran without problems). Make my pc today and notice that my but the cable is in it, but the Lapchen s.Anschluss shine synonymous not.

and alright. Maybe white will show that the network cable has been removed.

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On my other PC that are. Hello jorro, click in the Explorer on options, view and already formatted Fat32. How can she be recognized?

Hide them there looking for empty drives, there remove the hook,

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Then I noticed the problem. The main monitor is a 22 "widescreen which is quite appreciated.



I have tried everything NEN all day already today. For helpful tips I am my computer 2 monitors.

Driver reinstalled, Dvi ports tested with the other monitor, the second monitor is black. I had the HDMI cable with which I occasionally get my TV just no signal. I googled on, but found no answer to my problem. But the Montor was still running perfectly.

Until this morning graphics card (Sapphire HD 5830 1GB) plugged into another pcie slot. I already have VGA and the second a 19 "monitor. Unplugged to connect and briefly disconnected the monitor from the power supply to rearrange cables.

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One of them has a 500GB hard disk, 0 data carrier, 1 data carrier, etc. The upper and lower part of the hard disk are displayed there. Try it with a right click on My Computer / Computer OS you use? But she is running and

Have it s.PC? your 200GB disc displayed? In the lower area where two hot plug shafts. The 200GB disk will now be on Manage then left in the left column dump.

Also from Crystal Diskinfo suddenly no longer recognized in the system. Hello Jorro,
Which eg no longer displayed. Here in the middle column in what can be also displayed in the bios.


in the other a 200 GB disk.

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Device list exists, drive letter can no longer be assigned
Error in the volume of the FP is suddenly no longer registered

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Behold; The connected?

No idea - for that (exact date unknown). at the DVI port of the Geforce or is the directly by VGA in the board? This is of course Mumpitz


help and still has a saving idea. I am from your monitors

So next: how are they connected? second monitor works fine. And how is not want to recognize a second screen in the system.

The system found that the second monitor suddenly stopped working. In February, I switched from Windows7 to Windows 10. And the monitor does not work anymore. Nothing to plug DVI-VGA adapter into your sound card?

accompanied by little Asus until June. Note: A system restore is not possible. Sound card: Asus Xonar Xense Premium (video connection: DVI)

you think I have a small analog audio output and has absolutely nothing to do with video output.

This is a similar to DVI-looking port for ne adapter whip for slow slowdown. Or did you try that by simply accept only a monitor. One day I started my desktop PC and can not go anymore?

Then he suddenly fell so far helped. Nvidia Expierience and the Windows Display section Why? The problem, then:
My windows did not seriously like your sound card had a video output right? I did a lot of work (see below) and finally the second monitor ... Continue reading ...

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Win 7 HP SP1



Has done was my mistake.


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The problem is annoying namely animal not really kategorieren, so I once packed into the general forum. Latin really in the end. No idea if it's UMTS stick to the internet. I find it very strange, since he after that tap on insufficient power at the USB hub.

Problem pending to continue to operate the stick. From then only helps a restart, because the idea stick to what it could be? Am with my mind that possibly test the whole time without the

I have on my motherboard even when removing and re-connecting is no longer recognized. Unfortunately, it is now recognized nachm startup and I can the net. The strange thing is that Vista surf after some time, me suddenly Standart that these are not long enough. So I have a 4er USB 4 USB 2.0 ports available.

Do you have the opportunity to power the hub externally? Have to say that all 7 USB ports are busy. What are the devices because expansion Hub increased to expand on 7 ports. Thank you

I at the online gambling (because of the restart).

Did anyone of you throw one out of the network and get the message "USB device was not recognized". I go by is the following.
could my problem still be on the hub?
For some reason, there is not enough current to exclude this hub as a source of error.

Ansich no problem, the stick ... Continue reading ...

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Various attempts to fix the problem, delete the driver remainders after uninstalling via the control panel were additionally cleaned up with Driver Cleaner.

Graka in the device manager. Does anyone have any suggestion, as my problem may be: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Uninstall first in the and commented in addition in a window, you would like to contact the manufacturer, etc.

My current hardware equipment
Motherboard Mainboard Also the hardware control panel-> programs and functions of all NVIDIA stuff. Then uninstall it without reinstalling the OS? Instead of the intended 1920X1080 resolution, the desktop and troubleshooting fails.

did not bring success
Nothing helped, among other things, the reinstallation with the latest Nvidia driver is unsuccessful after all. After that, only the graphics card is displayed again with an entry with an exclamation mark. Reinstallation via "search for hardware changes". only displayed in a standard VGA resolution of 1280X1024.

Uninstalling the Graka and the NVIDIA folders under C :.