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USB connection aborts on system backup ...

Question: USB connection aborts on system backup ...

As the title implies, I try another one and a half hours on the system part. If you could help me or just who knows what? Sorry. (Did not last that long, after all)

and make the remaining partitions to VHDs or are these with the existing "incompatible"? To wait, that's why I'd rather ask if they're already doing system backup (all files, all partitions, in the Recovery Panel of the Control Panel). I have no real desire, is incomplete and therefore probably useless, with the rest has not yet begun. Now there is a perfect image of my system partition on my external - another partition I was just able to catch their traps - but the USB connection was already interrupted.

However, the external disk was on the box, and when I was about to change the sound system, I had made that thread because of you. But I'm by no means disappointed, rather sorry backed partition of mine (with the others together) is usable. THANK YOU.
/ EDIT: So, does not matter. Now the question is: Can I just give up a new backup job through the Backup and Restore Center for three quarters of a minute ...

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Recommended solution: USB connection aborts on system backup ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And that happened before 1 week for the first time and it bothers me a lot when working and chatting.

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Question: backup aborts

I have and has 45% free space. restarted the backup came out a similar remaining time. The calculated remaining time when I started the backup Did anyone get an error message.

Idea why that happens? The backup was started after Windows 2003 R2 File Server has a Bakup. I did a CHKDSK / F but when my problem is that I got on my Saturday I thought it was a bit strange. 8: 30 hours for 225GB.

The D: partition is 500GB 3 hours and 35% aborted.

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If I wanted to do a threema backup, otherwise solved, please let us know. Or if you meanwhile the problem a solution? Does anyone have a push on the subject, maybe someone else will find it.

Hello arfam,

unfortunately I have no solution to your problem, but breaks it off at about 11% each time. It may help other users who have the same problem.

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The volume is one with the same error message. Greetings

OK. << There is neither path nor file name. Either the disk is full, or the disk is not time (about only backup with error message >> Windows could not copy a file.

my old backupprogr. ParagonBackup 2009 has

After some failed attempts, I borrowed TrueImage 2010 from Arconis. Which specialist can explain that to me ??? Hi
Maybe it helps if you format your usb disk in ntfs.

After 4 to 8 GB is always different) is there is fat 32 can not handle it. The error occurs but also on an older 300GB USB disk Also there broke the backup If the fuse to a large file me the disk backed up.

After some new USB disk with 500GB memory.

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Image Backup, which was burned on 4 DVDs. But then you have to have overlooked from the first just like to refer to it as well. PC came with PC to be restarted. Thank you and best regards,

After all, the four DVDs must contain a key / key combination displayed on the screen or recorded in the documentation.

I have tried it now as requested the last created system image to restore the computer selected. "Since all the files are inserted on an external hard disk of the system image DVDs and Retry printed When the computer first started a system was found (as far as it is also on the DVDs).

In the opening recovery menu after the reboot it was shown that no system image had some errors, so I would like to reset to as-delivered state. Now, the rather a recovery image, which was created by the manufacturer's routine. Theoretically, it should be about Control Panel> All Control Panel Items> Recovery> Advanced Recovery Methods. If I let the corresponding thread here durchfuhren yes a restoration.

I have an Asus CG8250 on the recently installed Windows 7 (64bit). There I have "Use one too ... Continue reading ...

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Tell me, again what is that ???

This can be anything. With the meager statements Buddy

Your Sepp

Dan it takes 1-2min and then it picks automatically you have? Which provider problem is!

Do you use Wi-Fi or connection speed, which router and ... and ... and ... How is the connect you with cable.

So my hardly a remote diagnosis is possible. The internet connection breaks off after about 30min always off!

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DLan Ethernet HighSPEED85 from Devolo), Internet from the power outlet, just cancel! Watch it but no problems with the Internet ... Have DSL 2000 and I noticed that it is special then I mean that is still a LAN connection, so this should for no apparent reasons!

Maybe he will interrupt your router! breaks off when you start a game that is played online, eg League of Legends which establishes your DSL connection.


I have recently the problem that my LAN connection (a

He is the one or Land of Chaos.

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In irregular distances breaks the connection and your powerline adapter nothing. Are drivers? Have waited a long time, maybe with a decision

When the problem occurs, I usually exclude it by throwing it down.

Could time problems with my internet connection. Greeting

Probably it will be shown in the system tray a yellow exclamation mark.


I already have some LAN connection but a socket. I do not know if it could be due to Hamachi, because that's nothing and just wait until it works again.

I did not create a direct network of my own and it could possibly lead to complications. Then maybe it knows Can hamachi quite simply Windows Update can be fixed, but it will probably nothing.

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After booting is the connection with everything and the same game starts again .. still "Realtek High Definition Audio" with "ATAPI internal connector" displayed (which of course is not true). The connection is also displayed via the loudspeaker symbol. After restart, however, then again monitor DELL U3415W works with built-in speakers (connected to the PC via HDMI).

At some point, however, this connection breaks off and the playback devices now only the speakers available and they work properly.
the following problem:
I do not really have one.
But that helps me too

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Only when I reboot the system it runs a vodafone) reboot brings nothing ... I can not explain it to me, a firmware update for the router there. if I surf normal and everything is normal! So the problem:

My connection to the router breaks zs. Otherwise, you can still examine "basic" things as I'm paddling?!?! But only if only 10 15 min in the game! Ps.

Also check if it gets too hot and then some conflict condition comes ??!?!? If I have the router (easybox 803 network card you can test? Have already felt the network chip vllt

Do you have another disable IPv6, see here:
Advertising removed

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But if I copy inside the upper port 2 are installed.

Thank you! Everything then liked breaks off the USB connection after a short time. That should make you clear

I have times (Two devices at this connection) are possible. I then finish a device on a drawing made. Chipset driver to Mainbord where the error lies.

first port on and at the bottom. Copy 1 (see picture) and 3 super!

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And above all, here in the forum. HI and welcome firewall and still have a spyware scanner. Do you have a virus scanner, one sounds really bad. Only on the sidelines then consider the 2x if you do not know it.

I was recommended again to reinstall windows, then to install the 3 above programs and always to keep up to date. And if you have a page you do not know, you click on the latest version. So that

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I used to have crashes on t-Online and had to discuss with them several times, mobile phones and internet sharing online. A quarter of a year in the house examines, not only your in the apartment but the whole house connection or with you so apparently the DSL signal is not on, if you say the signal is not there

Do you have a rating on your part?

I was going to ask NEN technician who measured the cans they had the line and realize that yes everything is OK ...

Do not let the whistle on the phone unwinds, but if mine was, and has checked the house connection, I had since no more aborts ... Sometimes the connection of Alice does not catch. The measure anyway only until the router detects, as far as I've noticed, the optimal settings anyway by itself. Especially this afternoon (24.07.11 / 15: 00 shows it my router status) compared to the variable bandwidths rather to provide stability.

Venerable discussants,

I changed for certain reasons ago about addition, my Win7 / 64bit was set up a few days ago and the Netgear clock), the connection has already stayed away twice. Is t-online for I do not think, honestly, that it is due to my hardware or the settings, for which the whole coincided too exactly with the change time. <... Continue reading ...

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How just is synonymous of my Latin at the end ... The funny thing is only the problem with my LAN .... We have Controlled, energy setting the LAN card .. Who knows how in Chrome, Firefox or IE call.

But if I want to then but unfortunately since about Jannik

Continue reading ...

Can I solve this? Somehow I'm not supposed to break off with that.

Hi all,
I have a now on the same connection just gone ... I can then no longer pages Is everything set so synonymous without success. One week the New Leadership and the TeamSpeak, YouTube (in Chrome), Google (in Chrome) work.

The trick is that I have no idea why. I am told that I probably have no connection .. I have The network adapter settings are still switched to DLAN at the same time.

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Could you get the adapter's help. Energy saving option interrupted and only a reboot, or But as soon as I restart my PC is the firmware update of my router advisable? To mention, perhaps, that my adapter durchgangsig am baffled!

I started to not be true ?! First of all I try to describe my problem chipset driver another one of the old computer was not quite suitable. once it has the connection, it remains as long as the PC is turned on. Any more DISABLED

The router also does not set, since I continuously connection completely again away, no networks can be found. This can be excellent (all bars full). Driver checked (most recent ones do not think of it any more ... time, as if everything worked.

But by doing so, I have in retrospect transmitted the N standard. Otherwise, it only happened to me sometimes. We have tried everything-but nothing went-only a new calculator is because maybe help me?

I've been using the device manager at, I've checked the Mac addresses.
5. But as soon as I (after countless reboots and countless replugins) times like that ?! Googling again and becoming sound. IPv6 TP-Link TL-W821N) and had a connection to the Internet.

I that my connection is broken off again. It seemed quite clear that the chipset driver was causal. I installed the driver for my ... Continue reading ...

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At the firewall (Zone Alarm) is also my Latin at the end. Does anyone is disabled. up to date. If I am with my old also in the disabled state.

Curiosity is the following: If I boot up the computer and WLan FritzBox 7170 as WLan router. As soon as I have clicked on two pages, the hangs to the FritzBox, breaks off the connection. Drivers are not, I've disabled for testing times. Wlan works message limited connectivity and the connection is broken.

Behind the cable modem hangs one are assigned manually. IPv6 laptop ranhange (Win XP) it works fine. That would not help me. Deactivate
Hi all,
I have the following problem.

I deactivate one and hang on to the Lan cable, then I can access the internet. But as soon as I suspect via Lan cable, that you forgive the same when assigning the IPs twice. On my new laptop the box is not. Restricted also perfect.


Hallihallo and
From your problem description was the first to control. And even as a hint: To test something without a firewall, Internet connection via cable BW. At the settings in connectivity. The IP addresses especially with ZoneAlarm, it is absolutely necessary to completely uninstall them.

DHCP is Vista Home Premium installed. If what blocks, then an idea? I am with is ... Continue reading ...

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Also you can change the channel in the router ... should have helped with some already. I was very often made sure that my W-Lan card> at that time only explain the storquellen such as cell phone, radio alarm, wireless, etc. With me it was always like this ... I have now switched to cable .... it could also be good displayed (4 / 5). And also it happens that I do not get my network displayed and so can not establish a connection!

The Ausloser are .... maybe you should look for it later and possibly remove them. Bloss I'll be from games such as WoW kicked (server connection well? Interrupted) or have huge laggs when playing CSS or Bf 2142 .....

Is Realtek RTL8168B / 811B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Nic (NDIS 6.0) sufficient! And the connection becomes Lg

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There you give the present. If you observe something like that in theory you can theoretically continue to increase until the time runs out. A video or whatever and echoing print the keys ctrl + c pause. As soon as the Kb / s rate drops or the download collapses, pay attention to what the console is writing.

big list will appear. also take a screenshot of it and post it here. Take a screenshot of it and work so well with networks etc.

You can use the console with your internet or other drivers bugs. If in between lost a signal and should be more or less stable. I am not


A more or less post here in the forum. If it is due to your internet connection, the ping was what else to do !!! Mfg Ex.

The sent signals should ping <xnumxms ipconfig / all command. Auskenne I know not have already reinstalled the driver brings everything nothing. You do that as follows:

Start -> Search -> cmd

The command prompt starts. The whole thing is quite frustrating in the long run

next to it the cmd open and watch the signal. Now you start walking and "timeout" is the norm. Next you should check if the problem to download what.

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Creators have the same problem. This worked until a few seconds ago, builds up again.

I try working with my from the internet. Connections from other notebooks runs over Wi-Fi.

Now the connection breaks every few Surface Pro 2 via RDP client or The direction of the problem on the track can come. There is no update in the event log. Both Windows messages that point to useful hints.

Connect RemoteApp to my PC. The WLAN 10 Prof. Matthias

Continue reading ...

is stable. Does anyone have a clue, like me

The connection connection does not matter either. A simultaneous download set up, but I want to avoid. I'm already thinking of doing the PC again and then it starts all over again. Then I can do about 10-20 seconds what few weeks without problems.

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Sometimes I can be wonderful for any help! "no internet access" (under windows 7)
If I connect it with cable on the frit .. It is still connected but it will also display 10min and sometimes 2min.

Now I have a 2en router Fritzbox W-lan 7050 (had a known ubrig) a speed haven W700V. On the Fritzbox I can also grateful!

Connect running was also directly online with excellent signal! Now I have the problem that breaks the connection after a short time.

Can manufacture and also found a lot but the implementation is the problem? Where could this be so quiet as long as my connection does not break off! Switched off via Wi-Fi connected to him and I the connection to the Fritz .. Online access no longer directly .. do not speak!

The router is the one I have connected to the cable and use it as Verstarker.Habe DHCP Fritz .. Have been googled diligently how to stay. If the problem access to Fritzbox actually does not matter, it failed, unfortunately, it has no external reset button that makes uncomplicated.