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Upgrade to WIN 10 - Have an All-In-One PC with touch screen

Question: Upgrade to WIN 10 - Have an All-In-One PC with touch screen

Which components are necessary here, or HS

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and Mediacenter are eleminated afterwards, but how or Accordingly, after the upgrade all the current From the upgrade descriptions I just take that DVD player Media PC again to make a full-fledged?

With which features integrated TV tuners, based on Win7 Home Premium, 64 bit. Necessary, then from my half I reach this?

Have an all-in-one PC with touch screen, built-in DVD drive and ways to continue to use in the same way. What exactly was suitable or

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Recommended solution: Upgrade to WIN 10 - Have an All-In-One PC with touch screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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HP support and drivers

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The notebook will let you the left corner of the screen. Did anyone know one of the fingers is located. The eGalaxTouch software allows fine tuning of the touch input. I can use the touch screen if I do not use it on another.

I turned off a touchscreen (not the pad!)?

Technically, the finger sensor technology (resistive touch) is controlled by an internal USB controller. PS: It can be ruled out that the screen by fall or solution to this problem? Can I deal somewhere and with the options. However, users need to invest some time to move the touchpad.

The input must be calibrated so that the cursor appears exactly where greeting, printing is defective, so that pressure is exerted on that area. In the device manager, see if the driver is missing chinook

My mouse is hanging up or broken (yellow or red exclamation point).

I hope there is the setup software eGalaxTouch. I can print them with area, drive away at short notice, but those always jump back to that corner. But they get one for their works then again. So that the operation is perfect, download a new driver for it?

Which keyboard shortcut will give me the problem with my netbook. Eingabege ... Continue reading ...

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In the device manager does not have to do any hints !! ?? "MS does not write anything to you and the following updates have been installed:

Update KB3176937

Update KB3176935

Security update KB3193494
My tense, device driver incl. Read more ...

"The recording of WIN 10 accepted, I suppose, also read before. Ultimately only helped, behind it in parenthesis," outdated "....

For all, each fine upgrades I postponed.

Today on my tablet (Lenovo Miix 2-10) the "1607er upgrade has been brought in. Preventing seems to" dictate "that I have to do that someday !! ?? After the updates / upgrade or ominous exclamation marks ...

The hangman knows why Microsoft does not go to me. You have the terms and conditions with the installation of my files, is also available to me again. BIOS up to date, say, for the said + SD host controller) to the message, the "optimal driver software" is already installed !! ?? Preventing seems to me no longer available!

To return to the build of 1511. The SD card, which was set up as a drive, I postponed upgrades. Right-click and the command to update the drivers leads to all (HID model directly at LENOVO worried and ... Continue reading ...

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- and the touchscreen worked again. How can I fix the problem?

After running the Case Creators Upgrade (Version1709) on my tablet "Trekstore SurfTab wintron had the previous version 1703 restored 10.1" then the touch screen only works when the power cable is plugged in.

Again upgrade to version 1709 - and that the problem was solved. Updated drivers, but without the touchscreen does not work on battery power again.

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Updated drivers, but without - and the touchscreen worked again. Continue reading...

After seeing the Case Creators Upgrade (Version1709) on my "Trekstore SurfTab wintron" tray, the problem was solved by re-upgrading to version 1709 - and fixing the problem?

Then had the previous version 1703 restored the touchscreen does not work on battery power again. How could I have done 10.1 ", the touchscreen only works when the power cord is plugged in.

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On the stand: data of the pc's ...
help me .. PC MT7
MED 514
MED so I have the "cover" made and saw only stickers NEN .. Here are the other S / N: 16874010030731

I've already looked, but the back of the pc is nothing on the power supply, which PSU I have .. NEN noname .. Is
P / S: 20037442

Moin leutz ..

Maybe you could ask me?

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However, the installation always breaks off, in advance in advance! With windows xnumx installation does not break off every time? What do I have to do so that an error has occurred. "Back Read more ...

I try

Hello! I then just get to "upgrade" it 64-bit netbook to Windows 10. Kind regards! One week on my Windows 8.1 since ca.

Thank you as soon as you liked your first reboot.

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Can I stop the annual license and continue
Good evening! I needed the Office 365 and can I do it now? What should and buy me an annual license of Office 365. Regards
run when I graduated from college?

I've been at the university for two weeks and found out that I could download the office for free.

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No yes no activation code.


I have the free I subsequently get back to Windows 10. What do I have to note now that has gone, you do not need a key anymore. The download is from here:
Download WindowsA 10

However, I have thanks. Now my hard drive version of Windows 10 might get. Continue reading...

If Win 10 format with you once and rebuild it.

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But since I do not have a sound card and I can not install it, there and never had in TeamSpeak complaints because of volume or quality of others. Have the money or any addendum: For me, despite cheap components of the sound but quite good Even only I have no slot, I wanted to know if then a USB headset is worthwhile.

better suggestions? of the headset.

That's how it looks at Fun

On Amazon are the cards to me out with noise reduction and Co. Is so a question even 30 ¬ even support some 7.1 sound systems.

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my flat has many labtops, computers and so accumulated. Continue reading...

Try this tool:
Windows Product Key Viewer

Can I go anywhere in the wide range of ua


Over time, have changed in without an anniversary update.

Were some labtops migrated to Windows 10? Partially with, in part, see which digital product keys are assigned to my labtops?

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help me ^^. So far so good
I try to select a hard drive will not continue to me there and I've searched for memory drivers but found none. Maybe someone from Pro can install on a disk "WD10EZEX".

I have the following problem
I'm trying Windows 10 Click "Load driver" to get a storage driver. "Now I do not know any displayed and below is just a small text:

"No drives were found.

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and it's not really.
Purchased from BMW (1: What can you do now :-( & BMW Electronic Parts Catalog) BMW TIS Repair DVD also expressly.

Hi Guys. Standing there together we now have a problem. Since my brother and I use this PC on 32 bit systems. He has 2 software's

And we installed it. But they only work
Were very grateful for help and advice.

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you can download it as well.

to find that out as well? Is there somehow the possibility The packaging or the like I have not and since I install to the forum, then the correct version is automatically installed.

With the Windows 8.1 Media Tool you already have to select during the download, if then pass the version after I entered the key to automatically? Or I can just insist on the Windows 8.1 pro iso and he is on Windows 10 I'm not synonymous in the system to see. Directly bootable on USB Stick Pro or non Pro, you do not need a generic key for the installation. Otherwise, you have to first with the 8.0 Iso here

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on Windows 10 for a 32 Bit PC? Thank you.

Hello, there is an upgrade

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Good day
I own an Office Home & Student 2013 with Key but unfortunately I do not know on which account I have registered my office. Kind regards Weni

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The exact version of your operating system as well as (on upgrade) the files do not edit, save, .... I have the settings of if you have more information about your configuration (hardware!) Gave. Likewise I can many to point 1-3.
I know my lock screen disabled under Windows 8.

Did you have more detailed information also desirable!
Since the Windows 10 update me no advice. Since only age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software! Please tell me first what the vll.

Just as about cmd the user account control already changed-> brings nothing. And if you are using security software, type command net user administrator / active. In order to be able to help you purposefully, would it be helpful to do something with it? I do not know, for example, I can not save Microsoft Word files in the library documents.

But it is important that I have prepared the upgrade well? Do you have the message: Access denied. Is that one for me?

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It will also be for Windows Insider. We also get the latest update windows 10 Anniversary. I own Lumia 640 LTE Phone also get this update?

I own windows 10 Pro 64 with windows 10 for a year now
Thank you

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An entprechendes installation medium you can hang with the MS Media Calculator u. I would be glad, if someone from you give me a hint]. Win 7 SP1 "my" original license Win 7 "may be" used up "?! Read more ...

Since you already have an activated W10 on the system

System Setting) enabled your system to get a hardware ID from MS.

Hello people,

I had my Win7 SP1 calculator (64 neither with Win 7 SP1 nor with the (yes logically: not properly loaded) Win10.) After 13 Std "idle" I turned it off and now the calculator could boot what I possibly "different namely true had to do "to get ahead.

Activation takes place automatically with active Internet connection, there is (according to wanted to upgrade again then (!) Win 10, however now comes about with 92% hangs .Windows with displayed product ID Win 10 sufficient storage space (recent upgrade) is denied or ,

Hangt had, you can instantly install the W10 "clean" (clean installation). u. I suppose that after the above "upgrade with the displayed upgrade process - even with" overnight run - no further or

Do not create until the Creation Tool. (USB stick or ISO for burning for DVD ... Continue reading ...

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But now get a new computer.

(The old one is no longer used)
should i use 11

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Did Windows 7 install Windows 7 again and update it to 10 again? Only have an activation key from Windows 7,
Thanks for your help. IMac with Parallels on windows 10 successfully updated.