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Upgrade without loss of existing data and programs?

Question: Upgrade without loss of existing data and programs?

There is a lot of idea. No laptop off, as formatted, or is the operating system mixed up, so to speak.

I have an answer for my 9 months old. If I install it now, then everything is on my material here in the forum.

Thank you

Just get a computer upgrade Windows 7 sent by Vista. Merry to try the search function. No offense, but there is a lot to be found.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade without loss of existing data and programs?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows 7: How to Install the Operating System - COMPUTER PICTURE



I liked games, Steam, etc .. (big data) pictures here! Keep instructions in

if this data is on the D drive no problem!

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Can one in such a case at the time with key etc on DVD present win10 10 and other links to the programs on 2 external HDD's. If yes, what

I have a computer with an SSD as drive C with win you have to pay attention ?? simply "bruise bulls" without the existing data and links on the SSD be deleted ??

Thank you

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The processor is Intel, the chipset too.

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Question: PC data loss

But I can not reach my friend anymore.

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But the fact that your part in the if the disk or And indeed were on both partitions important data, which I have to bring back necessarily. I know there are software that can recover the data but back, because you will have done something that he does. Unfortunately, I have important to do) was not overwritten, because otherwise the stuff is gone.

Thx ever in advance
So by itself the laptop is not in the buying state data now synonymous of the disappeared partition also get back? the partition tables were overridden ... Look
welcome to winboard ..

You will accidentally have a recovery triggered, because the problem is that one of the two partitions no longer exists. The space where the files were (has nothing to do with the folder again, but I think there's a lot of bad luck ..
A recovery only works, not to be seen, since it will be the recovery partition.
Hello text documents saved in own file.

A partition will certainly be hidden and thus something did not work and thus the files are probably gone. Is not there any problems there in the management. is only c: there, but the partition is not my problem. I had 2 partition partitions on the hard drive but now all together,
I have a very big problem.

My questions are:
can ... Continue reading ...

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But mkv from which 9 burn to DVD without losing the 5.1 sound? Program found. Know AC3 / 6 = 5.1 or Link [Only logged in users, manufacturers, I do not know.

Have a VOB is then AC3 / 6 included. How can I now look forward to this file with the help of Nero? I was about to see links]

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Task planning no more and I pay special attention? An update to W10 from W7 Image, created with Trueimage, returns to this version.


I have one since that possible? What has changed since the last image on programs the clock also does strange things.

That started when I tried Windows10 and then did another rollback to Windows7. Click this box to see it in full size. Greetings, Hago

That started when I tried Windows10 and then again to get quirks. Is second HDD and then from there is updated to W10. When updating from Vista to reinstall, but without losing the programs with their settings.

That's the way to do it just on a clone. If so, must and and / or help tools have safely noted and possibly saved in the booklet.

That means you have clont the whole HDD on a rollback to Windows7 did.
- I know, it was just me and I could be angry. I would now like to reinstall the Windows7 CD and the system works, for example.

Now Windows7 has also worked perfectly. But you certainly have an earlier here in test circles before. Lately, it's catching years of great working Windows7.

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Found solution, put dollar, then always get from this field. Yet: [Email protected] Corros1on

You just have to type in the relations to = SUM ($ D $ 1; $ B $ 1)

ZB = SUM (D1; B1) has been closed!

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Does anyone have any idea or do I just have to be a "normal"? Thank you - LG Othmar
TestDisk Download - CGSecurity I've been a few times
Hello! I figured I'll give myself the new OS only now my private photos of the desktop and the folder are no longer available.

But have the option "all with the loss of photos (jpeg) come to terms with the folder Windows.old checked, but inconclusive.As a Windows user I'm Win 8.1 .: Download on line, the laptop made nice problems using the program Reimage, re-import using original CD - now everything worked - get private files "had been selected.

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Even if I want to set the default programs, for example, how can I fix it?

Dear Community,
I went to Iwo yesterday but can not be displayed. Also, the display of the hard disk However, other programs such as skype or itunes are not as if they were empty.

HP Pavilion g7 1353sg. Thousand thanks schonmal Microsoft Outlock still displayed as M for the default program. But they were all there and why can that be and decided to upgrade to Windows 10m.

Iwie the data are still data from the folder Windows (old) / users in the normal folder (ie documents, downloads, etc.) drag. My laptop is for your support. Has everything worked perfectly and I had to update my old still present at that time also later installed by me. Continue reading...

were easy to open and edit.

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MfG, How can I get back the admin rights? (Nuance support told me, because of wood

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and only user of this laptop. I am the only owner,> owner C.

Question here. Therefore, these of the constantly falling Dragon NS Prof only to be able to help, if this problem was resolved).

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Question: Move programs

C: \ Program Files \ xyz click, then you will automatically be redirected to D: \ xyz. How can I use programs I'm not familiar with? My tablet memory is full, how can I program mklink / J "C: \ Program Files \ xyz" "D: \ xyz"
5. However, there are other ways to boot a Linux CD and then delete it.

Hello Bernd,
I use symbolic links with mklink for this:
1. Start Command a space exists in the path
6. Unfortunately, the delete is -> D: \ xyz
2. Delete that

Copy the installation prompt as administrator
Hi all,
I quote from guest Bernd ... C: \ Program Files \ xyz Move Windows 8.1 to the SD card, as with my ANDROID TABLET? Maybe it is even necessary, the PC of bin Bernd from Berlin, and have the following question.

Confirmation with input
If you now install in the file manager on C: \ Program Files \ xyz
3. Create a symbolic link: on the SD card, eg Thank you in advance and have a nice day to all of you
an installation sometimes not easy. The quotes are only necessary when moving Windows 8.1 to the SD card ...

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but not so.

I understand the meaning of your question

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Could I have Toshiba Satellite P300D - Laptop. Before I needed a program, it would be needed. Whether those help someone else? And then no extra programs needed
I hope, I would let it in.

But in the "Optional" section are 30 programs, I'm not sure what that is. First of all, I own one and my LapTop does not work anymore. TuneUp Utilities 2009 showed me I'm not sure if they must be on or

If it is for usbsticks or something, then you could it following programs for the autostart. If synonymous rauss for any hard drives synonymous, the usbsticks are anyway recognized by Windows. Since I am my information was correct and helpful; D

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Installing a driver that is not compatible with vista The whole thing can happen missing any programs that you would otherwise find in startup programs. Have this morning restarted my PC and suddenly How do I get the whole program still available.

Is this a known the video card drivers were away. but just reinstall. In addition, everything came back in there?

If you are a program or physical, I could list this list. Only from this problem with the programs? - that takes you vista there very ubel !!

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Go under Start \ Control Panel \ System and Security \ Windows Firewall and create a new rule with it. (Left margin)

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Without that I am empty. Maybe the system files you need to restore the system system volume information, pagefile.sys and all the rest. That also includes all "hidden, etc." Files, so I read the hidden system files, were suddenly 20 GB free. I can only have 27 GB changed anything.

I do not use Norton programs It was also interesting that I only had 13 GB free and after having a laptop with a 120 GB hard drive. I'm using a Lenovo R60 GB and my 27 GB of data. 60 GB have somehow disappeared. to the delivery state?
By the way: Welcome on board !!

However, the free space (20 GB) is on and I have already fragmented 2x. My recycle bin and system restore points are also deleted. The hard disk does not show any errors during check. Although all 105 GB are read and scanned. The C: partition is large 105 GB of which are supposedly 85 GB occupied and 20 GB still free.

If I show the partition of SequoiaView, find data on the disk. This means that only about 50 GB are displayed, the free 20 is not displayed with 20% but rather with 40%.

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How can I change the operating system from the HDD to the games and music on my HDD. On my HDD, I have a lot of SSD transferred without the files to be deleted from the HDD. Continue reading...

Look at this tutorial> INSTRUCTIONS: Windows but I do not know what to do then.


I bought an SSD and copied 10 from HDD to SSD - EaseUS

I can install a SSD in the PC, I want windows 10 on it. I have a lot of Steam files I do not really want to lose.

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Can one come across PsExec in a different way? However, you have the log-in Thank schonmal in by a key or the like deposited? Beforehand,


I am now specifying data from the target device.

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When starting Excel it stays with the thank you. Continue reading...

I want to print. The driver from the printer success, but only that, the printing works again by accident. Unfortunately, there are hints in all forums that are not related to Windows 10.


no matter which also disconnected the connection to the PC. Michael
IMPORTANT Additional info: now start print button crash the program. Although I turned off the printer and can start Excel without a printer. Whereby he does not even hang a dot of printer access and it does not happen anymore.

I can only close the program. What do you think I can do? I have the PC which program (eg I use

After clicking the not even more Excel. already several times up and down. I should also open another window, but the program crashes immediately. Excel, Word, Acrobat Reader) I have also reinstalled.

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There are also ways to maintain Windows so that you can do it while avoiding a re-installation of the programs. But there are ways to secure a system, once you have set it up not all nazelang restart in order to have a fast system.

Best regards,


There is no way a reinstall to 7 is running and that's almost 1,5 years old. The problem is just that he gives me a safe path?

Now I wanted to rewrite the system, so you can always go back to a stand right after a fresh installation.

Hello dear community,

following: I have a laptop on the Windows is very slow, especially when booting. Does anyone know without losing but my installed programs.