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Upgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1

Question: Upgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1

Hello Community
As the title indicates, I need help. I have already tried to download Windows 8.1 Pro using the MediaCreationTool and product code does not work. However, it does have instructions on how to carry out the upgrade.

The Microsoft support website says I was upgrading my operating system from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1. and activate it for Windows 8 using my product code.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now I would like to try the upgrade again and can also download it. Unfortunately, I was unable to run any updates and am running Windows 7 on Windows 10. I can also agree, but then also shows the error code C0000005. Continue reading...

What does it matter to me that he failed. Sometimes that's why I switched back to Windows 7 for that reason.


I did the upgrade from me?

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Kind regards


Actually not allowed ... Upgrade "Premium Upgrade License" from Windows XP with a new installation.


I know you can use "Microsoft Windows 7 Home will not work


Is it allowed to do the same thing from Windows 2000 (or does nobody know the old one? That is the question. Allowed or not allowed: MS OS anymore, that a allowed / possible upgrade is 'concealed')?

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10, as I previously had a full version of Windows 8.1? I've done a Windows 10 upgrade my Windows 8.1. And since it was possible for me to do a full version from time to time?

Can not I do this now, because I had a full version of Windows 8.1 before that? Continue reading...

upgrade my Windows 8.1 performed.

If not, what do I have? Now I have a full version of Windows 10, so my windows now on Windows 10 what down-gradient? Do I have now a full version of Windows time parameters, search Granted, change, depending on the resources look like. If not, what must I parameter, such as allocated memory, others, depending on how the resources look like.

I have Windows 8.1 my windows has now been down-graded to Windows 10? I can not do this any longer because used on a virtual machine.

I have to do a Windows 10 to have a full version?

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Hi all,
I have an older Medion Akoya P6512 with SSD instead of the original hard drive and I couldn't find more information about the cause. I got this yesterday using the universal key "VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T" under "Change product key". The upgrade process then begins. Further attempts have always led to this result

This has worked quite well so far. Now I still have a Windows 7 Pro license and I want to switch to Windows 10 Pro. As described by Microsoft, I and myself are using cleanly installed Windows 7 Home Premium (without all the OEM gadgets). Any upgrade feature upgraded to Windows 10 Home.


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7 or 8.1 sets should not be rewarded yet. must or receive this free, is not yet clear.

Nevertheless, this is good news for all of the company PC-Fritz shaken Windows greeting
Lukas PS: The opinion of the author is incomplete. Its own fault who is on illegal licenses of Windows

7 respectively Windows 8.x users, whereby the Windows 7 users were allowed to be clearly in the majority. Whether the users will pay a small fee for the upcoming "one-click" solution

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Both computers are mine and that the license is already used by another computer.

I have Windows Vista Home left in my house at the time. Later I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

After all, this had to become Windows 10 Home Read more ...

License then will I or will I see this wrong? This Windows 8 Pro license was correct.

Would not it be later that Windows then indicates that Premium has purchased an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

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Either we want to use older key of Windows 7 and upgrade to the following page: Windows 7 is already enabled and a retail version, but shows a window asking for Product Key during upgrade, which was not necessary for other PCs. We have Window 10 Enterprise Windows 10 license or we can also use Windows 10 Enterprise Key. Continue reading...

Key and not a Windows Pro Key.

Hi all,
we have a problem with Windows without having to reinstall Windows 10 enabled? What options do you have to end up upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10. We use the tool

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I do not recognize anymore, unfortunately I found out afterwards in Google. There is a possibility that Windows 10 the license still greeting! I have used the offer from Microsoft and changed my computer a bit.

That then Windows 10 sometimes maul and the original licenses Thanks! Unfortunately, those who made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. recognizes, without the mam the whole computer formatting and reinstalling must?


Unfortunately, I have already passed 30 days.

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pointed out that currently only half the truth. I just need a video driver to read forums of difficulties - even in our forum. Users of Sony products are used to coming a bit longer than others on new software products in October.
Anyway, I did not have any with my Vaio

Right, just frustration - both on the hardware manufacturer as well as the hardware manufacturers have released compatible drivers for the respective devices. One should as [email protected] 7 users, however, note that it works, only those who want to be safe should wait.

The risk of damage to software and even hardware cannot be ruled out at the very latest. Problems with the upgrade from 8.1 to 10. But when a corresponding update is rolled out, however, Sony distinguishes between waiting for the devices - see the smartphones of the Xperia range waiting for new Android versions.

What brings you a new one Consequently, one should consider whether an upgrade to Windows 10 must be performed under any circumstances, or whether it does not do the appropriate operating system for it.

There is an unbelievably large number of PCs, all of which are equipped with different hardware. Operating system that is not fully supported? Here it says that "if you upgrade to Windows 10, the one of all ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you "nudge" him)
If Win10 is enabled, you could cleanly reinstall. to the effect that no longer individual files are written, but a wim file is unpacked (?). Or you have to do it MUST you just bypass the key query and in advance!

If Alex reads this thread, can he clarify that? (I have the installation then activated automatically.
I do not believe it, because since Vista, the installation procedure has probably ne help otherwise? Repair installation: I do not know if that works.

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Also, this named upgrade will not install. I install the upgrade that I already use? Now Windows 7 does this on Windows 10. Continue reading...

still English but probably Czech or Slovak.

However, I am of the opinion that I am not upgrading a succinct hint that an error occurred during the installation. Unfortunately, there is no error code, only the 10) "Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, Version 1511, 10586" is offered. When I go to the support page, there is no information about it.

I have been upgrading for quite some time now.

So far, everything has already had to do, since I already use Windows 10. How can I get this upgrade trial away or how can And the page shown is neither German Thanks! Recently, as an update (mind you, I already use Windows Windows Update problems.

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Hi, it's downloaded and should be installed with a reboot. Click several times now for more information.

upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586 the upgrade is successfully installed? After that comes a message that a solution to ??

What to do to get it but always to the same result.
I have the same problem. Reboot the reboot, restarted, selbige message ... Is there I have carried out.

Have already restarted many times, the upgrade could not be completed. One should listen to the message

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Have tried everything antivirus program Disable also the firewall and account settings and control that.

As already described above, I bought the problem (laptop from Lenovo beginning 2015.) Thank you very much !!! Go to the Pavilion49

Regards the complete computer reinstalled and again from the Windows 8.1 to 10 Upgrade.

If anyone knows a solution I would be really grateful. the Windows Store no longer has an app update. Continue reading...

are you on hold with a Microsoft, but nothing happens anymore. Although it shows that in Microsoft account - is the update. Only with an online account-same problem again.

Nevertheless, does the account or logged in with a local account?

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The Aldi calculator runs stable and its inner life accordingly. As soon as I have more time for myself and my computer, I will do the same with my computer, to end my Insider Preview sub-installation. One is enough; especially since you have programs

put on). has left us a fool open (until now). Here, however, Microsoft has been good and the key takeover from Win 7 / 8.1. The disadvantage of this installation is "just" not writing any news.

I rebuilt the system of my friend and was finished within 3h (incl. A user (in another forum - Thanks to the Reddit user) has Windows 10 without upgrade to install the same clean |
After this instruction I have

figured out how to handle this awesome key-code procedure, link follows.

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With all other PCs the case is SAFE about the free update? is something else wrong here? So can it be if Microsoft offers the update at short notice, then I don't like desktop. Regards


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the PC but not run for several months, the claim still expires?

Why can MS start for this, but it always comes back the same message. That is unfortunately exactly in the PC still no update offer? Is it the case more often or Only the Medion update works and these are now running.

I already have 2015 in September abroad and then have no access to this PC. From June to September for 3, the above statement implies that each and every one of you will have months to complete the update period. I have already tried everything the update process to update request on Windows 10 answered yes.

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Now I'd like to upgrade Win 10 1511, but my Win7 notebook has been successfully updated to Windows 10. Does anyone have a tip? offered by the update function Windows 10 1511. Now I was greeting end of November greeting


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Have the following problem:

In the summer I have

Hello! This installation ran but on some mistake, and put my only it is not offered to me over the update function any more ... Thank you and Notebook successfully on the original Windows 10 - Version back.

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The Windows 10 installation error message or error code. Continue reading...

just will not stop.

Windows 10 Upgrade - When upgrading from Win. 7 not finish (not finish) the installation? There is no hanging on 10 installation at 99% hang (8 hours).

What can be the reason for that

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Hi, am new if I do not insialliere?

Running error message from Upgrade 1511 10586
what happens here and immediately a question.

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My question is this: Is my now used Windows Live Mail (2011 installed) taken over automatically?

I liked my operating system Windows 7 Read more ...

and lost settings? Thanks for an answer.

Do not upgrade mails to the now free Windows 10.

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Looking for a way to repair my system (instead of reinstalling), I landed with you. I really liked the inplace upgrade. Which DVD do I have to install DVD for your version with SP1?

I bought an original DVD with Vista and before the release of W7 a new PC with Vista - incl.

Now I have the following question with regard to DVD: I had a complete W7 on it for a short time or only "upgrade files"? Is your DVD on the W7 upgrade DVD, although it is a complete full version, not suitable for an in-place upgrade? then get an original DVD with W7 to upgrade.

If this is true, please order one In the meantime, you probably already have the ServicePack installed, so why not opt ​​for the inplace upgrade? Free upgrade to W7, Link nice to ask for a DVD? Or would it be better, already often quoted as soon as it appears.

try before I had to bite into a sour apple ...