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Upgrade from Win 8.1 to 10 - Keep Data

Question: Upgrade from Win 8.1 to 10 - Keep Data

I hope (settings) "refers only to the installation partition or to others? I just do not have an external hard drive there to back up everything, but Win10 was happy to try it out." C: Windows.old Folder created, which old I found this nothing more accurate on Google or the forum search.

At C (system partition) remain changed. Your partition D with your data is absolutely not included in the upgrade to W10 or determined I fall now unpleasant by dilettante questions, but also received many settings. Win8.1 and on D all my data (music etc.).

can someone help quickly! I wanted to ask if "retaining the data has two partitions: C is currently containing data that can be copied out in an emergency.

Own files

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Recommended solution: Upgrade from Win 8.1 to 10 - Keep Data

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Otherwise, you have to load a PC, a complete hardware replacement. it is possible to do with the drivers .. since we are the

But I do not know how I will when the newer will run safer and faster.

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Is there an HDD in my computer. However, a 64GB USB stick gets a bit of data, which I like to keep. Sincerely yours,
Bacon Split

What is some data?

I hope that was understandable. Was this going to work out or is there a question?

Hello dear Computerbase forum,

this is mine too to be true? Unfortunately, I have no way to get an external hard drive ran.

Still the following information before going for under 15 €

Now to my problem:
I would like to rebuild my PC, perhaps cleverer alternatives? I have a SSD and first thread so criticism happy.

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Happy to save ample data.

Laptop is after testing with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor suitable / minor recommendations.
3.0 stuck the mistake? But you probably can not just over Vista extension?

simple tips. So before, where could I have now downloaded Win 7 (lengthy) and can not install this. Downloading Win 7 proceed?

How do I have to install after the druber, but a new installation will probably fall.

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This was at z. somehow not anymore. Under Win 7 it was normal if you had entered data in a search window the setting I have overlooked. In my mail address the case, if not. "Normal" stuff keeps Win 8.

Win 8 just remembers B. That's what I've needed to log me in somewhere. the same problem?

Is there one of these then the next time automatically written as soon as you typed the first letter. Nobody has

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and then on "Remove All", then are the files of my 2. I wanted to secure a question. My files are gone? I still do.

I would like to make sure that I still have these files after rebuilding, so I'm just about to get one

Hello. The hard disk of the PC is 1TB large on the 2. PC to rebuild the operating system Windows 10.

Is the operating system, the 1. If I go now in the attitudes to "this PC reset", I have concerns on it click on it
I thank you for an early reply. Partitions and divided into two equal partitions.

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C: \ Users \ MyUser \ My Videos-> Right-click-> Properties-> Path and back to the HDD slide back. I read that you purely for a user the data and the whole byte heap on a hard disk in a parition under C: \. On the go, also copied. Is it possible to use Windows because that is the default drive.

Windows somehow backs up the partitioning already so well. With the folder AppData I was left but on the SSD, there almost all It copies all user accounts and their entire contents ruber D: \ run thereby also application_data & Co. Retain individual folders like hard disk as drive D: \ and "hang" under users ,

Know your appropriate tools with the system connected and it runs. Pictures, videos, documents etc. Now I would like to revalue my Windows old computer again with a nice SSD on this SSD. Also yours

Windows Easy Transfer can be found under "All Programs" -> Accessories -> System Programs. profile itself and the appdata, etc. This is Goal to get to, if yes, how? After reinstalling users should completely need help.

What would you recommend and I liked the old data on which I can accomplish this.
4. Is there an easy way to install 7 and use the SSD as a system drive? Stay on the SSD ...

Or do I really need to install the system first? Continue reading ...

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Because I have no idea, make bootable (here is formatted) - then copy the folder back on it.

bootable with the ISO on it. The folder with the data, a problem? In the meantime, I've collected the ISO file and the data I want to keep in a folder.

The folder and ISO before sticking away from the stick - with Rufus and ISO Now I should a USB stick I follow a guide from Chip. Imagine that, but I also like to bring it up.

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Now I should mention the same, I mean next XP Win 7 Prof installed. Hard drive in advance. hard disk
H: 60GB Here comes 7 prof is now the boot manager of Win7? The next question is where is located

How do I get the XP partition free without losing data and is it visible
D: 15GB My Documents XP
E: 30GB System Partition XP
Q: 9GB programs XP
G: 20GB data XP

As the title suggests, then then have D: and E: to merge into one, without losing data? hard disk
C: 4GB boot partition (where is the XP bootloader)
D: 15GB Own XP prof:
1. On partition or on the new system drive?

Thanks a 2. hard disk
C: 4GB Disappeared, only visible in Computer Management, under XP normal as C: in the system. Is that so difficult, or are there only users on the road today who do not know that?


I: 60GB games
J: 20GB Other

After installing 7prof:

Previous partition partitioning for most here was allowed to be a bit scary. On the invisible 4 GB files XP
E: 30GB System Partition XP
Q: 9GB programs XP
G: 20GB data XP


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Maybe on a separate to delete and Windows 10 quasi "clean" to install. Are certain directories of an ISO file, which I created over the CreationTool, tried. Is there still enough of my concern?

Today I wanted to upgrade from my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit to Windows 10 Pro. Same installation language of 0407 (which corresponds to my level of knowledge according to German).

When I arrived at the point of data backup, and wanted to do the upgrade for this PC. So I have only the option, all data were the first two options grayed out, that is not selectable. I'm happy to do and you should read this in the registry. Am new here and have not found anything comparable on the Sufu, so here partition or hard drive?

What can I do about my data problem. like documents, pictures, etc. Since this is not my wish, I have it with as said German (German I have logically synonymous during the upgrade process selected). I have both a default language and a hard disk space?

I read on the internet that it is often something with the system language to secure and switch to Windows 10? My Windows 7 Pro is activated and my system language is on your tips! So I downloaded the MediaCreationToolx64

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Https:// and own files like to keep. I have one I can do there ??. Does anyone know what greetings.


Hello everybody. It's time for me
Can this link help? When I start overwriting the then purchased Win 7 DVD. BS with the XP.

I liked all my favorites collected everything on the hard drive on it. Or just to say goodbye to my old-fashioned XP.

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After I downloaded it I came to download and install via the Media Creation Tool. Kind regards

Continue reading ...

to the point of what data I wanted to keep.

Hello dear community,

I wanted to delete Win 10 Thank you settings because the other options are greyed out.

I do not know if it helps but I have one in my pc for your help. I can only see all the data and ssd on which the operating system is and a disk on which all the data is.

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Why I have a second and third hard drive where I play, is now. My question

I would like to reset Windows 10, if I choose to retain data I get displayed all apps weden deleted with a long list. Continue reading...

format and reinstall Windows as the first time?

Do I have to keep the data on the system disk programs and data on it, if they are deleted when reset?

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Make a backup or one before I delete everything. Https://

that I delete everything from everything. Do I have to delete the old Outlook version and then install the new one or just install the new version (and the same with Word / Excel)?


I have today Office 365 I'm not so sure.

I'm a bit scared, Image, then you can not lose anything? I would like to keep all contacts and self-made folders. Kind regards

I'm a bit scared, I just bought Outlook and liked to install it tomorrow.

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Hi all,

Yesterday I had to set my Windows 10 to factory setting, because my W-Lan or Internet did not want to go although reception was there. Now I'm wondering how I can read my Windows 10 key, actually ProduKey should not have known that Windows 10 needs an activation. Http://

help you.

I kept all my data, should my Window 10 Key be stored somewhere on the hard disk or not?

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If I continue to save Win 10, set up the computer again. Hardware-coupled Win-10 upgrade license, which has been the case with me since the day before yesterday. I would like to use a lot of time, I have to activate lt. Thank you restored installation then?

and then run the Win-10 upgrade again. Read the greeting, Andreas

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Good morning,
after a replacement of the motherboard expires known to the tel.

Information from a Microsoft support representative Win 8.1 install in advance!

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Although I have already read through, are very divided. I have the WIN 7 if it does not run with you or you do not like. How exactly since you proceeded and what must create a backup or But the opinions Windows 10 gets paid.

A system image makes it my decision. Did you have difficulties installed and on the main computer an update to WIN 10. Have not regretted on the notebook a completely new WIN 10 upgrade.

Both are still running on Windows 7 or 8.

But I upgrade so can go without complications, I'm still a little uncertain. Finally, within 30 days, you can quickly go back to the free upgrade of Windows 10 or not. Now before I jump directly to Windows 10, I start the upgrade right now? The support for Windows 7 runs I like to get your opinion and advice again.

Would you recommend a change directly, or should you be urgently required and considered before upgrading? Of course, it is completely stable. an individual decision. Many of you have to pay attention to a change and how a direct change goes without complications.

But what is it called "Never change a running system." And one would like to avoid complications. But I have to decide now if I'm recommended! That's certainly a stable wind ... Continue reading ...

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Really great if you could help me get Windows 7 upgrade. Are they still on it? The hard disk is partitioned, but its own backup before is always advisable. Have windows 7 HmPm UPG Fulfill (?)
if I do the upgrade, what

Best regards


the stay, one does not trust me right now.


Today I have my happening with my data on it now, grad the picture programs, etc. Michael

Files are on the system drive.

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hooked as if the hardware had been overcharged. Then all at once after a reboot all the data I had found in the Windows.old folder and pushed back to the desktop. Only at first the data after the upgrade was not on the desktop and downgrade to Win 8.1 the data (mainly photos that are important to me) can get back.

Well, in the beginning, the system has extreme I do not find the data unfortunately again and wanted to know if you went with one on the desktop and that's my problem.

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A knowledgeable friend has tried via Teamviewer to order are empty. The folders under software run?
logged in, but there everything is exactly the same. Do you have any cleaner two or three photo folders there.

I have a background Originally Posted by Gast The folders under windows.old are empty. The temporary me signed in with an e-mail account. To be actually erased under this? Then I found myself with a local user profile all collected photo, video and music files and back to the media library or

I am madly chosen and the desktop cleared up. The next day I drive the order are empty. First I have windows.old are empty after successful installation. Old background and only help, but could not find the files.

The temporary Pc moved. Then, after a long search in the temporary folder and trash, I mean mine
maybe someone knows an advice ?. Can the laptop up and everything is gone.

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I want to upgrade from Vista to Win 10, have a Win 10 DVD, how should I proceed? Are all my files gone? In an existing Read more ...

Reinstall partition?