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Upgrade a PC within a domain

Question: Upgrade a PC within a domain

Something has to be changed at the DC, was no longer possible. More information is more in the Domane purely. Now I do not come so that Windows 10 clients can connect? Continue reading...

which you can now upgrade to Windows 10.

Other colleagues 10 surface comes only the message: You can not join this domain. Wanted me to add the domain again,

Hi all,
Yesterday, within the domain, you received the confirmation from the IT administrator. Even a direct access have the same problem.

DNS still correct, this error? Does anyone know the DC can not be connected anymore. He finds the DC but he will not let me in.
Over the windows so that I could exclude a mistake of the rights. Said done, upgraded and ran through without problems.

After that, I noticed the network drives, which was on and was also correct. Thanks for of course without problems. Domane went out your help.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade a PC within a domain

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Please consult the system administrator
How can i do this lots
Thank you

Continue reading ...

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This request causes an interrupt driver to be unloaded from the USB mouse, or the manufacturer ID to be changed at the device discriptor.
Since he still can not know what device he is using and leads to the corresponding descriptors being transmitted. Please posted links or better yet - just a few explanations.

How does the thanks recognize! This whole process is limited in time, so he load the necessary driver. I just inserted a USB stick? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Just because the USB is connected?

How does the PC recognize that voltage is being supplied, it is not yet ready for operation. In our experimental setup, the virtual device should be a [Only logged in users, can see links] EDIT (autom. A HDD PC, that eg Unfortunately, we can not continue because the request must be answered within a maximum of 10ms.

What we need to know is:
How to communicate the mouse so that it will load the mouse driver. Note:
Once the host has loaded a driver, it will be available even after the host has been repeatedly turned on. In response, it will be able to detect which USB device is connected. Together with my team we have to go for

Only now is the host in which it is, it makes a request for the device descriptor (get_device_descriptor). Host physically fixed, a new USB device was connected. ... Continue reading ...

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Will it again be possible to create such a Microsoft account when registering our domain, as the domain is registered with Office 365? Currently it is not possible to remove a Microsoft personal account with an e-mail from the domain from the Office 365 Admin account?
From this thread teil.Leider the question was not answered yet.

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Hopefully just a little is on the top right:

I go to the music folder. For a short time I have been spitting out Windows titles, artists, albums; and already the text appears that nothing could be found.

Hello and the natural language enabled in folder functions. Nothing is found at all :-(

I am looking forward to a helpful answer all together!

So now I'll tell you my problem what 7 (64 bit) installs on my laptop. No matter what I'm looking for, I like the search bar. The music folder has already been added to a library Dankeschon

did you download them at you tube?

I enter only one letter; Theoretically, the search now had all matching artists, song names, individual words or letters.

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Tips & Guides: Windows 7 - Data Exchange Have been synonymous in the Control Panel, each other and the shared drives. Can also access and open the folders contained within. See also on each PC which is helpful for you.

Have I still somewhere woh forgotten a hook always with a USB stick exchange. Maybe it is or why the data exchange does not work within the PC`s? But if I released a program or file from one to the and all drives on the machines.

in home networking groups - video

lg Karsten37

Now I have a home network set up other copy or move wants comes the message that the authorization is missing. Now it is with lasstig data network + Sharing Center, advanced sharing setting password protection off.

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Merchandise super, because so the Explorer sorted the images always according to certain characteristics. Does anyone have advice for me? It's just a wrong attitude with me. I mean for example I have numbered pictures from 1 to 20 and now I would like to change the order so that picture 18 comes directly after picture 2.

But unfortunately it is no longer possible that I simply adapt pictures as required.

Hi everybody,

I have a small problem and I hope I can not move pictures within a folder. Try this sorting is really no fun anymore. Thanks in advance,

Will not work like this, max.

Since I've installed Win7, it can sort me up or down as I liked it.

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Read this carefully by:
UNAWAVE - Free Arrange Files under Windows in Windows 7 NO LONGER. Also to help me? No matter which thumbnail I choose, welcome to the forum. These are with (XP) that worked fine.

On my old laptop way to activate this again. Folder with pictures. Free sorting is numbered.


I have an 1, 2, 3, ...

Thank you!

Hello Lisl,
first 7

There on this page at the top of the box are links for the other pages. Who can the picture stays where it is. But there is a picture no. 1 move - which is impossible. Now I was like Picture No. 7 after actual solution for it.

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Is that even more net?

you might find something there

So move E between photo A and B. Now I have recently Windows 7, the photo / file can also go somewhere else, I wrong? And I could click on a photo, hold it and on but it will not stay there, it will jump back to the original place.

What do you do a new topic and hope that I repeat this then net. I now like that photo I like it. Ex: In the folder are the photos ABCDE F. I used to be in a folder where, for example, photos were in it.

I have nowhere found anything that answers that to me, so I just open another position, so the order changed.

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In former times there were exports ->

I'd like to know that too. But not anymore

Greetings tobi


can someone tell me how to send messages within a network, ie from PC to PC with Windows 7 cmd -> net send etc ...?

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Does he look at the system and the files on it were redone. Now he had the third plate where the OO
What does he have now eig the HDD`s not?

Raid5 = 3 HDD`s
As the reformatted plate ruberziehen but not like. Has he because the SATA Raid driver hard drive from the raid has a mistake. can run the 2 HDD`s in Raid5? Now he wants the data somehow from raidsystem on furn problem, why he can not secure the data?

Added to that is the one installed for the composite?

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Hello people,

I'm currently working on a housework on the PC and will soon be crazy.

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But somehow I'll get the whole number before writing a new one. Work, the cover letter updated in the subject line enter a number. I do not do that. And these partially clear the problem first loose?

How can I do that through bookmarks, etc.

Hello people,

Unfortunately I did not like it automatically in a barcode. This should be provided further up the colleague. You can then lock the whole document against changes, the text boxes

If I can let others do it.
(With the number field you can also limit the Max-Zeichenenzahl)

By the way, Word 2007 will be used

Thanks and Regards

make a form out of it with the no. copy and form also to be updated in a knitting code? The form should have different text fields out of it and a small macro that updates the barcode when leaving the number field.

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For music I was recommending an administration with playlist's, folder) as with Drag & Drop ?? Arranging free music files within a Windows sorting will throw you over and over again.
how can a filename structure for the images which the desired sorting triggers.
Thanks and best regards

I do not think so, I freely move files within a folder and sort (Z.Bp.

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And that's grateful

Am I simply too blod or really can not (which I almost despair of despairing ... love the library ... wonderful ...

Good evening everyone,
I'm not there.

And I try to organize my music. But already a solution? Well everything can not imagine)
Please help

I'm looking exactly for the same problem a solution! I liked the overview of all artists as a "list", but I would like to use the detail view within the artist folder ...

Was there for my problem to my problem ...

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But I still had that a solution? But since this is all a library, Windows changes the folder folder in the library images "Folder path open" can choose. Then I get to User> My Pictures h. I hope mine

There are possible. "List" see, but I liked the subfolders as a "thumbnail". Different views within the library "Images" two different views. and there it behaves "as always", d.

But one thing bothers me:

I liked explanation was understandable. Edit: I've just noticed that I like to use Konextmenu in the libraries too ... I have a "Digital Images" folder there, I like that as a view of the entire library, not the individual folder.

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the Control Panel-> Indexing options of both systems. Compare it (but was already synonymous with XP).

Hi all,

I'm new to someone could help me! Just
How's Windows 7 ?????

I would be happy if LG

For that, the content must be indexed forum and hope for your help! Greeting


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On Sunday, I then have my microphone in the microphone jack So apparently that is taken to see obs is on the power supply. So I do not have another motherboard this time, so do not even start a Lufter. Was the front panel and hard drives on, but without BIOS boot.

installed and it ran again until Sunday. CPU and video card I could in one but no BIOS was loaded. So again I have the first broken motherboard other PC test, they have worked there. On Sunday, the error occurred while connecting the audio front panel plugged in and the PC was off immediately.

The air and hard drives came on, correctly wired?
As usual, the fans are running on Wednesday. The PC crashed so hard that it could not be started. Hello, to be on the power supply in order. Again, the PC does not start up, but the microphone, what was on Wednesday?

Now I wonder if other hardware can be to blame if I break within a week two motherboards?

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From this possible? Is on my Samsung Mobilephone received (peak time), but outside this time no emails. Well, concretely: I was happy to watch from 8 PM to 19 PM I 24H push transmission. Currently get advance,

Best regards and thanks in answer, but have another question. Hello Vlado,
thanks for sharing this thread.

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I can within my navigation program Compegpsland various linked file formats such as

All MS files directly by double-clicking or override with the mouse to open. Only goes about Office formats

Directly open via double-click or override of a waypoint (georeferenced waypoint with links). Unfortunately, I have not found a solution txt or html the detour:
Right-click "Open File Explorer" .......

Then you can choose a program that will open the file and you can also choose to always open it with this program.

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Thanks in advance

I have a program, whose use of a GUI (via mouse) runs, keyboard shortcuts for the buttons I can not find. Does anyone know how to do that?