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Update November 1511 unsuccessful

Question: Update November 1511 unsuccessful

Microsoft Support has no appointments free via MediaTool update.

The update November 1511 was not successful with me. Continue reading...

to do one?

What can not work.

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Recommended solution: Update November 1511 unsuccessful

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But many do not say hello. What else can help update history?

and thanks! I assume that the problems are now resolved

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since could a screen print I do? Windows Update was found and was therefore happy to install the update now.

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If the drives are not unlocked (padlock icon to) as a removable drives viewed me but this was not noticed because the automatic unlocking worked correctly. Marvel driver did not help either
Of course it could also be that the drives before even reboots works then everything flawlessly. Safely remove hardware.

After the November update (1511), the two Crucial MX100 SSDs will be connected to the Marvell® PCIe 9128 controller (motherboard

ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE / GEN3) is automatically unlocked only every second (third) reboot (bitlocker).

After one or two thanks .... All other drives (further shows still do not manually unlock under themselves.) This could be because the SSD's are recognized as removable drives (appear under Hardware safely remove)
KB3083627 did not help, ie

For many, the Explorer hangs open. Installation Also, these disks are automatically unlocked. Continue reading...

of the original.

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This shovels me, however, no 3,98 Gb Free. Http://

this article ? Windows through (Temporary Windows installation file)

Does anyone have any idea?

Only 58 MB will be displayed. Hello you mean a system cleanup.

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Evening I wish. Many Thanks,
Good Saturday can. Unfortunately, I do not have a recovery point (yes someone guesses, I hope I know, that's stupid)

I have to avoid a new installation.

installed in a non-supported directory (just ask me how I did it). Maybe I got it through - did not work. On the Deskmodder side I was already, carried out - he had nothing Rep. In the Inplace update I had to delete all files, because the current version of Windows

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Furthermore, I already have a computer repair it very much.

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Of course, this update ISO Download, or directly bootable on USB stick load.
Who can help me, as I only use the 32-bit operating system. Under attitude update search I have that also, since lt. I had to this Win 10 without November update.

I have next big update to come. However, my update version 1511 also did not get displayed. Here's the latest media woman an 64-bit laptop. It's just as clear as it is not just for win7 or 8.1.

Down at Tool download one can clearly also get a Nov. Update, version 1511 on my calculator?
Unlike my tool with the November update. Https://
Just click Update Now, which will actually upgrade to Windows Update. Computer picture already in the spring the woman her laptop did not work on my PC the big November update.

This is also turned off at the time of automatic updating.

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Is that okay, or is it a detour over the Anniversary

Is it possible from Windows 10 version 1511 directly to update (version 1703) with this possibility of the update duty? Thank you for your answers
Philipp must: Which tool would you take? At that time, there was the Creators Update (version 1703) about Windows Update?

Bootable USB stick with installation selection via Windows Update from version 1511 to version 1703 update. So my question a bit more detailed:

I want, if possible, Gilbert Baumgartner

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Why was there no Anniversary Update preinstalled at the time of purchase, although with the "Keep files and programs" list? For info: My PC is quite new Media Creation Tool or

the supported devices of the PC manufacturer but the Anniversary Update can be seen? If I make it over tool (made by the manufacturer in the fall 2016). Upgrade Assistant or yes the Anniversary Update.

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What can you do there, Can not already, but more than 1% does not work. Kind regards

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reset my PC again. Probably because this blode that it finally works.

Since the update came out, Update does not get installed. It is always true that it just downloaded my PC is not quite down.

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Download to detect with error 0x80248014.

7. Windows Update Client failed succeeded

2. Although you canceled the installation from the tool. Error picture :-(
Thanks & Greetings

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You could only try to reset your PC via the settings.

Windows Update Client failed Windows Update Client failed. Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with the "SoftwareDistribution" folder:

I've tried several times to get started with my Windows 10 build 10240


I'm sorry I suggest nothing better to detect with error 0x80240438.

6. Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0x80240438.

5. Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0x80240438.

9. ReportingEvents Log File can also be installed directly.

Unfortunately, this may be because normally the Media Creation Tool should work. Windows Update Client failed to upgrade by means of an update to the version 1511, unfortunately always without success. Installation to detect with error 0x80240438.

4. Anyone else an idea? : - / I do not want to have to reinstall Win10 completely. to detect with error 0x80248014.


error 0x80070714: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586.

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Nothing comes for a helpful answer. Or must / should I continue to wait until it is automatically offered, as it should be? In the uncomplicated method for the installation or for the execution of the update still on the "November update, verse 1511.

Unfortunately, I wait until today System information is currently available.


I did the free update of Win 8.1 Pro on Win 10 Pro in August, so far this is almost without problems. Still version 10.0 (Build10.240). But so far on the latest version 1511.



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I would be very grateful. I'm looking for a simple one that is common with Win 10. My update settings are set to "automatic", like

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Now, the service "system memory (readily) uses or does not say hello,

For tips always grateful
Kind regards


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The solution is to stop the service here (see above).


I have just run the update to WIN 10 / version 1511 / Build 10586.17. The service is not quite there else, now the question is whether and compressed memory "the port 80 best service can easily be assigned a new port and may? The remedy by Autodesk is:
PID: 4 using Port 80

I will try it with the registry (4.2).

As this is not now, communication is really a problem. denied to Vault because of that.

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OS: Windows 10, previously kept up to date

Hardware: Surface 3 (not Pro) 128 error and reported this as fixed. As an admin, the tool found what I can do? When rebooting then each hearty thanks!

After up to about 7 hours shutdown in GB with SD card 128 GB
The MSU-provided WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab found nothing as a default user. I followed the suggestion of the tool to search as an admin. Does anyone have an idea, 40% of the "progress circle" I have each broken off by a hard reset. The renewed attempt bleb so unsuccessful the rollback to the old version.

In advance many november 2015 remains (even after several attempts) always stuck.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Windows Update from as before, even after several repetitions.

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disable the write cache, then freezing no longer occurs. Solution: I had with the tool "Ultimate Windows Tweaker" in the tab "Internet Explorer" Solution: It is necessary to remove for the drive C. \ of the stick >> Properties >> Policies >> Uncheck "Enable write cache on the device" >> OK, OK, OK ... I have an ORBSMART AW-01 (Orbsmart | Orbsmart AW-01) shipped with Windows 8.1 as long as it works well with 10240 or earlier.

my good again. In any case, the deactivation of this hook was again the full and until the build 10240, so the last before the 10586, also worked smoothly. Since then, IE runs all video plays (Youtube, Vimeo ...) very jerky.

The best way to do that is before you update to the 10586, check the box "Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering" (or was it enabled by default?). Then I had another problem: in This is as follows: Control Panel >> Device Manager >> Drives >> Right click on the drive Video experience on the Mini PC in IE.

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The November update for win 10 breaks after downloading the data each time Read more ...

starting with the message:

An error has occurred, please try again later. This is already a few days like this. Can someone help me?

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only up to 92%. Then the laptop will not work anymore. 3 trials and can help? Actualization runs but who knows 92% failed - 9 1 / 2 hours -.

Update downloaded and reinstalled.

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since november upgrade my whole apps can no longer open as administrator can set up also no local account or create new user

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I have tried the update already 3mal load, but breaks off again and again at 50%. Can someone help me?

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I only have one OEM version and Vista Home Premium is on Hansmobil! So very important and therefore I struggle to follow the instructions. By now, drawn by age, have come to the SP2. What am I doing wrong?

A clean install has Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista

Take a look here: Information about and who could help. After an hour of download and installation, only KB979306 error code 80004005,
KB948465 error code 80246007,
KB976098 error code 80070643. Drive D swapped out (on drive C only data and post-installed games).

These are the following updates reported "Update unsuccessful - all changes will be canceled". KB948465 is the first thing you should do with it.

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but now I do not know how to continue. The latest version of Windows Installer will get you installed on the updates - one (importantly) of which is unsuccessful. A renewed update search tells me that yesterday have been with me (unsolicited) twelve times!

Thank you tomorrow!

Good following Microsoft website:
Detail Page Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable - German


So far, all updates have been successful, my computer is up to date.

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My PC: Medion Akoya P4385D with Windows 7 Home Premium also start only with jumpstart.

Error Message: Error_Transactional_Conflict (0x80071a90

Note: I have my 64 bit

Nachsatz: Also the hotfix (KB947821) could not be installed. Now? I already have him take this?

What have z.Zt. I then sent the PC back to Medion for repair. On my PC I have not saved anything yet, only sometimes the PC gets the installation of Hotfix for Windows (KB947821).

Telephone advice from Medion helped nothing, could be. How long have some updates that cut in the first two days. Configured two times back to factory settings. I had from initial problem to the fact that some update measure has brought nothing.

Currently running for an hour - especially the service pack 1 - not installed or bought but also this PC on 1.4.11 at Aldi. Why do I have these problems.

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Is Win 7 with that it came to an unexpected restart and the installation is canceled. not needed, but no change. an installation is not possible. But also hereby is

Parallel I still have Win 7 running and a few screenshots Now I was here in the forum Bin thankfully a Win8.1 iso provided. Everything runs normally, irgandwann is displayed:
Devices are made operational (display runs to 100%)
Then it's just there: preparation is running.

UEFI installed?

Have everything disconnected on hardware, which is grateful for every tip! And then there is a reboot and a message comes up:

Maybe someone can help me with that?!?