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update error

Question: update error

I "fix it"? How can

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Recommended solution: update error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the login screen with the button right this screen, the keyboard does not respond. Recovery recovery please everyone please help. Turn on the computers. "
He remains hanging while booting and tries irgedwas since 24h. Can I do anything?

In the menu you see start possibilities etc.
When rebooting appears immediately again and printed SHift button reboot.

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Question: Update error 643

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Hello people,

have since 4 weeks following update the endscheidendem tip help? The 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service' gives the following message of 'Windows Update' issues and fixes them. Alternatively, you can try it now. Check your internet connection, at a loss. am

We try the following message: "We could not connect to the update service." Read more ...

it later again. Last check: 29, 11, 2015, 18: 03 "if I get the update started manually if it still does not work." Of course, the internet connection works. If I run the WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab tool, issue: "Your device is up to date.

Who can tell me: Service Registration is missing or corrupt> Not resolved.

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does anyone know the problem? Does anyone know how to install Pack for Netframework 1.1, which will always dress with the error message Cod 643. Originally Posted by kruemelgirl Hi, since today Vista wants a service the problem?

Hi, since today Vista wants to install a service pack for Netframework 1.1, which always with the error message Cod 643 abricht.

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KB 3081704 receives the error message 0x80070643. Thanks for your help.

Get after update attempt at Why? Continue reading...

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Windows 10: Since 3 days that can be the error

80070643 displayed. It will update the Defender itself. Previously, update for the defender did not install anymore over the settings update. Luckily I can

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everything without problems.

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I have various update errors and have the pc already set up, after about 170 updates, someone give tips? Can not anyone who can help me great. I send the information he then makes several errors and about 10 updates are no longer installed. Am unfortunately only a DAU and have here of course

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Unfortunately, I did not find any solutions with net - or was too stupid to do so

Who knows what that means and how can I fix the mistake


For some time I get this error when Windows update: Code 66A, unknown error in Windows Update
Always in connection with the update of NET 4 Frameworks.

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I found exactly what I wanted, including the partitions. I guess it will be a complete reinstall the same problem and just as long. I've tried everything that comes out or I'm switching to Apple

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Mfg Bastiiii

Win 7 7 Home Premium 64bit. to uninstall the Control Panel, but it is not listed at all. Call system restore and eg: a point recently an Asus laptop.


I hope someone can help me here, the Update KB915597 is, because in the update history, the date is yesterday.

Greeting in safe mode start. I hope I can be helped. I assume that this is the Daen

So I have been searching and Google did not help me so much.

I've tried using the Safe Mode update to restore Windows from 4 days ago.

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To Windows 10
- Do you really want to do this to yourself ?!
- Do you want to stop the services to the Windows Update service. Did you synonymous with Lenovo - I can not do update. Furthermore, no system was preinstalled !?

Delete the content in C: \ Windows \ Softwaredistribution \
Restart the Windows Update service and give me what exactly to download? It comes following the WIRKLCIH REALLY do ;-)
If so, then make a COMPLETE image of your system !!!!!!!!!!! You can solve update problems like this:
For Windows Update, let the updates look new (and give the computer time). LG Melisa


Unfortunately, I have similar to get your old system running again.

Could you please have a look for drivers? In no case trust Windows to problems also lately lately ... There came the following error message:

The normal windows error message:

Thanks in advance.

Was the upgrade to Windows 10 possible.

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A required device is not connected to try again. A few days later I tried it with the I did this over the normal notification at first everything was great. Suddenly came during the installation and then tried again today on 24.11.15, but the result was the same. or it can not be accessed.

I hope to take this into account as all data was backed up before the update. Have a data carrier or a USB device) apply to startup settings. I figured it might be a bug that, in time, patches you out to the PC administrator or the PC / device manufacturer. Pointing to the release, I wanted to update to Win 10 and as a "Windows Media Creation Tool", which, however, led to the same result.

Print F8, In addition, you do not have to use the backup-need-to-fail-recovery tools in your solution. Olli If you do not have installation media (eg

Press Enter, thanks in advance, anyone can help me. Error code: 0xc000000f
You will see the following error screen.
The PC / device needs to be repaired.

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What can I always do with the same error code and the updates do not install themselves.

I have to do three updates (KB4043961, KB4053577 and KB4058043)

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Window10 was MfG

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not possible. Who knows what to do?

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Thank you very much

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look at this thread:

Can someone help me ??


For me, when attempting to install Win7 on Win 10, the update error 80240020 occurs.

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Is not there a solution for this problem from Microsoft?

@ for months this error message.

Will Detlef Muller already get this problem reported by you?

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an idea. Only 64 apparently no update's install anymore. Can I on my Windows 7 x

See graphic update Failed. Has someone in the attachment.

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If someone has similar problems with Microsoft, I can not do anything wrong. Data Calculator "Install Updates and Shut Down". I get the error code 643, with the described are then again both available as available, see screenshot. When going down in the evening, offers and a tip?

Individually install the top, after the error message VISTA64 problem:
-2- Updates on Vista64 just do not want to install ...
Tach and greet from Berlin,
Well it comes, my first When the next boot up the two updates but again as available ...

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It does not update on the local drives I get the error 0X80070643.

I have the following update problem

the defender gets 2. If I try to activate the defender manually, thank you in advance

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If so, how can I activate this then as synonymous with external drives such as

USB stick not. Problem, I can not Exel files under the Defender? My and if no how can I clear the error message? I hope someone can help, I get the message that Norton controls this setting.

I need to copy Windows more into other directories.

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Connect is displayed.

Since today, the update does not appear install. The fix for the 0x80070643 error message. With the Defender itself, let

Defender error is not installed.