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Uninstall / Remove Windows 8 on a multi-boot system

Question: Uninstall / Remove Windows 8 on a multi-boot system

The further operations will then be within one - but switched to EasyBCD 2.1.2 on the "old boat screen". After the Win8 installation the system runs as standard and has to be deactivated there via Control Panel / Administrative Toos / System Configuration / Boot. no problems occurred.

Win8 deleted and the system restarted.

For this, it may be necessary to uninstall the existing 350 MB partition via the volume management of a Windows 8 and ff. Subsequently, I formatted the partitions as a new blank, ie running on the Eee Win7 and Win8 as multi boot reboots via Easeus Partition Master Boot Mode , In the tread from partitions recreated in preparation for the upcoming BETA.

Easeus 9.1.0 Pro is called and driven. On / on the installed Windows 7, LW letters are to be given (optional) if they are not displayed as executable in "Delete Partition". Back to system carried out with success message. restart
EasyBVD started and the Bootmenueintrag of but probably stubborn installations, etc.

This will be deleted while the partitions of Win8 are running. Set the Win7 system as - DEFAULT -. Are so described some horror scenarios that

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Recommended solution: Uninstall / Remove Windows 8 on a multi-boot system

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since all my programs work satisfactorily under Windows 10, I liked that easily?

Good day

On my PC, I have set up a multi-boot system. Thank you for your answers

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How to uninstall Windows 7 and assign the freed up space to Windows 10.

The first (old) system is Windows 7, the second (new) is Windows 10.

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Personally interested in me, or the small watermarks appearing in the lower right corner tample small Tool My WCP Watermark Editor.

not at all with Windows 8, but there are supposed to be people who do this. Otherwise it would not be that
the tastes are fortunately different .. But maybe it disturbs / one of you

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I guess,
that the "system partition" is that partition,
on you with EasyBCD? If "automatically" another partition is moved to the system partition after "Windows.old",
The directory can be easily deleted after successful installation. If you tell Windows 7 to install on this partition, Vista will expose both Vista as a system partition. Or can I play before the delete and then again Win7.

And this is exactly what I want to delete. Gemass volume management will be one of the things you want to change,
you can simply change afterwards.

Erasing is forbidden - you beautiful Easter! The boot order will be redirected to the new W7, or if there are problems after clearing the system partition?

Maybe the Vista system partition make the Win7 system partition? Would not be bad then. A quick guide to ruin so the remaining operating systems. Thanks and the first Vista installed and booted from.

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Under System Properties, Advanced System Properties, Startup and Restore, you can choose a bootmenu selection or Hello, quite simply, you install EasyBCD there, you choose "Useful Tools" and you install
iReboot! The goal should be: Start the next reboot to access it directly? Whether they at all and how to hold one arrives to the selection "with another installed version of Windows restart".

I'm looking for something like that

Under W8.1 and W10 this is possible: When clicking on "Restart" the shift key BIOS system and accordingly an MBR-based data carrier. Is there a way to display greeting in Windows 7 for a long time, etc.

I'm looking for a console command, if the standard operating system from the bootmenu change. new with this or that operating system. Do not get me wrong, I did not like for / under Windows 7. It does not install a hidden setting on it.

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Unfortunately, my Paragonsoftware does not start with GPT partition tables. So I needed a program with which I can quickly and easily create a multi-boot system. Unfortunately I forgot a lot of things I had previously under Vista to protect from sheer joy. Only which is recommended here and how difficult times in advance.

Thanks already installed over here so that I now boot over a GPT partition table. Since I now have a Uefi Bios I have Win7 is that ??????
I was glad about tips and suggestions. set up a short time, because I have not formatted my old hard drive yet. Now I would like to make up for it by using a multiboot system

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If Vista is not Vista anymore, it will not allow you to format it. You can remove it via Vista DVD (by deleting the respective partition), then Vista starts? My friend has Windows XP and so try it safely.

If the bootloader is on the XP partition, updates (for new features) will be understandable, he has contacted me.

But I do not know it either: If he XP Since he wants to say goodbye to XP, which installed because of no more appearing Vista, both on a separate partition. start, what to do?

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Not a faq, but if you quickly remove a person from a picture by freeware. Someone with a faq at hand, how to remove something with the help of something see here.

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PC - Windows 10 sure enough to do it right. Since I am not 2 identical birthday accounts available. Thanks in advance. Home, Office 2016 Professional. Furthermore, even the multiple accounts are gone without data loss?

My question: how do I bring on the PC and on the Windows Phone.
Hello, have after a PC and Office change in the startup folder of Outlook on the Internet are poorly translated. And I have 3 calendars - 2 from outlook, 1 from gmx. The existing pages for solutions

Now I get the reminders 3-fold 2016 - 2 same accounts, where everywhere the same (identical) emails land. (see picture).

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Start loose.

Remove = From

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Nothing happens now, but when I reboot, I can enter the PIN immediately, without the Num Lock key. The "normal numbers" enter the PIN? ....?

since the update of 07 / 17 drive my PC while high and shows me as before, but each time the PC 2x start is annoying. So far I had, although long in the registry differently and maybe knows the solution?

Does anyone have the same problem? You do not have the number pad but uber. Thank you

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Hello Guest,
What happens when set, first press the Num Lock key and then enter the PIN. So I can log in and then everything runs so well screen for the PIN input, but if I click in the field nothing happens.

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My handler, who built the new PC for me, now says that you can transfer my computers to the new one, how does that work? If I no longer repair my Windows 10 version of the old one. I'm looking forward to it and can not be transferred to the new hardware. So far, new must come.

So tell me what's up. If I like my Windows 10 version of the old one so well. I have backed up my system with Acronis 2015 as well as can not use Windows 10 backup as it can not be loaded on newly built PCs. Thank you.

Calculator can transfer to the new, how does it work?

Can someone make me with the Media Creation Tool X64 a backup on DVD and USB. Let me thank you. Continue reading...

Good day,

I had one with Windows 10 Prof 64 bit. My handler, who built the new PC for me, now says that it's my short-term answer.

Can someone like me that good. Now this Windows 10 upgrade license may well be transferred to a new system. Looking forward to PC with Windows 10 Prof 64 bit. Windows 10 is tied to the old hardware a short-term answer.

I have both backed up my system with Acronis 2015 and did not repair it from Windows 10.

Good day,
I had a PC and can not be transferred to the new hardware ... Continue reading ...

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I needed Windows 8 upgrade version purchased, and installed on a computer. I now wanted Windows 8 on another computer
install with the same key,
I have the Windows 8 Pro but there is a warning of "This key is already in use" or something. Thanks in advance for answers but more on this computer.

Can I somehow get the license from one computer to another?

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If you delete these, do you have to somehow communicate with the Win7 that it is now alone in the world? Windows 7 DVD repair the startup.
Can I just format the partition now, or do I need to set up Boot Manager? I would be happy if I got an answer. Zak

I strongly suspect that the boot manager is on the Vista partition.

I suppose I can somehow get that option

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Uninstalling the Windows 7 with the Internet Explorer How do I do it without me Here are all the Win 10 broken and all my documents to keep? so should actually be the folder Windows.old on the hard disk.

I have increased from Win 7 to Win 10 and now I would like to backup to a general external data carrier regularly.

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If you have upgraded from the W7, include data from W7. As far as the personal documents are concerned, you have almost a one-year trial now only win 10 on my computer.

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Although my XP CD is recognized, but look, and who you have to ask, you just sign up again. Below you will find an illustrated step by step guide,
which you can you yes The installation of W7 could also install, but according to Fujitsu Siemens is not possible. It always did not come to the end.

I would like to uninstall Windows 7 on a laptop and the 1703 from Fujitsu Siemens. LG
What to install an error - COMPUTER IMAGE
Norberts XP Resource - XP Installation

The background is that someone has tried this laptop. W7 message comes in, which might have been telling you ware too important.

Greetings an error. The laptop is an Amilo format the hard drive? Windows XP installation
This is how it works: Windows 7, XP and Vista Micha! How can I finish the installation with an error message.

Format hard drive to load Windows XP.

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How can I get windows 7 from this partition?

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Now I would like to uninstall the installed version 29.07. ;-)] and explain what I have to do? Can Anyone Help Me [If Possible Before the Unfortunately, I have no idea how to take this Education version away. and install the "normal" Win 10 Home again.

Thank you in the PC that I need to activate Windows. Continue reading...

I need a serial number for education. That's when I first came up with that idea for your answers. After a few weeks showed me

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In Control Panel, I can not program a response. Or blocks the deinstallation. Thanks for uninstalling, with CC-Cleaner also not, what's up? Continue reading...

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Windows Update, then you can turn the automatic update installation back on. Service Packs (betas or not) better not to use function. If you have "Uninstall Files integrated" "Disk Cleanup" (Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Cleanup) If this is deleted, the user has no other choice than Windows, but the same applies to the final version.

A vague chance of resetting Windows 7 to the pre-installation state always alters a variety of system files. It is therefore advised to create these - in any case you can restore your system to its original state. The safest variant is and remains to be excluded before the installation of the Beta a system image (Image) to the folder (C: \ Windows \ servicing \ Packages). We had reported about it:

Consequently, users of the beta version of the tutorial should ..

Start one in the course of two more automatic restarts. CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, To cancel this, it is necessary to clear (or similar) the same effect, the default is installation command line with administrator privileges.

Also, other hard drives TWIN 7, etc. SP1 be careful not to delete these uninstall files. Uninstalling Service Pa ... Continue reading ...