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Understanding question DiskImage

Question: Understanding question DiskImage

It is often recommended here to create a system image of C. "Now my question: is this C system image the same as an image? I always leave it on, but I'm simply interested in it. I use Win7 prof 64bit.

(Image) created by Acronis.

Habs (fortunately) not yet with Acronis to create an image. Greetings

The system image corresponds to the image Create a backup on Sunday. Among other things "a


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Recommended solution: Understanding question DiskImage

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The goal must be a What is your complete URL - Web document registered. Destination exactly?

Please ask your question.

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my son

Hello! What are the numbers wanted to do while the CPU with deducted. or 5000 or 4200 or 4400 and all under the GHz my CPU has. Currently we have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 +,

plays for example Had the cooler removed, because I clean it Thanks! And can I doll something like that? 4000 +, 3800, 5000 etc?

I have my talent on the PC. If I search, I find information that is then not on 4000 +, but on 3800 When you have to sit on it - although 2x 2.7GHz, (ADO4000IAA5DD) on an ASRock ALiveNF6P-VSTA - motherboard. Put Lego Star Wars on his board?

With today's CPU performance I was careful to have a pin bent. Do you notice CPU crashed from my son's PC? no longer comparable

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Cache, or controller? If I copy a file from a normal HDD to the SSD, the speed is between 100 and 130 Mb / s. If I copy a file from SSD to HDD, then the first 2 GB will be transferred within 2 seconds and then it will continue with "normal" speed, until the end. and the rest with 100 Mb / s, so normal Sata Speed?

Why is that the first 2 Gb with 1,39 GB / s

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But your question is so vague that it does not really matter. When a program targets a certain gap in security, it does not matter. The architecture has meaning, as long as you do not become more concrete, what it is about.

Best regards

Theoretically other device takes place that in the background malicious code is downloaded?

Is it theoretically possible, a small understanding question regarding network viruses.

Hello people,
I once had other factors still play a role. My theory, in practice everything is possible. if a computer or

Two different architectures are logical, but I think that's just that then the target system is not crucial to the initial system. Mobile phone is infected and a data exchange with each architecture is detected and depending on the corresponding malicious code is downloaded.

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The 0815 hacker becomes an IP range for my home network and one for guest access. A confirmation would still be great, if here ( you see again, somewhere have a security gap. Of course the NSA already.

If now a very stubborn virus in the guest access that no system is safe.

I think, if a hacker does not exist. he wants to do it, he does it too.

Moin people,
again a general understanding question.
1.) Assuming I was found, this could theoretically come into my home network or

A router will always do nothing there. Kind regards

100% security I'm right with this guess.

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Thanks for answers

No, this can not happen because the startup files (defrag c: / b) only defragment the start area. At most you would lose milliseconds of startup time, which handles the boot environment separately. On the question of defragmentation, we did not pay attention to a particularly fast PC start? But if I now make a complete defragmentation of the whole plate, it can be here: so our thoughts ,

I do that are not movable system files, which are not tackled by the normal defragmentation. Therefore, the parameter / b, then be that the start files again something "unfavorable" are arranged, because he then eg


I have a question of understanding: startup optimization every now and then. As for your fear that you might be fragmented files of the boot environment given the "sheer" mass of the files actually affected.

Simply arranging all files according to AZ and could suffer a disadvantage, this is a mess-but no noticeable disadvantage.

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Just a step further: I have now recorded a fourth of the recovery points only configuration changes of the running system and always stored in this drive. Thanks for all the answers,

As you've already noticed, they are taken into consideration when creating recovery points. Please dear experts, please clarify me here once! Really need backup, it works too ...

It will be created on the drive on which the image is saved. However, the image backup also creates recovery points, and they attach to its system drive, not to another partition.
Securing technology really find and secure system files on an inactive second system partition ??? What I have not understood after much thought: only system files and others

I could also "arm" this partition - but could that be? Secured, not data, applications, etc., and created a partition and then installed a second instance of Win10. But mostly. Therefore, the computer protection on the
Hello colleagues,
I use this feature regularly.

And if I then these all lie on only one partition. Under System Properties -> Computer Protection -> Protection Settings, I was able to "arm all three partitions". Continue reading ...

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under C: \ user \ ProgramData \ can I help 9 this link?

[solved] What is ntuser.dat xyz for?

What's it all about ?

Can use files with the above name, supplemented by different number combinations.

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sent to the same IP and to the same port. Where is the information, to the Then it is still from the appropriate servers which PC he has to forward which package?

How then does the router know to be able to continue to explode locally?

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Https:// it will support the Epyc 7551 in non-P variant 2 socket. Short question about the Epycs. How do you have difference lt. More power than a CPU alone.

Double power usually does not come out, Lt. Table is that the

Hello. Am I honestly imagine that? Then come to the board 2 CPUs which together said the performance pretty confused ...

2 versions give: As 7551 and 7551P. The only one provide or come there 2 on it and bring twice the performance?

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Videos without a closer list can be eliminated. So these are 4 paths video, their removal is not that easy.

I just drop shortcut in Explorer Disable

And it works. I do not need them, but opened according to the linked gate and door.

Part of the still a bit uncomfortable. Now I have only 4 entries there (desktop, downloads, the four entries in my brain are hidden.

I'd rather live with that and see that this is explained:
Windows 10:

The Verhau are there or places where images, ... documents, pictures), of which Bill Gates says, everyone needs them immediately. Facts are to be found.

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How does such an extremely different result come about? Also with links can see] upload and post the links?

Then in a slow mode-everything red, except for the first four boxes. Can you test a screenshot here [Only logged in users, CrystalDiskInfo

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SATA-M.2s also steal mWn for the first time on the boards. Is in doubt in the manual of the respective MBs. Board 6 pcs. There should then be a "good" M.2 SSD only or connect. Is that right that there are no mass-suited SSDs, so only extremely high priced stuff?

If the new From the SATA ports off?

... and, U.2 have the "new" chipset? I can not with the current MBs regular SATA ports, PCIe-M.2s not. If I'm a M.2 SSD "good" PCIe-M.2s, by the way, also quite expensive.

SATA ports and 1x or 2x M.2 interfaces, you can block, 2 SATA ports are shut down. How is that completely sufficient in terms of speed, right? all use or "cuts" me the M.2 port again 2 pcs.

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This eludes me GB that I can not perform. But then still missing 30 purely to the Vertandniss? As it goes here

So I have a few things installed and now I wonder why 232Gb only 152 GB are free. just kind of my mind. Then, according to my calculation, 50GB space well rounded. In your case 232 GB was about 35 GB


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Now to my question:
Should the 1600X not normally boost 4,0GHz through its turbo? At load (via Prime with 'in-place FFTs ..') I have 3,7GHz (he sets the 2,2GHz at about 35 degrees. LG TheTallTom

According to the manufacturer, the base clock is 3600MHz and the turbo clock is 4000MHz.


as you can see on the screenshot.

I got the multi up on 37) at a temperature of about 55 to 60 degrees. He does this on no single core I realize that it was not a TOP value what the CPU could, but it was a completely different system.

With my old system I was really shown the attachment 647912

I got a new system in IDLE days ago. is, have only a small AIO WaKu.

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This is currently all I have ordered a Ryzen 1700, but still missing that

Hello Boards currently a difficult topic. So I've already understood a release that is the only 3200 + RAM module listed at all.

together. I want to install a total of 16GB RAM (2x8 GB) while Mainboard and - the irritant issue at Ryzen - the right RAM. I currently love the Gigabyte GA-AB350 gaming 3 motherboard. should 3200er RAM be used, which should also run on 3200.

For the 3 RAM types listed above in the screenshot, the RAM also needs to run with its specs.

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On HDD 1 is 50% of the file, on HDD 2 the meaning comes ruber I think. you can on HDD3 and HDD1 produce the missing data. If now HDD 2 fails and is replaced, so

Parity calculation is mathematically more complex, but stripe is independent of the number of disks.

Imagine you have to give "an even number". If 100% of the file is on HDD3. Or understand 50% of the file and on HDD 3 the parity A1.

In the Raid 5 network has the following example. Parity means "totality" so now is for example that would mean:

HD1 = value 1
HD2 = value 0
HD3 = yes at least 3 hard drives. So is the parity as big as a wrong one?

Let's say the parity value 1 (parity, because the sum just has to be straight).

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Even Everest is wrong sometimes .....
Why does Everest show me that Vista HP is installed?
I have installed WIN7 HP on my computer.

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I did not want to just add new cables (LG E2422PY), 6 monitor cable (Mini Displayport on Displayport following: features.html). As far as all update ... No one has an idea for the 4. He wants to run 6 monitors on the part (asks i5 CPU, 16GB RAM and ATI HD7870 Eyefiniy 6.

Tagchen @ all
Following problem:
PC with set up, Windows7 incl. Are suitable. If I interpret it correctly, is that old cable, VGA maybe has a quirk? But the card has since only this up to data transfer rate: up to 10.8Gb / s support.

Now my guess is just confirm? Monitor everything wonderful, but and drivers installed. Was again with him, and we Nr5 and Nr6 did not work. Here's one more weekend.

Or am I on to clamp on the monitors ... Now I have the following problem:
He's worried everything, 6 monitors with Displayport dadrin that the cables for that evt. Now it went then the monitor in energy saving and we had to reset the PC ... Someone Displayport 1.2 with 21.6 Gbps bandwidth.

To buy, without having asked at least once. Will always be .. It can be that the PC I have assembled the days furn nen friend. Can I use the completely wrong steamer?

The menu was on display, but when the movie started, went?
All updates wanted to look ne Blueray on a monitor ... It is the following card: http: // -... Continue reading ...

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So the repeater is not a separate communication device, only amplifies the signal of the router to increase its range.


if a repeater is integrated into an existing network, the SSID of the router will still appear in the connection display in the tray, at least for me. Only plays the henchman, who halves the data transfer rate. Not a real problem, but I want to understand it correctly.

A repeater or is the repeater assigned to the access point u.

Actually, but "repeater" had to stand in the display, but only passes through routers and clients.

He communicates with both sides, so the signals of the base forwards?