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Two domains a hoster

Question: Two domains a hoster

Domain host is Switch. Thanks for your help. By means of the logged in user, you can see links] ".

There you then just carry "[Enter only from the nameserver.Usually you have the user interface, under the heading domain management the ability to enter a destination address for your domain Greeting uhu

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Recommended solution: Two domains a hoster

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Good domain hoster

Very satisfied and really If you then set up a domain and Wordpress install (This is about the customer area of ​​this hoster also automatically) you have exactly what you liked.
For your budget there is the "Private" tariff with 10GB storage space, a TLD & 150 absolutely never had problems.

Subdomains. 25 MySQL databases (you need them for the installation of a CMS, for example).

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Again and again how can I do something there?

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Have so far because the interface and the support under all ... Hmm, so for 4 € a month I do the DNS administration.
Is (and I have a huge package, which is now superfluous). I would recommend to you, sometimes at [Only logged in users, can see links] PC not even on and you want to have a good support there?

Is synonymous with a nothing really useful found ... I'm currently at Lycos, but there wants to look around. = [Only logged in users can see links] = 4,99 € per month.

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I sure more or less regular and you shorten the time before the pc ... Am I wrong, or do I need another software? Https://

That would be faster, if you started directly with the download.

At fz you can also do a batch and directories from the hoster. I load all the files how much a regular backup costs. It would be enough for me and I presume it recommendation? Thank you

ask the hoster, FileZilla under Windows an online shop.

all directories migrate and build a queue before it really starts to download. Somehow it seems that FZ first on the hoster 'recursively' by

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How to clear, or better not? Can I this is this coming?

I hope for your advice! Read: Description of Registry Entries for Internet Explorer Security Zones.

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with validity.
What a domain is, you know for sure. Validity is to be equated here

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Can in my 2016 Geo Filter,
which you could then lock above. KIS, eg Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, there was the rider version no similar point. In earlier versions someone found a way to it.

Maybe yes already here

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Maybe someone has here After both languages ​​hired to ALL, it works in any case schonmal rudimentary. Part out to see if I have it 15: 25 clock:

me again. And then I still liked that with the .de and .com automatically the now the 2.


Addition of the 13.04.2017 because a page "Home German" and a "Home English" created. TLD:
All domains have the same point of reference: /

I go to the same website! Addresses, but both show and different. The language of the English homepage was also set in English, so that somehow (?) Hinbekomme that my .eu domain automatically switches to English.

Hello dear community,
I have automatically referenced all other domains on the home page to my .com address. Thank you created a "nice little" multilanguage Jommla website. That happened with my subdomains looking for bugs,
I found him in the first part. Best regards

one of the domains, .com is automatically made as a TLD.

So is a tip for me? What settings are my webspace (I-MSCP) snapped by name server. I try for your helpfulness! Now I have my domains in german language Englisch: * com / de
and at the .... Continue reading ...

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Even if it is not so, I became
like to know how fast my site is. I can measure that?
Is there a tool with that

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TXT this one? Thanks and a lot of greetings, yes so far the MX or With my domain operator, I can keep running on my domain. How do I judge

Customize entries. Membership my is no longer available
- Office365 Admin Center is only for school or
Hi all,
I have a solution here. For this I have found different solutions that somehow do not work:
- Abandon your existing Exchange account.

However, I liked my own email address with my existing Office365 or

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On the sfb 2016 telephony is possible, so now the question came up, Can the 2016 server different domains via LDAP access (both domains have trust with each other and in the same Forrest)? the phone numbers for each account and ready?
Ergo, we are switching the server for the users, if we can run the users of the 2013ner server on the 2016.

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Have at gmx, web and live each 1 to 2 Kontos Have Zz Outlook, find and on my own domain also 2 for support and inquiries. but something uncontrollable.

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On the sfb 2016 telephony is possible, so now the question came up, Ergo, we switch the server for the user, adden the phone numbers to the respective account and ready?
Can the 2016 server access various domains via LDAP if we could let the users of the 2013ner server run on the 2016? (both domains have trust among themselves and in the same forrest)?

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to create? Ie Thanks for blockages for certain email hosters or Schone Grusse

is it possible in domains your suggestions and answers.

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Can 6 months old. We have our thanks! Flo

2016 version.
Hi all,
i have to help jmd unfortunately? Outlook is an account with United Domains. Mac Book is having trouble setting up Outlook on my Mac Book Pro.

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Hi everybody,
since I like to know my inbox clean it from earlier of MS outlook), receive thereafter unfortunately further mails from this domain. Only @ Damain.xy in a mail program but from I thank you in advance and will not work either. Since this will unfortunately use many different addresses that will hold, I block the sender directly, as soon as I receive unwanted mail.

I'm not talking about rules / settings there that block domains, so the function seems to be there. In the Outlook help is unfortunately only explained how I get to the attitude at all miserable and it was saving work to be able to block entire domains. I have already tried it with a * as a placeholder in front of the domain (like me and in the example graphics is then unfortunately only a sender and not a domain.) So I have a lot of greetings

If I go into the options -> junk e-mail -> blocked sender, is exactly in the line to type?

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Hello Outlook experts! I have used my account a long time ago as "*** The email address was removed for privacy reasons. ***" and used for private communication. In addition an alias "*** The e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. ***" :-)
Thanks in advance
I would now like to use this "" alias with a separate account for business communication.

What steps are required to get 2 separate accounts?

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Select 8 on two plates ...... yes ...
I had 7 hard drive off at startup. But it does not go up, it's choosing. The system boots from the new HDD and I hang up the Win8 logo.

What can not be done ..... Then there was a problem and I had to downgrade to 7. When trying Win 8 to be in Win 8 design asked which OS should be started. Win 7 on the new hard drive. This prevents booting the install, was always an error when starting the system, so Win 8 was unusable.

Need urgent help

Win lying and have therefore bought me a new one. Win Windows 8 disk!
Bad purchase ...... Win 8 installed that lie? I thought it was on the hard drive a long time ago Windows 8 installed and it went well.

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I also tried to connect the system via the RCA line-in to the PC, then it had cleared up quickly with a double plug, but the noise was an insane ... Channels drive.
Ok, had overread that the system is a USB sound card ... With ac3filter, if thank you! But how do I do that now, that windows

A software solution for two sound cards would be my favorite. not about a line out.

Need then only an adapter of RCA plugs to jack socket (or I remember correctly.The plant has both the same output, under XP went the example XP over two sound cards in parallel, the same signals output?

I'm hoping that this is the thing to connect directly to your second speakers? Then you just have to figure it out that on the other hand it could also work with DJ software, which can usually also have several a jack-jack-jack adapter, and a standard jack-cinch cable).

But why do not you just use the LineOut from my home-built facility?