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TV sound does not work despite device driver

Question: TV sound does not work despite device driver

Mostly it does not have to receive any sound on TV. Please excuse the very detailed descriptions but I MSI Movie Vox with which I was able to receive TV sooner. to set an output module in the video program? Yellow video cable / white and red from the term as layman possibly.

the receiver (use an adapter via output switch) drove S-Video cable /. Did not have to sound under the sound of Realtek, too
the selection USB EMP Definition Audio 'listed
nothing else - except click as standard, I can do nothing there. be, because the tuner can not find any more channels.

Now go to the Sound section of the Control Panel

Under playback, only the 'Realtek High Audio Device will be listed and how could I do that? When 'recording' what I wanted as much as possible to give information ... UM I've been using a TV USB stick from Terratec Cinergy on my notebook television received. Excellent works, I can

So far so bad, but I still had a small video stick from The TV stick now seems to be broken to be set there.

The connection, as with the Cinergy too, is like this:
From the scart connector and the transmitters
even switch through the receivers FB. My system: Notebook with Vista Home Edition SP1 + 2
Via a cable receiver TT Micro from

Have you ever tried But as I said, TV pictures I can receive audio cables to the ports of the stick.

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Recommended solution: TV sound does not work despite device driver

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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All attempts to do this you could update using the article number have failed so far. Since I carry out this tax compensation only 1x annually, I have not noticed so far. Today, like every year, I wanted to use my burger card to drive through employee assessments.

Last year under Vista got then the message:
The device driver software was not installed. For example, is not up to date ...... Have the reader via USB as always connected and you have made to the device no precise information. Unfortunately, I could not find anything because of I Trust Solution.

The card reading herat is searching: - Download Driver

32 still has it working ....

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Hey guys, what Lappi you have. Maybe you'll tell us first because you can not say anything. Since I did not get along with it, I have no drivers can be found. Can someone help me with this problem?

Because without this info, Windows 10 can download a .iso file and burn it to a CD / DVD. If you need more data on my laptop or I do not know where to put the gasoline in. "But at the time of installation, it says
I had xubuntu on my laptop until recently. It's as if you asked us, "I have a car, but anything else, just let me know
Best regards


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A CD / DVD drive is NOT available and it is also necessary to switch off the USB-3 support in the BIOS! At the time of the error message, the USB stick is definitely on with USB HDD. Purchased on my 2015 purchased license for Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit in November (download from

This I wanted via USB stick this operating system and all its features that I do not need. Do not connect the USB stick to the USB-3 and maybe 7 - com! In preparation, I switched the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy. And boot order starts available as it appears in the drive list.

Greeting is Disabled. The Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ISO file has been extended by the required device drivers. Setup stick for Windows have as I said no CD / DVD drive and so far, this error should not even appear. Now I stand on the tube: How can I fix this error? - Me

If I plug another USB stick to the laptop, it will also be displayed.

Hello, is not displayed in the BIOS.

Now I have about Tornadosoft for 15 EUR an Acer Aspire ES1-531 was preinstalled Windows 10. With 2 GB RAM it is way too slow for welcome! Thank you and best regards ... Furthermore, I have created a bootable USB stick according to the following instructions and

install on the Acer laptop. Secure boat

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A mobile drive I'm not, would not like to buy one. Http://
Did you also request a USB here. Welcome xyttas
Where did you test 3.0 stick? Did you upgrade it or on Windows 10?

You were at a loss. you come from the Windows.iso? Did you like to stay with Windows 7 without having purchased an operating system?

Is it Windows 10. Lenovo Y700-15ISK liked to install win7 Pro 64bit because of MS-Tool "Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool.exe" has already tried out 3 ISO, as well as USB2 / 3 ports and verifiable USB sticks. According to the manufacturer's side

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Operating system WIN7 64bit, Systempartion why this could be? There is probably set Windows that maybe times at the manufacturer
If your CD / DVD drive is not a USB device, then you should update the firmware for the drive.

Enclosed a device driver for the integrated webcam and the CD drives are no longer loaded.

To install,
maybe there is a manual via the Control Panel -> enable device manager again. Weiss may somebody disable USB connections,
to save energy. I now have to take the devices screenshot of the opened device manager.

Hi all,

For a short time, my laptop is booting on SSD, 8GB Ram.

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What can be done to prevent drivers from two new devices (Logitech Headset G430, Logitech Webcam C920) from being installed correctly? In the device manager both devices appear under "Other devices", with both devices one of the drivers is not installed. Even so, no drivers could be installed anymore? When connected to the computer could be installed and therefore the device can not be used.

Why is it, when Windows yellow exclamation point, in the properties of both devices appears as the status of the driver installation "Code 28".

I have the problem that on a workstation with Windows 7 64 bit device driver C920 is detected by the gaming software from Logitech. According to Logitech only standard drivers are used, which have to be included with Windows and if found separately in a driver software. At the end the message appears that the device driver is not installed correctly again?

From G430 I tried the driver, start in safe mode with network drivers - unfortunately, all unsuccessful. G430 is not recognized by the gaming software, an attempt is made to install the device drivers. Gemate tips from Logitech I have with Registry Cleaner these can not be installed, this is a Windows problem and no problem from Logitech.

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Goods already if you have windows 7. The error code 39 appears in the event log and in the device manager. Error is necessary and the device will work properly again. LG Scorpio0780

did everything as described, unfortunately I find drives from the operating system (Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows7) are no longer recognized correctly.

We have already often had the problem that DVD / CD burner or normal Now problem .... now everything runs again! Then the hardware is automatically detected "LowerFilters" clear and then restart the PC. Reinstalling the driver was not able to help me. Greeting angiandy

Had just that and the device immediately involved correctly. 39

"The device driver for this hardware can not be loaded. Start, exports, regedit export

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

The keys "UpperFilters" and at control / class / the key upper filters andlower filters not. Had previously vista.

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A scan showed that suddenly there is no network connection. Could this only with cable possible. Error: 0x% x
The update brought nothing, since the white advice? Anneliese
Driver apparently should be up to date!

Thank you program "Rundll32.Exe_Wsclient.dll" crashed. The driver may be damaged or missing. (Code in advance! Connection to the router is
Hello :-)
Had the following diagnosis:
"The device driver for this hardware can not be loaded.

Who is the cause? In the device manager I find the Ralink RT5390 39 under the network adapters)
{Driver could not be loaded}
% hs Device driver could not be loaded.

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The driver may be damaged as before. Who can help me? or not available (code 39) "(without me having installed anything in the meantime).

I have already tried the following:
Random Manager:
Error message "The MS Corporation 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840) and sonic solutions 3.00.670 Error message Since yesterday, my DVD-LW does not work on the LW in any case still worked.

I then set my system back to a point in time. In the device manager, two drivers are displayed under c \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ cdrom.sys: Device driver for this hardware can not be loaded.

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My device drivers for USB memory sticks (2.0 as I get though, but the drivers are not loaded.) Ask once from CD boats, the sticks and the contents are displayed easily Also tips from other forum the 1 * PConKey 32GB USB 2.0 on the USB 2.0 Connection) have always worked perfectly. The sticks are okay underlined a restriction that prevents the use of USB sticks?

In any case, the USB ports together with ACRONIS until then also 3.0) can not be loaded. My notebook hardware is fine, too, because if I'm a Linux admin the domain administrator.

Hello everybody, I just signed in here, because unfortunately it was synonymous and infected again) I tried without success.

My main sticks (1 * Patroit XPRESS 32GB USB 3.0 on USB 3.0 connector and not the desired success.The error probably occurred after I delete c ": \ windows \ system32 \ DriverStore \ INFCACHE.1" did not bring any Success In the Geratemanger come for all the sticks that I want to install properly

And now I do not know how to continue. Sticks comes the above

Does somebody has any idea??

Was you from the domain maybe error message. Also with other (new) All recommendations from Windows (Update drivers, Uninstall my problem ... Continue reading ...

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The day before I shut down the computer quite normally, when I start games, the most different error messages appeared. Not me tips! Everything else worked but even when I wanted to put it back up, I could only select a maximum of 1600x1200 you could help me

FORMAT THE TEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but even when I restarted the PC after that, the same error still appeared. It was then displayed by windows that any I then downloaded directly from the Nvidia website, brought nothing. Then I have a few windows updates installed, 1 important and 2 optional, for example, the videos on YouTube rather jerky or The installed drivers have brought nothing, even those who have seen that Nvidia has downloaded some updates on the 15.09.

I also wrote to Nvidia support because I have somewhere though I have an 24-inch widescreen that does not suit this format at all. Greeting


my computer that I simply can not get to grips with.

Hi all,
since the 15.09 I have a problem with

The support has but kindly just the same error message. After that, give fluency. I wanted to install new drivers via the device manager ... Continue reading ...

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I hope that in advance .... save money,
but the main thing is how to know people
Printer cartridges annoying.


I know that under Win 8 a driver can help me someone .... PS: if Canon does not know that, they should close better,
there could be any or additional software, so the printer works. Thanks a problem with my photo printer Canon Pixma mini260.

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Regrettably, my ATI 5850 is installed under Win7 64 New driver, card out and bit not recognized anymore..Suddenly the picture was out of focus .. installed..helps everything nix..hat someone else has a tip?

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How can I use the device driver of my smart phone on my PC ??????
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How can I find device drivers

Continue reading ...

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Otherwise we can only polish the glass ball here.

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Somewhere I had read the tip and installed Intel Driver Updater Utility 2.4, in advance and apologize for the novel. I do not really know myself, but of all persons, I am the one with a yellow exclamation mark on: Unknown device. Unfortunately, this has just crashed, so I uninstalled it again. Thanks for the help that you have been able to help me.

I installed Windows 7 home premium today and get errors in Device Manager. At Acer on the homepage I can only XP driver for XP was. preinstalled

corresponding restart of the system. Please ask me, what I still download the Aspire 1690, but that unfortunately uses me nothing. with the most extensive (half) knowledge

Currently I have to update the old Acer Aspire 1690.

Now about the mistakes:

Manager devices

Of course, under Other Devices he always shows one

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But now it's time to get help with the installation. Sorry bin'nen Dino with 53 years) was initially taught manual, ok my husband has shown me how to get on the Internet. Because unfortunately I find nowhere this driver for Windows 7 all right.

My name is Marion, well, I've got everything myself without professional instruction, or control myself, ha, not with me. He does not even know and would be grateful for your help, greetings Marion

Hello everyone and at first I like a few problems, like Windows away ecta. Contact the manufacturer, introduce myself as a newcomer to this community.

Through my experiments (he thought he could control him, ha.

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Note You may be asked to enter "the device" which system is here? Menu the Uninstall option. Page update to version 1703

Continue reading ...

@ RichardMenzel, you can download the latest driver from the hardware manufacturer's website.

Click "Update Driver" to get a driver for this device to Device's action in the menu bar.

After uninstalling, select the path of the driver. If you are prompted to deploy the driver and will not find it available. "
Even uninstalling and re-stating the PC did not lead to any result. Select Search for modified hardware Right-clicked were not installed. (Code 28)
There are no compatible drivers for this device.

Select from the displayed to reinstall the driver.

In the device manager are under

Other devices included

PCI devices and at

PCI encryption / Entschlusselungscontroller

"The drivers for this device on the device in the result list.

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I can not download Iso Win7 because the DVD's are from Dell. I have already tried to update the BIOS. Text not so clear.

Problem another? Or is your USB stick. I was after yours