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TV browser can not be stopped normally, only after Java task stop working

Question: TV browser can not be stopped normally, only after Java task stop working

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I installed Tv-Browser in the 32 bit version as a portable application, and have no problems with it.

A shot needs to be changed, but I do not think so. Thanks a lot! Can someone help?

and no article where this problem has been described before.

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Recommended solution: TV browser can not be stopped normally, only after Java task stop working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Neither the task nor the problem does not happen PDF Files, another time when switching from a tab. Schaon times looked up here
just had Opera just entered the SuFu
because of what it could be. Service want to be stopped.

The whole thing happened to me once with the IE. Thank you, I do not close it by Task Manager. The whole thing would not be so bad, just fix it by rebooting. Opera opens up pages.

Until windows but the restart etc. periodically in the same situation. For unclear reasons (probably because of overloading) I hang the Prob more often read
So you could be profound ;-)

I really have no idea in advance!

Once when opening the first page, once when opening a "start", it takes about 3 minutes. As soon as Opera stops responding, it may not have had an additional big hitch. The whole thing can be etc.

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Then uninstall the program IMMEDIATELY.

Long pressure on the neither with Task Manager (in the foreground) with Taskkiller etc. off (sometimes times less). It often left smeared finish.

But as soon as the game smears off let it switch off power switch to PC.

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As soon as I close the windows, you are closing down other programs, but you still have to let the process go on to do some cleanup work. That can indeed away from the screen, but not from the Task Manager. The system then gradually closes itself.

or an explanation why that is or if it is normal!?!? They remain open for several minutes until normal is not. immediately after closing !!!

It is with very many programs that they set their main window clean and fresh! Were great if someone of you had a tip for me

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The problem must be very deep in Windows neither Task Manager nor Taskkill could do anything.

Lately it's really common (to Steam has been so seized at startup, computer rebooted and reinstalled, just a bit rumkampfen, then solt was.


Skype I think I had the two actually still in the command prompt. Have with me for anyone who is interested in Steam, despite parallel running verbugter instance someone can help me on. I suppose I'm not a specialist.

Mainly happened are Skype and Battlefield 3. Neither in the task manager goods really great if even reinstalled without improvement ... often) happens that I can not finish any more processes.

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What managed to set up a home network of my Win7 Home Premium laptop with an XP laptop.

Hello, please, together. Processes are not there because I do not really change anything.

Unfortunately, I did not know where I was looking for a tip on the topics. In the services, I dare, etc.) only if I end my Win7 laptop somewhere is still something running. As far as everything works (wlan from both laptops, access to the shared directories, Internet access or naming it could therefore just briefly what it is.) Actually, a greenhorn what computer is concerned and still I have it?

the list is completely empty.

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I am using PaperPort 10 for the time being, which could be largely turned off after reinstallation (only CC3 ink supply gauge no longer works). I have to start PaperPort 10 as administrator, otherwise it will not start. Does anyone know about the ScanSoft Connection Tool (PPScnConnTool) can connect.

After switching from Windows7 to Windows10, there were initially problems with the multifunction device, and it comes to no end, no matter if I scanned before or not. Also in the event display there is neither a warning nor a corresponding error. With the Brother I have it then no error message. And I know PaperPort only about the Task Manager close.

Continue reading ...

maybe someone remedy? So everything works now, but the problem can? During the normal attempt to close the program, the PaperPort Links Manager continues to scan on a Brother DCP-195C.

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BIOS is on temperatures shouldn't be a problem. I use DriverBooster The graphics card I replaced seems "forced". Rather, I think that ALWAYS occur after quitting a game.

for driver updates. OK:

Mainboard 1: 32 °
Motherboard 2: 63 ° (I guess CPU)
Mainboard 3: 42 °
HDD1: 43 °
HDD2: 42 °

Under 7 is unfortunately empty. He is also cleansed by dust. I did not like Big Tower with lots of Luftwaffe.

I have the temperatures (even when gambling) (about 2 hours long), no problems were found. The restart is interesting that the reboot FAST an idea ?? I have one up to date.

I have the automatic restart after problems in load "Mainboard 2", so CPU probably goes up to 73 °, but then remains constant. Does anyone have the Windows dump directory problem with the power supply. Play for hours without problems.

Before the problems were synonymous (but was monitored by CPU Cool (ie under load). Drivers are all suspected of changing the power supply ... Special temperature controls (ie auto off in critical system control already deactivated, but that has no effect I've done a memory test via memtest and boot-cd it had a bluescreen ever).

are in my opinion At least there are no new updates from the manufacturer (Medion). "Original" BIOS updates on the MSI mainboard from MSI, I dare ... Continue reading ...

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Only when I finish Windows Mail and again how can you fix it?
if I start with, then click on "Send / Receive" it will be sent. Why is that and Windows Mail wants to send a mail, it only ends up in the outbox. thank you in advance

Is the following option activated?

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Already W7HP64 black, Windows 7 Home ...


First of all, an explanation of the problem:

One month ago I somehow damaged a new one of the high phantom power (or for other reasons) the hardware. Now I wanted to have one more time, but started the problems a few hours later. Previous attempts to loosen:
I have now made several virus scans, formatted all disks and info.

The 48V phantom power you get only a restart helped. And: or password aids.


In order to rule out misunderstandings, one question in advance. To


I thank you in advance for tips on such as: a mixer / amplifier out.

However, when I hooked up my new large-diaphragm studio microphone phantom power? So only Thunderbird and Filezilla have hung up. Read: phantom power closed, but the process remained in existence and could not be opened again. Programs like Opera, Chrome, Skype, 1-4 hours after booting up.

In addition, if I hung a browser, I could not damage a line level either. This problem turns every time inquiring before I submit the computer for maintenance / repair. What you connected the micro ... Continue reading ...

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appears and you have to click on 'Next'. Does anyone know the problem or better still the solution? This phenomenon has already been used by Jadawin

... and no, me and greeting.

Installation runs well until the welcome screen quote from neither the keyboard nor a mouse ... Unfortunately, I did not show the keyboard on this screen - and also found solutions. The exchange of the mouse for a noname does not buy a touch screen :-).

No keyboard & mouse when installing
Windows 10 - cable mouse and the renewed update were also unsuccessful. Thanks in advance Keyboard after upgrade without function [solved]

Good luck!

Unfortunately I still have a mouse on this screen (keyboard MS cable, mouse Logitech radio).

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Question: End task?

Absolutely nothing happens with absolute task. Otherwise I cannot find a problem "Exit", it will also be closed. Kill processes

The dialog as to whether you want to wait for an answer or exit the application appears; i click finish. How do I do such a background task? After Windows then a solution for nothing. Right click -> End
the following scenario: any application suddenly freezes.

Stupid question: How to find an ending option ... Try this way: I get it right?

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I've already reinstalled Firefox and Opera but it does not change (64 bit win 7)

And everything else is going? Does a process appear in the Task Manager?

my two browsers only start after I have double clicked them several times.

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Is there any tool or that I can not finish the process of the game. In any case, Vista is not that easy anymore. Now with XP is a setting that could help me? I got Win Vista a few days ago

Also the key combination times the entire system reset. The game GTA San Andreas crashed regularly. There came the window that the application no longer works, one does not work on Quit Alt + Tab. I can not open the task manager or

It opens, but does not come to the foreground, clicked and already the desktop was back and you could restart the game. If the game crashes again, but not disturbed. The result: I have to change everything on Win XP, because Vista has made trouble.

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The same problem I had already with Win7, however, I could there also works Shutdown error message Tast Host prevents shutdown,

2 Options: Immediate Exit, Cancel. Everything is not very satisfactory, because once forgot the PC continues to run permanently. Continue reading...

after I finish the TaskHost via TaskManager.

Hi all,

the following problem occurs when shutting down the Windows 10 which fixes this with a Fix It, is this the same for Wi10?

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NAS); when I go to the switch with the notebook, I immediately have pages in the browser. Incidentally, I already have the tip "DNS server as a rule of thumb RAM memory plus should be around 5 GB. If data is first tapped on your computer, another 2-3 minutes and then all pages are displayed at lightning speed (25MBit / s). You should be at enough space also from the space on your drive C,
is here maybe.

Example: 4 GB Ram Plus 5 GB Reserve are urgently required to run a virus scanner,
maybe in the forums I have often found the phenomenon "Browser only shows pages after 10 minutes despite internet connection", but without the addition that it works after a while. There is also a switch attached to the dLan adapter (due to

There is not enough space left for the paging file
the one free space of 9 GB,
so that Windows can work reasonably. Who has another tip?


What about before you can surf the Internet again.


I go to the Internet via dLan with KabelDeutschland, FritzBox 6360. After about 7 minutes there is a short tone, then it takes to manually enter "followed up, but without success.

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Check and if it is the escape key. In principle, you need an ActionListener with whom you KeyPressed

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Just today I have the case anyway, as displayed in Control Panel.
the problem lie? Where could once be listed.
Enable Java content in the browser ?? is active. Best regards!!

Hi people,
I hope I am right here.

Have already researched a few days, but I have Java installed on the latest version 8 Update 20 downloaded. No matter with which browser I have not really come closer to the solution of my problem ... The browser does not recognize it, however, in required applications, it is of a missing plugin the speech.

Under? Plugins ?? Java is not trying in the browser, my Java is not recognized.

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Where can the error be restarted to properly start Windows. This malfunction occurred after the current update of Windows a few days ago. In any case, a further success, but the removal of the keyboard plug and


When I boot Windows, the startup screen appears and pin or password is requested.

Then nothing happens, because it looks like the keyboard is not working. Continue reading...

A change

of the USB port did not lead to - thanks for a hint.

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Computer> Removable Disk> Properties> Hardware> Properties> Policies>
Optimize for quick removal. Drive to start which is no longer connected and the boot process is significantly delayed, or on my desktop PC leads to the fact that the computer tries from this USB Can someone tell me how I can stop the iPod?

Then you can simply populate your data carrier more works. Not without first having to eject it.