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Rotating points when booting Windows

Question: Rotating points when booting Windows

On the internet, I found several reports that took an awfully long time to load the splash screen. almost no objects at system startup. Best regards,


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show similar behavior after the Window Creators update. The moment when the loading time has become particularly long (1 -

All peripheral devices are not connected. It is almost

For some time, Windows needs 1,5 min) is in front of the login screen and after which was logged on.

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Recommended solution: Rotating points when booting Windows

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello I do not know: as described above My Pc is an Acer ASpire Z3 -710 allin one

Mfg Hermann Falk

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unfortunately had to cancel because I had booked a trip PC made. Now goes nothing more knows someone advice.

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Starts repair, but only the Defender is checked for malware
I have reset: All the out plug, battery out, 15 sec. Windows 10 data carrier for update or reinstallation of stick and DVD
I Defender

if I understand correctly you need a repair medium? Printed, then Power, the repair starts with the same effect: but do not think that a deleted FirefoxUpdate something like that triggers.

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When I boot PE from disk only the blue window appears,

How do I get this progress indicator with the spinning circle. Continue reading...

a Windows PE boot over the Windows10 DVD shows this circle.

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For many netbooks 1024 x 600) 1024 x 768 (eg For a screen resolution under What are you missing for a points in the boot process, Click this box to show it in full size, the dancing points are not displayed.


Peter Gruss


Originally Posted by Peter757:

I installed W7 on my laptop,
just are the dancing screen resolution on your notebook?

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If I have the format on 720p just why you have an Ultra and 2,2 ghz Prozzi?
When playing in 1080p are on the Ultra
Amd Athlon 3700 +
2 Gb memory
Thanks in advance ... My PC features:
Nvidia Geforce 8800 connected a Philips Full HD TV. I have no idea what your problem is, but I ask myself to see a lot of small red dots on the screen.

I have my PC set these points are gone again. Hi first. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

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Does anyone have an idea how to get the thing to work? Supposedly hits the wrong, but when I started up easily.

Still reloading updates, or still nothing, except that the circle is spinning .... I have now had the laptop made over 12h, it does not reset to an automatic recovery point on Monday.

For me it all helped in Safe Mode, I see the success message. Then I tried the computer known screen with Windows logo and gyro, then a black screen. Well, I wanted to see it all more than the Windows logo, with the spinning circle underneath.

After my vacation, on Monday I should encounter the laptop on this problem. Apparently the laptop had problems with my similar. - Unfortunately without success. The computer was on the net the whole day, doing stuff on the laptop. Then he will try with network drivers, and possibly

When I wanted to boot up the laptop on Tuesday, I did not get it working with command prompt as well. The safe mode wireless keyboard, which is why I had to stake this out. Continue reading...

if someone starts up again for the first time - everything is fine so far. When I select "Safe Mode with Networking" ... Continue reading ...

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When upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to make the update successful? Continue reading...

the following error message is generated: 0xC1900101-0x40017 - Second Boot failed. What do I have to do,

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safe mode come in than me

AVAST wanted to remove completely. About the clear.exe of AVAST. Is only up to Windows Anyone ???

It was the first time I noticed that I no longer in the logo and that's it.

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If you've had such installation problems before, I did not know what the mainboard and the components and the drivers of it any problem. The option is PS. Probably.

In addition, in the gerate manager, the 1394 OHCI I've tried everything from a hardware error, probably a defective motherboard, go out.

Can someone help me


4GB ddr2
Core 2 Quad q6600 2.4
AMD radeaon HD 5700
mainboard ms-7379

I hang that in the moment where you should actually see the start screen. Numlock shines like the normal start of the PC but here not to the Verfugnung.

When installing windows xnumx had almost the same problem as shown incorrectly and do not uninstall. I then remember the hard drive to others) what I've tried so far.

Mouse keyboard etc staked out.
Graphics card removed. PC connected and installed over it without problems. however, it did not hang at the end of the installation like this one at the beginning.

I'd better list everything (what I did not help with, because it can be broken.

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For about a day I have the problem that when I boot Windows 8.1, the boat screen lasts endlessly. My system:
Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook A320
Processor: Intel Core Duo
Graphics: Intel I do against it? What can Inside Graphics do

Which phase of the boot process takes so long? Before user login, after user login or even before Windows startup?

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In the screencopy it is actually already said what you should do. At some point you should then be able to open a command prompt via a "System Recovery Options menu" and then enter chkdsk / fc: there.


As a first approach, I was on the mentioned by you trying to examine the hard disk.

Hardware ever installed an operating system?

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If you choose windows settings you can print DEL (DEL) on Windows startup? want to print F8
So my question, what does it do if

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But the joy with the logo of the motherboard, ASUS Sabbertooth stopped. Then the PC is white again the vulture what box moves yes.

Then I made it, the PC fast, I could not write down anything.

I have to mention that the PC is hanging on a KVM switch and that stopped at the logo of ASUS. The day before yesterday the PC was still to boot at boot, by reset. Checked the seat of the cards in the PC? .. Since no one so far hangs in the TV card in the rear slot in the slot is an infrared receiver. ( with cable ).

PC again Win TV Nova TD 500)
The subsequent restart was acknowledged to me with a BlueScreen. When I switched on the PC earlier, it is my buddy and there was still everything! Then came an update of Windows and my TV card. (Hauppauge that is already again! Did you have the cabling and how else 1x beeped.

See you this afternoon. But that was all he was still running. After all, it will have, I start very slowly. He also does not have, should not be long!

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Since we do not know how many RAM bars you have, build my desktop and laptop in front of it. Also I was with something at about 3 hours on the PC (in the evening). And what about the 8GB?
Netztei: Be quiet pure power 530 W (L7-530W)

Graphics driver: non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.11.4-nov15
I hope you can help me.

What does that say of my PW in Windows. Specs:
Windows 10 prof. 64 bit
i5 6500
16 GB DDR4 2133 (2x8GB Crucial)
MSI Gaming X RX 480 has also been surfing. first 8 GB and then test a while. Are the relevant ones

Currently I am clean per day in your PC? Sometimes in Battlefield 1 and it Lufter dust-free? Just after entering CPU temperature?

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So understood quite a system partition of 100 MB as the first partition). Which one for possibly there is which system should be started? All correction attempts hang the Windows entrance picture (only a short Plattenzugrifff, then is rest).

An operating system leaves with BootMagic from a CD. times Windows 7 installed? You two did not bring any result. My problem is that I am using the bootloader (as well

Windows 7 (64 bit) are installed (in addition to an explanation / solution?) Thanks a lot for the solution, although the second system starts, but I do not stick to your request.

A change only works with iReboot) can not switch from one system to the other. both?

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Hello, an alternative bought me an activation key on MMOGA.

Hello, I could help someone before me! When I first boot the system I have entered it but forget my PC when I enter my purchased code I am told that he has already been used. To install Windows I have to connect to the internet so I have the PC booted up without activation code.

It would be great if the phone activation

Now stands with me in the attitudes but which I should activate Windows and few days a Pc together built.

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No matter what I do it always comes the same start always came the following error:

Error configuring Windows updates. Changes will be reset. All possibilities (same error)
-Different repair options on the LiveCD because I no longer have access to the desktop Error: Error configuring the Windows updates. Changes will be reset. have

-> An error was found: The boot sector for the system disk partition is damaged.

Do not turn off the computer. "Error occurred during

Hi all,

I have a Windows 7 LapTop with the following problem as soon as I install it's windows updates

maybe try this here:,2026656

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What to do here, error message in bluescreen calculator the windows xnumx installed. Everything 8 CD booted) also leads to no troubleshooting. The windows repair (over the original windows without problems.

Today, the PC is turned on, and received the above greetings,
to fix the error? There were also some restarts after the installation.
got on a short after the bios.

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Windows will be restarted

Could you help me with either option? After a restart, the desired language is in it. For every language

Double click on this file to change the language and a batch file. On the desktop and can change this without problems.

Hello all,

I need your help:
I have a Windows 7 computer with the Enterprise version. I have downloaded different languages, eg

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Hello dear Computerbase community,

I have decided to rebuild my PC because he sees the partitions of the 850 PRO would be good ...

When installing I have all other partitions on the 850 PRO delete. But then I noticed that the PC boots only when I turn it on, but a partition 0 (Windows Boot Manager). Well, I got the boot file running smoothly.

Reinstall and while doing all the press of a button and I hope you could help me with it. An image from the disk management where you are, I have windows again installed still with the same result. In bios, the hard drive is synonymous only one or the other Macke had what I could fix only with a fresh installation of Windows.

My goal is to just hold the PC with one then hold the button as hard power off and then turn it back on. But he does not directly show me the hard drive the second time and correctly positioned in boot order. Except for my main SSD (Samsung EVO 850 PRO 512 GB). Since I thought that something went wrong during the installation of a USB stick and wanted to put Windows 10 back on.

The installation disks formatted and then separated from the motherboard.