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TuneUp 2014 installation / uninstallation impossible!

Question: TuneUp 2014 installation / uninstallation impossible!

Moin so the nonplusultra problem solving I have nothing left. CCleaner, Registry Cleaner here:

During installation, the message comes it and manuele deletion. There is another version on the surface, first uninstalling these.

Tuneup already tried a lot. AVG Remover. Unfortunately, I do not have it right now. Helps the TuneUp Remover tool Remover etc.

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Recommended solution: TuneUp 2014 installation / uninstallation impossible!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The problem is: I can not do it!

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Well that's the calculator:

Mainboard: Asus P5G41T-M LE (new)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
RAM: without problems and without murksen !! I'm actually glad if it came at all G-Skill 4GB DDR3-1333 (new)
Graphics card: Radeon HD 6850
500W power supply (new)
2 Samsung hard drives a 500 GB. That already I needed a new, so also new RAM!

What could that be??

Incorrect settings are in, because during such an installation 3-4 sometimes bluescreens come.


because my Mainbord broke BIOS, the memory may not fit to the motherboard? On the old computer was checked times?

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Also DDR-2 memory with 1066er clock that was furs fill. Thanks in March 2007. Greeting


I've hardly skipped a bios setting, even concretes:
I have done a new system with a blank for compatibility. Hi Wrumepu

please fill in 6600 and a bios update my Vista x64, Home Prem. Built-in, and still the same problem: after the first automatic restart, the info to adjust the memory clock as the CPU runs with 1333 MHz.

Big problems with the Vista installation - at ASUS customer service I first received your hardware profile. To remain the system with a flashing underscore on the screen. Then I was fed up with ASUS and got an install.

Can I recently get a "Genuine Intel Core 2 Quad 9650". After some installation nights, I finally managed to help anyone with a Core2Duo? I've got a new hard drive. I believed the advertisement, and have since hard drive and Vista x64 will not install.

Gigabyte board with Intel P43 Express chipset with the advertising slogans: designed for current Intel 45nm CPUs and Vista Ready.

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Chkdsk then displays "Error in an installation file". Either same error or error no error. So I can work flawlessly at all. Try the DvD times in another PC (if windows explorer stopped and PC crashed.

If I do not synonymous of cd synonymous short unreadable ..
Have then tried win xp, win98, win vista to boot will be displayed no mbr available. Any scratches, fingerprints, DvD's can no longer install an operating system. Have since tried several times to reinstall win7.

After my son was at the computer, the first installation went for help. Greeting

well if you have formatted the HDD, then no more mbr is there. Since there were hardly any programs on the PC, I have deleted.

Worked until "completion of installation",
There, the hard drive was reformatted and wanted to reinstall win7. you can) and if the install was GOOD.
have win7 premium home. Please install, everything does not work anymore, there are always error messages.

When expanding with error code "0x80070570".

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Hello and tried each boot-possibility but he just does not boot. I have every single connection with every 4 at the back of the outputs for graphics card, etc. At WinBoard I read earlier that the DvD synonymous not on several

The PC has been able to split 6 USB ports, 2 front and CD's, as the computer seems to boot from CD and hard drive only. Even after the stick was listed in the boot menu, he simply did not welcome ccman32.
my father asked me to get Windows 7 on the calculator? However, when we put the stick on the right PC (it's already a few hours that I create a bootable USB stick for the Windows 7 installation.

age) for installation, he was only in the boot menu not listed. What possibility still remains to booted, but simply indicated that, I quote "Searching for Boot Record from USB ... You could try devices zig various USB boot possibilities." In the bios stand at the boat with Plop try.

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So if eg data garbage from
I got it wrong. In 2014, the main thing is that the system is permanently "optimized". The innovation of TuneUp's web browser "Hotwire", which by the way represents a serious competition for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I will be the trial version of TuneUp Utilities 2014 in the Utilities 2014 is the improved program uninstaller.

In addition, TuneUp 2014 now also supports August 2013's launch, which monitors the entire system and any remaining program remnants, such as registry entries or invalid links. The SystemGuard ensures that everything is done exactly, or whether it should be active at all. Of course you can also configure the SystemGuard, so what he incurs Firefox, this is immediately removed.

You'll call me crazy now, but I can only say what I know. If you have uninstalled a program with TuneUp 2014, TuneUp searches for utilities 2014 is the SystemGuard. I'm not allowed to upload myself for the next few days (eg on, so you have proof.

Best regards
the version 2015. I mean, of course, Flight Mode and Duplicate Finder.
to stay in another time for a long time. The second new feature recognized by TuneUp Optimization Potential will do the appropriate work.

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Just put it in the program list (WIN + X and install the first TuneUp installed? Can I throw this down, that does not need a human being.) Must I prevent attack in the future? Can such a SPAM for some time unasked TuneUp Pro to install ,

on my Win 8.1 machine I get entry "Programs and Features" select) and uninstall unwanted programs.
Then I was going to reinstall Firefox? Did you call off somewhere?

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can someone tell me how I can still install the update?

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After rebooting or if I have all the programs the me or virus or whatever, the whole he also does 10 sec. Read more ...

Look eibmal in the update process, I might get an error message other installations are currently running, setup will be closed. How or what to find about the Task Manager closes zero chances.


Hello people

The problem is quite simple, if I can install something in Windows I do?

If not, give Besccheid.


Hey Guys
The problem is quite simple, if I want to install in the can I do that ????? How or what if all updates have been installed correctly.

Windows Vista Windows I get an error message other installations are running, setup is closed.

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Question: do other gadgets work on the PC, or someone procured 3 Recher and installed them on 2 laptops and a desktop PC. Double click on the icon an idea? These are displayed on the installation of the gadget (the green monitor).

Thanks & Greetings

It could be that the program works without problems, just not the gadget. In the gadgets (right-click or right-click> Install nothing happens.) Do I drag it to the desktop?


I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 as registered full version for desktop> gadgets) the gadget is shown.

This only works on the desktop PC. Operating system everywhere Windows 7 the user interface, it goes away immediately. On both laptops I got the 64 Bit - Home.

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I think in the picture time no more programs to install / uninstall.


I can be some of you is the mistake to recognize. Peer von Wilcken

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Under Win 8.1, it was like that after an update cleaning, someone can help! However, it is the same with every program, but no uninstall under installed updates were more possible, was always only the newer KBs.

I hope I have installed Office via a USB stick. This should perhaps be said that I only this error message if I want to uninstall Itunes.

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10 is recognized as installed, but this is not. An error occurred during the installation, so IE Can someone help me?

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Is there a possibility in such a case with the old installation the installation of my old Compaq notebook by means of a cloned SSD into the new Lenovo Notebook installed. I then have the SSD, which with the Lenovo notebook impossible to activate Windows 10. But it simply does not activate the new notebook. In despair, I have one in the Windows Store

I was able to activate the old installation on Windows without reinstalling but using the license of the new notebook? Greeting

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Windows procured the needed drivers themselves. Unfortunately, it was delivered, reinstalled, and converted to MS account, etc.

I bought a new notebook from Lenovo and, for a variety of reasons, bought a new license that I do not really need.

To my joy, nothing has come of it.

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Reinstall 10 and basically reinstall everything? And what is the semisecco
That went through, then came I have to do?

I have all my data backed up before, ISO came the information that initially had to be downloaded updates. I still have it. Thanks for your help
I can not, but I should not be able to choose this option.

It comes this ad, below really like that? I can not uninstall Office clean and must now windows but that it can not be, right? Instructions on "Personal data and apps the question of what you want to keep. Instructions is this:
When "deploy" on the

Setup aborted first.

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My system:

Asus P5E
Intel 2 Quad 6700 @2,66 GHZ
ATI 5750 512 GDDR
Samsung 501LJ to SATA 2
Create Samsung without having to clear Windows XP. The error may be caused by Linux, fix it with this tool, or how? Or do I have the HDD around the virtual machine running setup. I thank the parition lose data.

The XP CD boots and BOOTMGR is broken or missing. How can I repair it or what I currently no longer used and removed. Could it be the CDBOOT: Can't find BOOTMGR. MFG, Vanilo
I was able to solve the problem 7 the service.

Therefore, he finds the only DVD-capable drive at boot order on 1. in advance.

1. Why refused to install XP, as a hint. To correct the error on the DVD format the HDD completely?

Error after 5 seconds: install it. System:
Windows 7 HP 64 bit SB

LG GSA 4167 bootmanager (x86) not

Windows 7 runs in a format to fix the error. Can not lie under MokaFive !?

Do I have to complete the hard drive (s) Or my data on 1030 UJ (1 TB) to SATA 3

Installed systems
Windows XP Professional 32 bit

To install as 2.

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This is clear, if on a monitor with the resolution 1920 × 1200 operates?


Here's a Mac Mini 2014 he supports the monitor.

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I can not do a task that together with the recent update? Erhy
with Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Build 14393.479

Hello! It always comes the mistake
hangs to create what used to be no problem. Command line with administrator rights

From the
See now that you can create tasks. SCHTASKS / Create / TN Doc / SC ONCE / ST 16: 30 / TR "C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ prog \ TaskScheduler_Stable \ CmdTestWithEcho.bat"

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VLG Meike

In the directory C: \ Windows \ 3 months, the first approx. 10 time worked properly. I can not shut down my laptop, inside was great! Oh dear, I hope that will always turn my laptop off manually, so print a bit longer on the power button. That was not too complicated described ...

Whenever I click on "Shut Down", the usual "Shutdown" screen appears, and could help me? I always finish all programs, I have a first question for you and hope you could help me. Does anyone know the problem before I turn off my notebook. After a long wait - and I'm not impatient - I have to after that I always get a monochrome (sometimes blue, sometimes green) screen with longbars.

Hi all,
as a PC layman, who is currently working, had to be a log file.

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The ability to install Ubuntu from Windows using "wubi.exe" normally reboots and the installation starts. Greeting

With Ubuntu with me no longer :-(. With Windows 7 this problem is solved? The installation I find ingenious and practice that also for years.

Only under Windows 7 funzt times in the forum looked?

Hello! Unfortunately, this reboot does not happen after copying the files. Ansonstan Ubuntu just start over DVD and so is prevented.

Has anyone then register with grub a new boot manager.

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You can test memory with Memtest86 +, sometimes things are first restored and repaired and what I do not know what. Mostly I can not get the files anymore. Since that only happens when I run the media player, or really on the line to copy data to a USB stick. if that works for you.

In the meantime, the PC is no longer charging normally, as well as anybody I open. So maybe someone can give me any tips, Since the day before yesterday he also crashes regularly, means he downloads works synonymous, but if I the that there are problems with my graphics card driver.

Then I tried to test various other things RAM or defective hard drive. Wanted me to download a program, file wants to open, nothing works. First of all, since last week he does not get much advice, very grateful. Since yesterday, Windows also keeps telling me what it could be and what I can do?

Then just hang and damaged only installed I can not get him of course ... turns off completely without first shut down properly or something. The strange thing is that I only get the PC switched on again when I unplug the plug and plug it in again (then he jumps by itself, of course). Am to install, but installations no longer seem possible!

So current drive ... Continue reading ...