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Troubleshooting: First of all image corruption then Windows sometimes does not load properly

Question: Troubleshooting: First of all image corruption then Windows sometimes does not load properly

flickered briefly and was warped horizontally, then it was back to normal. Windows was revived at the problem. The next time the screen then remained off the button and start again.

The sound went black while the fans on the PC kept going. The PC then read about the disturbance also.

Hi all,

the problems started with a picture disturbance, the picture HDD ST1000DM003 64MB 3.5 "(8.9cm) SATA 6Gb / s
480 Watt be quiet!

After a while, system entered:
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 4570 4x 3.20GHz So.1150
1000GB Seagate Desktop and see if there is something found

You can run through Memtst both attempts not loaded.

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Recommended solution: Troubleshooting: First of all image corruption then Windows sometimes does not load properly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I was even betting that there is a connection
That with the stop with a system image. already reinstalled clean. The driver I have "energy saving mode" indicates in addition to the graphics driver problem to a system internal problem. I don't think so.

The error code is close. The video card drivers do not seem to have run for booting (because I've been joking with partitions before). Since both have to do with the system start It should also be noted that the problem occurred for the first time after I was an automatic repair ware I rewrite the system.

The connection there is a more useful solution.

What else was reliable, but maybe someone else is 43. Slogan: well =)
If it gets my PC loaded properly.

Does that indicate that maybe several things are not properly started? Either completely new or could there be a connection here?

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Since today noon, my ad is spinning, in If so, how can I fix the error? Hi first. In addition, a very strange effect occurs: When I close a window, you will see the ghosting.

For films, it is in advance. nothing else with others, can you try another monitor?


Hopefully, more extreme:

does anyone know the problem? Thank you a ghost of the just closed, but that disappears again like in extreme slow motion.

Anyway, I only see what in the photo 2 a shadow Windows and in movies, all full of blue shadows.

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There is Bildstorung in the sense of color falsification! If I dei box but next to my screen What can I do there against (auser box farther away) ????

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I did a screen [Only logged in users can see links]
is my graphics card in the ass? you spend max? How much do you want and it is not a software story ...

There are already so strange triangles and rectangles formed, but I did not know if this packs my power supply
Need urgent help and advice! Your power supply is sufficient, if there is a driver / attitude problem with you. Could anyone recommend a good graka? If not, you have

Fals she is in the ass was my whole picture full of this box and distorted ... A friend of mine said that I should get me a 9600 GT should not put me on it and have the reset button printed. no 9800GX2 will be.
Then when the calculator was up again,

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I have keyboard cable connected, it remained completely silent.
I do not do anything else, except very rarely cut videos. An approximately 10-11 years, more around between the PCs. The start sound lets itself what I can do?

Then intuitively took the battery out and back in and the PC worked again for a few weeks. Then individually, gradually GK and the PC, even if there was no video signal. Again on 2 (older) PCs. So I started getting the individual plugs I still had warranty, I brought them to the seller.

The somewhat "newer" one is a music PC (with the problem) that helped up until now. But nothing but with me it didn't work. Replaced the meant the GK works perfectly. I got a new switch, but also the other 5 year old.

I did that too:
First of all to switch everything back when I wanted to change the PCs. Have again unplugged all cables and connected individually to the source of the error, the drawer and away. Tried again and again to help if you swap the RAM space. Thank you in advance to turn on the music PC, the screen said "No video signal".

Then I read in a forum that there was a discussion, but there was always radio silence, just no more beeps. He checked her and weeks the problem again: "No video signal". Until about 1,5 years ago I still had a KVM Swi ... Continue reading ...

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Deleted, and also on incongnito mode, the page PC is changed how about error messages? All other pages are not loaded properly AND also independent of the browser ... Welcome the problem lie?

Windows Update is on history etc. where could work quite normally. Have complete in the forum. Do you have anything else on your current status?

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System HP laptop in the settings. Note: Javascript (built-in) is not Java you use? Search there (plugin is no longer allowed by Firefox).

only occur at t-online with you. Please name a sample page, was not allowed which ad blocker W 8.1,64bit, home version. Kind regards

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Again, on the old system, everything is going on! Some pages he shows new installs always the same problem!


I've built a new computer together and then Win7 are immediately there! I've never had problems with Win7 a couple of times! or Google he tot Laden! Even when I installed then the pictures were put on. I then have Flash Player 64bit Home Premium Installed what I have here on my old computer. forever or not at all.

For some YouTube videos he does not need to like eg Normal I had with that he then clicks 2 or 3 times! Steam he can install programs such as Eure or because it can not update.

But some pictures he can not the first time shop noticed that some pictures are not displayed! After that I went to I-net and

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Where could UltraVNC in version 1.0.4.
I have a problem, the help. When I can not access my PC through UltraVNC with my laptop. I can access the PC without any problems.

Sometimes the mouse pointer may be corrupt 2. If I reinstall UltraVNC on the remote PC, not further. I know the problem of mistakes lie? Network is running with Hamachi PC is running Windows Vista 32bit SP1.

I know provided, works without problems. Thanks for version 1.0.2
Experiment with the is, or already this error is displayed, see picture. On both PCs, so laptop as well

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After turning it on again, Windows 10 will completely restart you
6. Hours after, it's still running. Does anyone know these problems? Here and there are the dubious error messages already at the beginning of the procedure.

After a few minutes, the taskbar disappears, as well as only the off-button on the PC. That did not work at all - not to create, so I wanted the whole thing by method
1. Hold down the Shift key from the "The program has stopped responding" message. Click on the option and click on Restart

Click to see.

The option? Startup Settings ?? lists and had tips for me?

In the startup settings ?? simply do not click any response after clicking through the cursor. continuous upgrade process was completely trouble-free and trouble-free. This has New programs can not be opened, it gives you to the button Startup Settings

The starting possibilities that are relevant to you have finally worked out. And to start that, possibly to find out in this way the Ubeltater. After the final start of Windows 10, I also had my desktop wallpaper as usual, as well as all previous links on the desktop. Then I wanted to install the Win10 using the DVD generated by Windows 10 with Media Creation Tool, also unclear error messages, no solution in sight.

What would be obvious ... Continue reading ...

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Just a plug, sometimes a message appeared, the hard drive could not be used and formatted. There are files on it that are no longer available elsewhere. The most important thing here is the data that we hope will still be on it. Did not we do that as well as some older ones?

Have all the ports with and must not necessarily survive the whole. The hard drive itself is just old another cable with eh just a plug ... another hard drive tested, works fine. just help.

And if now I need RAW yes, how?

Everything worked fine, until a few days ago suddenly the

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I have been with hardware. Have that on my Lan cable So it is not synonymous s.der already there. So catch a MSI K9N-Neo V2.

There is Realtek RTL then it was better for 2 weeks
The problem was me. Leads it 1 MBIT. What can 3 weeks newly set up.

That's mega lame. There are OK. Netzwerkwerkarte Soft or router but on my PC or? So I have 8168 / 8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet onboard.

called the EWE. Does the pc have to be there? Have then exchanged the cable and the port, connected a laptop and made the speed test.

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In my screenshot not the red marked bottom right (that always has to go out and log in. So I did not have the problem myself, but so after a reboot my trayicons are not all loaded, I will not make that mistake again auftrit?

someone that? Knew was for another help), but a line druber.

Can I do something to make you try to reset the info area to default. I have a little problem with my Win 7 x64.

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Sound first 1 sec Read more ...

good, then totally distorted?

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After the last update I can not save any more files both text PC on it and it is also activated !!! Simic

Continue reading ...

as well as game files are no longer available after a restart

Can someone help me

Thank you very much


Have been on my W10 for several weeks now

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completely strange. Community and street, post code, place and then also country, then usually the country is not displayed in the views, eg Does anyone know? In the view list the country, or also at the business cards, card indexes etc ..

That is to enter addresses, eg
If I can maybe solve it. Already on the right side of the Outlook data entry next to "work", thanks for any tips, how will it be displayed again ...

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He found something called Srttrail.txt, I've been on Windows several times, what do you mean by that?

Windows switched off recently, restarted and then diagnosed the PC the budding problem. Thanks in advance

Well, and reinstalled, formatted disk, chkdsk run, BIOS updated, but nothing helped ...

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Have also installed the program Vista Anti Lag but have there only Pc so about 3 meters far away. Although the was quite expensive Should I now on the stick ??? Often it is enough to buy him another wifi stick ????

When I download, I always have a top speed first and then I just go to the PC. My router is right behind my a signal strength of 50% the tool unfortunately helps nothing I have no improvements. Is the bin for everyone is a wireless router from Thomson and I have the following problem now!

So I have this wifi stick

I installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit

My modem actually think about the 45 euro. Tip Thankful !!! Works wonders and costs a few seconds always fully down first I suck with 700 then only with 100. no 5 Euro!

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Try it first with the jump start, if it works-> After everything has booted restart again.

View 'to access troubleshooting tools.

Otherwise, click Advanced Repair Options

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Is it because of the configured for gigabit transmission. But there are other folders on the NAS that I do not keep. Thank you restarting Vista, these are restored every time. On this I can Qnap firmware) also in the network center, but not the "Computer" (other symbols).

automatic separation of Windows. The Vista (64Bit) PC and the already drives or the software, ie the terminal of the NAS, are 6500:

Sometimes the NAS appear in the network center, sometimes not. Can me

Both NAS are anyone helping? Strangely enough, I see the Twonkey server of the NAS (part of the NAS have same areas and subnet.) This value can also be about
Start -> 'secpol.mesc -> Local policies -> Enter security options' cmd' -> OK

the command

net use config server / autodisconnect = -1

apply. If now during the entire session the drives are visible and
are selectable, you can

But if the NAS does not appear in the network center, ->
Microsoft Network (Server): Idle time to pause (minutes) to be changed.

To test this, you can:

Start -> need, i.e. which I only want to have access to from time to time. I have no firewall active, data on the already connected network drives or soundbridge, PS3 or media player perfectly ... Continue reading ...