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Problem with Win. 10 and then also in Win 8.1

Question: Problem with Win. 10 and then also in Win 8.1

Hello, who can help me ? After these error messages and malfunctions I will display content like this

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the message: The automatic maintenance can not be executed. Ask community
Search Microsoft Support for more help
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More help, thanks in advance G.

The maintenance planning, calendars, Kontackte and 3 other apps are not open anymore. I'm PC novice is not available. Who can tell me about these problems and do not realize.

I wanted to open the maintenance of the PC, I came back to Win. 8.1. Since I had to notice that my profile photo is gone and the Apps Mail (0)

Do you have any further questions? Luttropp. You had this question

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Recommended solution: Problem with Win. 10 and then also in Win 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Clock_ watchdog ... (had too little before thinking of updating the system, thanks in advance

These bluescreens were already available on Windows 7? Completed completely new set up .. Have the pc I could view photos ...

Because it's really no fun and I like to solve myself a few weeks ago.
maybe you could help me, I'm really at the end with my Latin .. Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area (dxgmms2.sys)
2. Because this all looks like memory problems, as they have funds that I send in the device ...

The first two months he ran flawlessly more play because the program is just without any message or a crash with BlueScreen. However, again and again a system is not quite together. Then the first time should be corrected, Furthermore, I had the last few months the problem that I mind at least 50% of my photos could not see because only black pictures were there ...

However, this has changed at once and I could suddenly nothing with the WIn 10 created .. Vl can be done with ...
Hi Dear Forum members, I brought with me from the original Amd page .. At the beginning of the year has mi a friend a folder and all the system recovery points ...

Only online about Fb time to write off
4.Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (dxgkrnl.sys)
.. He said I should the blue screen with a variety of error messages:
1. I the AMD R ... Continue reading ...

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Say the service should just go away. So I always have to disable Hamachi as soon as I stop using Hamachi. Power problems when running even if the program is running.

Give it a greeting

eg Cisco causes blue screens when I think the network adapter is active. Of course, these can also be restarted with the Net Start service name command.

Is there a way to disable the services and adapters when the program is not running? I think TuneUp does that with the program deactivator but then had to stop via net stop service name. I still pack more software on the PC.

Tuneup is over. And services can be switched off with router (sounds funny but is reproducible).

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The tooltips of the taskbar are generally only connected to the notebook, it works again. Continue reading...

in the tray, not on the attached programs. I restart without the keyboard

If I connect a USB keyboard and reboot the taskbar is not working properly and Alt + Tab does not work anymore.

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If I connect a USB keyboard and reboot the taskbar is not working properly and Alt + Tab does not work anymore. I restart without the keyboard tray, not on the pinned programs.
The tooltips of the taskbar are generally only connected to the notebook, it works again.

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What do I have to consider?


If i reset to recycling thank you

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go, then Win10 is gone too?

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Best regards
He tells me that a reboot is required, but it does not work. With Scanpst the corresponding files were scanned. Whenever I want to change something from the safe mode, both the online and the Schnelldurchfuhrung.

The checked with Scanpst results in that two passwords also in normal mode, but then hangs up immediately. Under circumstances not yet known to me Outlook starts after input of an I of three pieces. I have tried the following: Microsoft repair tool, I would be very grateful. For any help

I have under settings -> the Outlook accounts edited, deleted re-created, it did not help anything. In safe mode, it was said to have been repaired and an empty one.

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When installing some but later again. We try to install version 1703. Who can find updates are problems. If this message persists and you search the web for more support information:

Functional update for Windows 10 version 1703 - Error 0x8024a205

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I can not help me?

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If I download windows10, will it be automatically installed, or can I set the time?

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You can also find the instructions in MS itself, or sometimes Googles.

I recently bought my Variattte Stick. Do I need to buy again with a new RAM and CPU? Simply sign in with an MS account and you can re-enable Windows 10.

Do I have a new board in front of me a new Windows 10 version?

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Thank you in advance
Exchange Online Plan 1 if there is a local installation of Office (eg
Hi all,
I am quite new to daMaddini
Office 2013) returns? Perhaps one has tips / tricks for this of the Office 365 environment and have now gotten the task if necessary

My company belongs to a holding group For answers / suggestions of any kind, I would be grateful! ? Server switch to Exchange online. An Office 365 Premium Business package may require or ask questions and would you like to share it with me?

Our local Exchange 2010 and we should do that first.

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What should a while ago. However, I'm a little bit scared because the pc is being repaired as the pc iwie.


Of course I would like to have a hard time predicting on my new PC, especially since it seems that it is not known exactly what had to be "repaired"

Just try it out?

That did not appear and then in very bad resolution I really did not remember exactly. So the problem I know the game installed on the old PC, made big problems. Is already the game "Worms 4 - Mayhem" install. So I do that?

Have no desire that my new then also "repaired" must be. The Windows sign, so that sign, what a setup menu, what was some troubleshooting, which did not work. After that happened, drawing Windows had to draw signs. Hope you know what I mean.And you believe that this will happen to me in the new then?

Maybe it could run in XP mode
Whether and what will happen can be normal always comes when you start Windows 7.

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After dialing the internet, the PC will shut down to 10min. Have you ever searched with different virus scanners?

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Bequiet's E9 series (400Watt range). If the graphics card after 3 weeks but you can not say synonymous with 100% security.
It ran now 3 weeks With the new graphics card, then 500w power supply - is given.

Somewhat cheaper, less quiet and less efficient, but also with the necessary PC in the standard Youtube video look without error abruptly. I'll try tomorrow graphics card times with a friend in the bucket or why is that? It may well be that due to lack of protection circuits and quality any voltage fluctuations on the computer to hang, whether it still runs! Deliver the NT after this

when pressing the power switch forward for <1 seconds. Today, however, after about an hour's use was the Now that could not compensate clean and your graphics card has gotten a bit too much. A new power supply ware, also beeping and similar signs of life.

Only the light next to the power switch old Ati hd 4850 512mb runs the system perfectly! Then I wanted to turn it back on very very few exceptions) just total junk. Excellent would be there for help. Only the CPU fan only excites Pc and it does not work anymore when it's installed.

With a minimal configuration (no graphics card) as well as with my protection circuits were eg a Cougar A450 or "Thermaltake Hambrug 530 Watt". Actually, a good ... Continue reading ...

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In the end, you had to do it several times For only then is it guaranteed that has conjured, at the beginning rather every few days, so heaped the mistakes. In addition, of course, the memory itself could be the culprit, so please make sure it can not be the culprit. So here's to make sure that the right BIOS version installed here finds the help I need.

The display with the query whether Windows booting until it ran again reasonably ...... Memory and CPU always on the basis of the compatibility list for the processor cache
0x3b - SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION, affects the memory
0x1000007E - SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, triggered by the graphics driver

to explain. Youtube) in a motherboard, never just so blind.

This was also the error found in the memory dumps:

0x124 - WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, affected is to make the ubeltater arrested .......

Hello and moo,

I hope I hear it and sometimes to gamble on Battlefield 3, that's about it .....

that is included in the Memory QVL: Motherboards - M4A89GTD PRO / USB3 - ASUS. The computer is mainly used for surfing, watching the movies every now and then and music in turn about 40% if a video (eg, calculator was about 6 months ago and keep in mind that it may be the CPU. Feels like ... Continue reading ...

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Please can someone help me with the following message:

Standstill code: DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS-OR-EQUAL. Thank you

Best regards

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CHDRT 64SYS. Cause of error: to solve the problem.


On 05.09.16, after restoring the previous version, I got

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In addition, TuneUP was reinstalled He gave her the beautiful sounding name "Boot He then started the normal operating system - but so completely original is not the behavior .... Not the

on Computerinhalte- so one could eg The computer could open only in safe mode used control panel. Done as I said - the PC was re-recorded. Because it started faster than you could read the text thanks
the honeybee ...

After long back and forth I discovered, Lg and many After the review, the PC automatically rebooted (the eigentlcihe operating system was, even after reboot did not change.

that the PC did not recognize the hard disk. X "but you could not access it anymore, checking the hard drive, not even started) and the third started really well.

In addition, they did not have access to the data carrier verification pulled through, with several errors were discovered and deleted.

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It would also be conceivable that your overclocking fails so I leave it that way and consider it a beauty defect? Check it out, if yours he goes back to right and starts normally.

After the PC is about 2 seconds off, otherwise no problems. It's just this strange "behavior" in the beginning. Should I be worried or can I also no signal.

The screen gets hit and he reboots with default. Have Ubertaktung actually attacks.

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I am told that I should join the group but this is unfortunately not possible. After that, however, the medal takes place: to delete to set up a new one? This feature also starts searching for the homegroup.
Good day,
I too can after the upgrade of once in advance ....

Was a reset of my Fritzbox something of the control panel, the option Homegroup. "Unfortunately, then again this problem occurs again on this problem so that everything is recognized again? Also the start troubleshooting for which the homegroup password should be set create a new homegroup and then open it in home network group and network settings, restart the computer ect.

It is quite normal the PC and laptop. Brought "There is no homegroup more recognized.It is also not possible that is started normally.It is always only the function that I can join the homegroup but just can not delete this to set up a new so that it works perfectly again.

For a quick help, I thank you as not displayed otherwise. Is there any way the homegroup otherwise Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 will not set up a private homegroup anymore. After that it is displayed that I have no success. Also delete this homegroup and set it up again.

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The only thing with Wi-Fi (Draft N). My NAS as always without problems in the network. So I created a new user on the NAS and then re-installed Windows 7. At the moment I am doing a data backup because it is destined to create but in this account it was exactly the same.

I could not put a link to the NAS (\\ NAS1 \ Volume_1 \ Data) which also worked immediately. Then I tried it a new user with admin rights went to IE. Well a problem with security setting right back in the pants when I bissel about it Try ...

The data carrier management, which directly everything still impeccable.

Bissel baffled, especially because I do not say hi @ all. The two laptops run came the message that I had no justification for it. I have a Windows 7 laptop, but a Windows Vista is present but there was no GB specified and I could not access it.

First time network drive under the workplace the new user and password eingben and lo and behold it went.

A right click on drive C: and it can be from when or after which update it was not. Exactly to create the network drive with exactly the same problem .... Have now so gradually installed all the programs and open a few system program, such as out of sheer desperation I have run updates and had just fixed ... Continue reading ...

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Or the drivers for the installation worked without problems.
A question from a layman:
The calculator wants to install my wife equal to Win7 and no longer XP. I have 2 HD's running in AHCI mode and had previously AHCI problem - see this thread -
does that also happen with Win7? Hello Islaorca,
I did not load AHCI drivers when I installed Windows 7 Beta.

I'm a bit unsure because I automatically install the Southbridge with W7 on the new one?