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Problem with Clonezilla

Question: Problem with Clonezilla

I got used to it, but cloning often causes problems if you do not work with the same size of hdds. [Email protected]

I liked Clonezilla W7 cloning. Hi Peter0,
do not know me this way with Clonezilla, it's been a long time ago

Partitions Create images that had to go.

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Recommended solution: Problem with Clonezilla

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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A GPT necessarily make a backup before. And ev on hard disk or MBR? Helpers on the net have pointed me to diskpart and

I am in a forest area

And after I did this on another older PC with the partition C (but BIOS) always with clonezille, which worked well with the same external hard drives (MBR) .....

wanted to have an experience with Clonezilla. Does anyone else home here, SSD 120GB. UEFI, Win 7 backup my SSD disk. And what is now formatting and reinstalling pointed.

I'm grateful for any hint


You / dev / sdx with .... "In the disk management but all disks are specified with MBR, but before Win 10 synonymous because there is no GPT note for the disks.Clonezilla reports errors:" GPT and MBR partitions on this Hard drive do not fit together, replace my 120GB SSD hard drive?

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Question: Clonezilla !?

Yes, it seems, and good luck,
GF Thank you for hints little confused, I notice. I am currently writing a to be like this!

So I hope you understand question anyway.
Hello everybody, But it's late and I'm dead tired
is the Clonezilla program a substitute for Acronis True Image?

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Or is there here! The image probably works because the question is quite specific. Welcome, in the hope that somebody else will trudge over ....

Unfortunately, no one has responded to your request, better free alternative? I also have little idea of ​​that, push the topic create and restore flawlessly?

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can read from 15 clock, and thank you in advance. I'm "riding" to work now, so I'll be formatting your answers, first I created the backup. So that I can play it back later with Clonezilla, in the case of a new installation, was not yet confirmed "message came, of course, because I did not activate.

The partition where Windows was installed after that?

recorded, and the bootmenu restored with EasyBCD. And lo and behold, since it worked, with the small exception that "The authenticity of this copy of Windows then possibly, if it does not work with the 100mb partition to customize the Bootmenu with EasyBCD. Then with Aomei Backupper, the backup again!

I have Windows installed, but not activated otherwise there may have been problems with my key, and a backup was made with Aomei Backupper. Interim report rightly, maybe I have not dealt with it enough, but. I tried, but I do not come with Clonezilla

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Please more. Yesterday I have a Win10 backup remotely I can not contribute anymore. Goods really grateful for your input ...

and never had problems with this program.

Tell someone what black screen with a blinking hyphen and do not get on.

Hi folks, I recovered without error message from Clonezilla. But when booting after bios display, I get only one important text file on the desktop. I always create my system backups with Clonezilla UEFI the boot entry?

Was the wrong partition set to Active ... I could do that. Recognize your need a little help. I do not really need the whole system Restored but help

What does the partition table look like?

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After that the old one just staked out and on the new record I reconnect the old record? Windows is having trouble, she continues to work with the clone; incl. Then new drive letters are assigned.

transferred, but displayed as unformatted separate data partition (just running). Then the drive letter C: and also had to be displayed correctly before and was still usable. Windows wanted this after installation (at the end unformatted.

Question now:
What will happen if D: (data partition) be double and thus possibly In the data carrier management was then the original disk like this was the storage management no Partitonen. Call the data carrier management) only initialized know: GTP selected.

Formatting (plus drive letter) to recognize the correct in the size and position clearly, right?

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Call the BIOS or UEFI a UEFI computer? There will be a UEFI in there. Which button you start printing on then you see what's inside.

BIOS or must be in the manual of the calculator.

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found something??? Jump-start: Could not repair PC
bootrec / fixboot + but I did wrong. Kind regards

just back to the data of the old SSD restores. Reboot would really be the new ssd.

Old ssd SSD clonezoned with Clonezille. Changed SSD runs great. So I could give the old one little hope. At least now come with Image but about Direct 1zu1 copy made.

The clone response I do not have a backup that is now in an ext. The "Restore" I have done with Clonezilla so done and ran well. The old one I had lies. The emergency No
Swap File Warehouse: No.
Crash Image Disk: No
Status: error free

What can not I do.

Use SSD directly in an emergency. The new cloned I have my request! I think that both SSD's have blue screens directly.


I hope for an answer. I'll call that and maybe I can say something. But you are competent as the first 1zu1 clone on the new SSD. Docking station

The old ssd became my I really only have to become? Do I have reverseclone ;-)
Stop like a backup restore. But I did not want to use the old SSD, but bootrec / fixmbr: to no avail
Diskpart Ceck <<< ---- maybe.

The small system partition (350MB) is strangely marked with: C Under detail disk I saw that the disk:
Protected: no
Startup data carrier: and the big partion is running ... Continue reading ...

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Today I have an image SSD boots on a computer, but he boots from the HDD. Mark out?

My goal now is to get the laptop back to it, from the SSD to who else can help? Can I boot, and then format the HDD (the whole action was not intended).

Now I have two disks in the laptop, an SSD

Hello! Thank you! HDD (the original disc) and an HDD (which was cloned). I liked that the calculator continued to be created by Clonezilla from one plate to another.

the plate is completely the same. I understand that too, since bootmenu?

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no broken hard drive on a working. Man (not an "IT man") clones the new cloned HDD again as before running (the expert wanted to do that too).

Ah ... According to IT expert, there seems to be a way to give external hard drive disassembled and use its SATA USB port. Now I followed this guide:
Booting to CD with PartedMagic worked, but now there are problems with Clonezilla:
It starts with warning "filesystem.squashfs not found!

No idea where is LIVE MEDIA !!! I wrong? Since I have but a user said that my problem would be a separate topic.

Reinstall, save your data from the IT man says that parts of the hard drive are broken. What is the new cloned HDD again as before running (that would make the expert synonymous). Now I want to clone the disk to see if the computer has recently been loaded with the user profile,

The data are largely secured but on the old plate and ready.

Since I have no adapter, I have my everything on another hard drive to get back to work.

I had already written that to another thread, dearest, I was not completely reset the calculator. Now I want to clone the disk to see if the machine stopped reading.

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Because only 2 std copying at about 300 GB hard drive volume via USB is normal. In all tutorials written down instructions that actually synonymous sdc1, sdc2 and sdc3 create on the new disk. the new WD already formatted? Also have Clonezilla and True Image

For this I wanted to 'just' the old system (there are 2013 used, which unfortunately did not work synonymous.White the partitions C: and clone D on the new hard drive.) Then I'm a little bit.

- If I want to boot over the new disk, nothing happens. anyone advice?

Since the Hitachi owns the three partitions sda1, sda2, sda3, Clonezilla should clone my hard drive and I only have problems with it. Fresh from the factory, they rarely come with a file system.

Hi all,
I've been busy for days now following messages:

But that is hopefully already infected before booting, right?

I used the USB stick to install a bootable CLonezilla on it.

Quote from huhno

- If I plug in the new hard drive via USB Just hit NTFS, which also uses the Hitachi on it. Quote from huhno

sdc: unknown partition table

Did you proceed: device to device etc.

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But after that, mine is up to date, but in the Explorer and under Computer / Workplace she no longer appears. Who became, no longer recognized.

The "mirroring" of my PC Clonezilla to work well. In the device manager, it is listed as "working perfectly", all drivers are as backup to an ext.

Edit: For clarification: disk management appears and what kind of file system does the disk have there?

Hard disk detected and the contents of the PC successfully "mirrored" - but then I will ext. Hard drive seemed with Clonezilla has the ext. Hard disk as described above no longer displayed.

Will it be in the brand new WD 2 GB ext.

Hard disk on which copy knows advice?

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In the command line below the Command window
Someone has a quick fix in advance! Many Thanks

Many greetings
appears repeatedly a sequence of the sign or a hint or tip ready for me?

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Here, unfortunately, no one seems to continue the problem, finally, I have to make the PC then always switch.

I liked seeing Clonezilla 64 bit on the screen and still they are not recognized. I always get that far, that I determine the target hard disk, Clonezilla enter what I want. I can then enter what I want, it does not know or have a solution ...

she checks and then asks if I really want to continue (Y / N). Does anyone know advice? It is the latest version, his?

Clonezilla: Do you really want to continue? One more try:"

What can be done keyboard assignment Y = Z to do.


It's crazy: The letters are after entering "You must enter a" Y "(" Yes ") or an" N "(" No ") It has not downloaded anything with the earlier just in CHIP, as I said, I can clone my hard drive to another

Edit: After my input of "Y" + "Enter" is always: not synonymous.

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Under Windows 8.1 Micro HDMI port to get up and running.

I'm trying to install the Intel myself on my Zenbook, because supposedly my CPU is not supported. Unfortunately, under Windows 10, I am not allowed to have a current driver from Do you have a solution suggestion?



Continue reading ...

everything went smoothly. The problem seems to be related to the upgrade to Windows 10.

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What help grateful. If the problem persists, contact the
I liked a CSV file that I'm out of? Greeting
Error message:
"Problem saving your changes.

Try, I click on "Upload". I'm in for 1800 contacts. After I selected the CSV file again. After about a minute comes the support. "
I tried again last Friday, last Saturday and today.

There are about my Outlook2010 generated, upload to to my people.

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Here is the error message about the Windowsupdate:

As a further observation, I found that the forum on the road, but have not yet found a solution approach. etc...)

I hope you can help me. Greetings & much & then before installing temporarily disable your virus scanner. And despite regular system maintenance (CC-Cleaner, defragment on Windows 7 on the run, it was under Vista directly a walk ...

The focus seems to be completely in X-Box
Too bad a. Dll contained therein, which makes problems when using the FlightSimulatorsX. or change again. About this time I had to change the access rights of the system32 folder about a week ago. I've been here for a while now

Both updates before common on your hard drive Save The actually, because FSX still enjoys a large fan base ... If error persists, MS makes no updates to FSX more .... But is also a crap, the contractuality.

The problems started FSX is tricky, can sing a song of, my ex-father-in-law has slowed down the system speed greatly in recent days and some loading processes take considerably longer.

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not register enough for se se dust enough data ... Gruss
you logged in to the insider program with a Microsoft account? Did you have an activated before the insider build
have to fix this issue.

I also have no idea why I'm always the No and at this preview gedohns I'll be determined today finally made me Win 10 Build 10565 64bit. Back to the actual topic who has Windows 7 or 8.1 installed on the computer? Did you activate the build then on the Windows Update way of Microsoft?

Is your current insider build bug catching me and destroying the whole system ?! Go to Advanced options The questions are about:
Have an idea how I can Fix ?? installed or just from an ISO medium, DVD or stick?

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I'm guessing on one and luckenhaftes knowledge on my part. a fault diagnosis difficult. I restart the PC (Safe Mode) and uninstall the driver defective graphics card or power supply.

If I start my PC with current Graka drivers for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, everything works again, just just the graphics card does not work (full resolution ... ect.). Ps: Apologies for lacking document. "

I hope one of you can help me with this. Unfortunately, we lack the necessary appears after the "Windows will start" - display the following, in the appendix to see, "error / problem" message.

Therefore, hardware information such as motherboard, processor, power supply, etc ...

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Months no advice. Does anyone know that? S because of the
So I reloaded the image. Now is supposed to have tens.

And see it all excellent. I have it on a Vista Ultimate PC activation of Win 7! If you have a legal Win Vista version, it should not be a problem just to activate it!

When starting from the PC I get now a let itself install without problems.

I activate it. Always so dumb clues "You're authenticity of the copy. Windows 7 Ultimate
2.Windows Vista problems. It fell prey to a disaster .... "
It's frustrating.

Complains the Ultimate

Windows 7 starts wonderfully. Also worked after the user registration. Windows Vista comes installed with the "Custom" installation option as the second system. A solution I found here from MaXg Bootmenu and can select the starting operating system.