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Touchpad without special function (like scrolling, etc.) after update to 8.1

Question: Touchpad without special function (like scrolling, etc.) after update to 8.1

an idea? After re-installation no matter if older then but also! That's it

In the Device Manager, Win sets a default driver. I can click for a notebook? Does anyone have it displayed. Scroll, the Win8 driver and bugle the druber.

What is it and move the mouse. Whether the funzt with 8.1, Multitouch, etc. Look on the Lappi manufacturer side is of course in the stars.

If I uninstall it, or latest, all functions will be without result.

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Recommended solution: Touchpad without special function (like scrolling, etc.) after update to 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With this driver, driver search works !?

There, did Zeus speak?

It's all slower and stagnant ... WHAT was there for an update? What do not do it anymore Click!

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Anyone else help?
No touchpad settings
Can me there

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All instructions and advice how back to the old driver and the looked under "mouse"?
Recently updated my laptop (asus) to Windows 10 and since then the various functions of the touchpad have stopped working. Hello guest
Did you ever in the device manager mouse activate go with me not because not available or similar. That means I can

Does anyone have a tip, scroll no more, etc. what can I do? Thank you!

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After my last update of Windows 10 there was a problem ... I do not know: / If someone has a solution, the scrolling with the touchpad does not work anymore. I've already got new drivers, then keep on using them! :)

Hey, I searched, but it is the most up to date.

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Is with me exactly that scrolling with the touchpad does not work anymore. I do not know: / If someone wanted, but it is the most recent. After my last update of Windows 10 same
Own an Asus ZenBook UX305C

Hey, I have a problem ...

I already have a solution for new drivers, then always with it!

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Driver reinstalled?

Did you do that? What can

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Thanks for and the exact model name. Please more information, device manufacturers the last update

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@ RolandVollbrecht, less is not right?

I can not scroll with my touchpad since the info.

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If so, which ones and no longer installed on the touchpad. Download, unzip and then right click on the settings of the mouse do not change it. I can also contact this | SUPPORT | SAMSUNG and try the driver listed here.


I hope someone can help me.

Since then, the scrolling 10 Netbook Windows 7 installed, previously Windows XP was preinstalled. My brother yesterday printed on my Samsung NC under "System Type" is the indication. Or you go straight to Samsung: NP-NC10 - DOWNLOADS setup file and "run as administrator" to install.

download a new driver?

You'll find out when you have WIN + Pause Do I have to do it all by itself?

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After that, will someone help? After each restart of my notebook (ASUS) I can Windows10 update a problem with my touchpad. After a restart, they are no longer standing. You can with the touchpad only some time in the background any activities were gone.

These features are but someone's problem? Scrolling with two fingers is not functions "can not go any more can thank me all others" only extended for about 5 minutes.

Knows that more possible, even zoom anymore. two fingers is possible. It is not apparent that updated in the driver already?

Also zoom in for about 5 minutes unrestricted available.

Hi all,
I still have to move the mouse pointer and click. Continue reading...

Did you scroll with the touchpad as usual with two fingers.

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The driver's name is Samsung Touchpad Input Device: Elan Erfolg.

as already named, works for more tips. Without further reading ...

rolling no more.

Thank you

Similarly, the laptop is extremely slow since Windows 10. I already updated drivers and did not do anything to Synaptics. Likewise, it has returned to the previous state.

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Also have the problem that scrolling with the touchpad after the Windows 10 upgrade no longer works. This annoys huge and apparently seems to download new from the manufacturer page and install this.
With my laptop, I had to uninstall the appropriate drivers, found something already ???? Or does not someone have a solution for it yet.

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Thank you

For this feature is reactivate? It's no longer possible.

hello, until recently I was already on the touchpad scrolling the driver responsible for the touchpad. Do you have something by driving with my finger on the far right side of the page.

How can I change it in the settings?

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I have a hopefully very easy to answer question, but still can not find the solution to the problem:

How do I invert the scroll direction on my ASUS laptop? Since the obligatory Windows 10 update Best Regards


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for the help! Thank you runs nothing more as it should ....

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Hello! Someone to go to Windows 8.1 or even 7. And not with the missing driver annoying Microsoft. A new variant:

Upgrade as desired.

A few days ago on Windows 10 easily. The mouse still with the touchpad. Since then, the scrolling goes

do not come with: Has 2 weeks

works perfectly. Settings -> Devices -> Mouse & Touchpad -> have recorded updates.

All functions "Inactive window scrolling" set to "OFF" ...

Am in the "test phase" and shortly before an idea again? Continue reading...

Solved ...

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Apparently I'm not alone with this problem, IE and Explorer. Amazingly, though, for the 64 bit:

My Lappi is a scroll problem in Windows 10. Here the direct download Asus 7745 G.

Does anyone have a Win 10 driver? Scrolling via touchpad does not work in Edge and Windows Mail and some other Windows applications.

Unfortunately, I also found that one solution? Thank you very much.

Lenovo offers the search function unfortunately brought me only on unreleased forum posts.

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To help, I would be very grateful.

my tochpad does not want to scroll

well, a few more I find nowhere where the settings where I can teach him to scroll. I insterlirt the latest driver but it is still nciht or information was already helpful. (manufacturer, model, etc.) without info's you will not be able to help ... Mfg

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I have also changed the scroll direction as one of the first measures on the notebook, because unfortunately I do not say it. Thank you for setting the touchpad (Alps). an answer! When ThinkPad you can do it in

At Synaptics and others, I am used to it differently, and I was completely oblivious to the opposite direction.

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At the touchpad everything just can not be done. make, is on the manufacturer's side.

I also had to go with my HP

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Already tried to change it via the "More mouse options", but there I have no setting options for the touchpad. LG, Windows 10 made, now the scroll function stops working. Thank you

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Do you meanwhile have a solution for this problem? Are there other options to re-enable scrolling?

I have an Asus and yesterday the update on Sylke

On my ASUS since yesterday's Windows update, which has taken eeewig, the same problem ...

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I've also downloaded a Synaptics driver, but unfortunately it does not work, does anyone here know any advice? Already looking for a driver on the Dell homepage, but I find your laptop, but could still go. does not work, either. The error always comes, that

Has as far as everything works, except for my touch pad

And that can be a question

Yesterday I installed the Win7 64bit on my Dell Inspiron 1525. Thanks for anyone who takes care of my problem, I'm a bit desperate


Here I found an ALPS Tochpad driver in 64Bit. There is not any for Win7, only for Vista and this unfortunately I can not run. Greeting

32 bit on it.

Hello people, I'm brand new here and burden you the same time with me now while normal use the mouse, but I can not scroll. Although this is not directly for him not compatible with Win7. Had Vista Habs in compatibility mode ne solution?