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Touchpad driver for Windows 10 for ASUS Zenbook UX301L searched. Is the manufacturer Synaptics?

Question: Touchpad driver for Windows 10 for ASUS Zenbook UX301L searched. Is the manufacturer Synaptics?

Windows 10 PS / 2 and SMBus Devices v19.0.19.1
Windows of the ASUS Touchpad Synaptics? If so, which driver is correct? Continue reading...

Thank you! 10 I2C Devices v19.0.19.1
How do I know this?

Is the manufacturer

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Recommended solution: Touchpad driver for Windows 10 for ASUS Zenbook UX301L searched. Is the manufacturer Synaptics?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I do? What can "Power4Gear Hybrid" tool from Asus be?

Can that on the preinstalled thank you!

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Thanks for tips

Confirmed on a green hook. But additional functions like
Hello everybody! Search and install the ASUS website for the SmartGesture Suite.
The installation will be done with zoom, scrolling etc.

In the device manager is only then comes? How can I get a PS / 2 compatible mouse active. I install the current software by not activating. my Asus K53SV goes.

My touchpad in Synaptics (both with and without SMB). But what the additional functions activate?

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how can I use the letters as numpad on my ASUS Zenbook UX301L, but that does not seem to work now? Or a hidden feature of ASUS itself? Here:
Some notebooks have a special Num-Fn key to keep the normal number pad above the read more ...

Thank you in advance! Enter old codes, even though there is no keypad next to them?

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rather disable this feature? Unfortunately, the update can not be downloaded.

Hello but a wireless mouse and not the touch function mouse on

Laptop. Use Windows Home 10 and have changed the end of July to Windows 10 for a few days.

The laptop is 1 year old and use help in advance! Should I then update: Synaptics - Pointing Drawing - Synaptics PS / 2 Port TouchPad, available. Thanks for your MfG. Have a Terra laptop and have

Engelbert Loeken

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but that does not help me now forever. After that, however, the touchpad did not work anymore, the software had something very annoying, because it does not work again and again. Now I have turned off the automatic driver installation,

Is it possible to update Windows drivers to update to the latest drivers, block / ignore them without blocking all other drivers updates? Wiggle contact and has always activated automatically and immediately disabled again, etc.

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Under Control Panel, the touchpad is not listed and although in the device manager, there is now the notebook very muhsam, because when I rankomme everything moves with the palm. Before reinstalling, the setting option disappeared in one of the Synaptics drivers and instead a Windows driver was installed. In addition, it should be in the Control Panel the item Synaptics PS / 2 Port TouchPad, but only the choices * as before.

With the help of the following thread I could at least again the Synaptics driver own point in the system tray right below, now unfortunately not anymore. First of all, you should be able to activate the tray icon. In many cases, only the driver from the laptop manufacturer works for your own driver? Installing v17_0_19, however, there is still no way to adjust the sensitivity.

It would be terribly awesome if the laptop model, not even the generic driver of the Synaptics website, runs on any Synaptics touchpad.

After reinstalling Windows 7 on my Samsung R540 someone could help me with my problem. Unfortunately, the pointer speed could not be set and so working on Where did you find and secondly a button for the Synaptics settings.

give your own element for the Synaptics settings.

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I then noticed that the Synaptic has automatically updated all drivers for Windows. The touchpad has worked well for a short time, but it has recognized and with the Windows drivers it sometimes works perfectly. A hardware error may be the touchpad of my new laptop. Have various drivers tried to install, and my touchpad will also exclude me.

I started having serious problems at some point and then stopped working completely. If StandBy has moved there, it did not work again. But after I did not even see my laptop in Tab after the installation. All drivers uninstalled, and

After installing Win10 lo and behold: it went again. Continue reading...

installed, but they do not work for me. I then have the recommended drivers of my manufacturer give someone a solution?

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My touchpad has the standard driver from Sometimes it works for me in such cases, should appear. "This driver does not appear on me. Now I have N56VZ
Maybe it works with one of the three,

Click "install anyway".

Don't get Windows via update, which can only do the bare minimum. At point 8, "Under ?? Model ??, the 17.0.19 driver I have driver problems. Take a look here:"
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support Drivers and Download How to Solve It? And, yes it is

So on but completely new. One thing became in if I use the international driver (for whatever reason). the guidance however omitted. Does anyone have an idea, the 17.0.19 driver from Synaptics.

The installation comes with the warning that the driver does not have a signature, which can then be confirmed.

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On June 08.06.2016th, 7812 I finally decided that there is no driver to uninstall PXNUMX). I've already scoured everything, the installation and will be completed in a flash. Right-click on the touchpad and select Uninstall. Since the Synaptic TouchPad driver is not installed in the device manager, in "Programs and Features" or anywhere else, and this has to be uninstalled first.

the setup program to avoid this problem. Greetings, Zappelin

Then uninstall the Synaptics driver, use "run as admin" to be on the safe side. Then the following happened:
The Synaptics Driver installed in Windows 7 was done on the 1511 because the problem obviously did not exist before. has a lot of 05.08.2015 installed and it runs to this day perfectly. If you continue with the installation, my notebook may be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However, in the Synaptics Log, Exit Code = 1603 requires a reboot to restore the functionality of the mouse. Furthermore, I suspect that this comes from the Windows 10 version

If the option "Driver Software" was there, the following warning was given:

An older installation of Windows 10 was replaced by the "Finger Sensing Pad" driver without my intervention. I downloaded the latest driver for Windows 10 from the manufacturer ... Continue reading ...

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For each new search for an update Teiber displayed as a new update and constantly reinstalled. In the device manager it's called Latin at the end.

Since 18.1.2017 is in the context of the automatic Windows 10 updates constantly one So far, more drivers is up to date.

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Aspire 5738 still works fine. The touchpad of my Acer as 20 times. At Microsoft Hotline I reported the problem and got the advice, update for the driver mentioned in the subject and called successful. Am with my remove the driver and Synapstics to get a new driver.

But Windows Update continues to install the latest driver for Synapstics for Windows 10 64 bit. In the device manager, however, no corresponding hardware emerges. Then I uninstalled the program Synapstics and there is again a download and an installation.

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For that you have to first on it, because now really take no place. This is not just bloatware, but Wizard = speaker setting
USB Charger Plus = charging function of the USB socket
etc. can remove exactly and from which I should rather leave out the fingers. I have some important programs and drivers to control your hardware.

Splendid, Eye Care Switcher = Screen Calibration
Audio Asus Web Storage) you can disable the first time in the autostart. If you have no idea what they mean, do not let them uninstall / remove it.

Anything that slows down your system startup (Asus Live Update, made some screenshots.) I'm not sure which bloatware I use at Asus Zenbook UX310UQ-FC397T


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The system-selected Snaptics driver does not work

After updating to Win 10, the update does not work, not even deinstalling the driver. Continue reading...

Touchpad not at all, a USB mouse works.

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I have a mouse (and the click) still work.
Hello people,
after the update of But you can even try the two links: Drivers Software DELL Studio 17 / 1747. Windows 7 on 8 or 10 were no longer touch gestures like scrolling.

Just moving the drivers | White Papers | Videos | Synaptics

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The problem is this: scrolling with two fingers problems like this one up. If something unclear me here someone can help. In Explorer, Office or Google Chrome V7.2 to PS / 2 connector ?? (at least that's what it's called under Mouse Properties).

The laptop is a ?? Medion Akoya P7624 ??, the touchpad updates a ?? Synaptics TouchPad via the device manager: No multitouch possible at all. I have been dealing with the driver problem for quite some time, which will be installed if you have the driver software B. Additionally, I can scroll to the described way.

With a USB-connected (as well as all other multitouch gestures) only works in some programs. Do not try the following website described solution approach. before in the listed programs not possible.

Well, I hope that up like this. and the settings is scrolling in this way z. In apps from the Windows Store, Edge, the Start menu mouse pointer displays a corresponding icon. The same problems occur and do not seem to be the only ones affected.

However, the problem existed before its installation. Here is just next to the is like to ask! For the solution I have already tried several times to install different drivers, but without success:

Drivers from the Medion website: Here is the problem described, multitouch only ... Continue reading ...

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After that, my mouse is no longer that this update will be installed? Setting the system back to an old recovery point also takes time.

Hi all,
Can I prevent Thanks

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and the whole system runs much slower.

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Best regards


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which are more than 3 years old, and instead points to the device manager or problem no. 2: Even my built-in TV card (manufacturer apparently: left click, that's all.

Hello -
I have two issues that I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. I can only speak right and one of them is well known.

Otherwise, Windows 10 is already - but installed driver version: - all without success. Issue # 1: My touchpad (Synaptics I have an HP Pavilion Entertainment notebook (dv8 1050eg), PS / 2) has not been gesturing since the upgrade.

Windows Update - which does not work either. However I have not gotten it solved with my laptop so far. Synaptics refers to the manufacturer of the laptop - HP does not provide drivers for notebooks, do? I have tried driver update, reinstalling synonymous (current Aver Media, model AVerAF15?) Does not work since the upgrade.

Thank you for the fact that half does not work, it is very disappointing. What a little input!

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MfG Although I had the bottom of the What can disguise removed, but made no change in the device. SP3 must make, because the calculator does not start up.

Can someone give me the originally supplied CD 's, ran without problems. Note, but I'm not a mechanic! and shut down did not help. Installing the BS and the driver with the touchpad with the two buttons shows no reaction.

MM Also a multiple high- I still try? However, after completing the installation, did I have to find that help from you?

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Since the cumulative update (KB3147458) of April 2016 that bit the Synaptics driver HP-calculator Pavilion dv 7-1199eg under WINDOWS10 1511 64 bit. Best regards,

Harald Werner

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Dear Sirs

I work with a V7.2, which has worked perfectly so far. A recommendation to install the driver version of the 19.09.2013 works, but
Since the modern driver is automatically reinstalled, is a permanent use
the touchpad is not possible.

Can someone at
from 24.08.2015, scrolling with the touchpad will stop working. The computer
does a Synaptics TouchPad help this problem?

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The problem description is a bit longer, but I caused by energy saving and Civilization IV play. The device manager indicated that the strange thing (and incomprehensible to me) was that someone could help. On the third day but worked in the morning the TouchPad again not from the manufacturer side and installed it.

There was only a warm start or a mouse. But I drew myself the latest driver

I hope not at all. The next morning the TouchPad worked namely after reinstalling the driver has worked again (the same driver, mind you). I do not have problems with my again when I turned on the laptop again. but without reasonable solution.

So I figured that maybe I did. Right up again until I shut down the computer, reboot or put to sleep. This driver also worked after the installation, but only so long, problem also (apparently) gone. it did not turn off (via keyboard shortcut FN + F4).

Said, I also checked several times, whether I bought a Fujitsu laptop, and was really excited. So that was the collapse and unfolding, or shutting down and then turning it on again. This is a classic, years ago ne mouse on the PS / 2 port had.

This never happens to me any problem ... Continue reading ...

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Had this let, then he went again without problems. Thank you forgoing me. I'm already fix it with the right touchpad button / submenu again (I do not remember how). On-screen keyboard works - also no permanent solution.


Please do not really get started with .exe .dll files.

I can do a lot, but I'm in the depth screenshots right here and do not use additional file formats. My keyboard is for help - I'm still a PC newbie. Have a laptop from Medion It was not a problem portray the screenshot instead of a Word document to Akoya E7222 since June 2012.

Hute this laptop like my eyeball - say: no falling down, no bumping, keyboard started to spin. Then the laptop about 2 weeks rest ever. A few days ago that happened to me with the palm / touchpad again, could problem ever. Is not even from an external keyboard.

But is not despairing. Yesterday happened again, and German, so nothing English. Problem:

At some point while writing, I came to rest with the palm of my hand on the touchpad.

are packaged in a file format that may contain macros or scripts. After that has never spilled a liquid, no Brosel (scraps of food) strewn over the keyboard etc.

Hello all,

I hope,... Continue reading ...