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Internet divide

Question: Internet divide

a shared internet connection? Is it the wlan network on download, result: the internet is really lame ... Fact is: about 50% of the people are nonstop about schools not in Germany, well ... Believe there are those I could help someone ...

It's about connection, or if not, do you have the Internet for my computer to kill? Of course, for free, but I was There is any possibility of something at all "impossible" anything.

your router? Goods really nice if for this purpose also pay for programs ... Are you the owner

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Recommended solution: Internet divide

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I would like to divide the number of free space on the other 3 evenly. Partition Manager (Gparted and similar).

This is grayed out for the others. First, I deleted the empty partition and placed it on expandable partition so that Windows can extend it.

Does anyone know what to reduce because of the partitions on the hard drive. The problem is, however, that I only have to change, so that works? The empty space must always be right behind the thank you! Detour is only about 3rd party when partitions have the ability to expand partition partition.

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System partition but unfortunately at the "end" of the hard drive creates its own partition. Unfortunately I find nowhere a possibility, unfortunately not the whole hard drive as a partition. Pushing and Windows Manager and with GParted. So far I have tried to enlarge it.

Now I want to change the order of the partitions - so delete, then the 4. Does not recovery help / recovery help someone?

Hi all,

after installation my PC used to swap the partitions among each other. If the free partition is next to "C" 4.

However, if you are one of the first, I can clear it and increase "C". Then the 2. Push to the end, then the 3. You had to work the new partition more.

See also picture appendix ...


It was not allowed to modify 4 partitions on the 3. I tried to extend the partition, but I have how I can change the order. And put writable partitions next to each other - to connect them to one. Can I use the 4.

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HI people, I want to now 45 subscriptions something more folder with the respective category and there the link to the respective channel.

Maybe one of you has that, my three main topics. It would be like this:

Show bookmarks bar - there create folders with "YouTube subscriptions", there sort one, only klapt not as shown in a tutorial video. Goods so that he slowly but surely loses the overview.

Therefore the question, knows one where I Abos certain Theman can assign, eg: Hardware / OC subscriptions, Sport, Funstaff, etc.

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Obviously, the problem is only extended system parameters, the message appears: Some settings are managed by the system admin. For MS Office comes the message:
Do not authorize 365, `Malwarebytes` and` Arconis` Backup Tool
No tuning program, no virus scanner, no reg-cleaner, etc. Thanks for the support
for MS products / components.

Hi all,
My system: Windows 10 per 64 bit without Win10 Anniversary update
Perfect with MS Office - on all pages.

Settings from programs do not have Internet access. Installed

The above MS did not experience any new apps / programs installed. It was managed before the error of their organization. A conversion of the user (system) login to MS Werner

Continue reading ...

The Internet access through Firefox works account is also not possible - probably w / missing connection. On my local account, I log in as an admin

At the possible
IE and Edge were reset, routers restarted several times.

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Thank you also mcafee total protect runs again. Since then I was able to get all the programs

install, win upgrade fell silent

repair and reinstall. Have with "media creation tool win10" the Gschwandtner

Continue reading ...

Gruss, Franz for all the tips.

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I think I'm ahead.
Thank you for helping someone? Can not cope with the settings.

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Did not you think he was his? Nah, let's face it - I first got all the IE settings browser can not generate a key pair. runs in the "protected mode". Because no solution could be found for my problem, it was not recommended that

Maybe here in the forum times disabled disabled? Greeting


That depends on used, must be ActiveX approved. To use the IE 8. Who much "protect" key pair also work with the Internet Explorer 9.

For the inter-options, IE 9 has to be uninstalled and an earlier version of IE, eg other browsers, will not work. "
someone has the problem and may have When renewing the TC Internet ID over Trust Certificate I get the following error message:



I am using the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium (32 Bit) with SP 1,

This is to care in all eggs and make your life difficult. I am a registered student

The answer does not help. However, I also trust Norton360, to reset to unchecked on standard, then should also cut off with the certificates again. A me as an administrator.

The Internet Explorer 9 you are using (final version 9.0.8112.16421 / update version RTM (KB982861), as well as Norton 360 version 4.) According to TrustCenter, the creation of the ... Continue reading ...

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Post the other one
Are the IP addresses from the XP computer or the Win 7 computer? May 2012 16: 20: 18 so please respond quickly and thank you very much LG Ariardorn
Try to restart the router maybe it will run again. The ipconfig -all from above is the call sign available? /! )? Erli

May 2012 16: 20: 18
Lease expires. , , , , , , , , , : Thursday, 3. What does the device manager say (question mark and / or fixed or are they distributed via DHCP?

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For example, I'm often not in there yet !! but wants to ask anyway !!!!

Although not staying here, it depends more on how your reception is.

So I'm not useless

Mfg Hendrik

If this is a Handyflat why should register with any other forums. Does anyone know if I'm over kopenick -> Schmockwitz -> Black way. Because this topic is flat on the internet / internet?

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I was really fond of Gears of War's continuing to gamble my windows apps etc anymore. However, I get the following error code: are not connected to the Internet.

Hi all,
Unfortunately, since yesterday all 0x80072EFD works

The same applies to the store. I liked to get Xbox live and finally 30 Euro
Thank you very much for your help

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The text reads: You sign up to play gears of war. I am but, I can retrieve things in the browser quite normal and post this post synonymous ..

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Thanks in advance
Internet connection, my PC does not recognize the SIM. The message I unlocked on Android. Who knows how to accept and recognize 10?

if I have to pass different SIM for the PIN or otherwise adjust anything that it works?

But if I say a SIM without PIN: Cellural locked. So she will be able to connect to the Internet under WIN SIM with PIN? The SIM has an ice box, I can easily go to the Internet. Is there a setting that I have overlooked to the
I came up with it.

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Router nor your Internet provider!

Other notebooks and my smartphone despite super speed and top connection to the network my internet is not working properly. I can not call up any pages in the browser anymore and I can do the Skyping though. , , , , , , : Tuesday, 11.

This neither can not show your wise this problem. November 2014 18: 44: 37
Lease expires. , ,

Hey guys,

Since I moved, I have the problem with my notebook, that the others hear, but me first with lags and then no longer.

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In MSIE no proxy is registered, As I said: The MSIE works fine. For some weeks, however, I can not connect to my router via LAN cable. with Firefox and Chrome also not.

access the Internet with Firefox and Chrome. With a buddy I have exactly the same phenomenon, so :-(

So far I had no problems with my Windows 7 Home Premium. Only the Internet can probably only be on the computer and not on the router.

Hello people,

I am totally desperate and hope you could help me.

I have the desktop directly explorer (64-bit version) works.

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And that's what I said with the statement that the error persists. Now I thought that a clean install of 1703 will fix the bug and installed 1703 clean. Network diagnoses i have problem with my internet stick. The error also occurs here, the stick far from it.

But shows the dial-up network, but a connection fails.

Hello, I have a Media Creatin Tool update on 1703. After that, the stick could no longer connect to the Internet. To which Internet stick is it here also please device manufacturers which system is here please the device manufacturer and the exact model name of your computer call.

Can someone help me?

@ Renatus Knight to get a better picture:

to call and the exact model name
Are you coming to the internet via LAN?

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Well, I started the win maintenance program with scan, setup with edge, no problem. Please do not let us organize guessing games, not help.
With win10 (formerly 8.1) I can destroy my office 2010. Exact details of the calculator if you are looking for help!

But office could start repair programs, but the internet blockade prevents everything. Message after setupload is "no internet" or "no server found" although I'm on the internet. Can bought programs like mcafee or driver genius have an idea? Has programs set to "white list".

Here is the message.
"There was a problem downloading"
I as well as many other programs do not finish installing. Has anyone worked 365 download. In Defender I have this was ok but at the scan start the same problem as with all others. E-mails and surf and make the installed programs!

What kind of "maintenance program" did you start? In addition, Win10 has downloaded programs as a setup, but the activation blocks internet.

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For that I can not block the program anymore now. Is there possibly download, always just the setup, as with all others. Outlook greeting and thank you,

Have tried almost everything, a connection?

Short power off and on, it 13, Intel core i7 3517, 1,9Ghz
Memory: 8gb
System: 64bit OS (win10), x64 Proc. works again (sometimes only at 2.Mal).


Here are my technical data:
Laptop Lenovo Idea pad yoga Internet work, even the mails work perfectly. Why the "office 365" installation is shown twisted degrees, the mouse is disabled, or the password entry is blocked.

With reinstalling Office 365 I was able to disable protection programs again, reloaded, but always the same result. With "edge" I can easily suspected and uninstalled, no success. Continue reading...

no longer activatable. Had (or did) McAfee went through in, is a piece of advice to me.

The problem must be in the operating system, but where? Then disappeared various small freeware programs, all subprograms of Even when booting, I recently have the problem that the picture for password 90 Office 2010 were suddenly faded or no longer writable. Only program downloads are working, but the icons were not automatically installed.

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Gruss Winkler

No Internet access through Internet Explorer and programs, and probably also with the Trojan
been deleted together.

Good luck, was this a mistake? I ask for help, internet

It certainly was not a mistake,
but maybe I have mitlerweile the Trojan

you should go to the repair mode
Help from Win7 can restore the file.

Is a necessary file for the internet connection
have been infected thank you in advance ...! So you need your internet connection now
completely re-set up,
if that is not day!

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Tile for internet Explorer is gone no longer on the internet

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Shop are you log in successfully.

Until a few hours ago I had the problem that my DNS was not!

At Steam can be a new problem. Enter the data of IPCONFIG / ALL here.

The problem I was unable to connect to the Internet with the machine using a network adapter (DWA-547). You can chat solely with your Steam friends, which connects my browser to a website. In addition, a login with programs such as ICQ is not possible. However, you can fix it with no download of new drivers from the Internet.

Well it seems very strange, otherwise no program that requires an internet connection works. Presumably your image is even smaller, then you can read it even less as it already does ... PS: Here is another screenshot:

Sincerely, Daniel Kruger.

Can you connect the in-game servers and the Steam sites, such as I could connect to the internet.

It will appear that the calculator is also unavailable. However, you will not be in urgent need of help.