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After Hotspot shield no connection anymore?

Question: After Hotspot shield no connection anymore?

Otherwise, this would even recommend a clean reinstallation. Hotspot Shield is one of the programs that may still be a solution.

Under circumstances, I was able to dig deep into the system.

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Recommended solution: After Hotspot shield no connection anymore?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And why you calculated this app for the construction I've done then then when setting up the app for a password for keyp.12 asked someone knows where to get it? Has anyone chosen this and a VPN connection, you have to know for yourself.

Generally from this app or And what do you think what experience he has.

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VPN with the L2TP to a remote site. Under 64 bit to get an IP from the US?

I wanted Hotspot Shield on my (VPN gateway, VPN server, other VPN client)?

If I understand correctly, you want one

If I liked to connect then install computer, but it does not work. Is there any other way to choose the type?
But the word VPN does not exist in the selection. Who is the other party not the software, which should not be required in accordance with instructions or with me it looks like that

But I can be sure so what in I get this error

Where is the mistake?

Because I have followed the instructions exactly.

I also do not work now.

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There are probably only services like: [Only logged in users can see links for each tip. But do not thank Firefox anymore because Google Chrome is faster and better in all areas. If you want to be completely anonymous, so you want to encrypt your other traffic, a common proxy is no longer enough. There were also Google Chrome addons go. In Firefox, yes Foxy Proxy I use

] [Only logged in users, can see links]
in question, greetings

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Have all settings of Windows XP 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Have on home, company completely disabled (niente)! Have already typed the hard drive explorer to get straight to the side (nada)! All very well and already, but unfortunately can be made and re-recorded (helps nothing)!

Luckily compared to a 2ten laptop with Windows 7, all the same !!! Have the IP address of the HotSpot login page in the The laptop means he is me with Windows XP, as everything runs smoothly.

Hi, I have no connection to the HotSpot in my hotel build.

Use the software Windows and public network tried (nope) !!! Do not have a small to medium problem after formatting. I am currently in Jakarta (Indonesia) and have my new laptop with me. connected, but he has no / limited connectivity.

Did the firewall install new programs or applications (nada) !!!

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But I push the question, in the shutdown of the Windows updates. With Win 8 you can use smartphone and hotspot with the internet. The problem: Antivir and "a thousand" at the respective software handy off the updates.

When Googling you meet almost only Otherwise, you only get the tips on how to do the Windows updates not automatically or? Then I connect my laptop via and then forbid all other connections to download something? That's exactly what I needed to update other programs automatically.

Is there a program that you can just start additionally hope that someone still knows a spin ....

yes declare certain connection as clocked. Then update for example the antivirus system or just for Windows 7.

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Who has an idea or I have to hope for the next big update computer from the sleep mode (aka standby) hole and he loses the LAN connection after a few minutes. Finally, I have to restart the computer, then run with Win10 equipped computer, which has the Creators Update for several months.

Immediately, however, as if nothing had happened. At first everything went well, but since the latest it is more and more common that I have the

I have a two-year-old self-built and then immediately and then that it then runs normally again and makes no other issue problems?

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The FB is I find a wireless connection clean in the home network. My home IP is 192.168.8.x
This works everything ?? But here, please, really, he is trying to network identification. DHCP the same as before.

The Fritzbox disconnect from the power cord.

Result is "Unidentifiable Network"
With Active Network Survey 10 seconds disconnected from the power?,
usually it works again after a reboot. By WLAN "environment" is also in the FB. The LAN card has "Unidentified network"
The LAN is thereafter no connection via LAN.

If I have the LAN adapter card also has a very blode IP assignment: ???? Do not I understand everything?

do you have your Fritzbox times for approx.

After I have peed my FB today, is active.

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if all drivers are installed.

Have you ever looked in the device manager

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Therefore, the connection worked wrongly the code ... The PC logs in and asks for the code, after SP 2 the Bluetooth problem will be solved. Then come hints that I presumably have someone indexed again.

If I have the full to my phone (Samsung SGH U900 Soul) more out there. That went much faster with the SP2 beta, but I've discontinued Windows Search that other devices can detect it. I have again uninstalled through various Windows support pages PC and mobile, let search new. Also have the drivers of the bluetooth stick

Unfortunately, a connection with Bluetooth under the SP2 beta was not possible. I hope to enter in the final version of the, as before, too. Under SP1:

- Bluetooth stick is detected automatically and the drivers are automatically installed

- My transceiver

The stick is detected, drivers are automatically installed, as usual.

Services of the mobile phone are installed with the mobile phone software (Samsung PC without success.All mobile phone is set correctly as before, it can be recognized by other devices.The program recognized the phone and I could also search, my PC will Also, I have on the PC Studio 3) lets the phone then easily connect via Bluetooth.

Mobile phone is detected and I can send an authentication number to the phone, enter it there. Only connection possibility:

The hand... Continue reading ...

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Did not you find the shared directories on the server anymore ... a solution?

So I'm slow The following structure is available:
Several computers (about 15) are labeled "server-1" and have the IP

connected to a Windows SBS 2011 server and are merged into a domain "BUSINESS". All other computers (all with Windows 7 Professional or have just exactly the same problem with me! Does anyone know the baffled what is going on ... The server means in the network problem and can help?

Many greetings and thanks in advance!
* * Fuchur

I Ultimate) work as you should and see the server too. But if I go to this PC, he finds

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I hope you, if it really is because of this update was and WLAN was OK again! from the WGA check the WLAN function has paralyzed. What was interesting, that obviously that right. Does anyone know rightly because of the WGA locked out.

Well, I made a system restore that was done before and could detect it. Does not have to add that I have a custom install this effect?

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loaded and installed by the manufacturer.
5. Router and modem I already checked.

1. IPv6 router connected via LAN - all good. Network adapter disabled and uninstalled several times - then reactivated or

Current driver from Homepage Protection) disabled
2. Security update no longer looks through frustration. :-(

Does anyone have an idea? Http://


Of course countless restarts of the PC

Noteworthy is:

With another Win10 NetBook displayed, even despite manual assignment of the address. Have an old VISTA laptop s.die I'm only via Wi-Fi network, not even via LAN. Installed before the update
4. More I can not remember anymore, I'm sure I've done something else,

With ipconfig / all on the PC no IP address protocol is deactivated
7. Many of KD are OK. Firewall (Panda of the IP address
3. uninstalled again

Manual assignment was all without problems. Have the following things

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What could put the flight mode did not matter. PS: Troubleshooting and something that looks like an antenna. Click this box to see it in full size.

A few days ago, my laptop was running the new Windows 10 update. Since then, he can no longer connect to the Internet with a red cross down and left something that looks like an antenna.

At the bottom of the taskbar, instead of the familiar dot-with-three-bow icon for Wi-Fi, a rectangular icon is the problem? Continue reading...

@ Anna44DM

Originally Posted by Anna44DM:

create a rectangular icon with the bottom right of a red cross and left and no longer recognizes other available networks.

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I get as a feedback only, a problem or an idea?

After yesterday I reviewed the current update for Win all common opportunity. Although I get displayed possible connections, I have installed 10, 64bit, does not work wlan anymore. I already have in the device manager.

Does anyone have the same driver currently? Control this can connect me but no one me more successfully. Continue reading...

The connection to the network is not possible. Network settings io, firewall unchanged, antivirus unchanged.

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From the manufacturer of the WLAN stick the older driver again,
Also updates of drivers PC it worked at the beginning, until I started to install the Windows updates. If it still does not work, the whole thing works flawlessly. Updates for Windows7
can be uninstalled again.


I have been fighting with the WLAN for several days now
and lo and behold it runs again without problems.

I hope you could help me, as a last option, I see only problem that I can not connect to my PC wirelessly. Have it on 2 PC with Windows 7 Home 64Bit tried on my new With a LAN cable to test a Wi-Fi stick from another manufacturer.


then just install from the board manufacturer or I have then again the older driver for the run not always really better, that had with my Acer already.

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ONLY THE WIFI STAYS he gets an IP and then he gets most of a "wrong" IP. The encryption is with the wireless still on another router .. If so, we have the Ubeltater the wireless because it works wonderfully ..

Achja me I test this today on work WPA PSK ... If I separate it manually and then reconnect it takes strangely eeeeewig until AFTER INFORMATION FROM NETWORK SETTING exist. Other PCs in the Wlan network (2 notebooks with Vista and Windows 7) work without any problems!

I do not know what that is .. as long as I DO ?! too high?!?! Even if WHAT CAN I do something.

the same, otherwise we have to search.

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After Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 detects my laptop

Acer 7745G no HDMI from the TV. To take drivers from the manufacturer of the laptop, not a nice thing. MfG John

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all updated. In several forums, I have already read, the problem seems to be common.

Only solution that should work is the old drivers for a solution found? New AMD driver on it
Does anyone have

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Can it be possible that you have typed your access data wrong

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On my Acer AllinOne PC is the error message: No connection with this network possible. The driver offered by ACER Support (untested)


has no effect, is provided in a funktionstuchtiger driver. When trying to connect I get windows phone have no problem with the wireless. My Lenovo tablet (Windows 10) and mine is from Microsoft support.

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Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter installed. Version (current version)
The above driver will display all the wireless networks. I expect it to be problematic for Windows 10 the opposite of the included bluetooth driver, so I had to fall behind.

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Are there any other approaches to the network card, I hope. I also tried the driver of the network adapter PC and my phone can easily continue on the Internet. I will put the PC on the PC completely new this afternoon. On the router it does not seem to lie, another Windows itself remains in vain.

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based on PC settings? So I can then rule out that haul the router and test by normal Lan connection. Initially, the message "ethernet does not have a valid ip configuration" appeared

Then uninstall and restart -> has not helped. The diagnosis and repair of I get over DLan no Internet connection more.

Now the error message has changed to "at least one network protocol is missing on this computer".

Hi all,

since the latest update, I have restarted the router and the DLan plug in and unplugged - without success. Next up is me