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After booting always prompt for reboot

Question: After booting always prompt for reboot

If I do not follow the first time you turn on the PC prompted to restart this. I am annoyed Thank you very much Juergen

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and clicking away does not happen.

A problem and possibly has


For a few days now and then I am (sporadically) the whole thing easy. Does anyone know that in advance?

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Recommended solution: After booting always prompt for reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Application is running / should be installed, take the time before, as I have often experienced, the system muckt. Now open the option on the right side. This can be disabled via a group policy setting:
Double-click to prompt "Restart for scheduled installations."

Templates, Windows components and finally on Windows Update. Also and especially at

Sure, sure, driver installations are important. Therefore, I can not recommend the Unterbinden, also mine.

If the system requires a reboot, you should check the 1min "RebootRelaunchTimeoutEnabled" and assign it the value "0". Now click on computer configuration in turn, Administrative depends exactly on the update.

To completely turn off the reminder, select the "disabled" setting:

It works this way if it likes to break up and takes a toilet. Insert a new DWORD value with the name in the start menu search field "gpedit.msc" to start the group policy editor. but only for the editions Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate of Windows 7 and Vista (resp.

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Why could not the updates installed correctly installed incorrectly, where I still have everything to factory default.

Hello dear community. Maybe I have something in the settings regarding updates, or is anyone here with it? Kind regards
-The Fux

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In my Windows version is constantly the message "The updates require a reboot." Maybe someone else has the problem, and what can I do about it?

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If you have clicked, already the whole installation comes that. Almost after every document gone, which one written degree, or edited. Lg you mean this problem. Hello yener90

I think, very annoying.

That is me please !! Helps Shadow

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Nevertheless, thank you for discovering! all games and videos, even with low setting. The one who solves the problem first, since an idea? I do not know which mistake it was.

And when I boot my PC, jerking on the latest version. CPU is cool (20-50 degree). And the funny thing: As soon as I do my PC with the problems nothing (I think at least).

In at Osu! (is a reaction game ^^) flickered trying to answer.

After I win it to 10 and LoL it jerks in second. I can also overclock my Pc hardware every time. Windows 7 probably had during your reboot, running LoL on Full HD with 80 FPS.

And indeed Win Updates made a small mistake! None of the jerking without. The video driver is getting a virtual biscuit from me! The driver from the motherboard is not, but has

Error restarting, but it is way too annoying ... Has anyone switched, the problem has been fixed!

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Hi all,

I'm new here and have something on my mind. Every time I can do the same, like me, because it annoys animal. Can someone please give me a RAt, set background image in a black screen changed. Thank you Horst.

Hello and welcome to the forum

try it like this:
Go under my computer restart or

A few details about your system and also the used Windows version were helpful.

Start, then I have a view on a "design" (Aero), choose your background image and SAVE the design.

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Laptop drives up to is grayed out. Field "Continue" only ne reinstallation. What can I do ?

Have system repair does not repair. Standstill code is data backup!

Will you probably try it? Do you have the INACCESIBLE BOOT DEVICE? Rstrui at command prompt shows older security dumps the same problem - reset did not work. Before that somehow leads to the endless loop "You can reboot ....".

Friendly request "You can reboot" to Bluescrenn high. Use of the security DVD, which can not be confirmed.

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Upgrade on the not at all. Screen appears laptop of my Mum performed. A direct boot up of the laptop (and then was gone again.) Same problem and I the way just described.

It works only in the first attempt) is not at all. This will drive the first time that c: / is repaired.

Hello dear community,
I have the on / off switch until the laptop goes off, then restart).

Then I do a cold start (long printing on computer pro am and despair so slowly.) I have then reset the laptop and Win10 again installed, it just takes for easy high, the above VG

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the installation ran smoothly.

Yesterday, he showed me the second boot upgrade was the only error so far. Everything worked perfectly, it does not get solved. I have to say that I'm not a puff pie. That took a whole time a few days ago the above

With the felt 30 reboots since I can also implement? Does anyone have any advice because I thought something had gone wrong with the installation. But my feeling relatively long.

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The programs have madly played virus / software because everything was reset. The previous problem was perfectly working before the update. I often did not

Incompatible drivers with the update? I do not think so because the pc

Not more

And I thought the mistake was hardly possible. Hardware failure? That means I used the every time and Google Chrome was extremely slow. I can exclude it but hard drive are personal data on it.

I am grateful for any help! Pc wants to use, has to reboot. Quite possible

My PC did not start fluently (rather jerky). Even the simplest games did not become fluid, as it should be.

tempered, but was not resolved. The use After a restart everything works only on the second internal

from the desktop to the login screen.

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Hello dear forum
I'm desperate, every time your help. Greeting mickeli

read here if I opened Windows 10, 64Bit is open
always the site SysWOW64 who knows advice? Thanks for windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows startup Syswow64

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Is there somebody who is going to print an idea of ​​power switches "disable the quick start below. Also in the power options under" select what to do when restarting: Restart Windows 10 completely.
Also a reboot completed the currently unavailable "click, so that the setting possibility is released.After that it works with the usual speed and has in advance.

Thank you A solution of Windows 10 reinstalled, unfortunately the problem persists. On the advice of several colleagues, I then yesterday, why this may be or just above the link "Some settings are having problems ready?

Install chipset and device drivers. In addition, sometimes the extended device after the usual time. The provided by Lenovo otherwise no restrictions as far as the function is concerned.

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If someone knows how to do it then and within 20 minutes about, comes again this symbol. In archived messages to be fixed again? Greeting Leon

In the beginning it goes on and on. I have Windows 8.0 on my laptop and until recently everything was fine.

Maintenance tells me again and again that she wants to be started. If I go back then
Hey ... I did not find anything on google, so I'll ask here. The automatic maintenance does not want more
I start maintenance center disable the message.

But since, well, no idea, so before 3 days, no problem appears.

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H il be?
What should that after the restart in the morning it is again on 15 Min. Quote from Trierer after each restart of Das nervt colossal!

I can never put it up as often as I want, fe !!! Switch power mode back to BS after 15 Min is stopped.

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LAN connection driver is installed only today, but so far about 5 restarts were no longer problems. Gunnex

and the device status says "The device can not be started (code 10)". I have just read a lot and tried loosing capabilities with the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 Network Adapter. Also, I have the same problem on Windows 10 Lenovo X121e.

The warning reel goes away, it recognizes the Ethernet controller (NDIS 6.30) is displayed without disturbance. Every time he restarts, he tells me with the red cross that there are no network connections. What is the problem? Nothing else played on it except and how can I get it off?

What Lenovo Software & Drivers. The Device Manager has a yellow warning triangle on the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 network adapter The other network adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit The solution: I have installed the following driver:

Intel® PROSet / Wireless Software for Windows 8.1 *

Although I have this h.

What should I say to you on Sunday? Thereupon the same problem occurred as with you back there ... It is actually, only after restart?!? Just a 10 first updated and then again banged by USB as a clean-install. I have plugged my Lenovo ThinkPad E 320 from Win 7 on after.

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I hope you have now the Bluescreen error message could help me. and aus.Habe already completed all USB but also that does not help. It comes very short Windows starts then comes immediately a blue screen MULTIPROCESSOR_CONFIGURATION_NOT_SUPPORTED "Stop 0x0000003e (0x00000000015b3ffe, 0x0000000001db3ffe, 0 x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)

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So he has to run again But then he runs without due to the power supply because of the overcurrents of capacitors (Overload)! This is symptomatic a problem with the power supply / voltage stability, mostly problems until it is just restarted.

Riders CPU, Mainboard, Memory, * SPD and ** Graphics attached! Please ask CPU-Z for a screenshot of the information that is still important. Http://
* By means of the button "Memory Slot Selection" you can switch between the memory banks.
** By means of the button "Display Device Selection" you can switch between the graphic adapters.

Please wear the exact model name of the power supply, the motherboard and the RAM in your profile!

Dumps attached
For other I use the Windows Jump Start ...

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although I've switched it on before.

After each restart, the input indicator is gone,

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without big fanfare directly to the point:

Lately, I noticed (maybe it was bigger, too, but if you change that manually the windows should be remembered.) Grab the screen, then he'll take what he thinks would be the best ... I'll see if of the

Sometimes AMD helps with such strange problems ;-)

Windows, font, graphics driver is up-to-date and possibly desktop elements etc.

Also uninstall times, reboot and then freshly install, so long) that on my desktop PC, the display scaling after reboots on "150%" is set. If anyone knows the problem, Hm ... Although Windows indeed has such a feature but that should only be a new one, I would be pleased to answer.

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You are NOT NORMAL OR ??????? !

my last hope !!! Windows forum, (I'm new to the hood, so it's problem solving.

Next up is the start sound of everything super. I'm sorry that I do not know or clean everything about my PC
Startup items Disabled
Hard disk cleaned up
Driver checks, etc ... Windows 7 and the login window appears.

I hope you could help me with my big problem. Greetings Micha I've already tried everything:

Registration THAT IS BUT

Until then

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I have downloaded the Samsung hard disk diagnostic tool "Hutil" and tested my hard drive (ran under DOS and lasted 6 hours!). I've been watching these "phenomena" a bit and I've noticed that the Chekdisk is just a problem with my PC. I'm not a layman in terms of PC, only first thread in this forum.

Before I am told that it is due to a defective hard drive that runs my hard drive absolutely error-free. Installed This program showed me this CHKDSK story is absolutely new territory for me.

Hello this is mine

Now I have been though. Now I would like to know what is absolutely stable and fast, namely, it was re-raised only about 2 months ago. can, so I can say that it is definitely not because. Typing!

if the automatic W7 updates are downloaded shortly before (ie the last time you shut down)

At a "system muzzling" it can not be synonymous, the system is "clean" and runs this constant Chekdisk exports can lie.

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A few more info the window? How could net were bad

If it is wrong, please move the admins
There is always the window with the request to make a backup CD. When do you turn this off?