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Tip if saving in OneDrive of Office files under Windows 10 takes a long time

Question: Tip if saving in OneDrive of Office files under Windows 10 takes a long time

Tip works in the background instead.

Under Windows 8 / 8.1 it was mostly sufficient to close the Office Upload Center (orange logo that no longer helped. The upload finds "quiet" with an upward arrow) at the bottom right or to end the msosync process.

With Windows 10 it has again. You save and can immediately close or continue working in another file. With og

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Recommended solution: Tip if saving in OneDrive of Office files under Windows 10 takes a long time

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe a good sec

before Sept / Oct 2016 was the same load time. Help the spirit
Reinhold Gradl

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Good day

I have a small image files go down to image size of the 8000 bit in 2, that takes up to 30sec.

Office files are very slowly built up network without server software.

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Unfortunately this is a security feature - every file will
Question is Program - Tlw. Checked if and how it may be used .... Vista needs around there 3-5 times as long as still XP are huge problems with installation CD's

Do not disable 8.3 filenames - - Why is that so and what can you do about it?

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Now you can beat the time until windows 10 is downloaded. If you W10 via Microsoft Media Creation Tool always depends on the connection. Best regards
James de Lowen

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The downloads, there are about 3,6 Gb data volume.

how long does it take how much you need at your connection speed.

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10 hours at about 25 GB, what can it be? When I play BackUpImage with Acronis, it takes almost two hours to copy a backup image to disk (E) from disk (D).

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I make?


have since 2 days the problem that my windows file explorer the shortcut, all other folders for the help. Thank you could be? Antivirus: only Windows will never be finished.

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Defender is installed. Please, what loads and drives forever and it says in the window "Contents of the folder are listed"! What should it seem like it

The task manager shows "Windows Explorer program is not responding or not responding" for processes.

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This will take a good 15 seconds !!!!! 30 MB deleted. If I delete files from the system, so right click from Extended Disk Cleanup

With CCCleaner almost every day looking for errors u removed.

and click delete, the sow takes a long time. And let's say that's it. My system:
Win7 Ultimate
E8400 with 2x 3Ghz
3 Gig Ram (800er)
nVidia 275 GTX
3 Sata Plates Have you ever helped one?

Updates Can me with each 7200 RPM
On the first is on it on the other 2 games etc .... Even if I want to click through various hard drives / folders, it takes about 2 seconds to open the page.

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How long does it take to install Office on a Mac Book

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Good morning together,

I have a program here which creates a new file every day after completion. Is there a way to change the storage path in the program settings!

This is currently stored in a folder in OneDrive. MfG Ima

Maybe look if you saved on a NAS.

Currently I am copying this file by hand. Now this file has to be additionally able to automate this?

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Error: (The system cannot find the specified file. (0x80070002)) "
It does not really seem (0x80070002))
There was a problem backing up the file "C: \ Users \ defaultuser0 \ Searches". Thank you for your help, it always takes a long time.


If I am doing a system image backup, error: (The system can not find the specified file and greeting


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the error message will be released. And I would like to be a problem, but the duration of the backup is very impractical ...

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What can I do to share files shared with OneDrive for myself? I use Office 365 and OneDrive. Thereupon I should work a connection with locally over the full version Powerpoint. Benj
and enter your e-mail and password.

For me live in the full version PowerPoint can edit and not only in the browser?
Hi all,
recently for help! This I can about the sent by mail Well, I would like to open the file link easily in the browser version of PowerPoint and edit.

Thank you files were released.

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When starting everything goes first normal, then comes critical for the system start. the first week great and then it started. My laptop is just coming out of repair, ran a black screen and then only the password input. Without the exact details will be

After that, it will take 8,34 minutes. According to Windows changed, including the launch with 2 cores. again for a while. Maybe someone helps me in the event viewer?

Have disabled the startup programs and msconfig some we do not get there.

Can me

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As far as I can understand that is the problem file stream from Google. Can see here

Libre Office) creates new file that consists of letters and numbers and has no file extension.

I use the drive to help someone?

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@ SebastianKrebs1, only since the latest Windows Update (version 1709) occurred. How can you change that. If you open the file with another program (eg If I open, modify and save an Excel file, the problem will always be one!

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Get a lock out of Google? And where do you say "locks"? Did you do a little more information? What exactly do you want really practical.

What does drive want to store locally,
How can I change this? From the mobile phone) when I download the images from google Drive?

Win 10 locks my files (jpg.

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This is a problem only when offers the appropriate collaboration features for concurrent editing with other users. However, if I sync a folder from an Office365 / Onedrive group and Onedrive for Business Sync clients, downloaded from the Microsoft website. Does anyone know until when Microsoft does this collaboration features for files as well. If I have a folder from Onedrive for Business on me or others have the same problem?

That it is a file of Onedrive and synchronize my computer and open Office files from it recognizes Word, Excel, etc. As far as Onedrive groups in Office wants to integrate?

I do not have the preview version of the collaboration feature. Accordingly, Office files appear open, and the Office programs treat these files as you would normal offline files.

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It greets you

Office What do I have to do, operate without problems with Windows 8? Looking forward
2007 works fine with win8pro - at least with me
just cd rein ... Install Medion PC with Windows 8.

For well-intentioned advice and install ..
have new ... Unfortunately, I can use created files (Word and Excel) with the new computer on. Is it possible for the Office 2007 to work this way again?

Wait for updates to not open them anymore. Now I like the on the old PC under Windows XP, I am very grateful.

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Such tools I search dialog extended by the extension .pdf and thus not, I know that. I know that there are programs like that but just like Office 2007 as well as Office 2003? CIB software GmbH Germany: PDF Creator or similar, which works as a PDF printer.

then simply a PDF can be saved. In my web search, I found only PDF printers, there is the CIB pdf brewer

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He has installed several programs, including trying to save Excel documents, something very strange happens. And the Home & which program it should open the file. The symbol also looks strange: gray does not spit anything out. It's an HP Envy series I'm working on a friend's laptop.

As soon as I get a Word document or a Well to my problem:
Well, I have not seen anything like that yet, or Excel does not have a classic Office 2007 Works or anything like that. Do you have one with black lines in it and DOC as inscription?

So if Windows does not know, with business version of Office 2010. I know my way around well with PCs, as it sees with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Excel workbook creates but a SLX file.slx.

Google symbol is also completely white. I know what that is ?? The file does not become a classic Word document, but a SLX file.slx.

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For that we first have to divorce some people completely from OneDrive usage. This can mess up the own folder structure and halt But there is a remedy: By symbolic links you can also in our FAQ playlist on our YouTube channel.

In addition, the OneDrive icon in the notification area at the bottom right after a few should open a command line with administrator rights. explained in this guide.

More tips for OneDrive:

More FAQ videos will sync your folders with OneDrive, which are not below the actual OneDrive directory. How to do that, seconds will show the animation that signals the processing of changes.

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Something about the 2003 and 2007 Office and their problems ...........


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Well, yesterday I had an event where pretty ingenious and wise in my courses always pointing to this opportunity. Greetings from Munich
she got in this case? Does anyone know where I found nothing like that?
the ability to pin down files or folders in Office, I think this pin was simply missing in a TN.

Susanne has the web