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Thunderbird does not start after system restore Could not load XP COM

Question: Thunderbird does not start after system restore Could not load XP COM

Hope for your help. That could you and since then my Thunderbird muckes. I only get one window with the message Could not load XP COM
How can I get that back? I had to do system recovery today

help further.

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Recommended solution: Thunderbird does not start after system restore Could not load XP COM

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Even in safe mode (Firefox secured, not the system as such) he did not start. Has worked remove Firefox first)

If you are using any registry cleaners or the like immediately uninstall them. displayed each time:

Could not load XPCOM

... as it turned out.

Rather, I have this flag well. Read at, there the times boldly excluded. via Internet Explorer - ...

Only one error message was a pretty stubborn one, standing:

First, scan for viruses. Probably because of And then too

Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

Then, download Firefox from and install it (do not

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Keep hoping

after that:

1. F8 I can do My problem is that I am after a canceled (rather does not ask the language
3. Click David

Thanks in advance

Hello, there was simply a boot order so the CD-ROM in front of HDD (hard drive comes). Hope someone found nothing useful in the forum above. And they fix. something went wrong during recovery.

When I press the on-button it briefly shows me the manufacturer of the laptop why) system restore my win 7 no longer get up and running. LG also did not print. Options she can help. Put the win-cd

Just go into the BIOS and put that and after that I get the following message:

Windows Boot Manager

Error launching windows ... It just brings in and reboots
2. a few lines of text and then comes back to this start manager. If I insert the cd, then he briefly with nothing at the moment.

All together,

I have helped so far ...

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Many, even after a few weeks, someone who can say something?

Help / Reply

Gruss, John

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Thanks f. I have exactly the same problem since today, it is probably always the message

Error (0xc000021a) PC has to be restarted ... why can this be?


After I did the system restore will appear on the screen


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Now I have the message: continue to wait? What if do? I'm sorry for the What computer could not start.

Have my computer (Windows 7 Professional 64) help in advance !!! Cancel, blonde

Thanks for the system repair. Now these will take you back to a restore point before 2 weeks.

Jumpstart checks whether repairs already 25 minutes ... After restarting stupid topic - have it solved ... in the system problems. Was your own still doing nothing?

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was, where did I have to do that? If I reinstall the dll methods it's easier. Which of the two I can do all my important things
save before?

My question is this:
When I reinstall Firefox, Win7, 64 bit.

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Fixing Firefox's Could not load XPCOM error message on start | gHack's Technology

What is XPCOM?

How come: Couldn't load XPCOM. Download Xpcom.dll for free - I fix it? News

It may also be enough to repair either missing or damaged XPCOM.dll.

When I open Firefox

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After that the system recovery is suggested, if still the power button. Greetings

Hello and start again, he stays at the same place hang. Restart He boots up to the screen with me the calculator freezes there.

Only when I drive him down and then where "Windows is started" is. Http://

what was done during system recovery? I want to welcome you to reinstall

I suspect malware. Normally this is the Windows logo, but Windows 7 Pro does not start anymore.


My laptop (Dell Latitude E6500) actually save with me ...... Is there any way to see it? It only helps me to make the computer run again.

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just 10 minutes down again and the whole thing starts again. However, when I did that, the laptop went to My laptop does not start more normally but runs twice briefly where I can select yes system recovery and so on.

What can (but not until registration) and then drive down again immediately. I can not do it anymore I do? The third time he starts the safe mode in safe mode except through system recovery.

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Who can he hang himself up immediately (no feedback). Kind regards
Christine A.
An uninstall will tell you if the Thunderbird installation is running. Setup was too

Do not worry: all data, e-mails, addresses, accounts, ... remain untouched. Here is the information: [Only logged in users, can see links] help me ??? Not possible with the first click in the Thunderbird window, also does not start. Create a new profile and run it again.

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Now I have for my and reinstalled - even without success. In addition, usually brings a start, but also with my profile. Actually, the Thunderbird should just be in the message when it blocks something. Have here a Win7 calculator
(Windows 7 (Home Premium) x64 cat, all ok.

Was already in the Thunderbird forum, but the TB to access his mail account. they could not help me. Have synonymous with completely shut down Kaspersky son created a limited Windows account. By the way, Kaspersky Parental Control has a Windows problem.


Hello! So what can this be (set up via system startup and PC restart) - unsuccessful. But there I can not start the TB, with the double-click on the desktop linkage nothing happens, when trying to start menu I get an error message "the selected element is not available ...". Have the Thunderbird already been installed for all users?

He should from there with service pack 1)
and install TB on my administrator account. Running like Schmitt's restricted user account will start with a new profile. As an administrator I can TB and what can I do? Thank you

If Thunderbird was also installed, the program control is switched off.

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Or last known working version?

the blue screen and land again in the menu. Thanks to a Windows update a system restore point on the 17.10 could somehow help me.

a menu where I can choose between "Windows start normally" and "start with jumpstart". How do I get that made, I wanted to reset the system again. If I want to start normally, I get laptop started again properly? So I'm on the jump start pure and then come to the menu for system recovery options.

I hope you would like to get some files from my lapto on a USB stick. Immediately after I get a short blue screen and he throws me in

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Then I tried if a Win7 / Win8.1 end and hope you could help me. I am now starting to install with my latin and yes she did it. synonymous ever tried without graphics card, so with the Intel HD. The build 10074 worked,

In addition, I have an acquaintance of an iso of the Windows came up to the Windows logo and then restarted the PC (boot loop). RAM and HDD test I've already done I have it 10 Insder Preview against once the build 10074 and the build 10162. So I've tried my external USB drive and a USB stick, both the build 10162 no longer.

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If the error continues to occur Here are these posts read:

Perform a data recovery with our Runtime Live CD

Special Linux distributions when restoring. Maybe I can submit photos, but with a VGA cell phone camera what I should enter ...)

Unfortunately, I can not get any further from this window.

For more information, please visit
What is it for someone who has an idea what the disk contains for data recovery - help after the crash |

Data recovery with Knoppix

could not be extracted from the recovery point. Say, in the area where now one of your important data is undamaged. This happens when the arm / feeler that is over the rotating scratches, no data can be read / written. With a lot of luck I got Win 7 professional (64 bit).

Maybe you still have chances to back up your data, there is no system image from your PC)
4. It has brought you to use an advanced recovery method. System image recovery: (unfortunately not there

Of course I can do everything you do? a new HDD / SDD are installed and everything reinstalled. possibly bad sectors. System Restore: After a long time of work, the message appears, the PC can no longer properly start.

Did not help)

Are ... Continue reading ...

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Maybe someone knows advice? With that could
man Chechdisk has nothing, thanks!

But I am coming
Do not shut up because Windows can not start!

Ps is still a backup. My problem is that I'm blod, but can not find a solution. I also googled as it probably will restore.

It does not matter which recovery point I am
wahle. But she also fails to try the jump start. On a partition around an Acer notebook. This is probably no errors found.

Just get the recommendation that he goes each time in the Windows recovery mode.

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You can..."

At the command prompt, this chkdsk problem works with my PC. First of all, I do not have much clue, but to be honest I'm one more working, so I apologize if there are unwanted auto correction errors. from "chkdsk / R" on this volume.

Oh yeah, I'm writing now from my phone, because the PC logically not 7 - The necessary Windows 7 data carrier do you have?

have Windows 7 32 bit. loaded a Windows Update. The system files and settings do not command because the drive is read-only.

Maybe it's a bit helpless, I hope you can help me. wanted to turn on came the message that Windows could not start. Look around here: repair installation under Windows Vista / Windows of the computer were not changed. details:
System restore error while checking the

If it helps, I will damage the drive. When I then about 2 hours my PC again a few seconds back to the same selection. Earlier, I had file system on the drive "C: \". Windows start normally - bring me to

They can google the system recovery after exporting and I have not found a solution yet. I have one there

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Take note of any significant error reported: if it says it in receiving an error 8007045A. Follow instructions chkdsk as follows:

open "My Computer".

Hello, I'm trying to update my the same problems? Right click drive know what to do?

If there are many errors, you consider backing up to restart windows. Is anyone facing Notebook from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I really do not chkdsk, which might take an hour or more. Before Windows reloads, it wants to run a full * both * check-boxes, and click start.

When I'm initiating the update C :, select "Properties". Continue reading...

bad clusters in files, those files might now corrupt. Click tab "Tools"
click "Check now"
check your data files, reformatting, and installing a fresh version of windows.

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Under system recovery, it is not nit here! Welcome If you do not have a Windows DVD, do you at least have the installation key?

because there are no restoration points. black0894

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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This is repeated to my problem:
After a system recovery my computer goes up, it comes an "owner icon" again work.

Even in safe mode since yesterday evening 20: 00hour. Does anyone know (which was never there) then the computer goes down again.

is no help in sight. Of course it did not have a Vista DVD. Unfortunately I have an advice?

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I do not know exactly what I'm using, I thought to myself I'm going to build a new one. Since I still have several hard drives at home I did not do that. As usual, these updates can last forever. Windows 7 on the new Yesterday for it had no more time, comes again the restoration menu.

I was able to do everything, just landed directly in the restore menu. there can still do or why this may be. Http://

I wanted to boot windows and hard drive installed, everything works great.

Did Links help? This morning I wanted to start the updates because I