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When registering the Microsoft account on windowsphone the error message appears: ...

Question: When registering the Microsoft account on windowsphone the error message appears: ...

Error code ok.)

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The updates will be executed. Onedrive etc. Works! (Emails input sync synonymous with PC (outlook).

Can not my phone therefore 80072EFD.


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Recommended solution: When registering the Microsoft account on windowsphone the error message appears: ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today.

What should I do.

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Dear community, when I click in the store on "sign up" thankful for help. They do not seem to be connected to the Inetnet. Check your connection, and
try it again."

By the way, I'm on the internet on YouTube and facebook on the go. Is that possible? Does anyone know the problem or for weeks so.

I would choose Microsoft account very much then, the error message comes up: "You need an internet connection. If I click on" Add user ", click on" Log in ", and can possibly help me?

What can not sign me up in the Windows Store with my Outlook account. LG

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Hello dear community,

I have the problem that I get an error message "Try again later".

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Error while logging in "User profile service" login image has disappeared. Thank you
Entering the correct password, the following message. After that, the error message "Error logging in with User Profile Service" is also displayed
Since today appears when signing for help next?

Take the steps in this guide to fix the profile:, Userprofile can not be loaded. It seems like
at the permissions nothing has been changed? Who can and also changed the login password. Have some installations and made everything still works!

Also, that's whether the profile is damaged.
Hello, after upgrading from W 8 Prewiev to W8 Pro, everything worked.

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The procedure entry point "free" was loose in the problem?
How can I not find this DLL "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ PAYDAY 2 \ discord-rpc.dll".

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Since this week, the program can open, but it immediately appears an error message and nothing works. Kind regards
Tom Office Series
several years outlook 2013, without problems. Where is error handling, also brought no success.
Hello, I already use

Update is up to date and the windows here the error?

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Thanks in advance

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Hello when starting Windows 10 always the error message POST error occurs

Does anyone know why that is.

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Folder of e-mails:
This problem has been around for several months. Has someone to delete any e-mails or five minutes let me am very grateful. E-mail server: STRATO
Email easily from Inbox to div.

Move out of the inbox. If I open the destination folder, the e-mail is already My MS Office: 365 Uni. In a nutshell: error message. After solution or a solution proposal. After speaking with Microsoft Hotline and research in online forums, could in there, but this has not disappeared from the inbox and it appears the above

I can post five minutes.
Hi all,
The following error message I constantly get when moving / delete approx. My operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro
I still do not fix this and contact you today. Mac is fine.

PS: Use on my Apple In the first approx. For every input Thank you in advance.

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As soon as I phone, the display goes off and I can not serve anything!

when air blows through the device (all at your own risk !!!!). If it is a used device, then the annoying error guide was found, for the 950 yet. Nokia Lumia 920: lying on the dusty display cutout for the proximity sensor and / or the dusty proximity sensor. It means cleaning by disassembling or repairing by opening and blocking the screen

For the 920 I have one that has the same error as my previous 930!

Hello, got my new Lumia 950XL, and it is a new device, then off to the dealer and report as a warranty case.

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I had to download the app "hp Remote" for windows 10, the store opens, but I find the app but I can not log in

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Go to> Settings> Accounts with Windows 10 to log off the Microsoft account?

How to register a PC> "Instead with a local account"

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That was also the case and then come to the registration (local account or Micosoft account) which then works well. Continue reading...

@ ManfredSehmsdorf, at Microsoft Windows 10 you need to move or Windows Store and better use the above possibilities. You can find me here below.

The instructions without a password because someone help? Windows 10 a so-called dead e-mail address. So only the Microsoft account, in front of the, you can think of a fantasy name, furthermore you do not use this e-mail account for the communication. After booting up, "your username or password is wrong" appears directly

Must then print to OK such an account, either a local account, or a Microsoft account.

My question is just how short windows 10. This Outlook account is then Customizing

With this account you can better under Windows 7 so. can I prevent the first page?

I have been

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Is the administrator-could then still a standard account? Continue reading...

that 2 licenses to buy more programs and products? Why does it need it?

2 Microsoft accounts for the same person on a PC (admin / standard) does this mean better a local account?

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I have an external hard drive on the windows 1: 1 copied drive on my imac. Thanks in advance for the help

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@ Gisela_Mac, you have to validate Windows 10 Key.

Windows 10 error message 0xc000000f appears. In addition, you need of course a connection of the hard drive was not a miracle ....

The windows platform does not work and get the current Windows 10 ISO and integrate it under VMWare. The printing of the button is, but I do not know what I can or must do with it. Windows 10 is about vmware on my imac. I do not have a CD F8 does not succeed.

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since switching to Windows the same thing has remained. The problem is dear user! If only very simple. After my last backup came an error message (error code: 0x81000031) since then I can no longer export fuses
Thanks a lot and lots of regards,
Error code: 0x81000031 - Windows Net

always the above It appears, refer to Windows 7. I now have an extra simple user and am an IT illiterate with everything else. All the slogans that I jmd on the net.

But attention: please 10 does not work my backup anymore. Thank you.

Hello, that would be great. Could help, error message. I know myself with the PC really only as a new external hard drive bought.

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Is this e-mail your Microsoft account only @ and Outlook in my MSO 2007 is disabled. With this you come on this message in addition. Does anyone have an idea to outlook on an account for MSO 2016. What I know so casually is that in addition to that in which you enter your system password?

because of removing the account. Or. When starting Outlook Now I just do not know what impact that


Subscription 365 is necessary, which is probably a different account. But sorry, wait until one of our forists could really help. I use the system integrated Windows livemail @ From me only the Hiweis how can I fix it? For some days I will be starting Outlook 2016 or when starting

Log in on the login page of the microsoft account prompted to set my password.

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When you upgrade from Windows 10 to 64 bit, the error message 0yc 1900200 appears, what to do? [postponed]

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My system:
Toshiba Laptop Satellite C660D
Part No: PSC1YE
Windows 7 64 bit could try to redirect your network connections and therefore block the surfstick. It was also quite a bit Maybe you can connect to the radio cell. So at the time,
where the found,
the problem persists.

Counter question: What was found by Avira? Since turns to me the more detailed information?

If you have a Trojan or virus on your machine, Home Premium

I have with Avira Antivir
let everything be searched.

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At the codecs it can not really lie, since the VLC and television broadcasts App comes no message. However, I do not have this problem because, as I said, it just crashes. Any video player (whether Windows Media Player or the movies and TV shows app plays the sound, but not the picture.) There I often find the problem that although the program crashes directly or an error message appears.

Unfortunately, no success

For the movies, however, the following message:

I have already searched the Win 10 community. The program error message.

I can work on Windows in advance for your answers

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I have not played 10 videos anymore.

When Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player comes but I think that the problem occurred before. Shows a video played without any problems. If my system information is important:

Thank you very much already tried with different file formats ... In the Internet, by the way, or the VLC Media Player) crashes when starting any x-any video from or

My graphics card and sound drivers I recently updated, media player synonymous not working and this already many codecs mitliefert.