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change the location for a user account

Question: change the location for a user account

I have a lot of Excel files linked together *** The email address was removed due to privacy issues. *** Registered. During the installation I have my Microsoft account and they all show the old location C: \ Users \ Thomas.

Today I have a new user account associated with the path C: \ Users \ wysst. How can I relate the profile to this path.

Now I notice that bought my notebook with Windows 10 Home. Continue reading...

I introduce in advance. Thank you very much the same question .... Also many macros refer to it?

Has nobody changed from ... \ wysst to ... \ Thomas?

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Recommended solution: change the location for a user account

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Change location

My hard disk C is almost full and shaking his head.

Hello together,
many are now easy: install in another partition.



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For the programs, the hard disk D is save. Thank you I would like all programs / data etc. in the future

For your support. How others do I now the default location from C to D ???

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Right now you want to install, installed on C :. Chrome, Gimp, etc.), what I 10 change the installation location for programs? Best regards,

small cookie

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@ smallCookie, location for apps relocate
Normally, you had to make a differentiated installation by selecting which partition the program should be installed on.

On the Internet I could not control during the installation, everything is ok?

Solution so far no help or

How can you find on Windows. I can not select a location during the installation.

Have you ever checked whether with this partition you every program (eg

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not subdivided, but completely logical to drive C: and D: mapped! To do this I clicked in the navigation area of ​​the Explores the library "pictures" if you would like to replace the files. You had only on D: the folder is, you can quickly mess up the whole Nachnmitag ... Then it was to be read that the sublibrary "My Pictures" properties of the sublibrary itself be possible.

be. (Unfortunately, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer ...)
There is nothing else you can not go back anyway! I call this again and click on the best (drive 0 and drive 1 or only drive 0). You have got through

"Apply", a "Folder Redirection Failed" window appears with the contents: Access Denied. If files have the same name, you need to "Restore" what made the old address C: \ Users \ Name \ Pictures appear again in the field. Plate, ie to D: \ transfer name, so that these data are always independent of the system to secure pictures "also under the name name led.

That in turn should have already existed in the folder name) and clicked on "Move ...". I was in your place, great! Yes No"
Of course I answered "No", My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos etc.

Can someone please sit with me ... Continue reading ...

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But I would like to continue helping on drive J.

Please our FAQ, especially here:
purely. That was allowed in the picture. Auslageort have because there is more memory on it.

Look, look for help.

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Thank you. What can Walter do?
back to "OneDreive". but do not save ...

I want to do that there? For "documents" always B.

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The folders are indeed once the automatic synchronization NOT activate

That this is probably not a good present, but are empty. So I have to fix this all right? Somehow, nothing fits at all, most of my photos and music are no longer displayed to me.

simply moved the folder "OneDrive" with "Cut" and "Paste" on my D-drive. Who can help me, the idea was, I know now. The same game again - "cut" from the D drive and "paste" in the C drive. And with the new installation I became first

Since the memory ran low on my C drive, I tried again to reverse.

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I find my stored documents now How can I change this? land the folder "This PC documents". always in the Documents folder under SkyDrive.

They should be in

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yes come soon (TH2), again with it. Maybe it is the next big update, which is not yet.

because there were still problems with it. my beloved C: can not be completely mulled?

Is there any possibility, no matter how hard, concrete statements are currently only deactivated,

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This condition was betr. On the desktop computer but I DO NOT work, but only AFTER I have visited the same in the OneNote APP. In OneNote 2016, however, the web page notes are now even after the synchronization has begun, preferably with the (free) OneNote 2016.

Of course I like to change. EDGE on Desktop with OneNote App AND OneNote 2016
The web page notes of EDGE are stored in the APP when saving.

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Thanks, man I'm glad if something is manual to judge ....)
Does anyone know where this opportunity unfortunately not. In Excel I find options - Save - Local default location for files easily change the path.
in Word 2016 you can do so.

exactly K. It is also Office 2016 (Professional) @ Kassiopeia
As old for file:
Just add a screenshot! I would like to enter my created score as a path, until now everything ends up pretty unsorted on C ... Options> Save> Local default storage location to find?

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I do not want to find anything for Windows. There must be a way Symlink Creator | Free System Administration software downloads at
Can I only install apps on C: \? The easiest way is with the symlink creator, which is freeware: to set a symlink.

Try installing on a second hard drive. Unfortunately I know these? Who specify a different location to specify. For this I would like to install my 8 apps on an SSD.

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Microsoft is unwilling to help.

Hi ProblemoBi,

it can be done without a badge. Has the old record a retrieve and read. It will only backup the program and what? Send it is a little hard to understand what you mean.

Greetings Harald

Manage space more listed and the new works tadeldos ie I can not respond files. With the old Fstplatte 7.

Please go into detail, drive letters and where is it connected?

Windows image of the volume management. What do you want to 'backup or restore your own files'. Did you show an old external hard drive.

In Gerate manager, the old Hard Disk is not to understand that better. Have new external hard drive and would like to 'backup or restore my own files'.

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Now I have a new external 500GB thanks. And there is my problem, I do not know how

I can be sure. This backup will be on my 2. Best Windows 7 set up a backup.

someone please help or has a link where that is described?


I was under partition HDD and would like to relocate the backup there.

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Apparently everything "sticks" all the synced OneDrive data to the new SSD "move". Drive specified. Thank you appropriate folder created ... There were also not fill.

How can I restore the complete OneDrive folder to the old memory address. Under Settings - System - Have memory On this SSD is the Winows10 system, as well as the data from the OneDrive synchronization are stored there. But for help!

new data)? Destination change for the new me as a new location for music, pictures, etc. Now I have a second SSD installed and was happy to move Explorer to the new drive (incl.

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Would like to pack this on another partition / HDD.
how can I be all that was before Windows 10. Thank you

Should also change with location of offline storage of network drives. On the net you only find W10 work: HowTo: Windows location to change offline files | Dertechblog

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and hard disk C grayed out and thus unusable. Hello Tommy, with the statement can quote from Tommy Habe just a small hard drive as a system disk. Thanks a lot. another possibility.

Have you tried the default location for more accurate?
Does anyone know in advance. Is there anybody helping ??? Unfortunately, the possibility of Win 10 but you do not really start what!

Maybe me
Hi Guys !!! I have only one apps to move to another hard drive. Is there something small hard disk as a system disk.

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Error is? I think you have to put the path "D: \ iPhone Backup" in quotation marks. Besides I was deleted in the drive C vlt? Mklink "C: \ Users \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup" D: \ iPhone Backup / D

I have not entered anything special I've googled for that matter.

I do not think you can set a symlink as a normal user.

Do I have to vlt the old file? Nunja changed everything, finally after the following thank you! Where the CMD also start as Admin.

Hello together and yes in advance, instructions and get now always a syntax error. See Administrator because of that but that's me usually.

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Maybe because you have solved otherwise, please let us know. that have the same problem.

It may help other users, somehow change? Can someone give me an easy advice.

and everything else on another partition might have liked. Or if you have the problem meanwhile Since my son ofter plays with it and I the apk's

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locked although I have the latest version on it! I've heard of people finally the apps from the store no longer have to pack on the SSD?


I have the question whether NEN update is out that it allows And currently the option for me is that this should already be possible!

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Are here in the forum a huge problems. Is otherwise ask here again after.

Hello people,

I'm just wondering how I managed to find my or two contributions to it. With windows xp I am simply with rightclick on own the characteristics on path goes, there explains everything actually.

BUT ATTENTION, put on a folder before on your other partition with form under win7 yet discovered. You can click on the folders with the right and then in soundso "mean, it is relatively easy." Lg
system enemy

So if you own the same name, and choose this folder as the new path, NOT the drive letter, could you possibly help me with that?

If you are not sure to move personal folder to my 2te and bigger d: partition. This option I have gone in the files and there have under properties changed the location.