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Display the blue login screen

Question: Display the blue login screen

Hello ! Have Windows classic logon version I think bad. I like the welcome page ne freeware. You can not choose, and the problem.

I have - CHIP Online

This is English. XP Prof. test, should be enough ....

Just set it, but that does not work. LogonStudio - Download

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Recommended solution: Display the blue login screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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then do you? What Can Windows 10 Technical Preview - Microsoft Community

I see a blue screen when signing into

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My son forgot his password. If the user knows the administrator's password, click in this box to see it in full size. Is there any way to know about administrator's password,
but can not enter users on the login screen. Or maybe a keyboard shortcut?


Originally Posted by charly59:

I think that's a command line command to change this?

Win 7 Home Premium - I think I enabled the administrator at all?


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Make User Accounts Invisible on Login Screen - Windows A Solution? which are made in the registry are not without risk. For security reasons, I am looking for a solution that the logon screen just like Win XP names in the login screen does not suppress. Unfortunately, I have not found anything about Google or here in the forum something.

I have already tried it with netplwiz.exe, there you can just scroll down a bit on the linked page .. you click on a user to enter their name and password. I think this is what you are looking for, but with it the Tips & Tricks - Windows - PC WORLD

Does anyone know addendum:
But forget not a single name is displayed, but only the corresponding input fields for name and password. To back up or create a backup / system image
please do not change the reg.

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the autoshutdown, which is entered in the task planner. Is the WinServer logged in, ApacheServer). If the WinServer is on the login screen, the shutdown is not automatic, so I'm so satisfied. that they are already active in the login screen without logging in (eg

Or is he doing his shutdown every day? Programs I need, I have set up as a service, so the only thing that does not work, is I get the shutdown?
My maybe.

another method? And that is full intention and Does anyone have a solution, as though I have set up the task scheduler as a service (on car).

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Otherwise, I would recommend settings on the ability to make administrative settings, which also overlap on the login screen. Is there perhaps the possibility the password before the registration must be entered. I'm talking directly to the screen, which does not find anything to influence it. These settings can be accessed by scrolling or simply switching to the screensaver.

Unfortunately, Windows 8 is set to check the whole system once in the BIOS.
Can someone explain to me how to run the monitor or your video card.
Surely there is the registry to be modified in this regard? It is important to me that the login screen with which you have to click on "Export" is longer.

Here you enter then gpedit.msc and you have after a minute completely down drive, if no registration was carried out. Unfortunately, I and the power settings could in some way set up options. After that will automatically open a window, login screen can run longer under Windows 8? At first I was pressed Windows key and at the same time R printing.

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Question: Show HP at google

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Question: Display 3 monitor

I bought 2 new monitors yesterday ..


I have a problem and have

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Should a memory card for any reason I can look somewhere on the big computer, for example

is otherwise not recognized in the target device, the standard values ​​are sufficient for the first run. From exFAT to FAT .. (or vice versa) have to be "reformatted" because the thing with what the CAM oa

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Confirm the change with a click on "Apply" and "OK", call up the control panel and from now on you will see all file extensions
Our videoTUT about this:

then the folder options
Control Panel (Classic View) -> Folder Options

3. But that can be changed quickly with a few mouse clicks.


Click Start
2. In the folder options, open the "View" tab and remove the checkmark next to "Hide extensions for known file types"


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Hi everybody,

I am supposed to help me with a screen tip for a test

Read more ...

And already a solution?

The exact task is: Search in the full text. I only see this tip for the entry Devices and Printers. Thanks for the windows 10, for this entry?

Is that still at the system control after the entry Devices and Printer show. Let the screen tip add a button device. Please make a note and let me know what is written there. There you will see for this entry.

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Question: View RAW files

With friendly .CR2 files of my new Canon 7D Mark II but not. I was about greetings

Read more ...

There was probably a codec update for Windows 7 that made that possible, but I could not find anything yet.


I shoot a lot in the raw file format .Cr2 from Canon.

For a better overview, I was happy to see the pictures in Explorer, but only the program icons are displayed. The .CR2 files of my old 7D are also displayed, which are very happy with a solution.

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If it is possible please you only had to give more results. Had previously Windows 7 and go there and on my data, how can I show all the results in a folder?
Hello, an 2 has short questions,
if I put something in the search bar I change this? How can I only normal folders (Find the right word just not for it) displayed.

How to display compressed files in the search results (Zip, rar, etc)
Thank you for the help for a total IT initial explanation.

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How do I know if it is really displayed with HWMonitor? Incidentally, an R7 240 does not require any additional power from the power supply unit, only "amd radeon r7 200 series" is displayed as a graphics card. What will you do with 260x and not, for example, a weak 240? With nvidia cards I was, so to speak, missing a PCIe power plug

The handler could me so sticker where what is more accurate), with some graphics cards it is synonymous on the Platikverkleidung. No matter which tool I execute, however, it will always be easy to move across the table or not? Otherwise, open PC and look, on the board (back of the graphics card are usually always the exact model displayed.

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Question: Show temps in-game

Then you could do all the things
and more stuff. Cputemps, grakatemps, frp pack on and play on your main screen.
a recommendation?

Need a program which can show me everything Ingame. Did you not quite. Rivertuner does not work on Cpu ... Afterburn shows me


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a screenshot:

but I liked showing my own shares. I also find the DAX very interesting

Enclosed yet

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and check the box next to the operating system startup information. Then on the "Start" tab, thank you

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In advance thank you Tuneup adjust that not auto. Code: \\ dornel123 or Code: \\ Edit:
For many of the PCs on which the release is located:
For example so ... PCs on the network are not displayed. For example, you can have the same Acc on both PCs.

Maybe on one of both PCs yes something like that set ...
How could you solve the problem? Hello,
you can only access the share if there are "tuning" programs ne options that could stand in the way of your project. Give either the name or the IP in Explorer

After clearances is searched or for the answers.

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How does the Community get a program for it! App written
One uses that out?