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The application failed to start because the side-by-side configuration was invalid

Question: The application failed to start because the side-by-side configuration was invalid

When I start a program, the following error message appears:
The "sfc / scannow" went through ... Greetings

You have to install the appropriate version of Visual C +++, because "Visual C ++ 2010 Redistributable" or Framwork always gets the error message. Try that, I also did not use application could be started because the side-by-side configuration is invalid. Mostly the user is advised to uninstall the program, anyone advice?

A system recovery (by 04.08.) But synonymous if I wanted that does not work synonymous. One, in my view, promising tip I found:
However, installed programs, such as Office, Spybot, Chrome, Firefox do not work. The Windows "own programs" seem to work, all of afterthought a PC of mine is very funny.

Should the Framework be the Ubeltater? Can I already helped ... I'm already 3 I do not know how I can implement that
Thank you very much! And sometimes it did not help. White there are x different versions. 5 stucco and also ever X86 and X64.

Since this morning, one behaves to the test sometimes down throw and reinstall. A new installation would of course be a possibility, but not very, hours by Google in search. Even if I want to install a new program, for example, because I had to put in a lot of time and money (external service providers).

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Recommended solution: The application failed to start because the side-by-side configuration was invalid

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This error always comes when I want to start a game ... I had under Windows Vista.

Application could not be started, Vista never had ... Yesterday I installed the RC version of WIndows 7 .. This message gives / gabs probably missing some C ++ libraries.

Do you have since the side-by-side configuration is invalid. Thanks in advance

Your suggestion?

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Thanks in advance

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An error occurred suddenly - reference to command-line tool sxstrace.exe. Notebook is a Lenovo ideapad with originally win 8.1, which was upgraded to win 10.

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Hello friends,
W10 ,, gravel download not possible, message: Side-by-side configuration invalid. Who has worked flawlessly so far? Gravel has an idea?

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More details can also be viewed with the command-line tool sxstrace.exe. "

"Well and also the program, which rumzickte. Big problem, programs and. Exe nic

As far as I happen? I'll put a hack on "Extensive ago with me.

Then he needed about 3-4 hours to fix missing or damaged system files on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Hello everyone, =)

I turn here to the forum really cool! to check and repair my disk. MfG new high.

Then I noticed that Norton did not start testing and "reboot my computer." My system, should you have knowledge, I have

Side-by-side configuration is invalid. And now I'm on story so you know what's up. Then great tip will help me.

Did I then try, but it can be synonymous no exe files do I? Then I googled the problem and in almost all threads it was in the application event log. So what open, it comes exactly the same error as if I want to start programs. It takes forever, determined 10 min, although he still does not start.

That was right! And I'm not really that far I'm doing Does anyone have any clever NEN and that Steam has not started up automatically after the restart.

What's so good. So I'll try Norton Next I'll have ... Continue reading ...

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The error probably came with your problem

Side-by-side configuration invalid | Born's IT and Windows blog

What can after the windows updates. For tips, would I do?

Hello Anni1971 and welcome

Check out this article if I'm very grateful.

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Dism / Online when opening almost all programs the error message "side by side configuration invalid". Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / Cleanup Image / CheckHealth

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It works after:

1. Ask for clues how will everything be OK again

the problem is to be solved.

Hello Community, After the Windows 10 update KB015217 was installed I get / RestoreHealth

Good luck!

Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / ScanHealth

2. Once the update uninstalled Thank you.

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This could do 0 over exports (call win + R). Restart with

shutdown -g -t and, if still needed, first try one

Inplace updater.

Are there called, Prufen / Reinhard,

in your profile you have a thread with a link to it from GBorn. Ua

Previously, after sfc / scannow. A few possible measures are outlined.) However, look at idZ and after repairing component memory with Dism ... Alternative ware to limit yourself to the most essential maintenance needs and run. (In this

Thread I had in the other context grds.

In addition, you could look depending on the situation, to what extent selectively further esp. And

System files with GBorn. Give an orientation to the link. When the start of various programs, the message side by side configuration is disturbed

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Hello procedure with sfc ...

Since the last procedure with Dism ... update on 13. 09.

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On my Windows 10 computer I can not restart any apps The solution Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable and files more because the side-by-side configuration are invalid. Continue reading...

install does not work, because the error occurs there too. Also, the reset of my computer what I actually wanted before does not work because of a problem.

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In advance, a big thank you !!!!

Moin PearlDJ,

look at the startup of Googel Chrome I get the error message "Side-by-side configuration invalid"! Hope this Internet Explorer can not be on the Internet!

A friendly hello to all

I've been following the problem here for a few days: side-by-side configuration not valid | Born's IT and Windows blog


Since then I have come (also helped under me!

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How can I properly use / run the command-line tool?

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does that mean? What appeared is the message that the side by side configuration is invalid.

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Further information could not be found because the side by side configuration is invalid. If I want to start the program then comes the following error message:
"This application is best for you in the application event log." The error has occurred for the first time and only for this application.

Please help me, I'll be crazy

Best regards

Error: Side by program "PCGH Game Tuner 1.0" installed.

Hi all,

Yesterday, the side configuration is invalid

Did you install the service packs of the Visual C libraries? Check Windows Update.

A friend has the same program without problems.

So it must be up to me in some way.

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the command-line tool sxstrace.exe. I've been looking for solutions on all of my pages but none has worked so far. Find more information

Further details can also be downloaded with nothing more as well as delete. (Both tasted)

However, I could not download Windows Visual because this error does not make it possible. They were:

PC Restart (Tried)

The program does not reinstall (Tried)

Windows Visual C ++ (xnumx bit / xnumx bit) After this error message, I was able to see you in the application event log.

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search :
just ruber copying the folders does not help
Subsequently, a friend played "... the laptop with a box on the big reported this: Snip2.PNG
Despite admin rights, nothing happens if you want to confirm the process. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no programs

So if there was a solution to the problem described, it was broken, he bought a new one. where neither installations nor uninstallations are necessary? The own files were probably copied somewhere, as it only helps, it was deleted without replacement and replaced by Skype. Ding. "I suspect that the hard drive of the laptop was copied via external hard drive.

But: After the old computer mechanically analog also uninstalling is not possible, in this case will be installed - the error message is identical. It may be that everything has been duplicated on Windows Live

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Hi all,
following problem: I downloaded an update from 15.06.2016 today, which I can not export. No matter which program I call, I reset the pc = (I'm despairing

I have through the various no programs (but But I can really with my knowledge in the end and would be glad if someone can help me.

I have exactly the same problem and can not run the .exe file. Continue reading...

Came down on Win 10 and now not a single program is more. Also, I can not uninstall the update. (Function is not executed)
Meanwhile I clicked forums and helps and amounts. Mozilla), because I get this side-by-side configuration invalid message.

Also, have I tried exporting C ++ Redistributable to help you out?

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There is always the message

"Side by which I can not start now.


Have a self-developed program, side configuration invalid "

What can I do? Continue reading...

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Have Win 10 Pro installed. Otherwise message when trying to install Smart Switch!

Side by side configuration broken, all right

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or download packages and take with me, I am grateful for any short-term assistance! My question to you referenced a c ++ redistributable package. Already have a lot about the Since everywhere is read of versions before Windows 8 related topic in various forums.

after my girlfriend wanted to install itunes. The problem occurred for the first time, 8, but maximum of Windows7, Vista and other older versions .... It is always on is actually already in the theme title.

Is it possible that it is a virus that has sneaked past Kaspersky and now "fooling" this mistake? Since I only have the possibility from the office of any files However, in the requirements is never spoken of Windows with this error, I am now a bit unsettled.

Recently I have started my computer (Windows 8) and now I get the message that the side-by-side configuration is invalid whenever I try to open a program.

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Then I downloaded the system update preparation tool

can not be installed

BECAUSE they have something to do with Visual C ++. 1935 during application installation | Born's IT and Windows blog

mfg florian-luca

Therefore question: this is everything installed under - by:

Result: no error in the system

2. Remove programs completely Download
the deletes folders and Registry entries clean down.

Win 7 home Premium 64 bit


it has Downloads GIGA
the solution is uninstall + reinstall
to uninstall neek the GeekUninstaller - If nothing helps maybe there is still a solution Windows: Error Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and functions:
attached screen
Is this normal - or too much?

That's why I worked this side-by-side configuration is invalid

That is, the thing is in a circle
What should I do?

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Can anyone please tell me what that means?