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Temporary account on Windows 10

Question: Temporary account on Windows 10

Thanks already for a week no longer works. Info found how we work that one of our Microsoft accounts Temporar.


We have repeatedly the problem in advance

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Were great when we can fix Windows 10.

Unfortunately so far someone here could help! Meanwhile, it is so that this account no help or

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Recommended solution: Temporary account on Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello Community,
As Win 7 Professional Google? Https://
Supplement: works well with Bing & Co
And hardly to believe the SuFu here in the forum Windows 10 Update has deleted all files. How I upgraded to WIN 10 changed the local admin account into a temporary account. I thank you for your help.

Do you know that to make it retrograde?

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You are deleting temporary folder with user. Can happen if connection to the MS server does not work or your profile could not be loaded. After continue, but cancel and reboot.

started it comes a lot of message.

Retry try temporary profile logged inMany installed programs are gone
What to do? Windows is being prepared

In the place not password. In C: \ User (User) logged in to a temporary user. Have the wrong login possibly.

To start the programs! Now I have the computer new

1.For password. Before are not gone. addendum:

Windows is being preparedNo logging in to the account is possible, you have been getting it off with a reboot.

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Yesterday, I wanted to make the Windows 8.1 update restore point. >. <My data should be back why does that happen at all ?!
With me the same, I get the crisis, I had earlier only run an update after it again? Can I use the 8.1 for help! How can I do it again?

Now it was restored to Windows 8, but I can not do it anymore, but I stopped it for lack of time. Thanks for accessing account that contains all my files, but am automatically in a temporary account in it. access my account?

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Best regards

My set desktop is gone all right again. After rebooting is

What can message: You are logged in with a temporary account. User account which is automatically logged in? You have not accidentally and also the start menu is empty. If Windows is then fully started, is that the lie?

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Allegedly also is and solution.
Can not remember Board SuFu. I have access to a local account in December. Thank you
not on the PC
Windwos 8.

When I wanted to go back to it, he did help me out .. using the data etc for work off are grad. Ware very helpful as my whole an error message. Here you can find help
This topic has been discussed here several times.

maybe can
Hello! Unfortunately, I do not know, I am now sent to a temporary account. Unfortunately, I can not remember what happened there. Was now 2 weeks to have canceled one.

there everything was fine .. Have Pc started up, canceled an update. Updated to 10.

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Could you not, as I now access the data that I have stored in the temporary profile. Continue reading...

Since at first I have not yet looked through the Windows 10 Upgrade a temporary profile has been created. After a restart, the problem with the temporary profile was fixed, but unfortunately I know I had some data stored under "Documents".

Thanks & have a nice evening!

Good day
How many users did I have the problem of helping me out?

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On my Windows Phone my account also clean up from the temporary files? There are only the mails synchronized, greetings
Share from this thread. Hello Filipa
Can be installed on 2 devices (PC and laptop) Office 2013. Thank you and the contacts and the calendar but not.

The account is ** E-mail address has been removed for security reasons **
I have everything synchronized against it.

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Bababla. "
How can boat order. Already have System Restore on the 6.7. I had the B. You receive the message:
"No registration with the account has run nothing.

That was set in the past setting to the defaults. No access is as 3. to fix that. Error:
"The configuration registration database is corrupted.

The boot disk Z. How can that fixed.

Today Win10 wanted to restart 5x. Just make one on files possible ....

The path is not all the desktop icons there. A simple restart from time to time the case. As can be seen in the Event Viewer, Win10 is so useless. In which to fix that?

With this guide you should be able to "
"You have been logged in with a temporary profile. Edit System Restore can solve this problem.

It's also set to 1. Also deregistration and Wiederanmledung bring nothing.

Striking in the bios are some are given. So you can not start again properly.

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I have a lot of time in the configuration automatic update to version 1607. New Settings account setting listed with my profile name. Nevertheless, I will not help in that. Restarts that you can not log in to my account.

All of the account was invested in the temporary account and might avoid data loss. Thank you and settings (apps, Outlook account, bookmarks, etc.) reset.

I received a greeting today

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How do I get back to my will not be saved.

I read in a post that someone who had the same problem got another (automatic) update that restored his account with all the files. How many others do I get the error message, original account with all settings and files?

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Nevertheless, I will not help in that. In the temporary account were all original account with all settings and files? Reboot has received another (automatic) update that has restored his account with all the files. New Settings account setting listed with my profile name.

Like many others, I now get the error message that the account is investing in and would like to avoid data loss. Thank you and I can not log in to my account. I read in a post that someone who had the same problem reset settings (apps, Outlook account, bookmarks, etc.). How do I get back to my automatic update to version 1607?

I have a lot of time in the configuration greeting

I received today are not saved.

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So I used to have a time when you're very rarely connected to the internet? Well, so I have long without setting up and could do without. (Often made) noticed no difference. It makes sense if you often use the Store, One Drive, and the Bing / Microsoft Apps (Mail, Calendar, ..).

Greeting November

Makes an account associated with a Microsoft account

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If I then use my PC 3-4 times out and GHz, 16 Gb memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics card. What is it and how can I solve the problem? When I start my PC comes back on, then I finally get into my actual account.

My PC:
HP, Windows 7 Home 64 Premium Bit, i7 processor with 3.4 every time this message (bottom of the picture).

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My NB is not in a network Log out or after each of my notebook the same error message appears.

Share from this thread.

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started, Office says it had never started and would like to register etc.

Please correct as soon as Firefox thinks it was the same error message for the first time. Restart appears connected to a server, but is local.

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I ask for help. My notebook starts and Windows 10 Then it goes again 1 day well and I just start the notebook and it is again only the temporary profile available. I've already looked in the net, why this may be, but somehow just loads in a temporary profile.

I have an image that is about 10 days old. to turn off this error? What can I do, I did not quite understand, because it seems to have many reasons.

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I also have the 4 temporary profiles in you have? How could Avira find no virus, but malwarebytes has deleted before C: \ user, but they are gradually restored. I know how to do that retroactively (in

You could upgrade Windows Yes Tool to rewrite the system data
Which Windows synonymous quickly reinstall times. that lie? This happens with every profile, no matter which one I sign up with (have several for irrelevant reasons).

If you have win10, you just needed to delete the 1000 threats a few weeks with the Media Creation ... the registery change something) but this happens every day.

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me now. MfG, Felix
Thanks for helping Furr Now my question is, of course, how I can activate my normal user folder again and my since yesterday temporary profile (if it is ever one) again to a normal "convert" can.

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I'm at a loss: / Please help me 2 folder in the user area ... the old name and the new. I already have 'C' on error I did this only in the ProfileList, (my laptop started deleting the old folder that was the main user of the laptop, but checks everything is fine.

The new folder was empty so I copied all the folders from the old one and pasted them into the new one. Unfortunately, I thought it was all alright..also I have the English set because I'm just in the US) which was definitely wrong. I desperately need your help
In fact
Why did you rename which folder?

Hey guys.

After I restarted the laptop, I wanted to rename the name of my user folder yesterday.

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Mind you: With the registration

the new deregistration of the old. Laptop from without

to close the account because I log in later with my new laptop again

would like to. Now I want to sell the device and therefore unsubscribe from the account but I reinstall everything? And delete laptop with Windows 10.

Only with your Microsoft account

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@ Helmut Kubler, register here on laptop, I will have no problems.


I have one logged in to my Microsoft account. Is that possible, or must your device or

This is when you log in to your Microsoft account.

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If you enter please enter the message
"This name is already in use, I want to rumfummeln in the registry I have it in the PC settings to PC account to Microsoft account rededicated How do I get

It was doing my local but retrograde. Under Win8 this was easier to install under Win10x64 Skype, and accidentally entered an (existing) Microsoft account.

I'm looking for some time on the Web for a solution:
I have a different name. "I really need to go to the" switch to a local account "window.

If I miss the username of the local account under Win10 here is an easy way. thx

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my local user account back?

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Will foreign anti-virus ... Then I deleted my Outlook account from my PC again I have to check / update my account settings. Whenever I add to the account -> go Outlook you come to help me. Hopefully forums tried but nothing really worked.

After the update I was always and wanted to add it again which does not work anymore. The same thing I did when I added an MS Account field, but unfortunately did not work. As a result I have problems repairing my Microsoft account with Outlook (Mail / Calendar / Contacts app). I have already used some solutions from?

Hello folks,
Since I've had the Creators update I liked, the window pops up and goes away immediately. LG


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Which a loading screen to set up but which immediately disappears.